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What’s Going on with 32GB Galaxy Nexus Devices?


According to both Negri Electronics and Expansys, the 32GB GSM Galaxy Nexus has been discontinued by Samsung and will never be made available. For anyone not on Verizon and that wants this device but was holding out for more storage, this is awful news. The currently unlocked (non-carrier) GSM Nexus only comes with 16GB of storage, which was reason enough for many of you to pass on it. Samsung would not comment as to why they discontinued the  32GB model, but according to Negri, the Nexus has been their most popular device to date. It certainly doesn’t seem like demand is an issue.

We bring this up because we received word from one of our sources that there will be a white Galaxy Nexus headed to Verizon in the near future, only it will have 16GB of storage rather than 32GB. They also shared with us that a 16GB dark (same color currently available) version will be made available around the same time. Is there something wrong with the way this device handles that much storage? Seems odd and has never been an issue on any other phone in the past. Then again, there was a ton of worrying by Sprint customers as they waited for official word on whether or not their version of the device would have 32GB or 16GB of storage. It was reportedly confirmed to have 32GB by Sprint.

And I probably don’t need to remind you of this, but there was some flip-flopping of the storage capacity before this device was released onto Verizon. It’s an odd situation. With no option to expand the storage since the device lacks a microSD card slot, something doesn’t feel right. Let’s hope this has all been one big misunderstanding.

  • I’m confused… I have a 32gb GNex right next to me. Is it a software glitch saying there is more memory than really available?

  • Ahh samsung thank you for flopping on your flagship phone, 
    making people flock back to motorola phones.BIONIC FTW !!!   The last of the models to still let you still swap battery and memory cards.

  • Wonder if it really has to do with all these patient law suits.. Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple had a patient on 32GB storage

  • I simply don’t understand why anyone needs 32GB of storage.  I will never use that much on my Nexus.  Music can be stored in the cloud, pics don’t take up that much space, and if you fill up 32 gigs with apps, you are a bit crazy.  You can certainly fill up the space with HD movie files, but you would need a HUGE SD card to hold very many of those anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you don’t need it but there are plenty of others that do or at least want to have it.  Keep in mind some people don’t like using a cloud service for various reasons, google music uses a ton of battery because its constantly syncing, so I don’t use it.  I also use my phone as a portable hard drive to store files on that may have nothing to do with being used on a phone.  I think the biggest thing people are upset about is losing something.  They already released a 32GB model, doesn’t make sense to move backwards.  I for one would not have bought a 16GB non expandable device.  It may be enough now but my needs may change in the future, I like knowing I have the room if i need it, even if I never use it.

  • OMG 16GB instead of 32GB We’re all going to die!

    Why are people getting up in a fuss about this, I would hope we’d get 32 as well, but 16GB isn’t going to be the end of the world. I have my Bionic more than half full only because of how SafeStrap works.. otherwise, there’d be way less than 16GB of storage on my phone full at all times.

  • Anonymous

    i definitely would not buy a 16gb non expandable device. people are using more data every year.  i keep looking for their angle on this and cant understand it. really stupid move

  • I think they were sued by Apple, who has patented the technology of offering 16GB or 32GB models of the same device.

  • Anonymous

    Does USB OTG work on the Galaxy Nexus?

  • There is something terribly wrong with the 32GB version’s. I have had 2 GNEXs and they both have the same problem, which points to hardware. If I am downloading something using tTorrent and it goes above about 250kb/s (sometimes less), the entire phone basically freezes and I get a dubsteppy screeching sound at FULL volume even if the music I am listening to is not at full volume.

    There is something wrong with the transferring of files/data to/from the internal SD Card.

    • PC_Tool

      I would hazard to guess it’s tTorrent and ICS…not the memory.  I’ve seen *zero* reports of memory issues on this device.

      Well, one report now….but it’ll have to get a bit higher than that to convince anyone there’s a hardware problem.

    • Anonymous

      I routinely download large files without any issues.  Can’t say I’ve heard anyone else with your issue either.

  • EdubE24

    And since Samsung want’s to be the new Apple so bad, why don’t they offer the phone with different storage sizes? If you’re not going to have an SD card slot at least give us these options.

