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Thursday Poll: What would it take to get you to ditch your Galaxy Nexus?

It’s no secret, Droid Life readers bought the Galaxy Nexus when it was released in impressive fashion. Within a week of it being available, thousands and thousands ditched their “OG” DROIDs and other devices to scoop up the first Nexus on Verizon. This phone really has sort of been the first “must have” since the first Moto DROID landed more than 2 years ago. When it hit stores, it was the first time in years that we saw a massive group of Android enthusiasts flock to a product. And rightfully so, the device is by all means an amazing one. In fact, still to this day (almost 2 months later), I enjoy using the phone and can’t think of a phone that I would replace it with (for now).

But what is it going to take to get you to drop your beloved Nexus? In a smartphone world that is evolving quicker than most of us can keep up with, there is always something major around the corner that attempts to woo you away from the product that sits in your pocket now. HTC and LG have quad-core phones coming soon, Motorola has to have something up its sleeves, and Samsung as you know, has the next flagship Galaxy phone in the works. Can any of the products from these OEMs entice you into dropping the G-Nex? Or are you spoiled and will only purchase another phone if it’s a Nexus?

What would it take to get you to ditch your Galaxy Nexus?

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  • Nexusian

    another moto nexus . 4.65″ HD 3300 mAh 2GB RAM . i want to use everything i can on my phone. i don’t want to dim my screen . i don’t want to limit my location services and i definately do not want to run out of juice at 4:00 pm

  • jr

    A giant battery duck taped to a phone book

  • Trey Fordham

    If apple makes a larger phone, actually changes the design, has a jailbreakable system, can buy it for verizon off contract without losing my data plan, finally makes a 4G phone with decent battery life, and it has to not get roughed up with a terrible marketing campaign. Seeing as all these are highly unlikely it looks like I’m keeping my GNex indefinitely.

  • Keeler

    Another two years. That’s what it will take for me. Having come from an OG Droid, I wasn’t spoiled between then and now with bigger hardware, so for me personally I think I’ll hold on to this puppy until my NE2 is up again.

  • This streaming issue that Google acknowledges is annoying.  Pandora, Spotify or another other streaming audio program constantly reboot the phone.  Seems to be an app issue?  I used to stream  heavily on my old Droid X with ZERO issues.  Surely the new OS has some issues with streaming audio.

    Galaxy Note on Verizon.  Then I would probably switch boats.  Don’t care so much for custom roms. A phone with a better battery life would be great.

  • Alex M Keech

    an iphone

  • Gary Graf

    A similar phone but with a better camera

  • Yellowcanary73

    Any phone that actually  works as advertised. 

  • J Dub

    Another Nexus. Not that I have one now, but if I did I wouldn’t replace it with anything but. Look at Motorola and their lengthy update to ICS. This has been shown time and time again that they take forever to update devices. Not only that non-Nexus devices seem to always come with ton’s of bloat, skins, and bloated services. Even after rooting and uninstalling all the bloat on these newer devices there are still tons of services and background things bloating it up. 

  • Anonymous

    An HTC quad core with ICS. 4.7 inch SLCD 720p screen, high quality HTC design ( I love HTC design, no matter how generic people think it is), No carrier logos on the front, just the htc logo, updated sense that actually looks somewhat like ICS but still keeps the style of sense, 3000 mAH battery, 1-2 gb of RAM, 32 gb internal memory (after the nexus, sd cards are not as important for me), a GOOD gpu, unlockable bootloader, 9-10 mm thick (at most), and good call quality.

    I know a lot of people here are anti-HTC or anti sense but I like it. I feel like adding more RAM or a quad core will definitely fix lag and I like the look of it. 

    • TC Infantino

      I’m with you on this, I have the Rezound and I love HTCs design, look and feel.  If they could have just included a better battery from the factory that would have been so much nicer.  I seem to be one of the few who actually like Sense and I can’t wait until we get ICS with the Sense 4.0 so I can see what new things they have added.

  • Full Of Hart

    It would have to to be a quad core Nexus with a larger battery and not the stupid Droid styling.

  • Anonymous

    A quad core Nexus? Quad core, unlocked bootloader, a good screen (doesn’t have to be huge like the gnex), and running AOSP.

  • Dang025

    ARM 15 cores(preferably 4), at least power vr 544 or 5X or mali 604 gpu, SuperAMOLED PLUS HD screen( True HD would be nice but probaby wont happen for a bit), expandable memory, and at least 1.5 gb RAM.  Unlocked bootloader would be a must of course

  • Raven

    An unlocked phone with a physical keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    How about another Nexus that doesn’t suck at making PHONE CALLS?!?!

  • Waterskier40

    iPhone 5

  • Mike Jones

    A Nexus that the docks are compatible through all versions of the phone. Or a commitment to make the docks work (make a dock for each version) that utilize the 3 pins. HELLO VERIZON!!!

    • Mule0331

      More like hello Samsung. Verizon dont make the accessories.

  • Steve Benson

    Same phone with a better camera and I’d be happy.

  • Omniphil

    I’d ditch my Galaxy Nexus for a 4G Galaxy Note on Verizon.  Not much else that I have seen so far.

  • Mule0331

    Ok Here is my opinion. My wife broke her TBolt, and was due for an upgrade. Took her to the store to pick a new phone, and she chose the GNex cuz it felt the best in her hand, and she liked the screen clarity. After a half a day, she calls me from work and says she hates the phone. She took my Razr and loved it. Now after 2 days of using the GNex I must say ICS is very intuitive and runs great. The screen is awesome. That is where my rave reviews have to stop though. The phone itself is the WORST phone I have ever used. My razr got full signal in / around my house, where the GNex doesnt even have a signal. If it wasn’t for WiFi I couldn’t even get on the network. No internet, no gtalk, nothing. Called VZW and I am replacing this brick with a Razr Maxx. I wish the Razr’s screen was this big, and had ICS now instead of having to wait, but I will take a phone that works over software. If Moto builds a Nexus it will be my next phone.

    • Betadroid

      The Gnex’s must be inconsistantly built or maybe its the different areas we live in.  My calls on the gnex are loud and clear, even better than my previous phones which were both Motos.  I dont understand all the variation in reviews on the Nexus.  My main complaint is of course the camera but it will take a really high spec phone to replace the Gnex for me.

      • Mule0331

        Yeah, seems like all phones suffer from this. Even way back to my BB days, some had good luck with their phones, others not so much.

  • DCj

    Another Nexus with an improved battery, screen, camera, but just as thin and slick.  The processor is perfectly fine at this time, but as the demands increase, this process will eventually be taxed just like the others.  So, combine the battery life of the Maxx with the body and OS of the Nexus and a quad core, and you’ll have the ultimate phone!  

  • Brandon

    Another Nexus, quad-core A15 based with 2GB memory and an excellent camera. Who am I kidding I’d probably whore it out for whatever the next Nexus is, no strings attached.

  • SH

    The pending Apocalypse…. of course.

  • ruel24

    I use an iPhone, but if I was to get an Android, the Nexus would be the only phone I’d consider buying at all, as long as one that’s current as far as hardware specs go. I’ve gotten too spoiled having Apple release a new OS and installing it the same day. I couldn’t imagine having to watch a demo of a great new OS Google’s releasing, only to have to wait 6 months before Verizon and the OEM approve a release for my phone, if they do at all.

  • Anonymous

    A better antenna.  I get zero 4g coverage in my office while my wife’s rezound can muster 5mbs down tested next to each other.  I’ll probably swap it out for the new HTC tegra 3 phone as soon as it is available, sense be damned!  The nexus antenna sucks.

  • Jim McClain

    how about a phone that works

  • Anonymous

    If Galaxy SIII came out with Exynos 5250 or even better 5450, with HD Super Amoled +, and on Verizon at that… I’d be tempted to part my Vanilla ICS GNex. Either processors will blow away any quad cores out there.

  • Chrisriner84

    I gotta say, if they come out with that refreshed nexus with the 4470 I’d pull the ol ‘ switcheroo. I’d be happy with that.

  • Anonymous

    It’d take a Vanilla ICS device with top-of-the-line CPU/GPU combo (don’t care about quad core), a good camera (N8-like) along with extSD. Nothing less that what the GNex already has would be acceptable though, the display most importantly.

  • richardxmartin

    give me a droid 4 and ill get rid of my nexus 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m crazy since it doesn’t seem like anyone has the same complaints but I absolutely regret getting this phone. I thought coming off a single core 1ghz Incredible I’d be impressed with the speed, I’d swear this doesn’t do anything but snap a picture faster. I thought the touch screen would be more responsive as wear and tear on the Incredible was starting to show, instead I’m routinely frustrated having to touch multiple times. I thought I’d love the screen with its huge advantage in pixel density, sure its nice but its not something that is that obvious. As much as I wanted a bigger screen on the Incredible, this one is just too big to be comfortable. The Incredible had a unique look and feel, it felt like mine. Despite all sorts of customizations, ICS is the only thing that makes this phone look and feel different. I can’t stand the placement of the volume directly opposite the lock button. The under powered speaker on this phone is ridiculously frustrating (and yes I have volume+). I love having next to no bloatware and being able to install Google Wallet, but overall every time I pick up this behemoth I’m annoyed. Its a generic hunk of plastic that’s only claim to fame is vanilla android! I once thought I’d give anything for no bloatware and the latest build but now I realize there is so many more important things. HTC I’m coming back

  • Koob33

    I’m still rocking the OG Droid *wooters!*

    but im gonna upgrade my phone tomorrow to the galaxy nexus, only good phone to go to from the og droid 😛

    • TC Infantino

      Don’t forget to compare the G-nex with the Rezound, side by side.  The Rezound has unlockable bootloader, is completely rootable, and there are custom ROMs out with or without Sense.  Plus better camera, expandable removable SD card, built in charger with the car dock, the free earbuds, and the Beats audio enhancement works with the aux jack connected to my cars radio.

  • Anonymous

    Another Gnex with a better camera or the next iPhone contingent on specs. Other than that, nothing short of a swedish bikini model with a lifetime supply of beer.

