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DROID X Update is Build 4.5.621 – Fixes a Whole Bunch of Bugs

And would you look at that. Moments after we received word that a new DROID X update was on the horizon, we have an official changelog. As expected, it fixes a number of issues that were included in the device’s Gingerbread update. The browser experience is improved, music player stability is addressed, there will be less message errors, and whole bunch of other tweaks. It took a while, but the DX experience should be improved once again.

The update is 15.2MB in size.

More info.



  • thebeeishorrid

    Looks like they still haven’t fixed the bluetooth/car pairing/connection problem.


  • MetalNick

    I have used both stock and custom ROMs on the DX. In my experience custom ROMs aren’t worth the trouble downloading and flashing them. CRs have broken features of my phone, reduced its functionality, and many of them are very incompatible with the device to the point of having to sbf the damn thing. That’s not to say that stock is without its fair share of bugs and problems: random restarts, poor memory management, bad camera (slow start-up time, poor flash), dull design, under-utilization of the power of the device in the UI, etc. When I get a newer Android device I will revisit custom ROMs again, but until then I’m sticking with stock and changing my launcher. 


    Superuser su worked for rooting
    Phone after ota update I clicked dx2 bootloader then installed su zip from sd card rebooted and had root

  • Nick is a dumbass

    @ Socalnick,

    Just because your phone works flawlessly doesn’t mean everyone elses is working the same way. I’ve had nothing but problems with this shithole phone since the first day and have had to replace this damn phone three times. When you get a new brain that isnt the size of a peanut then maybe ill take you more seriously.

  • John Poe

    How about this, Moto: Fix the f-ing bugs in your devices BEFORE you ship them – AND before pushing out weakly-tested updates that break as many things as they fix.

    – Very Unhappy X2 Owner

  • myturbo1

    i like my DX but god is it a POS

  • Pwright063

    I’d almost consider updating to this, but every experience I’ve had with upgrading to Gingerbread on my Droid X has been terrible at best. I’m not sure why, but every time I upgraded I had freezing issues when the SD card was in. It was fine without it, but I really needed my SD card, so I SBFed back to 2.2. I think I’ll stick with Apex 1.4.1 and an overclocked 1.2 GHz processor until my upgrade comes up next month and I can get the Razr Maxx or something else.

  • Armorthane

    Showed up about 3 weeks late. I now own a Droid RAZR Maxx! I COULDN’T go back! RAZR kicks its butt in every category!

  • cwkulp

    I haven’t been able to pull down the update, yet. I am stock (just running Go Launcher EX) so I’ll take the update when I can get it. Question for you all on the forum…

    I use Google Voice for voicemail on my X. However, since the last update, I never get a notification of a new voicemail. Anyone else experiencing that problem? Ultimately, it is not too much of a big deal, when I notice I have a missed call, I check Google Voice to see if they left a message. If anyone knows of a fix (yes I have notifications turn on) I would appreciate it if you posted it here.

  • Anonymous

    Droid X? More like “Droid seX” after this update

  • Jujugoboom

    any idea when this will come out?

  • gPhunk

    I’ve had mine since the first week it was out as well.  Mine isn’t rooted or messed with and I touted this phone from the day I got it til a few days after the GB updated when it started freezing up, shutting down, restarting, not letting me press buttons on the keypad while in a call–like to dial an extension once I hit the mainline and even not letting me END the call…it won’t let me END a call!  I have to do a hard reset to end the call!!  Then I get messages repeatedly sent to my phone 5-9 times after I receive the original.  

    I’m glad you had a great experience with your phone, but not all of us have messed with, hacked or rooted their phones.  

    Some of just expect to get more for their money these days.  This update is LONG overdue.  There were obviously issues since we are now getting an official update.