  •  im sure more ppl have been doing the same lately! nexus is an epic fail so far, regardless of sales.

  • Jbjork70stpl

    Its because the GNex sucks a$$.  Crappy, buggy cheaply made phone.  ICS blows too.

  • thank god i took mine back and got a rezound!

    • Jbjork70stpl

      I did the same thing.  Love my Rezound!

    • Tcinfantino

      I have to admit that I got the Rezound before the G-nex came out.  But I did go in to compare them side by side on the day the G-Nex was available, because I was still within the extended holiday return period.  After spending an hour using both phones doing the same things with the same apps, I felt that I already owned the best phone.  I will not bash the G-Nex, but I will say that I am very happy with my Rezound, and each new news article here concerning either the Rezound or the G-Nex seems to confirm that I made the correct choice.  Love that my phone will be getting Playstation certified soon.

      • Anonymous

        I went back and forth between the RAZR and the Rezound, but ended up going RAZR for the sAMOLED screen. I’m very happy with my decision, but I think that the Rezound will be the sleeper phone of the Android elite, kind of like the DInc was.

    • Gnex = Plastic knife that comes with mcdonalds salad.
      Rezound = Knife Rambo uses.


  • Scea0512

    The GNEX is overated garbage , worst phone I have ever owned !!!! My replacment Droid Razr Maxx comes tomorrow , cant wait to get rid of this phone !!!!!

  • Sporttster

    These companies just aren’t getting it.

  • rocketdaddy

    Streaming is great but shooting video or listening to music when off grid out here in the wild west can bite when there’s no removable memory option. Saying it’s OK for Sammy/Google to remove that option makes me start feeling like a iSheeple defending puny screen size or lack of widgets.

  • Jim McClain

    just love how the mic cuts off when you are on a call    

    • Jbjork70stpl

      This happened to me all the time.  That was the biggest reason I returned it.

  • KpAtch3s

    I bet this has to do with rare earth materials used these devices since china has control in the market

  • Jim McClain

    I cant understand how a company can release a phone thats not been tested, and when you know the same phone had these problems in europe, why release the same phone here,have no respect for samsung at all

  • Anonymous

    Makes no sense. Fail on Samsung’s part if this is true.

  • Jim McClain

    thinkin this will be the first and last samsung phone i ever buy

  • blackie2socks

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Bionicman

    one word, GalaxySIII

  • Anonymous

    because 32gb storage is more expensive and people will buy it anyway with 16gb.  Bam….more money in Samys pocket.  The initial rollout was clearly for techies and people who pay attention to such things.  Now the masses are buying it and they don’t pay attention.

    Dollars and cents….period.

    • snowblind64

      Not if they drop the price. Memory upgrades are the carrier/manufacturers bread and butter. For example, Apple charges $100 to add 16GB which probably costs them $2 if that.

      • Anonymous


  • Jim McClain

    well its easy to see that this phone was just thrown together, I mean how do you release a phone and no one had ever checked out the speaker? that should have been one the first things checked, and the camera, come on 5 mega and the original droids 5 mega is better, radios suck, if I could trade this for a razor maxx,I would do it in a heartbeat

    • Dlc1265

      Count me in too! My coworker has a Maxx, would trade in a second!

    • You can. Sell it on Craigslist for $500 and buy a Razr for $400.

  • tlspatt

    yeah Kellen, I don’t know about the whole “not having a problem with the 32s storage” comment.  mine often is very slow to read and transfer with my PC, sometimes the PC can’t even access all the files and folders on the GN–they just don’t show up at all, and even CWM recovery can’t read certain folders on the card.  I’ve been wondering if the whole “virtual partition” or whatever they’re calling it wasn’t working quite right, cause I’ve never had an issue like this with any of my other phones’ cards in the past.  there’s something not quite right about it.  I don’t know if that’s the problem for sure, but it sure seems like it could be… 

    • Anonymous

      Slowness is because of MTP. It’s one of the downsides of MTP over MSC. There are, however, upsides to MTP and I fully understand why they did it.