  • Roguenode

    Nexus equiv, but with no pentile & improved camera.

  • Balls

    nothing, im content with my phone and its design its resposive, easily modible and i love it

  • Mneighbo

    Already ditched it and went back to my Bionic. The Nexus has atrocious extended battery life.

  • Chris Sandoval

    The rumored GalaxyS3

  • Jnasmith09

    Another nexus but from from Motorola w/ unlockable bootloader

  • Justinmoser

    Possibly maybe a drois razor maxx because of that crazy long lasting battery and the ice update to come later this year maybe.

  • Anonymous

    GS III

  • Rain_king46

    I feel like the T-Bolt started like this. Horrible radio, lots of issues, but eventually it was all figured out. I just hope that Samsung is actually trying to fix things…

    • Rain_king46

      That said a Nexus built by Google owned Moto would be nice. 😀

    • Anonymous

      The 4.04 fixes a lot of problems including sound and radio.

      • Mike Jones

        Not sure about the radio. My friend and I were at a resturaunt and we both had Nexus’. We had NO signal. Everyone else at the table had signal and a Thunderbolt had 4g.

  • A phone with the same specs other then the audio, would be nice to have a phone with a built in quality amp.

  • Jslafarr

    wow people on here moving toward i*hones….

    OF ALLLLLLLLL the android phones that would drive you away from the pure openness and all that separates it from apple – the GNEX is the phone that turns people away…

    I have officially been mind – f*cked 

  • Total Telecom Consulting

    To be honest my galaxy nexus is not 1/2 the phone of my galaxy S2. THE S2 IS AMAZING, HAS REMOVABLE STORAGE AND removable BATTERY (pun intended Motorola). I have been a Motorola guy for years but despise the direction they are headed in. If Samsung could make all phones with removable storage & battery (who does Motorola think they are apple?) and improve the build quality a little(use some metals) they would lead the industry. it would also be nice if the device manufacturers created an alliance, made their devices to spec and told the carriers these are the devices we make take them or leave them the way we make them the carriers would have to stop ducking the phones up. Sorry Verizon but you ruin awesome devices…..

  • im probably going to be hated for saying this, but even though i loved my nexus, i ditched it for the iPhone 4s. 

  • T-Mobile hasn’t made this available to us so I can’t ditch it for anything. 

  • NYCLawyer

    The easiest answer is a faster phone, bug-free with three day battery life.

  • Anonymous

    A TRUE Nexus, one where carriers can’t get their grubby hands in and contaminate the Nexus experience. Verizon ruined the Galaxy Nexus but because they got away with it, now Sprint will expect the same flexibility.

  • notveryfunny

    My Nexus has broken down twice in one week. And the battery life is simply a joke. I have given up on the piece of rubbish. It is now back in it’s box and as far as Samsung (service, support and products) – NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!! I  have learnt my lesson.

    • Jim McClain

      i heard that

  • Taglogical

    Maybe something like the Galaxy Nexus, only not riddled with bugs… and not (cheaply) made by Samsung.  Something withOUT NFC? And a screen that’s NOT OLED?  <—-This.

  • Dean Milord

    I would need another Nexus or a phone that has the same community appeal as the OG Droid and a MUCH BETTER battery life.

  • Anonymous

    iphone with LTE, i got bored with android already. it’s not snappy as iphone and i always need to charge it couple times per day. 

    • Jslafarr


      get the f*ck outta here.
      f*ckin dipsh*t

      • Anonymous

        based on your comment, you are no different than an closed mind iphone fanboy. do you even own a Gnexus? carrying a charger and charge it at least twice a day arent funny. 

        just for today, my friend playing games on his 4s for couple hrs and still dont need to recharge. while my sgn need to. 

        games like “wheres my water”, “gunbros”, and couple other one, run and load much faster than my Gnexus. even facebook load faster than mine. 

        from changing rom, UV kernel, and lowering the brightness to 30%, still cant beat his 4s battery life. 

        • SB

           If battery is a concern, I have 2 words: RAZR MAXX. I have been trying to drain the battery on this damn thing for the last 7 days – haven’t succeeded. Came closest today – 5% left after 16 hours on battery  – my usual pretty heavy daily voice and data use – Today, I had 2 hours and 5 mins of GPS usage. The first time I ever tried to use ANY phone GPS without connecting to a charger.

          • Anonymous

            the problem is that i cant return it. i bought the sgn right at the launch date. if i knew maxx back then, i wouldnt even touch this phone. 

          • Anonymous

            and in android we have something called replaceable battery. I carry a extra battery and easily g through the whole day with my GNex with heavy uses including gaming. Who actually carries charger with them? We don’t have an iPhone.

          • Anonymous

            But you have to admit, carrying an extra battery sucks! I hope battery life becomes the next major focus of oems.

          • SB

             And it already is. By middle of this year, you will see every single phone “flagship” phone run 50% longer than their previous gen ones.  HTC has already publicly stated that battery life is their #1 focus this year. Thin, small, etc. only attracts for a little while – eventually, it is about longevity. As long as the long battery life phones are not obnoxiously heavy/big, people will choose them over other thin/small.

          • Anonymous

            Well true having to stop what I was doing on a phone and waiting 20sec for boot is bit annoying, but other than that I really don’t notice the extra battery on my wallet. Anyway it is a tradeoff for having LTE and 720p screen I can live with.

          • Jim McClain

            its to late for me also,have no idea why they havent released the fixes for this thing

        • TC Infantino

          The only real problem with your comparison is that the iPhone is still only 3G.  Many people on this site can tell you that their 3G phones could last all day easily, my 2 year old OG Droid could, even playing games.  Now I would agree with you if the iPhone you were making the comparison with had a 4G radio, but Apple hasn’t come out with one yet.

        • Jslafarr

          i dont ever carry a charger – i dont play games alll day – i charge my phone once a day… rooted – aokp – dont ever have battery issues – brightness always or less than half – 920mhz.

          the iphone is obsolete son.

  • Anonymous

    The device that would make me drop my G-Nexus would be the SGS 4 or the 2013 Nexus especially if its a Moto Nexus. Just in time for my upgrade. why would I get another phone now when I’m happy with my Nexus :o)

  • DJyoSNOW

    I guess I’m not a droid-life reader, since vzw has me in my last portion of my 2yrs.  As in I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus and probably would not have bought one.  They took a step backwords which made no sense to me.  I would say though OTHER: screen size…5″ + please and thank you.

    • DJyoSNOW

       step backwards in the camera….

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the verge of ditching my Bionic FOR a Nexus. I’m tired of Motorola’s BS.

  • Anonymous

    The Nexus’ definition as a pure Google device which gets the latest OS updates before non-Nexus devices is what makes Nexus devices greater than the sum of their specs/parts. So yeah, Nexus or death.

  • Anonymous

    My Bionic. 

  • ibelieveinsteve

    I may have to get something else if Verizon never releases legitimate accessories for it. WHERE THE F ARE THEY?

  • Anonymous
  • robf

    not hating,Just being objective.,but I am not impressed with my G nexus.It replaced a first generation Galaxy S (Vibrant) and sure this is a bit better, but almost 2 years later it is not the jump I would expect.  Everyone has talked the camera to death, so enough on that, but the phone is BUGGY. I have to restart WAY too frequently to keep internet, the voice quality is the single worst of any of the 10 phones I have had, every time I pick it up the volume moves up or down, but try to find the on/ off key in the dark when you have the Verizon issue gelskin on it.  I have thought of Iphone people as sheeple, but watching my wife’s experience with her phone (the battery life is only one aspect of it) , it just works.  Never thought I would say this,  HERESY…….. but I would ditch this phone for an Iphone with close to the same size screen. 

    • Anonymous

      How about a Bionic? Willing to trade with accessories. I’m done and over with Moto.

      • Jslafarr

        moto makes the bionic .. are u high

        • Anonymous

          I know, but I figured I’d at least try. 🙁

  • Jack Coleman

    Had to ditch the nexus due to the hyperskin back making my hands greasy and sweat profusely, kevlar feels quite a bit better

    • Jslafarr

      ^ sounds like a personal problem

  • Jslafarr

    its also funny people want quad cores – for whatever reasons – yet nobody said anything about improved batteries – have fun for 2 hours playing games and watching porn.

  • Jslafarr

    i bought my nexus because i researched…and researched on the phones that were out / coming out – and the GNEX was the best. TODAYS technology does not reflect in todays smartphone technology. not a clear reason why we dont have a phone with – quad core – 2gb ram – 4. whatever inch HD LED LCD – 80+gb storage – a battery than can go AT LEAST 24 hours without charging – whatever anyone would would want while they sit in an office or deliver pizzas. 

    i might even throw the idea out that in 2 years time – the time that the OG droid has been replaced by the GNEX – the best phone in that period of time may not even be a nexus. may not even be made my samsung / moto

    who knows. but nothing – not even my girlfriend will separate me from my gnex 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying this since i picked up my Nexus that i would trade it back in in a second if the RAZR had ICS and an Unlocked bootloader, especially the RAZR MAXX!

  • I want the same phone with a better camera. I love the stock android experience and its blazing fast.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. My only complaint is the camera…..sadly my Dinc had a way better camera!

  • Alex

    For me to ditch my nexus, ill take $100K.  So i can get another nexus and still have money left over. Its all about the profits guys…

  • betadroid

    It will take whatever is the next best thing in 2 – 3 years.  The Nexus imho is good enough to last through a 2 year contract.  It looks like its going to take many months for existing phones to get ICS.  I don’t know it if its nit-picking or what but the Nexus performs well for me.

  • 2″x2″ screen that wraps around wrist like a watch, made of liquid metal that morphs into any phone image I want right on my hand like the black goo from the Xfiles movie. iPhone image, BOOM. Nokia old school snake phone, BOOM just materializes in your hand. Then I want a retractable 40 inch flat screen with it, cerebral connection to my brain for hands free EVERYTHING. TONS of moto bloatware, with a windows XP firewall. Not too much to ask for now is it?