    Maybe I’ll love this phone again and won’t have to use my NE2 update in a couple months.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol,  never rooted or hacked and the rebooting issues, and all the bugs especially when 2.3 was introduced  it still was buggy.. not to mention the odd periods when i would shoot something on hd and it would not save the video or it would say error on play.. but i must say moto has fantastic sound quality and noise cancellation and that was important for being a cell phone in the first place.. so it had its ups and downs but i jumped to Rezound and will look into hopefully a quad core moto in the future.. i know phones are never perfect but its ok to hope moto learns with there upcoming phones in later 2012-13.  So for the person that said hacking was our fault..your wrong..

  • Mike

    I have a stock droid (never hacked) and it is absolutely brutal.  the headphone jack does not work.  Clearing out the cache is a weekly occurence.  God forbid the phone receives two text messages at the same time.  I guess the only positive I have to say is that verizon has only had me do one factory reset.   Some people have good luck, some don’t.  Sadly everyone i know did not have good luck, most breaking their contracts in order to get a functional phone.  Needless to say I will NEVER purhcase another droid in my life. 

  • Jonathan Miller

    I just started a computer repair business. Use my X to take credit card and debit payments. Its a great music device on the car with my Jabra bluetooth device. I pray for an Ice Cream update, but I fear that the phone may not be geared for that OS. We shall see!

  • Socalnick

    I have has this phone since it was first launched , I use it all day and night to mean I reboot it MAYBE once every couple of weeks. It is 100% Stock and all apps came from the marketplace , free and paid.  I upload my own music and movies and docs and it deals with 8 of my email addresses , credit card processing , banking and soooo much more.

    Why do I bother posting this?  To make a point.

     I see  People whining about this phone…  Mine has been FLAWLESS but then again I do not hack , root or otherwise mess with it in ANY way.

    My point?

    Maybe you would have less to complain about if you stopped trying to be smarter than the designers  of these phones and left them alone.  They are not perfect but as soon as you mess with them  IMHO you lose the right to whine.

    That is all

    • Gerret Walczak

       You’re in the wrong forum bud. Pinterest is that way ->

    • My DroidX has 100% stock ROM, it’s my second issue since the first had bugs, and all of my apps come from the marketplace.  My phone reboots sometimes when I listen to music, it restarts almost everyday, around mid-day, and it almost always restarts itself automatically, at night, after I’ve turned it off.  It’s good to see that this fix indicates that the problem, which has been around for about a year, is finally being addressed by Motorola and Verizon, but I would say that this phone has been anything but flawless…  Congratulations to you though… you seem to be one of the few DroidX owners that I’ve ever had say positive things about it, unless they’re trying to argue with an iPhone user.

    • I haven’t altered my phone in anyway.  I have been experiencing reboots since the Gingerbread update.  Before Gingerbread, no reboots.  This recent 2012 update fixed the problem.  Don’t spew off nonsense without doing a little research.  You’re wrong.

  • Strange1435

    Tried to get the update but phone reports that it is up to date. Does it matter if it is rooted. Speaking of rooted that was another waste of time. Every time I try to load a rom it  fails with an error.

  • Slytiger3882

    Anyone know when I should be able to pull the update?

  • Bruno

    Of course…just as I was warming up to the Samsung Nexus because my contract is nearing its end in less than a month they FINALLY issue fixes for all of the issues I experience on a day to day basis. Maybe its a sign to hold of on the Nexus and wait a few more months for the rumored quad core phones…

  • The Law

    Yea, so…. the dock issue… still an issue.  Out of curiosity is there anyone that hard-reset to SBF coming from root to try out this update… I know, I know (don’t want to potentially loose your boot-loader access but the music player and dock hardware lights were driving me nuts).

    BTW.. I was two inches away from getting a Nexus, but I’m waiting for MWC to see if I should hold off. (Droid XXX… anyone? – If they don’t name it this I’m be highly disappointed)

  • Anonymous

    The bastards actually fixed the music rebooting issue!!   To bad I jumped on the Nexus to avoid that damn problem in the first place.  Spent countless times complaining about that “feature” and vowed never to buy another Moto device.  Update is about 4 to 6 months late.  
    Good luck Bionic, Razr, Droid 3 and 4 users with the ice cream sandwich update.  Get ready to keep waiting.  And there is no guarantee it will be bug free.  