  • Mule0331

    I would agree with the posters in here about it being a way over hyped phone. I have a Razr, and wife has a GNex. Sitting side by side, mine has full signal strength, hers has barely 2 bars. Her notifications are so quiet we can barely hear them. The only thing I was thinking was going to be bad from what I’ve been reading was the camera, but I was actually pleasantly surprised how nice the pix are on the Nex. Yes ICS has a lot of very nice features, an I cannot wait to get it on my Razr, but the hardware its self on the Nex is garbage. HTC or MOTO should have built this phone.

    • Mattnphuron

      That’s funny because my wife has the razr and has admitted to me she wishes she would of got the gnex now. when she has full bars and I have two I still get on the internet faster than her. She hates her razr with a passion

    • Tim242

      Ugggh. Let’s beat a dead horse. The sign is not better on the Razr. It shows more bars because they are inflated. If you go into settings, they both will have the same dBm. I had both phones at the same time and compared extensively.

      • Chuck

         I’ve compared them side by side and noticed about 10-15% difference in dBm (Springfield, IL).  And in a lot of cases the Maxx had 4G signal while gnex was 3G.

    • snowblind64

      You really don’t know what you’re saying. The bars are measured differently on the Nexus as compared to the RAZR. Your RAZR is reporting CDMA while the G-Nex is reporting LTE strength. This has been adjusted in the leaked 4.0.4 OTA update. With 4.0.4 the G-Nex pulls a very good signal even in areas where I previously had spotty service. Camera focuses 1000x better now and the browser (which I don’t use since Chrome beta came out) is much smoother. Notifications may be a bit louder as well.

      The hardware isn’t bad, the software just needed a bit more work. 

    • angermeans

      I have both the phones as well and I would say that the screen on the razr is garbage. Tomatoes tomotos? The bars do not represent the actual signal strength. Not to mention the locked boot loader and having to deal with blur is the kicker here. Like I said you say tomatoes I say tomotos

  • Who cares.  I got my 32 gigs.  And if I need more, the box.net hack gets me 50 gigs online.  I’m all set!

    • Dmbfan0099

      Forgive me for asking this stupid question but how to you do the box.net hack you are talking about?

      • Download and install this .apk. http://bit.ly/zwkkD9. Follow the steps in the app.

  • Anonymous

    yeah and the second im forced into tiered from my unlimited on VZW i will hate life and probably just be killed in overages… haha

  • Im just waiting for someone who has a problem with their 32gb version in a few weeks or months and needs to get a replacement and are quietly sent a 16gb version for their troubles. All hell will break losse.

    • Anonymous

      i have verizon insurance… yes i know its a joke to buy it but i just HAVE to be careful, and i know verizon is in love with just sending the customer what they would call an “upgrade” when you get it replaced… if i were to get either a 16gig one or a dif phone i would be livid… i payed money for the 32 i better get what i payed for

  • EC8CH

    whatever… just make me a damn dock that uses the three pins already.

    • rocketdaddy


    • Cam

      Agreed. Almost starting to feel like bait and switch.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Oh, I didn’t buy because of the lack of memory, I didn’t buy becuase it was an OVER HYPED PHONE!!!

    • RadicalPie

      Just like every phone. What do you use now?

      • Jordan Webb


        • RadicalPie

          Lol I see what you are trying to do. However then if it is an lg you are lacking more than just memory

  • Lang

    Yayyyyy, mine is worth a whole lot more on eBay now in case I ever get broke enough to have to sell it!

  • Anonymous

    Just like a said when the sprint version was announced it will come in 16gigs as Verizon has the exclusive on the 32gig model not the phone. T-Mobile and at&t will have the 16gig as well. I’m shocked it won’t be coming in a 32 GSM version tho

    • Anonymous

      My theories for the disappearance of the 32Gb versions:

      -Samsung doesn’t want the G-Nex to steal the thunder of the tons of unsold SGSII they still have in the channel.  Same goes for the upcoming SGSIII

      -The SGSIII is delayed and Sammy wants to spin out a few more SII variants and artifically
      put more distance between the G-Nex and the SGSIII.