  • foreWard

    A RAZR maxx with HD screen and ics

  • Theodore Zurn

    Something with stock ICS, significantly better battery and slightly smaller would get me to switch. Ive gotten more used to the huge size and fair battery life, but something a little smaller would be better. Its the OS I like… the phone is fine.

  • Jakestorms

    Phone with Nexus sized or preferably 5″ 16:9 screen of same or better resolution and color reproductions with a slide out QWERTY Keyboard and Unlockable bootloader.  No need for it to be a Nexus or anything so long as I can get ICS built for it.  And less focus on “thinness” if I get better battery life, reception, camera, and such.  Thickness for sake of thickness as you get with ReZound is not really so desirable.  

  • ILuvSoPa

    Wasnt stupid enough to buy one.

  • Gan

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  • Mcbaluski

    Dream phone: 4.5 in HD screen, quad core 2 ghz processor, 2 gb of ram, 80 gb of storage, 12 MP camera with 3x optical zoom, NFC, thunderbolt style kickstand, 2500 May battery. All this packaged with an Asus pad phone style 10.1 in tablet dock where the tablet runs off of the phones processor and ram but looks like the transformer prime’s style. Also with a laptop dock. That way my phone will also be my tablet and also my laptop. All my info in one place. This is the way of the future. I will not buy a new phone until there is a good implimentation of these fundamental characteristics of tomorrows super devices!

    • betadroid

      Well said bro.  

  • LLcdPH

    I already did ditch it.  I needed a “phone” more than I needed a pretty display and ICS.  Two days short of a month, I ditched the Nexus for a Droid Razr Maxx and I’m loving it.  I use ADW+ launcher and can’t think of anything about ICS that I really miss…other than being “first”.  The Razr is an excellent phone with the great connectivity that the Nexus lacked.

    • Jim McClain

      im jealous

    • Darthseph23

      Well done mate.  Honestly, the supposed problems with BLUR that everyone talks about I’ve never had.  I may be due to the fact I use GoLauncher so I never really interact with the backend.

      My Razr has been solid from day 1.  Never had an issue with lockups, freezing or anything.  Signal quality has been solid, and battery life isn’t that bad.  Then again, I use my phone for quick net grabs, playing music, social network updates, photos, and as an actual phone (Call/SMS).  Maybe its me, but I don’t know what ICS does to improve any of that.  I’ve got coworkers that have the GNex… and I’m not a fan.  Too each their own I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    It would take a larger screen to get me on the Nexus.  I’m a fringe case, I’ll admit.4.3″ effective is too small for me, and the “quick controls”-esque hack to remove the softbuttons does not appeal to me.

    • Why do people want BIGGER screens? Really? you want 5 inches in your pocket at all times? no thanks

      • betadroid

        Cause they are easier to read, play games, view pictures, etc.  Seems like everyone has their sweet-spot for screens though.  Yours might be 4″ or 4.3″ where others would like 5″ or larger.  If your a big guy with baggy jeans a Galaxy Note may be perfect.  If your a petite lady maybe not.

      • Anonymous

        Because I prefer to view things such as websites, my newsreader, my games, and other things on a larger screen.  I haven’t had a problem fitting large screens into my pocket.  I feel them no more than a 4″ screen.

        Besides, I hate how the Gnex is a terrible use of screen size.  A 4.5″ Skyrocket + buttons is smaller than a GNex, which is basically 4.3″.  Heck, it’s a little larger than the HTC Titan, 4.7″ with screen.


        It may not be your preference, that’s fine. Don’t think that everyone likes what you do.

  • Paranoid android

    A phone thay has little to no problems. I can understand a few small things but a reliable connection is a must

    • BINGO!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think there are as many issues as some complain about……but mainly I just wanted to say awesome handle! I would assume you are a radiohead fan?

  • Duel Core Nexus > Quad core manufacturer phone.
    That’s how much better a non-skinned, pure Google phone is.
    So to me, only a better nexus.

  • TeflonBilly

    For me I want a Nexus with 2GB of ram 32 internal with dual sd card slots.  Before you said it will never have dual cards my Tapwave Zodiac had dual sd card slots with one being a IO slot.  With some beefy specs.

  • A time machine, becaue i am stuck with this phone for atleast 2 years (contract)

  • Anonymous

    I laughed so hard when I read the title and just simply selected “only another nexus”

  • Hell, if you dont want it, send it my way!

  • bigger battery and still thin.  dont care about quad core, our batteries cant even handle dual core

    • Darthseph23

      This isn’t true.  What’s killing battery life is signal issues with Gen 1 4G antennas.  The issue is the dual antennas in the phone.  If we went back to having a single antenna, battery life would drastically improve.  Come on 4G VOIP technology!

  • answer: the end of my 2 year contract

  • Anonymous

    something that doesnt make me want something else 6 months later

  • Tom

    I want a 5″ phone that runs ICS.  For me, that’s the sweet spot between tablet and phone.

    • Bionicman

      actually if the Note would have came out for Verizon along with the GNex, it would have been a hard choice for me!

  • Masterchiefb117

    Intel powered phone

    • Anonymous

      So your phone can last one hour? There is a reason why all the devices these days uses the ARM model processors. While Intel definitely wins in the raw power (which no company can beat), it can’t compare with ARM models in terms of power consumption.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t foresee myself ditching the phone at all during my contract period.  But, I will say after learning from my Bionic experience (coming from an OG Droid), that whatever phone will have to be a stock Google Experience/Nexus/whatever you want to call it.  There are a few things that I wish this phone was better at, being the speakerphone and battery, but overall, I’m super happy with it.

  • 1TallTXn

    Keep the performance, drop the screen size a smidgen, improve battery life, open.

  • David Hayden

    Where is the option for non-Nexus owners? Last time I checked this website was called “Droid-Life”, not “Nexus-Life”. Give us other folk some love too.

  • Rick

    Another Nexus phone.

  • Stock ICS, quad core, 12+ MP camera, NFC, more RAM, PADFONE (tablet & keyboard docking)

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Note

  • Anonymous

    I will keep my Nexus and if they don’t release another Nexus on Verizon I will keep using my Nexus until it is no longer or I will switch carriers.

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy Nexus would be perfect if it were physically smaller , had better battery life (new LTE chip set), and better cameras (front and back). Maybe throw in removable storage while your at it. 

  • Anonymous

    I voted only another nexus.  You can nitpick here and there but this phone is as good or better than any other high end device out.  What keeps me loyal is the support.  Knowing I won’t have to wait for upgrades.  Look at all the Razr owners with gingerbread.  Great phone no support.  To second the support from google there is the development community itself which really sets this phone apart.  Your Rezound may be cool too, but how many different rom’s do you have to choose from, how many themes and little mods are there? That’s where the Gnex takes the cake and there’s no comparison. So unless some other phone achieves the level of support the Gnex has then I’m staying right here.

  • An iPhone with 2nd gen LTE, 4.3″ screen with ppi of 343, nice battery (of course) and an amzing camera and performance.

    OR AND ONLY another Nexus with above specs except with a 4.65″ Super AMOLED+display with 319 or above ppi. 

  • Many, MANY virgins.

  • Matthew Merrick

    while i don’t have a nexus, the only thing that i’d pass it up for (as of now) is a phone with a better processor (tegra 3 plz?), same size or bigger screen, equal or better resolution, ICS, LTE, NFC, the ICS buttons (either onscreen or hardware, but i want a dedicated multitask button), better battery, and unlocked bootloader. 

    gimme all that and i don’t give a carp who the OEM or carrier is, i’ll buy it. 

  • Anonymous

    Unless Motorola releases a stock, non-Blur, unlockable device (and I’d bet my house that never happens again) my next phone will be a Nexus. Doesn’t matter how great the specs are, doesn’t matter how big the screen is, how fast it is, or what version of Android it ships with. If it comes with some manufacturer skin and the bootloader can’t be unlocked I won’t buy it. I don’t have to even think twice about this. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Plvaulter06

    im not a fan of my Galaxy nexus.  The screen is scratched extensively, and it has never been dropped once.  Beyond that, the screen display quality could be better.  I use my Galaxy S II the exact same, and never gotten one scratch on it.  It is hard to ignore that the Galaxy S II is faster all around, even before it has ICS.
    When the Galaxy S III comes out, I will be buying it, I just hope that i’ll be able to get an LTE one for Verizon before too long.  I love the international unlocked devices, but hate running them on ATT’s sub par network

    • Stewie

      Well, you shouldn’t have listened to the VZ store rep who told you to keep the screen clean with and SOS pad ….

  • Howard

    For non rooters, the Razr is a great phone!

  • Craig

    I think this post assumes way too much. I never purchased the Nexus as I found the Motorola Razr to have a better build quality, better radio, removable memory, plus more. I also own the Galaxy SII which I still consider to be as good or better than the Nexus yet it was released a year ago. To me this Nexus is just a lot of hype with few if any substantial innovations. There is more to a package than an unlocked boot loader.

    • Stewie

      There is more, it’s called Blur…

    • betadroid

      That’s how good the Galaxy SII is.  It still stands up to today’s top devices.

  • Papoose34328

    I would buy a galaxy nexus maxx! 😉

  • SB

    Something with leading (or almost leading) processor, GPU, RAM, camera etc., and the radio and battery from my current fav – the RAZR MAXX.

    I play with every single interesting phone that comes out – all 4 providers (if I want to, I can also get any VZW phone for up to 29 days, no charge, no re-stocking fee). Moto just builds solid stuff – nothing flimsy. Some of the recent HTC/Samsung products just don’t feel solid.

    Also, Moto’s relialibity is pretty good. We have 12 OG Droid’s (30 + total lines on VZW) – all between 27 and 24 months old. Every single one of them is working fine (ok, one had to be replaced for water damage). Several have been dropped (all have cases and screen protectors), but they just keep ticking!!!!

    You can argue about their Cust Service, broken promises, BLUR, etc., but recent hardware… no.

