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DROID RAZR 6.12.173 Fastboot Files Released

Fastboot files for the latest DROID Bionic build were released on Friday from daywalker04 which had us hoping that he would drop the new DROID RAZR 6.12.173 as well. He did just that. So for those of you interesting in rooting your RAZR, flashing ROMs, or hacking on it in general, you will want to grab this file before it is gone. This is your ticket back to safety should you soft-brick your device at some point.

Download Link

Via:  XDA

  • DroidTre

    Will using this method to root effect future updates?

  • Mrdixon

    Has anyone had any trouble with their razer overheating after rooting? When I turn on wifi tethering it will overheat after about 10 minutes then shutdown. Won’t start back up until it cools off.

    • Droidchevere

      Anytime you use intensive data on your device you can expect the battery to warm up your phone. 

  • Ohodeo

    Any way to avoid that ridiculous file sharing provider that you go to if you try to download?

    • MWainer

      Yeah, I didn’t like the looks of that site either. I did a search on the file name from that page:
      (VRZ_XT912_6.5.1-167_DHD-14_M2-5_CFC_1FF_01.xml) and here’s one of the hits I got: 

      Isn’t mattlgroff the guy who recently released a simple method to root your RAZR?

      Does anybody know if this is the same file? 

      • Yea he is that guy. It is the same file. I also included a tiny .bat file that will work as a last resort if RSD Lite doesn’t work.

        • MWainer

          Thanks Matt!

    • i.g.i

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    • Mark

       http://forum.eternityproject.eu/post5.html#p5  They are hosting it in one file directly.

  • Eric Salcido

    So if the Razr and the MAXX have basically the same software, wouldn’t this work for the MAXX too?

    • Anonymous

      I think that that can be safely inferred from when Moto released a single update not that long ago for both phones.  I understand the only difference is in the battery and shell.

    • Harryeballs1234

      Yes it does.