      -The G-Nex is going to have an artificially short lifespan because the carriers (and Sammy management) detest having any kind of flagship AOSP devices on the market. 

      – With the pending Motorola acquisition, Samsung will be turning over future Nexus releases to Motorola (God, I can only hope!)

      -All carriers are rapidly going to start throttling users who exceed 2GB (ala AT&T) and VZW may soon kill the grandfathered unlimited plans. I predicted here last year this would occur no later than the end of 2012, possibly sooner.  More onboard storage=less opportunities for carriers to nicklel & dime their users.   Samsung is caving in to pressure from the carriers.

      On that note, why is it so hard to get an Android-based smartphone with a lot of storage?  There are none shipping with 32Gb onboard other than the G-Nex and no sign on the horizon of any shipping with 64Gb or 32Gb + a microSD slot.  And microSDXC support seems to be totally stillborn.   I would finally be able to hold my entire music collection and a nice collection of movies with 32GB internal + 64GB in the slot.  And Android games are only getting larger and take an obscenely long time to download the game data (Sega & Gameloft in particular). I’d rather just DL them all once and leave ’em on there  and not have to worry about space.

      • Hans

         the rezound supports microSDXC.  its not stillborn.

      • Anonymous

        RAZR supports SDXC (maybe not officially, but SDXC cards work just fine in the RAZR).

  • Fernando Montenegro

    Why people asking for more space on the smartphones if everything can store on the cloud

    • Anonymous

      Its called data caps

      • and its called poor battery life using 4g all day with a cloud

        • Tcinfantino

          and don’t forget living or working, or traveling through areas with little or no signal.

        • Anonymous

          thank you, people dont seem to get the cloud is a battery killer, before i disabled google music it was by far the most active app because of it constantly syncing, just give me enough memory and there won’t be an issue

    • Anonymous

      Because carriers are forcing us away from cloud storage by implementing bandwidth caps and throttling.  The cloud was dead before it could take off.

    • Anonymous

       You can store data in the cloud but you can’t store apps in the cloud. I stream all my music through google music and my photos through picasa/google +, and I am using 15 Gigs. Almost all of that is apps. And I’m not an app junkie, either, but many good apps are coming in close to 1 GB now.

      • Tim242

        You must be a game junkie. None of my apps come close to a gig.

        • Anonymous

          I picked up 5 or 6 HD games when Google was doing their 10 cent promotion. That’s all it takes.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not a game junkie but I do enjoy playing a few rounds in the evenings or when I’m waiting in a lobby or somewhere.   I’d prefer to keep all of my games installed so I can play them immediately when the opportunity arises.

            Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3, which is a pretty awesome game in all regards, is a real whopper.   Just to illustrate my point, Asphalt 6, MC3, Dungeon Hunter 2, and Brothers in Arms 2 take up a combined 3.5GB on my Bionic.  And I have two more Gameloft games that I haven’t installed yet due to space issues and a few more that haven’t been updated for the Bionic.   All of this data has to reside in the puny 8GB of internal SD card space unless you do some storage flip-flopping.  Also, Shadowgun takes up ~840Mb as well. 

          • Tim242

            I’m picky with what I allow on my phone. Games don’t make the cut. Still hard to believe that any game is that big in size. You might want to choose your games more wisely : )

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the advice… 😉

    • Anonymous

      Can’t store those nandroid back ups in the cloud very well, can you?

  • I wish they would release some sales figures on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Because in china, 16 is better than 32 (I mean the women of course).

  • IAm

    That’s why it should have a micro SD card slot. I got a class 6 Sandisk 64 GB micro SD card a few weeks ago for $85 and it works great on my phone.

    • Anonymous

      Holy COW!!! where did you get that!!!!  

    • Rik

      Totally agree. Why not have an empty SD slot on the Nexus? Also, the cheapest I’ve seen the 64 GB Sandisk so far was $99 at Best Buy and $107 at B&H Photo.

    • Gadgety

      That’s a good deal. I got the $107 deal from B&H (no tax and free shipping). It was sold out in minutes, haha.

      There’s nothing wrong with having an SD slot just in case.