    • RW-1

      I totally agree with you, however because what I want in a  moto phone has been denied to myself and others here in the US, with flat out LIES that “VZ made them lock it down” (What a crock of …) I choose not to give motorola (thru VZ) my hard earned cash.

      Yes, it’s likely great, but, you get one, and turn around and another is out there with better.

      The Big Eared Jha has no clue, nor cares about his customer base.

      As proof positive I offer the thread about HTC allowing unlocking of the ERIS through it’s dev site.

      IMAGINE that! A site to unlock their phones, and they go back to something released at the time of Android creation and make that correction.

      So Far, my Gnex seems as good as my OG, I truly think 1/2 of the signal issues was an unprepared VZ for the onslaught of Gnex purchases, and the outlined 3G auth issues by another website, the other 1/2 was a few units, but no more so than some of the OG’s that had issues when it was first released.

      While I love soldi hardware, until this tool starts paying attention, they:

      Will not get a nexus to release, and will no longer get my $$$$$

  • Wmsco51

    I would be tempted if it had Quadcore, jellybean

  • Anonymous

    tried the Gnex but ended up going back to my iphone 4S after only 6 days….i just cant get down with samsung products…my nexus 1 on the other hand was a beast 😛

    • Anonymous

      An iTroll actually tried Android? I find that hard to believe.

  • Anonymous

    Only thing that might get me off this phone is problems with Verizon.  I’d hate to say it, but carriers are fighting their customers now. Look at AT&T and their newest debacle. Those of us with unlimited now are probably going to see the same thing in the future :/

  • Guest

    Something else: An iPhone with a bigger screen.  While my G-Nex has been overall really good, it’s just the little things that annoy me. The battery life is awful.  Using JuiceDefender and the extended Samsung makes it reasonable, but then it’s a trade off waiting for the radios to turn back on.  Syncing my music collection was frustrating.

    • TC Infantino

      So you are saying you want to go from a 4G phone to a 3G?

  • Jay

    the HTC REzound – HAZAH!

    • Anonymous

      I would have kept my rezound if the screen was of the AMOLED variety.

  • Imns

    How about a nexus with a real keyboard?

  • Anonymous

    I voted for “Something else”.  That something else, which I think would be anyone’s answer, is “a better device”.  IMHO I don’t see a better phone available right now for what I look for in a phone.  The things I look for are:

    -Easily unlockable/rootable
    -Decent battery (which I get from my Nexus…I don’t know what the rest of you are doing wrong)
    -Quick software updates if I choose not to go with a custom ROM
    -Good performance (I never have lag)
    -No OEM skins!  I know you can use a custom ROM, but I just don’t want that crap on my phone period
    -Sleek design (The G-Nex is sexy)
    -Lot’s of support from the hacking/developer community
    -Decent screen (I’m quite happy with the G-Nex’s screen)
    -Probably some other stuff I forgot

    There’s just not a better phone out there for all those things.  There might be better phones in 1 or 2 areas, but not overall.  The only major drawback I’ve seen is the camera.  That crap is just horrible!  I don’t take many pics though so…

  • Anonymous

    I’m a dying breed, but I still want a physical keyboard.  Not so much for everyday typing, but I hate typing long things when the soft keyboard takes up half the screen.
    SSH and soft keyboard are a frustrating combination.

  • Alan Paone

    I picked annother nexus. Not for the updates, but for the developer community. Nexuses have the sexiest developers. I’ve used a milestone, desire, panache, captivate, atrix, and optimus 3D; all of them with CM7 and the nexus S left them all in the dust. When I broke my atrix and got a good deal on the NS, I was expecting, and even a little okay with a hit in performance. I was totally blown away when the NS was significantly faster and stable-er. Htc and Sammy will put out quad-core phones this year that will be less fast than the Gnex. Google is really good at this. A hexacore phone will probably be leaked/demoed in november, and everyone will be saying that it`ll totally make the Nexus 4 totally obsolete, and I`ll snicker and think back to when they said the same about the LG star.

  • Jim McClain

    I think most want to keep their nexus just for bragging rights,so they can say they have the latest thing out there,means little if it doesnt work, seems like the 4 or 5 problems could be fixed easily,if they really cared, if they fix these problems,I and others would want to keep it,hell maybe we would even brag a little

  • I’d actually dig something a little smaller.  

  • ddevito

    The perfect Android device is one that stays relevant for 2 years. Yes, you read that right.

    • TC Infantino

      Totally agree, the OG Droid still has love from the Dev community, and had an official OTA update as recently as this past December.  This is another reason for me to love HTC since they are still showing love for phones as far back as the Eris by unlocking the bootloaders.

  • suck it vzw

    Not Bound to Verizon but unfortunately they have the best service and i have an unlimited plan with them and don’t really want to loose that, 

    And my comments were not solely against VZW, Carriers in general suck. They overstep their boundaries in efforts to make every last penny they can and ruin great phones for us. 

  • blakjakdavy

    Intel nexus

  • Jim McClain

    my verizon rep said, get the volume boost app and pudding app to fix the speaker and camera, I shouldnt have to use apps to make it work the way it is supposed to work

    • DroidzFX

      No one gives a sh■t dude. We get it you don’t like the Nexus. Sell it on ebay. 

      • Anonymous

        do u really need apps to make the camera and speakers work like they do on a RAZR, great decision buckweat

      • Anonymous

        Ha +10…guess you noticed this negative cat on EVERY post also…….

    • Anonymous

      at least you have options, its up to you if you choose not to use them
      take it you’d rather have the fish than learn how to fish

      • Jim McClain

        just want the mistakes on this thing fixed,thats all, is that to much to ask ? I mean I did pay good money for it,dont I deserve to have what I paid for?

        • Anonymous

          no you don’t deserve it.  this is obviously not the phone for you, didnt you read the minimum iq settings before you bought it, your not high enough.  you know the saying about the people stuck on a roof in a flood and they refuse the boat and whatever, thats you, I’ve seen people offer to help you and you just complain about things and don’t do anything, you better go, think your late for your next occupy rally

          • ITT: butthurt google fanboys who cannot stand any criticism whatsoever.

          • Jim McClain

            excuse me dick head,you need to get your phone off that pedestal and quit worshipping it like its sent from heaven, easy to see your IQ isnt very high,I know this is wasted on someone like you, but try and think on this a while, if you bought a car and the headlights,radio and  windshield wipers didnt work, would you think it was your problem to find people to fix it or the dealers problems, but wait I guess you have never bought a new car,,,,  never mind,this all seems about you mental level

        • ibelieveinsteve

          Volume is much better on 4.0.4.

    • Anonymous

      John, is that you in disguise???? Thought you got banned?

      • Stating El Obvious

        He’s still mad cuz he still owns a Bionic.

  • Tree

    galaxy note yo.

  • Anthony Armando

    moogle nexus (ie unlocked and stock) with the following: more efficient lte (maybe advanced) radio, same basic form factor and size as galaxy nexus, same screen size, higher dpi, large battery, improved gpu performance, better camera sensor (5mp is fine), 2gb ram, 32/64gb memory, sd card support, improved heat control (mine gets hot as hell), and enough cpu power to live for at least 18 months.

    by the time my contract is up this will be out.

  • Tom Thumb

    I think that the Razr Maxx is better than the Nexus right now. In my opinion: higher quality material + better radio + better battery life > ICS and unlocked bootloader 

    • Jim McClain

      I agree,sad but true

    • Binglut9

      Shittier screen, worst camera , no updates , blur, non removable battery, blur, screen

      • Tom Thumb

        The camera isn’t necessarily “worst” than the nexus and the non-removable battery really isn’t an issue

        • Jim McClain

          heard the camera on the razor was really good after the updates, and gotta love that maxx battery

        • Binglut9

          Yea its bad and yea a non removable battery is a negative because if that battery dies or something happens to it you have to send it to Motorola for a fix and.the screen is the most important part of a device and Motorola’s screens are horrible. The screen alone should make you stray clear of this device unless you need great battery life….I use to like Motorola Motorola but now there a lost company with crap displays

  • Anonymous

    A nexus with a Moto QWERTY.

  • Shane McKeever

    Quad-core ICS Galaxy Note (Journal?) on VZW with (very) early new phone allowance.

  • Dc Garcia

    Something faster. Something that doesnt need to b rooted. Something i dont have to keep waiting for.

  • suck it vzw

    While my nexus is great, Verizon is killing me. How is it that My Google Nexus phone does not have the latest version available but other phones  and tablets have it or will have it very soon (4.0.3). I know there is the custom rom option, Which am I am using( GummyNex. But it is awful that we are supposed to have the phone that gets updates first but because of Verizon we do not.  

    I am not looking for another phone. I am looking for a carrier that respects its customer and is not a world class pain in the ass. 

    • Anonymous

      let me know when you find that carrier that still has good coverage and good phones, unfortunately verizon is the best all around

  • Drazyw

    Came from the RAZR to the Nexus, and I wish I had my RAZR back. 

  • Anonymous

    Nexus with keyboard.

  • It would really have to be a full step forward.  I’m not prone to the baby steps Moto and Apple like to push.  And assuming the tech and software aligned on a Manu like LG or HTC they’d have to really, and I mean REALLY, impress me.  And even then I’d probably wait to hear if they blew it.

  • Octocore, 4GB RAM, 64GB space, Android 5.0, 1080P screen, 16MP camera and 1080 recording and 5″ screen

    • oh and 4000mah battery

    • Anonymous

      ……….and it does my laundry and cooks me food too, your in the wrong year, go to 2015 and at best you’ll have 5 of the 8 things you listed.  They’ll all be available at that time, just not all on the same phone lol

    • Anonymous

      Why stop there? How about 12GB RAM, 2TB space, Android 12.0, 8K screen, 32MP camera with 3D 8K recording, 10x optical zoom, 10000mAh battery, thin as a business card, 6 row physical keyboard, and a partridge in a pear tree. 🙂

  • Tim Buchanan

    Something free.  I just plunked down $300 on this thing.  You think I’m anxious to get rid of it?