  • Anonymous

    “It took a while, but”… Kellex is a master of understatement.

  • The Droid X is like Windows XP of phones. It’s many of our’s first experience with a smartphone, it’s reliable, and pretty much every dev supports it, and it’s been hacked so you can do pretty much anything on it. And now, they promise that they’ll stop supporting it after a while, but so many use it that they put out updates anyways. I’m going to keep loving my DX (until my contract is up and I can upgrade to a Nexus that is).

    • Dude

      More like the Windows 98 of phones. The longer its been since a reset, the laggier it gets. Choppy interface all the way around. Bugs and quirks from the camera to the media player. Reboot on GPS, reboot on dock. My favorite is when you take a picture in a dark environment with the flash on and the sensor misses the flash. The only thing done well with this phone is the build quality and battery life.

      Development on the phone is weak with the exception of liberty. No stable CM7 release. This phone would have been made so much better by the dev community if the bootloader had been unlocked. It’s too late now, the phone is almost two years old.

      Glad to see the phone is getting a last patch, but its a bit late. Especially for embarrassingly easy to fix bugs such as the camera settings. I think they are doing this to remind customers on their 20 month that Motorola still updates its products. (I’d like to see how that turns out for the dozen+ phones they’ve released since then)

      Hey Moto, want my next phone to be yours? Sell your phone with an unlocked bootloader AND a warranty.


      • haha, this is actually a good business move by them. Just when I’m about to upgrade they’re trying to show me that they’ll keep the updates going…. 

      • gPhunk

        SO TRUE!!!  The camera SUCKS for a 8MP camera!  Shutter lag and the flash is never right!  I had to stop even trying to take pictures.  When the phone was new the pics were great, but after the updates something got screwed up.  The ONLY reason I have this phone is because of the grandfathered in unlimited plan…which was great for the music player and Pandora, etc….but then it started resetting so much while playing music I swore VZW was forcibly making the phone suck so they get me out of the unlimited plan.

        • Anonymous

          You so realize that grandfathered in means you keep unlimited even if you upgrade.

  • m

    ah, my dreaded droid x has an update. sorry moto, i’ve moved on the galaxy nexus.

    • Davidukfl

      Same here. Would have loved to see these fixes last year. I hated the music player restarts and out of memory errors.

  • Anonymous

    There’s definitely more to this update. The X was declared EOL at .605 sometime ago. Someone way upstairs was not happy with their phone for this to happen.  

    • kor

      or it could be that just because a manufacturer stops selling a device, doesn’t mean they stop supporting it…

      • Guest

        Or to sell more Moto’s. I for one have always loved them, but 6 months to fix a bad update? too little too late.

        • kor

           To sell more Motos? How is updating the DroidX gonna sell more? They don’t make it anymore…

          • Decline

            they do make it for alot of other smaller carriers call the milestone x…

          • Kor

            Yes but are they still making those? Or are they just selling Milestone X2’s now instead? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter but I could be wrong.

  • Rajivr

    Looks like its not live yet!

  • Scott H

    Ah, the day after I replaced my X.

    • fartbubbler

      whaddya get?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Got rid of mine 2 weeks ago (in favor of GNex) BECAUSE I was so sick of the music reboot issue.  Great timing Moto.  If I even had a clue that an update was in the works I would have waited.

  • Smm13

    Maybe now my phone will make a call again and not receive 3 or 4 of the same duplicate text message.

    • TRDSupra84

      I thought I was the only one getting multiple repeats of text messages -_______-

      • Imprezagrl04

         same here.  my friend has a droid x, same problem.  really annoying!

  • Guest

    Too little, Too late. Already ETF’d out. Skyrockin now! Huge improvement! DX is a great alarm clock/mp3 now.

    • Laptop

       Same here.  ETF’d out two weeks ago.  Bye-bye Motodroid, by-bye Verizon!