    • Maxkobi

      just to let you know the reason it doesn’t have the SD slot is efficiency reasons. alot having to do with the way android works and having a dedicated place where all storage is and not having to worry about the SD data made it a better overall system. i can easily confirm being a heavy android user that 32 gigs seems almost ridiculous haha. i know there are people that NEED that space but for me, who is efficient about apps and data, i think im using like 2 gigs? and i got it at launch… and this thing is my life… i stream all my music and do everything on it!! the biggest reason i think data is mattering less is google has such a strong cloud (imo) and the google music app is wonders! dont worry TO much about data unless you have a problem like some and just cant delete old apps haha

      • angermeans

        For.me the space I needed on a phone was dramatically decreased the day Google sent me an invite to Google music and I can store my entire 40+ gb music library to the cloud. paired with my unlimited data plan I’m made in the shade and will more than likely ever use up all this space.

        On my Xoom I have the 32gb plus I took out the 32gb card that came in my tbolt (some guy I sold it too didn’t know it was supposed to come with 32) I have 32gb so I have my entire music and iphoto library on it and still have plenty of space. People that complain about no SD card just like to complain about nothing. Plus your right the way Google and Samsung made the memory it is all available (at least as far as I can see) to the system which is much better than the way most OEM s are doing theirs

        • It’s reasons like this that I don’t believe the top 5% of users claim. 2GB a month is the top 5%? Maybe 2 years ago but I’d imagine it’s closer to top 30-50% now and 10-15GB is the new top 5%

          Of course carriers are going backwards with data plans, it’s easy money.

          • Noyfb

            when i got my nexus i used 4 gigs the first day just redownloading all my apps from the market. My first moth i totalled 10 gigs of data and 60% was do to downloading music and apps. the rest was emails sms, and video streaming on hulu and other sites. I’m 2 weeks into 2nd month and i’m already at 4.5 gigs for data now in Feb. I’d be screwed if unlimited capped me because i pay $30 a month for unlimited and probably couldn’t afford a 10-14 gig data plan if they had one.

            Also i have had my nexus for 1.5 months now and have only used 7 gigs in memory.

          • Anonymous

            I’m at 8.74GB with 12 days left on my billing cycle.  There is absolutely no way I could live with 2GB of data, I would probably just say screw it and go back to a dump phone on a small time carrier like cricket.  They would lose my business all together.

      • Eh

         So you’re saying there’s an inherent flaw in Android that Google can’t fix so the resorted to limiting you’re storage options. Nice.

        • Luis

          Plus all this cloud talk is only useful for people with unlimited data like me but not everyone has it. That’s why caching to local storage on WiFi or transferring files through USB/WiFi is useful.

        • Josh Nichols

          So you’re saying that you don’t know how to use your homonyms? Nice.

          • Luis

            Hey GNex user, that’s all you got to say? Making fun of someone’s typos or autocorrect errors? Nice.

      • Tcinfantino

        That is all well and good for those of us who have unlimited data, but what about those who are paying for tiered data plans?  Or when our unlimited data is eventually taken away?  Are we supposed to be happy that our options are limited because we can’t fit all of our music, videos, files and apps on our phones internal storage, just because we now seem to have 3 or 4 different cloud options?  Personally I prefer to have the maximum amount of storage I can get on my phone, and use streaming only if I want something different not because it is the only way to access my files/music.  And of course there is the other issue of being in an area with poor signal quality.  What if you live or work in an area that has very bad signal strength, or you use your phone to listen to music while you drive and there are some places you cannot get signal.  There are quite a few good reasons to want more storage on your phone, and almost no reasons to want less.

      • Anonymous

        google music is terrible, i get all my music on whatever mp3 downloader im using at the time and most of the songs wont upload to google music because they arent properly licensed, also it keeps constantly syncing and killing your battery, check your data usage, bet google music is number one

        • Anonymous

          Because they aren’t properly license? What kind of bullshittery are you speaking? I have about 3000 songs I downloaded and not one of them are licensed. Secondly, it syncs once when it’s told to sync. It doesn’t kill my battery, I’ve done literally 9 days of streaming on my Galaxy Tab, and 2 days on my phone. Read the last clause a second time.