  • Me

    Battery Life

  • Jim McClain

    if I bought a new car and it had all these problems I would have shot the dealer by now

    • Billyrouth2000

      What problems? My Nexus is flawless

  • Brendan Turner

    Same specs, but with a consistent cell connection

  • Anonymous

    Quad core sidekick. 😛

  • none

    Well verizon has to embrace LTE fully and get off CDMA. Its possible the new Nexus will not even be offered to VZW (first, second, or last) because of all the CDMA type nonsense. We still haven’t even gotten an update and the phone is two months old. Having said that, its the best VZW phone I’ve owned. Its clean, no battery issues and no complaints. I just see that CDMA is in tight control by the carrier. We might have lost a great opportunity. Now we’ll have to decide between Google and VZW in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    Looking to trade mine for a rezound actually.

    • Jbjork70stpl

      I traded in my GNex for a Rezound after three weeks with the GNex.  I love the Rezound.  The GNex is ackward and chunky.  The Rezound is refined and polished.  I also hate ICS and the new buttons.

      • Binglut9

        What? Chunky? The rezound is fatter than the nexus?

        • Anonymous

          lol, noticed that too, held these side by side and the nexus is not the chunky of the two, this is how obama got elected

      • Anonymous

        How do you hate ics…

  • Binglut9

    I won’t own or use another skinned device…..you all seen the update chart from Motorola right??? People are stupid if they buy a skinned device especially if they come to sites like this…its like your a techy why in the world would you buy anything other than a nexus? Oh and haters gonna hate on the nexus that’s fine at least I don’t need a chart and a math equation to figure out my next update or if my phone will even get it….

    • Jim McClain

      oh really and where is the nexus updates?  

      • Binglut9

        Where? Its on ics already? So I guess I don’t understand your question

        • Jim McClain

          my phone has not recieved an update since day one

          • Binglut9

            What update? You think magically a random update will be pushed?

          • Ok, but it’s on 4.0.2, which almost no other phone can claim at this point. So… the problem is what exactly?

          • Jim McClain

            doesnt matter whats its on, the damn thing doesnt work as promised

          • Anonymous

            Are you on 4.0.2 already? That is the latest official LTE version.

          • Jim McClain

            of course,you get the the first day you buy it,,but that didnt fix anyproblems, this phone was not ready to be released

          • Anonymous

            And what version of android ever was released as 100%? The Gnex is doing the best as far as Android is concerned.

          • Binglut9

            Don’t even deal with this dude I remember who he is….he don’t even have a.nexus this guy is a Motorola fan boy extreme edition now I remember this clown

          • Jim McClain

            i dont want a phone for bragging rights, I want one that works like its supposed to

      • Binglut9

        No one is on 4.0.4 because it hasnt been officially released but if you want to wait for 4.0.2 in q3 for your brand new razor max be my guest?

        • Jim McClain

          well I want a phone that works like its supposed to,and this one doesnt

          • Binglut9

            I remember you I bet you don’t have a nexus because I remember you from the bionic days swear that was the best phone….Motorola is probably the worst phone manufacturer along with lg…..man you must be pissed

  • Jim McClain

    well I had an OD hated the keyboard and heavy as a brick in my pocket,thought the nexus was a bit to big, but its so slim and light weight I dont even know its in my pocket, love the feel,the look and ics, but it seems there is no support for it, thrown together, how can samsung release this phone without testing it,, speaker is awful, how did they miss that? camera is bad,radios bad,and my mic cuts off during phone calls,it had so much going for it,will never buy sansung again,these things should have been fixed,I got it on the first day and still no updates to fix these problems,  
    I’d trade it for a razor maxx in a heartbeat

    • Binglut9

      4.04 greatly improves all of your complaints I would wait til that update hits…my radio sucked but now its awesome same with speaker….

      • Jim McClain

        getting tired of waiting,

        • Anonymous

          then stop waiting.  go to xda and do it yourself lazy ass, and if you don’t know what xda is then go get a jitterbug, i think you’d be better suited for it, it just works, has these nice big buttons, etc……….

          • Jim McClain

            why should I have to go and make my phone better ? isnt that what I paid for?

          • Anonymous

            so if you buy a mercedes and something isnt perfect, which is often the case with mercedes, would you do something about it or just sit and complain, after all you paid for it? what irritates me about you is there are simple fixes for all your complaints but your too lazy to try them, its technology, there isnt a single phone where everyone is perfect out of the box, deal with it

          • Anonymous

            Don’t reply to him. He’s just a Moto fan who’s been trolling about nexus since day one. I really doubt he even has a nexus.

  • Donsemail

    Galaxy note with ics and maxx length battery

  •  With my G-Nex came a new 2-year agreement. So, as with the OG, i will enjoy my Nexus until my contract expires.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll ditch the Nexus if you can give me a phone that lasts for at least 2 days on one charge. Even WITH the extended battery this phone doesn’t even get through a day. I have a charger at home and in the office and I just keep this thing plugged in all the time.Ridiculous!

    • Binglut9


      • Anonymous

        Haha. I mean keeping the features we are all used to but significantly improved battery life.

        • Binglut9

          Did you get the 2100 battery? I’m thinking of buying that since it doesn’t effect the size of the phone that much? I wonder if its worth it

    • Why on earth do you NEED a phone to last for 2 days? Do you only sleep every other day? Do the electrical outlets in your house not function during your sleeping hours? I’m confused. 14-18 hours of use should be plenty for ANY phone user anywhere.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t and I was being slightly hyperbolic here. In theory a phone that is claimed to last for 2 days will prob give me a phone that actually lasts for 1 day with heavy usage…

    • DroidzFX

      Quit looking at pookie all day

      • Anonymous


  • Jscarter0173

    I would trade this thing in a heartbeat for a Galaxy Nexus with a decent radio. I’m kinda bummed as far as that aspect goes.

  • Nathan Kaufman


  • Azndan4

    Motorola sucks.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Pretty much anything with decent radios built in. As slick as a device as the Nexus is, connectivity and reception issues made it a non-starter for me. Tried out a couple, both with same issues.

    So when the GNex is surpassed by the next latest/greatest device, will this site go back to being something other than a constant stream of pro-Nexus “news”? 

  • If I had one, the only thing that’d be a temptation would be a new Nexus with at least quad-core, an LTE chip that doesn’t chew up batteries and make the phone thicker, the best 2D screen available, expandable memory and replaceable battery.  Ok, I’ll quite pipe dreaming now.  *sigh*

  • battery life

  • Anonymous

    A Moto-built Nexus with a build quality somewhat like the Droid X and the OG Droid. Probably no keyboard, but if it’s slim with a great keyboard I may go for it. Between 4.3″ and 4.7″ screen, maybe a bit smaller would be okay. Definitely HD or better resolution, Super AMOLED+. Non-pentile (not an option, it’s the biggest drawback to the GNex imo, more than the camera). Good camera, like iPhone quality or at least GSII quality. I don’t care about photography that much, but I’d like to have good pictures and also just so people won’t bitch about my phone’s camera when I say I like it. 2GB of RAM, >1.5GHz processor (dual or quad core, it doesn’t matter too much). An insane GPU, something like the rumored GPU of the iPad 3. Definitely one that’s superior to that of the 4S and iPad 2. NFC and front camera (At least 1 or 2 MP) of course. Uh, good battery, but if it’s removable then that’s fine and I’ll just get an extended one. Would rather have removable and smallish than large and non-removable. Also 4G LTE VZW of course. Grayish black. SD card and HDMI would be plusses, but not necessary.

  • Binglut9

    Once you go nexus you don’t go back to other crappy fake skinned android phones

  • Zebra

    Give me a Moto phone with a Super AMOLED HD screen…if its unlockable, even better, but as long as I can remove the bloat and theme some of the framework, I’d be happy.

  • shdowman

    2x Quad-Core Processors, 16gb Ram, 120gb storage, 13 megapixel lens with optical zoom capabilities, 5″ Super AMOLED+ Super Deluxe Phenominal Screen, 2mm thick 8800 mAh battery, and the ability to shoot lazer beams.  🙂

  • I hope and pray every day that verizon will get the next nexus…. I won’t even chance saying that they won’t so i’ll just keep saying that they will. They’ll get the next nexus and only then will i part with my galaxy nexus! *rocks back and forth*

  • Better Build quality, better camera, stock ICS, and better battery.. Ill take a quad core as well lol

  • Dwjr82
  • manny108

    Galaxy SIII if it comes to Verizon

  • trust-me-im-a-lawyer

    If Moto would put a quality screen in its phones and unlock them I would pay full retail and switch tomorrow.  Samsung makes a really nice mini tablet, but the Galaxy Nexus sucks as a phone.  

  • Steven574

    With Motorola Mobility potentially being bought by Google, it will be interesting to see what phones Motorola will come out with. Assuming Motorola will even stay Motorola, I would bet the next Nexus device to be brought to us by Motorola.

    Personally, it will be hard to upgrade when the time comes because the GNex is my favorite out of all the Android phones I have owned. I would only do a Nexus device. If it uses the Motorola name, all the better. I had an OG Droid and a Droid X and they were great phones IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t even consider another phone unless it’s stock android.  Every other phone I tried I hated the skin, so it’s not as much that I love the Nexus in it’s entirety, because the camera could be a lot better, but the overall experience is so much better than everything else that I won’t buy anything but a Nexus from here on out. 

  • An upgraded nexus is the only thing I’d dump my nexus for.

    And my dump I mean enshrine next to my OG D1.

  • Davidgg72

    Wouldn’t take much since it looks like the phone is going downhill fast.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I don’t have to ditch it, I was never sucker enough to buy into the hype.

    I am holding out for quad core.

    • Anonymous

      Looking at your past posts, you’ve been waiting for a quad core for quite some time =P

      Good luck on that wait, see you this December. 

  • Joe

    I didn’t think of it at first but a smaller phone would be nice. I held my old OG and it felt so small.