  • Chey023

    Usually if you are rooted, you can’t take the OTA, it will not show up. I’m on 602 since there isn’t a 605 sbf, i’ll just stay there.

  • Kaptmike

    I was on the phone with tech support for over an hour with these very issues today. Their response was “hard reset”. Also, experiencing bluetooth audio issue. Hope this patch fixes everythone. This is certainly one of the better phones.

  • Motoisdouchey


    Only took 6 months!!!!

  • DP

    ugh… hello? DX2 update? Crap like this is why I am likely moving to iphone. At first I loved Android and argued for it with all my iphone friends, but I am just done. 

    • Jminnihan9

      I am in awe that the x is getting an update before the x2. Unbelievable

      • TRDSupra84

        The X came out first. What’s wrong with F.I.F.O.?

    • Anonymous

      Makes the two us, unified OS upgrade, Google is coming with jellybean and only 1% got ICS, it’s a bunch go bs no wonder why apple is winning .

    • Guest

      whaaa whaaa what about me?!
      ….friggen babies I swear.

  • Anonymous

    This is cool…glad I kept my Droid X! But unfortunately, I formatted my X like a month ago, but instead of going back to Stock, I went ahead and installed Liberty 3.0 Gingerbread ROM. Blasted!

    Ah well…maybe when I format again in the future, the update (and maybe others) will be waiting in the wind.

  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    I just rooted my X, and I don’t want to loose it.  And since the only thing in the changelog that I really care about is the button lighting issue (which is NOT cradle related, mine turn off most of the time and I don’t even have a cradle), I think I’ll wait until I hear about if the same root methods work to re-root.

  • AJ

    Is this live for anyone? I tried to pull it down but it’s saying there are no updates available and my phone is up to date…

    • bakedleech

      Same for me.

      • Kakashiisagod

        Same for me. I hope this fixes the lagging keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    What no ICS?  Ohh wait the phone is over a year old forget it…… Then again even getting a bug fix is a huge shock for this phone.

  • Ahsan

    Where is your god damn Spectrum review?

    • Anonymous

      Here’s an idea: start your own blog and post your in-depth review about the LG Spectrum. That or you could ask Kellen for your money back that you paid for his services on this blog. You know what? I’ll do one better. I just deposited double your money back in your bank. You should be seeing that $0.00 anytime, now.

      •  I wish there was a Love button… Like doesn’t adequately express how much I enjoyed that post

      • guest

        wow, douchbag he was just wondering…

        • Topweasel

          You are so right. When people are just curious they use the phrase god damn.

        • TRDSupra84

          wrong thread to be “just wondering”. Has nothing to do with this article.  That’s what sending messages/email is for. =]

    • Anonymous
    • ILuvSoPa

      I’m suprised we got Droid news on the new NexusLife.

  • I’m running Encounter ICS, I take it this update is inapplicable since it’s only for GB users and not ICS users???

  • Mike

    The usual question: will this cause me to lose root?

    • Anonymous

       I’m pretty sure of it. May even force us to find a new method of obtaining root too.

    • Of course, until someone roots it or if Pete’s moto root tools work with the update. Then dev’s will build off it. I love it. Long live the DX!!!

  • Anonymous

    LMBO @ Motorizon!! I like Vermoto! Hey, were getting ICS 1st!!! 🙁  But yeah, even after our EOL, I’m surprised that we are still getting support too.

  • Anonymous

    CM7GB4DX is working just great for me. Unless this unlocks the bootloader. I know, I know. It will never happen. 

  • Alexander Garcia

    WOW!!! The Droid X is STILL getting support!? Kudos Motorizon!!!  =)

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Wow, they are fixing the cradle backlight finally. How about the ability to replace the default dock apps? Naah, that would be too much to ask.

    • Lmrojas

      That was included in the original update …………..

    • Joey

      My default dock apps change just fine. Stock, no root.

  • Anonymous

    All of this, and no new bloatware? Somebody at VZW is asleep at the OTA wheel.