          • Anonymous

            ive tried uploading 50 songs and it accepted 3 of them. im not the only person to have this issue. my verizon rep had the same issue and hes not your average dumb ass employee actually knows alot. i want it to work believe me but those are the issues me and other people have had

          • Anonymous

            Alright, you seem like your being legitimate so I’ll be nice. Google music does skip some songs it doesn’t like (not sure why), but I got it to work by taking out the rejected songs, placing them in another folder and selecting that folder as a music folder.

            As for music itself, I depend on sites that upload music packs with most ID3 tag data removed and replaced with their branding (they’re dancehall/reggae sites) and I also use Dvdvideosoft’s YouTube to MP3 tool. Google Music takes most of my music and whatever it skips, I just do what was aforementioned. As for syncing, that all depends on the phone. My myTouch 4G and Galaxy Tab 10.1 rarely sync (well, it’s never noticeable). They stay up to date on the songs but the syncs are quick and quiet. Battery life is good here on my side.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you get that for $85??? I bought the same in 32GB for about a $100 a few months ago…

      • Chris G

        Umm. Amazon has been selling 32 class 10 for $30 or so for a month.

    • RW-1

      I’m happy with the new layout, and if you know why they did it, so would you. I’ll take the tradeoff in MTP slowness any day, in fact I don’t use it. Wi Fi File explorer works wonders …

      Ever notice now that you don’t have to lose apps while on USB? That all memory is accessable to the system… It was a bad thing when you get told you have so many Gig’s free but you can’t place some apps in it other than hacking it.

      I’ve been quite happy with the gnex so far, it shall serve me well.

      • L1L2

         Doesn’t solve lack of space. If you’re using WiFi to transfer files then you likely don’t need much storage space anyway.

      • Yeah I hate feeling like my phone is crippled everytime I plug it in to USB on my computer. Ringtones on the SD stop working, Swiftkey freaks out because it can’t access data to save corrections. Lots of things just don’t work properly. 

        • Tom

          That’s Google’s fault. They could also give SD card access via MTP like the internal storage which let’s both the PC  (Windows only) and phone access the card.

          • Anonymous

            That’s not Google’s fault, that’s computer 101. It just doesn’t work like that. You can’t mount one volume in two places under Linux. MTP works, but in turn it’s super slow.Same with ADB.

    • Anonymous

      love my Gnex but they definitely failed in this department, its just friggin common sense to have removable storage then the customer can decide what they need

  • Short answer: it’s a non-TouchWiz device that’s selling like hot cakes. Samsung management can’t have consumers getting to like pure Google UI too much or they’ll rail against TouchWiz (which Samsung’s MBA suits probably internally swear up and down is necessary “differentiate” their products. As if good hardware wasn’t sufficient for that. But I digress). Ergo, the GNex is being kneecapped.

    Think of it: the Nexus S shipped without a notification light (huh?). The GNex shipped with subpar camera hardware, and now this. None of those issues have anything to do with suppliers, and even if they did, it’s odd that they’d happen repeatedly with no resolution. Simply put, Samsung does NOT want Nexus devices to succeed.

    • Correction: they don’t want Nexus devices to outshine their skinned and bloated devices. They make less money selling a device with no carrier / third party software contracts.

      • “They make less money selling a device with no carrier / third party software contracts.”
        – Considering that the device is available on contract from VZW (and presently from Sprint also), and that the VZW device ships with VZW’s Backup Assistant, that reasoning doesn’t hold water.

        • Anonymous

          VZW Backup Assistant is a long shot from the garbage that comes on most carrier phones. That reasoning holds plenty of water because there’s not near the pre-loaded software on the Nexus as there is on a variety of other phones. And the phone is definitely not presently available on contract from Sprint.

          • 95% percent of vzw customers probably use backup assistant and 1% uses the crap they put on your DROOOOOOIIIIDDDDDD

          • snowblind64

            Not me. Disabled both VZW apps first thing. Why would I use backup assistant when Google restores all my apps and contacts without a proprietary carrier specific app.