  • Jbjork70stpl

    I gave mine up for an HTC Rezound.  I spent three weeks with the GNex and I don’t miss it at all.

  • I think most of us bought a Nexus not because it was the fastest, most powerful phone out there.  We bought it because we’re sick of OEM skins and slow updates to the newest Android version.  We want a smooth experience, direct support from Google, and we want to be running the newest version of Android all the time without relying on ROMs.  I am all Nexus from here on out. I won’t even consider another phone.

    • Anonymous

      Kind of curious… 

      Are you bound to Verizon (like I am) for whatever reason or willing to go to another carrier?  I don’t think VZW will be getting another Nexus phone due to what they’ve done to this one.

      • What did they do besides adding Backup Assistant?

        • Anonymous

          Delayed release so other phones could sell and have not allowed Google Wallet.

          • Anonymous

            Hmmm, I have a galaxy nexus and Google wallet! Your only as limited as you allow yourself to be with a Gnex!

            Also, I removed the vz apps……again your only as limited as you allow yourself to be!

          • Anonymous

            Hurr Durr I instulled teh customz romz i r teh l337z….

            The point is that users who might buy the phone that aren’t into hacking, modding, rooting etc won’t have access to these features.  Enthusiasts are in the minority and Google knows this.  I’d be surprised to see Google Wallet blocked on Sprint since it wasn’t with the Nexus S. 

            Users shouldn’t have to root, custom ROM, or workaround to get these features in.  It wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t blocked from the market for VZW users. 

            I’d be very surprised if we see another VZW Nexus because of Verizon’s control over it.

          • Anonymous

            First, I don’t need a custom rom as ICS is nearly perfect! Second there are many apps out there that are not on the android market. A person just needs to look for them, if they want to take that additional risk (I generally don’t). But wallet was 1/10 the reason I purchased a nexus. When a work around became available, I took it! Ask “the average person” what Google wallet is, they don’t have a clue and would not know to look for it in the first place.

            If they did they would look to a site like Droid life and find a 2 minute work around that any person can execute. I just don’t think it is as big of a deal as you are making it.

            And you and I will agree…..screw Verizon for blocking the app in the first place!

            Also, (not that I have tried) can’t you make apps invisible in the app drawer in IcS? This would be a way to not look at the pesky VZ app that is installed.

          • Anonymous

            The point is this.  Google does not have an incentive to “grant” a Nexus on VZW again considering they won’t let it be a pure Google phone.

            If other carriers will play nice with them in the first place, why should they even bother with the company that makes them jump through hoops? 

          • EC8CH

            a huge market of customers?

          • Anonymous

            Agree. VZW is the largest carrier in the states. Google would be nuts to not release another Nexus with them.

          • EC8CH

            It just depends on how important the Nexus line really is to Google.  Their incentive is just to see a lot of Android devices sold, it doesn’t really matter if they are Nexus devices at this point. I’m just glad that I was finally given the chance to buy one as someone who is locked into Verizon through my job.

          • Anonymous

            I’m basically locked into Verizon as I’m on a family account that is constantly being renewed. That and coverage in my area (Central NH) is Verizon and Verizon only. All other coverage sucks around here.

            If they don’t get another Nexus..I guess it’s back to HTC. At least they are unlocking their bootloaders again.

          • Anonymous

            Here we go again..how could they delay release when they never set a release date? Also, Google Wallet was on ONE device on ONE carrier, and now it’s on maybe one or two more. Google shouldn’t cry because they were late to the NFC party.


          • Anonymous

             It was originally supposed to come out in November.

          • EC8CH

            Google is “late” to the NFC party?

            So G-Wallet’s been out for a year now, and what other company has a form of NFC payment out in the market?

            Seems to me VZW is trying to hold back Google from gaining too much of a lead in the NFC payment market because THEY are late to the party with ISIS.

            And I’m pretty sure Google was expecting the G-Nex to launch in November if not BEFORE Christmas. Pretty clear VZW held it back for whatever reason probably under the excuse of testing.

          • Anonymous

            What I meant by “late to the party” was that many carriers (VZW, ATT, TMO) already partnered with Isis. NFC a year ago was nothing. It still is very sparse in the wild.

            Just because Google was expecting the device to release by the end of Nov, doesn’t mean VZW delayed it at all. Google doesn’t decide when Verizon releases phones, Verizon does. And Verizon never gave a release date, therefore it was not delayed. When they gave a release date (Dec. 15) it was released.

            End of story.

          • EC8CH

            So even though they are first to market with NFC by over a year they’re late… got it. I use it and it works great. I can’t wait to give ISIS a whirl but since they’re so far ahead I’m having a hard time actually using it apparently?

            G-Nex was sitting on store shelves well before Black Friday but VZW didn’t release the phone until well after. Stop arguing that it wasn’t delayed by them… you sound like a fool.

          • Anonymous

            For being first to market, they sure didn’t try very hard to pitch it to anyone.

            And you’ve never heard of getting stock early? Seriously man, use your head. How on earth can something be delayed if it never gets a release date? Just because you PERCEIVED it being delayed in your head with some ghost release dates (which the forums were flooded with), does not mean it was delayed.

            2 + 2 =/= 5

          • EC8CH

            Yeah… retailers love stock sitting on their shelves for weeks during Black Friday that they can’t sell.  Verizon posting a release date on their own site and then changing it must not mean they delayed it either.

            And who should they need to pitch it to?  Google is in a position to give customers access to Google Wallet on every phone that is released with an NFC chip. They need credit card companies on board and retailers to install NFC readers.  Carriers should have absolutely zero say in whether or not Google Wallet is installable on my phone. What Verizon is doing is wrong and in violation of the terms of their spectrum lease with the FCC.

          • Anonymous

            I’d love to continue this conversation, but DL decided my post needed to go through mods, and I don’t feel like typing it out again :/

            You win by default. 


          • EC8CH

            no but 4×4=12

  • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

    4.0-4.3″ screen with on-screen buttons with an unlockable bootloader and superior hardware

  • Anonymous

    I’m with everyone else. Only another Nexus.

  • Granted

    Where is the option for “Not all of us have the luxury of getting free phones to test or keep, or don’t have the money to buy every new phone that is released.”?

    • Binglut9

      Others no option for being poor your just SOL

  • Same phone but a better camera and waterproof 

  • I finally got a taste of the Nexus, and it is good!

  • Anonymous

    Same phone but with some mild enhancements:
    – better battery life
    – better camera
    – fewer screen artifacts
    – slightly better build quality

  • PC_Tool

    SGS III.

    G’Nex will be passed down the line when that hits…if it hits Verizon.

  • Thracks

    Dual core Cortex-A15, e.g. OMAP5 or Exynos 5000 Series. While the performance of quad core A9 is quite high, it could be better. Let me explain:

    Power consumption of a CMOS device is expressed as (P = C * V2 * f), where C is capacitance, V is voltage and f is frequency.Cortex-A15 uses a smaller process node than Tegra 3, 28nm vs. 40nm, which allows for lower nominal voltages. Lower nominal voltages at all clock steppings supported by the kernel, in turn, produces a quadratic reduction in power consumption since the voltage is squared in this formula.The per-clock performance advancements of Cortex-A15 also mean that the CPU can ensure smooth performance without tapping the maximum clockspeed as often as Cortex-A9 (which is very often, even on the latest SoCs). The above equation also expresses that a CPU’s operating frequency plays a role in battery life, meaning that a chip with a lower operating voltage and a lower mean clockspeed (half of today’s CPUs to achieve identical performance) represents a substantial reduction.Cortex-A15 also supports companion cores, just like Tegra 3.tl;dr: Cortex-A15 at 2GHz will use less power than any of today’s SoCs because it uses a much lower vcore and lower average clockspeeds to achieve desirable performance. It also dramatically raises the performance ceiling with an approximately identical consumption of battery life.//EDIT: In simpler terms, this formula is why a 2.53GHz/dual core Intel Core i3-350M uses less power than a 266MHz Pentium II: 35W vs. 38W, respectively. Think about that.

    • Guest

      Are all A9 40nm?

      • Thracks

        So far, yes. 45 or 40nm.

    • Anonymous

      U need to get laid, dude…

  • Anonymous

    Coming from the DX, using my GNex has been like a beautifully dream. My DX was awful, this is everything I’ve wanted in an Android phone. As long as Nexus phone’s keep coming to Verizon I’m gonna keep using them. Motorola I never want to use again (unless it’s a nexus of course). 

  • Ryan Scott Miller

    Nexus, Quad-core, 
    4.5″+  HD Super AMOLED+ screen, 1+ GB of RAM, NFC, 3000+ mAh removable battery, 32 GB internal storage with removable microSD slot, 8+ megapixel camera with front facing camera, waterproof and maybe a 5-row keyboard.

  • richard melcher

    I buy my phone mostly for the Development community, so to have a dev community larger than a Nexus you better be a pretty damn special phone. 

    That being said, Motorola does have the ability to build this hypothetically awesome-sauce phone if they just simply realized that customers are not retarded pigeons who only respond to cleaver marketing and a poke with a stick. Making the developer community happy is more important than making Verizon happy Moto… HTC realized that a long time ago. 

  • Chris G

    My Upgrade renewing. 

    It would take a lot for me to ditch the GN.  Something I could root easily would be a must.  LTE is a must or better.  And I would really like a world phone even if that was 3g only.  I can’t afford to go out and buy both a CDMA and GSM every time.

    I did go from OG to GN.  I have a Droid Pro for work but that is just a phone for the most part.  Biggest POS ever.

  • DaveTea

    Same phone in the same size with twice the run-time would get my $$.

  • Anonymous

    might try out an iphone 5. That way I can switch my l t e card between android and the iphone and see which i like best depending on the day

  • an htc nexus with the same spects as htc makes CAR DOCKS!   never again samsung.

  • Anonymous

    I’m completely satisfied with the Nexus and will be for a while.  Hopefully in 18 months the problem of 4G speeds vs. battery life won’t be such a battle. 

