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Asus Transformer Prime Receiving Minor Firmware Update to Build

The Transformer Prime is receiving an update to build number IML74K.US_epad- as of right now. This is literally a very small jump in builds so we can only assume this update is extremely minor. There is no changelog available, but if one comes out we’ll update the post.

Go ahead and update and drop some feedback down below if you notice anything good.

Cheers David!

  • screen glitch is still around… I don’t know what the update is for entirely… still waiting for some apps to catch up with ice cream sandwich… namely the Adobe Touch Apps… Machine is iffy sometimes, a monster at others.  I think a lot of it has to do with software.  I love it, but I believe it needs bugs to be worked out.  

  • JVK

    Just received mine. No battery issues or reboot issues but not I cannot use the camera after updating all of the firmware. It now tells me re-update and re install firmware but doesn’t actually give me an option to do this. Does anyone know what I should do ?

  • Emh360

    I just ran the firmware update and it killed my Prime. For the past 6 hours, it’s been showing the ASUS logo on the screen with the circular processing status icon below it. It is simply not booting up  to the Android OS at all. Good thing I bought this yesterday so I can return it. 

  • Psychotropy101

    I haven’t experienced any issues with wifi or gps issues, nor doi have any issues with tethering my prime to my phone. Maybe those who have experienced these issues have faulty devices?

  • Jared Greenwald

    I got my Prime at the end of December and have loved it until about a week ago.  I noticed after the .13 update that the thing would just completely power off after being asleep for a few hours (overnight).  I would hard reset it only to find out that the battery was either fully charged or at least not completely dead.  I’m going to be sending it out on Monday for RMA, but this is kinda ridiculous.

  • Ant

    The ones being shipped to stores now are they the models that don’t have the metal backing?

    • Chris G

      I wouldn’t think so.  I believe those are the TF700s and they’re not released.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this takes care of the random reboots…

  • Anonymous

    .14 and the prime is back on track. quad core FTW

  • Blane101

    Any one have any issues with the haptic feedback?? It sounds like something came loose.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone confirm if Voodoo will keep root after this update?

    • Dukeuni

      Voodoo worked just fine for me.

      • Chris G

        Just curious, why are you rooting your TFP?  I have done so to my GN, but don’t see the need for it on my TFP.

        • Ryan C

          I rooted my TFP so i could apply a fix to the wifi to allow me to tether to my phones ad-hoc.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone find this for its actual MSRP of $499 and not the $600+ that online places are gouging?

    • Thomas Orf

      I purchased mine the other week from a local Staples store. Their trucks came in on Saturday and I got lucky and caught one of the two that just came in. Paid the regular retail price, then got lucky and a local BestBuy had the keyboard dock for regular price. I’ve been quite the happy camper since  😀
      Good luck hunting!

    • Anonymous

      gamestop… but i got lucky.  i talked to someone at office depot and they said they should be receiving shipments within the next week… but that was just small talk. 

    • Anonymous

      I got one from Office Depot online, had them price match in-store to Microcenter at $449.

  • Just got my Transformer Prime a few hours ago, and I really love how ASUS supports it! Seems like a new update every week.

    • wsnydes

      you haven’t had any issues with it yet have you…

      • Nope, so far it’s awesome! I’ve had the Xyboards all week (reviewing them for Android Authority) and the Prime blows the Xyboards out the water. I Love this tablet!

  • ddevito

    Someone still needs to tell me what I’m missing by not having a tablet. 

    • Anonymous

      If you need to be told, you probably don’t need it.

    • Chris G

      For me it is a laptop replacement when I travel and when combine with my Gnexus, i’m able to work from anywhere in the country.  My clients appreciate that a, i have such a cool toy to share with them the information and pics and video and b, that i don’t need to tap into their wifi or other sources to do it.

      Not everyone needs a tablet.  I would assume many are game machines for most people.  But anyone who normally needs many books, catalogs, etc can use this and move more quickly.

      I carried an external USB HDD and a mouse for my laptop anyway, so those don’t add to my bag now with this.  I can clear camera cards and keep going while having a device that fits in a coat pocket or two.

  • Anonymous

    i just got my prime last night… so exciting how asus supports this beast. 

    • Anonymous

      How much did you pay? All I see is outrageous price gouging.

      • Anonymous

        499+tax at gamestop.  but i got lucky.  i called just to  take a chance, and they received 2 an hour before i called.

        • Chris G

          That is how I stumbled into mine in December too.  Gamestop and got lucky.

  • Anonymous

    They are supporting this tablet extremely well.  Every time I look up, there is another update coming out.  Good for Asus!

    • Mcwtech17

      I would not recommend this product to anyone. I have the transformer prime and the GPS and wireless issues make the tablet one of the worst on the market and I sent an email to their support team and it took them with weeks to reply to me and tell me the reason for the GPS and wireless issues is due to the poorly designed solid metal back cover. Asus does not care whatsoever about this product and is why the time T300 and T700 are coming out shortly. So us early adopters are going to be screwed once again because Asus does not do proper product testing.

  •  .13 for some reason locked all 4 cores together. .14 has returned independent cores and additional power states from 107Mhz up to 1.4 Ghz.

    • wsnydes

      that’s good news.  .13 destroyed my battery life.

  • sweet!

  • I hope it fixes the issue with the browser freezing and being laggy, otherwise I don’t have a single complaint with my Prime

    • same

    • Agreed.

    • ddevito

      All that power and the browser lags? That stinks (not trolling)

      • Kr00

        You not trolling. Thats a first. Just sayin.

    • try the chrome beta app… better functionality.  No support for some plug-ins yet. I think we are going to see a desktop equivalent browser on android machines soon.

  • It supposedly improves battery life, through underclocking when it’s idle. Also, it’s returned to 1.4ghz (although I never knew any different).

    I get my Prime soon, so I’ll test it out then!