          • “And the phone is definitely not presently available on contract from Sprint.”
            – In the English language, the primary meaning of “presently” is “soon”: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/presently . Combine that point with Google’s Nexus landing page allowing registration for the upcoming Sprint model http://www.google.com/nexus/ and you see what I mean.

            You’re welcome.

          • Anonymous

            Weird. I’ve never heard presently used that way. I guess you’re right then.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve never seen presently used that way either. I always took it to mean in the present.

          • Anonymous

            You’ll use it presently.

          • snowblind64

            You’re both right. Words can have multiple definitions.

        • Backup Assistant is nothing more than a security blankey for them. A lot of people switched to the Nexus as first time smartphone owners, or other phones. A lot of which don’t have Android phones or their contacts synced through a Google account. This allows them to just use the backup from their dumbphone, or other non-Android smartphone over the network, without having to use a stupid machine and usb cables. 

      • You know outside the united states…. their phones have no bloat, right?

    • Anonymous

      The original Galaxy S and Galaxy S II (except for Sprint) don’t have notification lights so by your logic Samsung doesn’t want them to sell either. People are not going to “rail” against TouchWiz because the majority of consumers don’t know the difference nor do they care. Those who would be against it already have and will buy a stock Android device anyway. 
       If Samsung didn’t want to sell these devices they wouldn’t make them, they’re not being forced against their will.

      • I actually really and truly hope you’re right and I’m wrong. I just don’t see why Samsung would dent the phone’s already subpar hardware situation even further by reducing the onboard storage. The phone’s built rather inexpensively, so cost can’t be an issue.

        As consumers who bought the 32 GB model and would rightfully expect an equivalent warranty replacement if it became necessary, I think we’re owned a proper explanation.

        • Anonymous

          They probably have a stockpile of 32GB ones they’d send out as replacement devices but I don’t see why they’d reduce it either. I just don’t think it’s because they don’t want it to sell.

  • Tony Romano

    One Day My Nexus rebooted, and everything in storage was erased. Maybe there is an issue with storage?

    • E A butler

      My Nexus (16gb GSM) works fine.  I haven’t had any issues.  I don’t think the notification problem is a hardware one.  I just changed my notifications and ringtones to all custom sounds and they are now much louder and clearer.  I can hear my phone ringing from 30ft away now, and my alarm and text messages sounds are really loud.  Problem solved!!  I love this phone … best Droid phone I have ever owned!!!  I am a little bummed out about not being able to get 32gb version though.

  • No apps on the market will download. WTF BRAH. All say incompatible. AOKP M3.

  • Aoholmes95

    Because its a piece of garbage not worthy of the nexus name. Period

    • Jason Purp

       The Nexus S was no better than it’s peers when it first came out, just like the Galaxy Nexus. Do you think that phone was worthy of it?

    • Binglut9

      Go.get your razor or razor mass or is it the droidb4? Anyway have fun waiting 8 months for an update peace and love

      • Aoholmes95

        That would be rezound. You know the other hd thingy that actually works as advertised – a phone!

        • Hmm last time I used a Nexus.. it worked like a phone. Called, texted and everything. :-/

      • Tcinfantino

        Or, here’s an option…get a Rezound.  You get the HD screen, excellent build quality, unlockable & rootable, much better camera, better speakers, and both 16gb internal plus included 16gb SD card that you can upgrade.  What’s the G-Nex got over that…ICS and NFC.  Rezound will get ICS either officially or as a Developer built ROM.  NFC would be nice, but until it becomes mainstream I will just have to deal with opening my wallet and taking out my credit card to swipe.

        • Anonymous

          I wanted to like the Rezound, but the old, Incredible styling and the SLCD killed it for me. Still, it’s hard to not like what you get if you’re picking between the Rezound, GNex, and RAZR. It’s a good time to be on Verizon with Android.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry you feel that way – I’m quite happy with mine!

      • Anonymous

        as am i. best phone i ever had

    • Anonymous

      Finally someone wiling to admit it

    • i love my nexus, i dont understand what people expect from it? it is a phone with current gen phone specs just like the other nexus’s what makes it garbage? 