  • Anonymous

    A white one with half the storage.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I see what you did there!

  • Anonymous

    Probably a quad-core phone.

  • Nicholas Adams

    I voted, but I don’t currently have one. The reason I don’t have one is because the camera sucks and the camera quality has become increasingly important to me in choosing a phone. I know, what a long way we’ve come. But with that said, I will probably buy the next Android phone that has a truly great camera.

  • Quad-core Googorola Nexus…

    • This will be the most anticipated phone since the beginning of Android if it ever happens.

      • Anonymous

        As long as Motorola doesn’t use their current hideous designs, then yes it will be great.

      • Azndan4

        No more Motorola products

      • Only if there will be a QWERTY slider variant 😉

      • TC Infantino

             I may be wrong ( I was wrong once..it was a Wednesday), but I think that in the near future Google owned Motorola will be putting out phones with the same unlocking ability as the HTC phones.  Locked from the factory, but allowing the Techno-Geek community to follow some detailed steps that will unlock the phone.  There would be no danger to the company loosing money on bricked phone warranty returns because they could record the ID of the phone when the user sends in the information to receive the unlock key.  Then if said user bricks and returns the phone he could be called out and either warranty replacement be denied, or charged normal price for the replacement.  I am sure most here only thought for a couple of seconds about the warranty issue before deciding they would rather have an unlocked phone.
             Once Motorola does this, they will see a huge following from the Techno-Geek groups (and yes, I are one).  Moto makes quality phones, tough as nails, great radios, good batteries (in the Maxx at least), and they even add some very useful apps to their Blur such as Motocast and Smart Actions.  They do need to use much better screens, and if they are not going to have removable batteries, then the Maxx’s battery size should be standard across all their line.

  • jsuli

    Well I love my gnex and I’m feeling the next phone for me will have to be a Google nexus lineup. The updates, support, newest os changes, no bloatware, no heavy theme over Android, android as Google intended it to be… yep that’s for me… NEXUS:-)

  • franzie3

    Honestly it’s a combination of all the things mentioned. Give me a quad core motorola nexus with an unlockable bootloader and you would have me sold….don’t get me wrong it would also need a hd screen like the razr. Big battery, lte, and nfc

    •  The Razr doesn’t have an HD screen

  • Will

    Another Nexus, ideally with Moto Radios and Hardware and an unlocked bootloader.  The crappy radios in the GNex are the only open sore on an otherwise wonderful phone.  Never buying another non-Nexus Android again.

    • yeah, coming from the Bionic to the gnex, it made me truly appreciate Motorola radios.  

      • Anonymous

        I did the same thing and couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Steve Down

    Unlockable bootloader + ICS + outgoing voice doesn’t drop after two minutes ramdomly

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Whichever Nexus is available in two years.

  • I’m ready to ditch moto, I’m ready to join you all, please help, I have my bionic and an OG moto droid, I would sell them to help get a nexus, help me DL what should I do?

    • mons

      Sell them…I haven’t used it, but swappa seems like a great website for selling used androids.

    • Anonymous

      Keith, eBay is great for selling them. I always get a decent return that I apply to my new phone, which I generally upgrade every year.

  • I’ll dump the GNex for the first quad core and/or Jellybean/5.0.

  • Eric

    Another HTC Nexus. Still feel the Nexus One was the best Nexus so far.

    • Anonymous

      HTC does some good hardware. The only drawback is the battery

  • First, my contract to expire – I don’t pay retail for my phones (yeah, yeah, I know. It ends up being cheaper to pay full retail, but I find the pill a bit easier to swallow,over time, on contract). Second, a new version of Android that will not run on my Nexus, and Third: A quality phone with better hardware specs (but not physically larger) than my Nexus running a vanilla version of the latest and greatest version Android. 

  • It would have to be another nexus with better hardware.  I am not unhappy with the current hardware as a nexus is supposed to be a reference phone, not a super phone.  It would take a significant upgrade to get my GNex away from me right now because with with AOKP un-blacked in fullscreen, my phone is pure sex.

  • Overit

    The only thing it would take is for me to not have to pay any more money. This phone has been nothing but a pain in the ass.

  • Sammyrocker5150

    It will be VERY hard to ditch the Nexus.  It is the culmination of alot of things in Android.  It would take a quad core or better processor, a significant leap in GPU and Ram as well as some sort of significant UI change that needs a new phone.  Also, as this is my first non Motorola Android phone, it would be tempting for a unlockable Moto.  

    As of now, Galaxy Nexus answers all the consumer needs for a forseeable future.

  • Q

    Another Nexus… I had a Bionic and Thunderbolt before.  I never understood what the big deal was with vanilla Android.  Now I understand and I would only replace the Nexus with another Nexus.  Sense is garbage.  Blur isnt bad, but it’s no longer needed.  ICS is the truth.

    • Anonymous

      MIUI is a lot better than stock Android in a lot of ways. Don’t discount all skins.

      • Richard Hall

        I personally can’t stand MIUI, it’s a lot worse than stock Android in pretty much every way IMO.

      • Anonymous

        Not if you don’t like iOS.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t like iOS and I like MIUI. It feels like android to me.

          • Anonymous

            My wife’s cousin installed MIUI on his Evo.  Why?  He said it reminds him of iPhone.  The menu and font reek of iOS.  Hell, there isn’t even an app drawer.

            It’s iOS with widgets.

          • Anonymous

            And just like all android phones you can install a different launcher if you don’t like the stock MIUI launcher. The rest is all android or unique MIUI.

  • Ryanekiley

    Myself? I would need an end to this two year contract 😛

  • Just how iPhone users stick to iPhone and such I’m only sticking to Google Nexus devices for a long time, i don’t care what other manufactures released it can be floating cellphone with hoover craft technology if its not a google nexus  hoover craft I’m not buying it. 

  • Anonymous

    A Quad Core, 2GB Ram, 2 GHz Processor, faster video processor, 4.5 – 5″ Super AMOLED + Screen, 32GB internal + MicroSD card. 12MP rear camera, 2MP FFC, unlocked bootloader, 3,000 mAH removable battery, rear solar panel battery cover/charger, 4G, Gorilla Glass or better. 

    I can dream , can’t I 🙂

    • Im4degreesaboveu

      nice, that would be a great phone

  • fartbubbler

    Quad core Moto Nexus, unskinned with unlocked boot loader.

  • Skoone

    I’m curious about the upcoming intel based phones. If they are unlocked and made available as developer units that will allow stock ROMs, I would jump ship. Otherwise, I must stick with a stock Android device. No more fighting manufacturers over lock bootloaders, no more blur, no more nothing. Just pure, stock Google experience for me.

    • Anonymous

      Android works with Intel just the same as ARM. The interface doesn’t change.

  • Anonymous

    A pure vanilla ics galaxy note

  • Jhickman78

    I would drop the nexus for the galaxy note on verizon!

  • Anonymous

    I love this phone but fully anticipate it annoying the hell out of me at the end of my contract in 2 years just like any other phone. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything that would get me to drop the GNex prior to my contract being up.

  • Quad Core phone with GOOD battery life.  No physical buttons and a 4.3 inch screen.  I got use to the size of the GNex but would prefer smaller.

  • Rdm1776

    A Samsung Note/Journal, etc. These are the two best phones.

    • Willing to give up stock for that massive screen eh? Brave soul. 😛

  • Tim Swann

    Any stock android phone would be great! OEM customization is the reason delays in software updates.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, just another Nexus phone. The hardware is great for me and I rarely play games on a phone so I’m all about unlocked, rooted, and supported by Google. I love having the latest firmware/software from the moment of release from Google instead of being someone like a RAZR user that has to rely on a dev to get it to them months later. At least with the Nexus devs, they have an AOSP version out in a few days.

  • Richard Hall

    I voted only another Nexus simply for the fact that it is 100% unlockable and all the Nexus phones have enjoyed massive Dev and community support. A phone may be able to get me to ditch the Nexus if it had an unlockable bootloader, ICS and quad-core at release and there was evidence that the Dev support would be strong. If it didn’t satisfy all of those points I would pass on it and stick to Nexus devices.

  • Justin

    I would ditch my Nexus for a brand new Pre 3.

  • Michael Forte

    How about another Nexus, built by Moto, quad core, 4.65″ or 4.7″ HD Super AMOLED+ screen, 2 GB of RAM, NFC, and 3300 mAh or bigger battery and still thin. That, right there would be my dream device. Assuming it’s a Nexus, it would be unlocked.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • Anonymous

      bigger (but still removable) battery, and expandable storage (my $.02)

    • John

      Are you high? ‘Moto’ & ‘unlocked’ should never be used together. It’s too late…they f’d up in my opinion

      • Michael Forte

        It wouldn’t be a Nexus if it were locked down, hence why I said it would be a Nexus device.

        • John

          Ya, I’m aware. I’m just passively bashing Motorola. 

      • David Hussey

        They’re not far from being acquired by Google, and I think we can expect a change of tune on the bootloader unlocking once that has had a chance to sink in.

        • John

          I wish it were true, but if I remember correctly, Google said they won’t interfere with how Moto is currently being run. It was strictly for patent reasons. But who knows…maybe they’ll surprise us & do what you said

          • Anonymous

            Thats cute, what you did with your avatar. You added eyes. Has anyone told you how clever you ard yet?

          •  What’s an ard?

          • Anonymous

            An ard is a small mouse like herbivore that resembles your face.

          • John

            Relax lil Timmy..this isn’t YouTube

          • Anonymous

            Considering that Moto has had profitability problems for the past several years running, Google might want to “interfere with” them.

      • B Diggs82

        Why do people feel bitter resentment towards companies as if they were betrayed. Like Moto is an ex girlfriend who cheated on you with your dad and your not willing to give them another shot. If they made a nexus device it would be the hottest phone out. And be honest you’d want it if only to have latest version of android.

        • Wmsco51

          Because just after receiving the og they closed bootloader and then bloatware the og brought hundreds to the open android experience and than then told us to like it or lump it they were going to do it anyway customers didn’t matter. You see you could have roms out the wazoo just a flash away customize your phone your way and remove crapware from carriers speed your phone up etc and make the phone your own but then Betrayal!

