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ASUS Transformer TF300T Info Leaked Ahead of MWC, 16GB of Storage and Less Battery?

Specs have leaked before Asus’ official announcement at this year’s MWC for the next Transformer tablet. Just a week back, a couple shots of the rumored tablet made their way onto the Internet with the model number “TF300T” accompanying the pictures. We thought they could have been misleading, due to the fact that there was no flash on the backside of the tablet, but according to this new list of leaked specs, that may have in fact been the next Eee Pad. 

According to the leaked sheet down below, there doesn’t seem to be too much different between the new Transformer and the Transformer Prime that was just released a couple months ago. We can see that the display’s resolution won’t be changed, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor will still power the tablet, but instead of there being a 32GB and 16GB option, there will only be the one 16GB option for consumers.

Along with the minor changes in specs, the TF300T is getting a minor downgrade in battery size as well. It has the Prime listed as being able to do deliver roughly 9.5 hours of use, while the newest slate will only deliver about 8.5 hours of life. Could this be a cheaper, more affordable Transformer tablet that ASUS hinted at previously?

The Transformer Prime is the pinnacle of the Android tablets in terms of specifications. If ASUS is choosing to push out this seemingly lackluster slate, does anyone feel that they will remain at the top of everyone’s tablet wish list? Toss out your opinions down below.

Via: BGR

  • WangDongLee

    I wonder if it will have two features that the Prime doesn’t…working wifi and gps.

  • Ryan C

    According to this chart, the TF201 has “108p” video recording..

  • GCurry

    I’ll still consider Asus for tablets, but this time I’m less into promises and more into meeting specs, quality control, and positive customer feedback – so that I know what I’m buying.  No more pre-orders, bleeding edge for me.

  • Tetis

    anyone else notice that the 1080p transformer won’t be a tegra3?

    • Chris G

      Saw that.
      I have the 201 since before christmas and although initially shocked at 700, am not upset.  I wouldn’t give back the 201 for anything that isn’t’ right here.  I haven’t had 99% of the troubles people claim. 

      My biggest issue with the 201 is the sd card easily pops out.  Twice i’ve pulled it out of my bag without the card in it.  So I now no longer keep it in there unless i have specific need for it.

    • Anonymous

      yes, i did. that’s because qualcomm s4 is better.
      dual core cortex a15 is better than quad core cortex a9.
      what they made mistake on is 
      APQ8060A (customized cortex a15 @ 28nm)  is different from current gen APQ8060 (customized cortex a8   @  45nm)……..  at same clock speed, it should be about twice as fast. well, even if it’s not that much, at least 1.5 times the performance.

      for all you people crying about ohh how come (insert)whatever  is not quad core.  tegra3 FTW!!    ,,,,,,   DO YOU THINK MANUFACTURER WOULD BE USING WORSE SOC FOR NEWER HIGH END PRODUCT ???????????????????????????

  • EC8CH

    I’d like to see a 10 inch nexus tablet please.

    • Anonymous

      One can hope.  

      • Noyfb

        homer drool

  • EC8CH

    I though their $250 tablet was going to be a smaller 7 inch tablet. So if this is a cheaper 10 inch tablet it would have to be more than that but less than the current Prime goes for.

    • Josh Groff

      350-400 Maybe.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting tired of so many different models from each manufacturer.  Please just build one or two high quality tablets (screen size variations) per year.  They already have the other 701 coming out as well (and that’s going to have a qualcomm processor).

    It’s ridiculous.  I’m honestly for the first time in my life considering going to the darkside for my tablet ( I don’t even want to say it). Though I’d hate to loose all the bonuses of Android.

    • Josh Groff

      Because it’s better to use locked down outdated hardware than cutting edge hardware that will be outdated soon? I don’t see the problem, It’s just mobile tech rapidly catching up to current pc tech, get over it…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve mentioned this before.  Unless Asus get’s a bit more consistent with their update schedule across the board, I won’t be purchasing a new one from them unless it’s CM Supported.

  • You think people could really take better pictures to show the model numbers at the top of the page..

    • QtDL

       I was thinking the same thing. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think people who take leaked shots can sit there and focus on it. They’re trying to be as discrete as possible and not get caught leaking information. At least, that’s how I’ve always thought of it. Maybe they just like to “Bigfoot” shot things. Out of focus and mysterious O.o

      • Much better, thanks 😛

        • Noyfb

          thx litd

  • Anonymous

    If the price point for this tablet is significantly lower than the Prime, then this makes sense.  If this is a 10″ Tegra 3 tablet running ICS for $250, I’ll definitely bite….

  • Gamecubic

    this might be something that is targeted to succeed the OG Transformer tablet in terms of price point and still offer that better performance

  • Anonymous

    If this is their $250 option, I’d take it.

    • QtDL

       I’m right there with you on that. Hopefully they decided to use a different backing for it as well. :/

    • Josh Groff

      Their $250 option was already announced as a 7″

  • I’d love to see a lower priced 10″ tablet from Asus.  I’d love to get the Prime, but hate the idea of spending $500 on it.

    • Josh Groff

      It’s an iPad 2 but with quad core instead of dual, same screen, cheaper, and android… Don’t see the problem.

  • ughhh

  • Scott Willenborg

    Why not?  The TF201 was a huge step backwoards from the TF101…  Makes sense.

    • Lmrojas

      How was it a step backwards? I owned a Tf101 and I currently own a TF202.

      • Anonymous

        He’s an iPhan, so let him weep

    • You keep believing that…I’m gonna go enjoy my TF201.

    • BigRed4X15

      What a ridiculous statement. My Prime is amazing, and while I came from the Iconia A500 (simular specs to OG Transformer) which was a great tablet, the prime out performs in every way. To each their own I guess…

    • Chris G

      Nice try Scott.  But as they say, Scotty doesn’t know.