      • Aoholmes95

        I had it also. After months of anxiously waiting that’s exactly what it wasn’t, a phone. I get everyone has a different experience and all but I had 3. All of which ended in the same result a major fail! That’s just my opinion on the matter . Yes I’m bitter

      • Anonymous

        most are just jealous

        • Anonymous

          Fun fact: that’s the exact same argument iPhone fanbois make when people dog on their phone.

    • angermeans

      Yeah your right the worlds first super amoled HD screen, 4.65 inch and ics , unlocked vanilla android galaxy nexus is not worth the name /sarcasm

      Your an idiot

      • Jim McClain

        yeah but the phone doesnt work as its supposed to,no quality here at all, it I bought a new car and it had this many flaws id shoot the dealer

        • angermeans

          What kind of issues are you having? Call and get you a replacement. I don’t have any issues with this phone at all and after the many problems with Motorola phones and the thunderbolt this phone has been great for me

        • Anonymous

          mine is flawless.  so are most. its just people with issues make more noise. not too many people post “everything is great, no problems here”

          • I actually do sometimes, but for the most part you are correct.

      • Aoholmes95

        Hide your anger…anger

        • angermeans

          Its hidden 🙂

  • Don’t care about a 32GB GSM version. Do care about a real car dock…

  • Serpico

    Probably asking themselves “Why would we need to?” … its their most successful device at 16GB. 

    • Largemarge133

      32gb galaxy nexus ….my wife just got a 32gb galaxy nexus at Costco with extended battery for 219

  • They probably pulled some data and realized a lot of people aren’t even using half the storage capacity on their 16GB devices.

    What sucks is, like you’ve seen today with The Sims, apps(most notably games) are getting bigger and bigger.

    While people might not need all the storage at this time, it doesn’t make the device very futureproof at all.

    Prediction: In 2 years 1GB for a game will be normal.

    • “They probably pulled some data and realized a lot of people aren’t even using half the storage capacity on their 16GB devices.”
      – I’m already at 12 GB of usage on my 32 GB GNex because I like having instant (read: NOT cloud) access to thousands of high res pics. A 16 GB-only situation would be a serious dealbreaker for me.

      • I think it would be for a lot of people. Glad they released a 32GB version here. If they’re going to knock it down to 16, the least they could do is offer a dropbox deal like HTC did.

        • Anonymous

          I will admit, I think 16GB and no SD card would have kept me from the Nexus, or at least held out on the fence for some time and I use a lot from the cloud. Make a few ROM backups and see how fast your storage winds down. 

          • Same here. If it had shipped with 16 GB I’d have held onto my Droid 1 for another year.

      • snowblind64

        Holy cow, that’s a lot of porn!

        • Anonymous

          Actually it’s thousands of 1080p+ wallpapers that I rotate through using Wallpaper Changer … calm down.

          • snowblind64

            Pretty chill here, you’ve got to admit you walked into that one with you’re post. Now you’ve got me wondering why anyone would have over 15 years worth of wallpapers (assuming approx. 2MB per file changed once a day) on their phone.

          • Anonymous

            I told you why in the previous comment. My wallpaper changes every 5 minutes so the phone looks totally different every time I pick it up. I like the surprise (I also have a woefully short attention span)

          • Anonymous

            No, he didn’t walk into it. Photos =! porn.

            OMG, you said you load movies on your device. Screams porn!
            Dude, you said, “I think that’ll be pretty good.” Totally a porn reference!
            Streaming video? Code for watching porn!
            “Use the device in the bathroom?” I think we all know what that means!
            FFC? Interactive porn!

            I think I need to go make a meme.

    • Anonymous

      I would give anything to get a refreshed version of the G-Nex on VZW. Give it 64Gb storage, a 1.5Ghz cpu and the same 8 megapixel camera module found on the GSII. That would definitely be worth $299, whereas the current 32Gb version is a bit lacking at that price.

      • TikTak32

         Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime S. Announcement at MWC for Sprint only.

      • There’s a slight problem here.

        You think it’s worth $299. But does it still worth it for VZW? Remember, they didn’t get RAZR MAXX because they can’t subsidise it.

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