          • B Diggs82

            I believe it has more to do with Verizon then Moto, I can only imagine how many bricked phones were returned to Verizon, considering the DROID x was locked up. I’m just talking to those who say I will never buy another Moto phone again, as if they were personally invested in Moto and just the sight of one makes them physically ill like a slut ex girlfriend

          • Azndan4

            We don’t like Motorola because they have repeatedly lied to customers about providing a bootloader unlock solution. Instead of meeting their deadlines for a solution, they just make more and more excuses. They just don’t care about their customers interests.

          • Mptrh336

            I personally think that Moto IS looking after their customers interests by locking down boot loaders. Just because I can and do unlock and ROM my device doesn’t mean that everyone should be able to. And you know that there is a whole slew of people that would brick their phone and just return it instead of making a viable attempt to repair their mistake. All of which cost the manufacturers
            the carrier and the consumers more money. If I were the decision maker in that organization I would do exactly as they are.

          • J Dub

             Except that HTC has done just that. An online portal that allows you to unlock your device with the possibility that you won’t have warranty service. You can re-lock it, but it shows up as re-locked and not locked so they know. Motorola could do the same thing. A site that allows you to unlock your device. This would mean they can rebuke the warranty WHICH means that all that jargon about costing the OEM, carrier, and consumer more money is for nothing.

            It’s the fact that Moto on more than one occasion said that the unlock was coming and yet nothing. Why would I want another device from a company like that? Look at Asus and HTC. They are really pushing updates and trying to support as many devices as they can.

            The Rhyme, Thunderbolt, and Inc 2 receiving an ICS update show this commitment.

          • Jeremy Jones

            fwiw The DroidX is about 99% unbrickable as with most Moto devices that have either a fastboot file or an SBF file released for them. People that returned their supposed bricked phone after rooting and modding did so because they weren’t educated enough before tinkering with their phone. Never the less it is still an issue. So i kind of agree to what your saying. I won’t say i would never buy another Moto because imo they make probably the best hardware out there internally, (minus the crap screens they use) but i will be highly judgmental before buying another Moto. 

          • Josh Groff

            If you flashed back to FroYo after the OTA to GB, the Atrix would be hard bricked. Only a dev cable and thorough knowledge of android would fix that. That being said, one has to be a complete moron to hard brick an HTC or Nexus device.

          • Noyfb

            If you have an unlocked bootloader, then you are able to uninstall bloatware, that’s why it is locked. 

          • B Diggs82

            I just don’t understand where the hatred comes from, if a company doesn’t make a product you want, then go with one that does. I didn’t hate Nintendo cause the n64 wasn’t as good as the PlayStation. I wanted golden eye and only had money for one system. I didn’t go online and bash Nintendo afterwards

        • DroidRT

          I must say this is so true. I swore I’d never buy another samsung product after the debacle that was the fascinate. I was a little skeptical when samsung got a droid branded products in the charge. Heard a lot of good things about the galaxy s 2. Made the plunge with the Galaxy Nexus because it was everything that I was looking for in a phone. And I must say, I never look back.

        • Anonymous

          Droid 2 (not one of their shining moments). I went through four of them in a calendar year. Then VZW gave me a DX and it was such a laggy phone that I took myself down to one homescreen in the desperate hopes that it would utilize resources better. It could take the camera up to 15 seconds to load, then another five seconds to actually take a picture. That, for all intents and purposes, is worthless.

          I don’t hate Motorola on some sort of a personal level, but I’d be extremely hesitant to purchase a Motorola Nexus day one. I’d need other people to have it, and then talk about the build quality and the battery life and I’d have to be assured that I wasn’t going to get fucked sideways.

          • I wouldn’t buy any phone at all without prior research. I’m not sure why does it have anything to do with the manufacturer.

          • Anonymous

            There’s doing an appropriate amount of prior research, and then there’s the fact that I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable buying another Motorola device until it had been out for at least a month or so.

            I would have bought the GNex day one if I could. I think a lot of that was my desire to run away screaming from Motorola, though.

          • Raven

            Sorry about your luck.  I still use and love my stock rooted Droid 2 Global.  I have never had an problems with it.

        • Anonymous


      • angermeans

        My Xoom would beg to differ my friend. fastboot oem unlock all day 🙂

    • Jaux

      Honestly I prefer Samsungs build quality to motorolas.

      Plastic > whatever motor uses

      • Anonymous

        I’m so glad someone brought some humor to this thread.  My Galaxy is like a cheap toy. 

        As bs as their bootloader stance is, its the best thing for other vendors that they haven’t done it because their hardware dominates.  

      • Anonymous

        I’m so glad someone brought some humor to this thread.  My Galaxy is like a cheap toy. 

        As bs as their bootloader stance is, its the best thing for other vendors that they haven’t done it because their hardware dominates.  

      • Angelrod111

        Have you ever owned a moto phone!?  Ive dropped my DX hundreds of times on cement and maybe a small scratch.  I dropped my nexus last night 4 feet off the pavment and the corner of the glass chipped because of the cheap plastic bezel broke off.

        • tjmonkey15

          Agree.  Definitely prefer the build quality of my Droid X to my Nexus.

          • Anonymous

            The weight as well? Heavier they are the harder they fall.

          • SA

            I actually prefer the build quality on my Nexus to my DX. Both are solid, but while the Nexus is a lot lighter with the plastic, so far I’ve found it actually holds up very, very well. It’s a tough little package.

        • Anonymous

          Dropped mine twice and got it stuck in a recliner.. It’s fine. No scratches. You want cheap? Check out my Thunderbolt.

        • ToeJam

           I dropped my OG Droid on the ground and the Earth said, “Ouch!”

      • Anonymous

        whattttttttttttt, Samsung build quality better? You must do more drugs that whitney houston. so plastic is better than steel? Plastic back better than kevlar? Glass better than Gorilla glass? If I was your employer I’d have you drug tested. I hope your not driving in this condition. I apologize in advance if you have a mental handicap, but it definitely seems more like a drug induced stupor.

        • Anonymous

          Whitney Houston did drugs?

        • It definitely looks like you cannot understand sarcasm and irony.

          Which means you’re missing out on so much.

      •  same here. Moto has the ugliest phones right now. i hate how everyone just hate samsung for no reason. Samsung’s design is up there.

        • Anonymous

          WHAT?! Samsung has certainly played the market correctly but besides taking a little bit of Apple’s colorful UI flair they have done nothing NOTHING to set their phones apart design wise.

        • Well, I wouldn’t call them ugliest, but I really love the design of my DROID2 GLOBAL and I hoped the DROID4 would have the same rectangular shape.

          • Raven

             I agree, I think my Droid 2 Global is one of the best designed phones ever made.  It just needs to be updated with dual or quad cores and LTE and then it would be truly awesome.

    • Add no less than 32gb, preferably 64gb hd (and expandable microSD slot – if the Transformer Prime can do it, so can a smart phone).

    • Shlomo Fisher

      And I would add to your list with a camera that is at least as good as a mediocre point and shoot.

    • This would be my choice of device for sure, also on screen buttons would be on my list

      Also if Moto makes the next nexus even more people are going to be all about how Google buying Moto is going to make android closed source and alienate everyone else. So Sadly I don’t think Moto will be the next nexus maker.

      Proof too many people say this already

    • I would like gorilla glass too!

      • Chris

        This would be nice… my gnex got a huge scratch after owning it for less than one month :/

    • Tatsuo

      what he said, except I would take a 5.3″ instead.  And it has to appear in a commercial with chuck norris

    • *that awkward moment when I kneel down on the floor and pray that someone high up in the Motrola food chain actually reads Michael’s comment*

    • Balls

      how about you just shrink my desktop into a phone? will you be content then?

    •  i doubt samsung would give moto their SAMOLED+ and why does everyone LOVE moto so much? i haven’t seen anything that looks great from them ever. and i’m sure quad core phones won’t be optimized for the OS for another year~1.5years. you’re just blindly listing a bunch of specs and keywords. and again, Moto is not the answer to everything. look what they have been pumping out. razr? maxx? droid4? awful displays and huge bezel. yuck.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget the Droid 3, bionic, Droid x2… all laughable phones. Hell the droid4 is 90% the same as the Droid 3.

    • Lavi

      Correction: 4.3″ should be enough (at least for me – my current phone is a GN)
      i.e. something like this: http://androidandme.com/2012/02/devices/is-this-the-motorola-atrix-3-with-quad-core-tegra-3/

    • Anonymous

      Killed it. With the leak of the Atrix 3 specs I would love that (quad core, 2GB RAM, 10MP camera, 3000Mah battery) with stock Android and unlockable bootloader. Motorola’s build quality is killer and the MAXX’s battery is so nice I’m still tempted by it even knowing it’s many faults.

  • thatguyoverthere

    galaxy note.

  • A Nexus with a smaller screen. I still really like the Nexus S form factor. 

    • Nexus S size is really nice. Every time I pull that phone out I get giddy.

      • Anonymous

        Call me crazy by I love the size of the GNex, huge screen but disappears in the pocket, and has great proportions. 

        • Andrew

          I love proportions

        • EC8CH

          Your Crazy and your right GNex is a great size, big screen but I hardly notice it in my pocket.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. I had a Droid charge after I broke my incredible. The charge, though not too much bigger seems huge in both pocket and hand compared to the gnex!

        • Anonymous

          Agreed, it rides a lot smaller in your pocket than it feels in your hands. And the screen size is perfect for me.

  • a 4.3 WP7 (aka a nokia 900) on Verizon

    • Anonymous

      you forgot the “/s” at the end of your statement


    Stock Android + Tegra 3.

    • I’m with you on that. Tons of power, better battery and stock ICS? Mmmhmm.

    • You stole my thunder.  This would be the only thing that would get me off my Gnex, aside from a newer Nexus (which by that time should definitely be quad-core).