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HTC to Launch Music Streaming Service at Mobile World Congress?

Sources of Gigaom are reporting that HTC may be looking to launch a music streaming service to go hand in hand with their newly acquired Beats Audio wares. Reports say that the service may launch as early as this month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Along with the possible music service, HTC is also rumored to be showing off their newest tablet and smartphone devices at MWC which could be running this new service.

According to the reports, HTC is still working on price plans and other aspects of the service. What is everyone’s feelings toward the direction the HTC and the Beats deal that happened a few months ago is heading? Still liking the idea?

Via: Gigaom


    So.. will htc makes beats? wish beats renewed their deal with monster but i heard they didn’t… ūüôĀ

  • Tjz

    When you have no other option UNLEASH THE MUSIC STORE IDEA hahaha..

  • Joscross49

    I’m pretty sure about a month ago HTC released a statement saying that they were going to work on phones in 2012… I started with a dinc and now I’m on the t-bolt and I love both so why are they trying to make something that can’t and won’t compete with biggee better services like Google Music… I love HTC but if they keep coming up with crappy ideas like this then they’re gonna tank

  • Anonymous

    HTC, figure out what your core competency is and focus only on that.

  • I like my current HTC phone and all, but I don’t see the point of them doing this. Why? Google and Amazon seem to be handling things just fine.¬†

  • So HTC just had a really bad quarter where their revenues fell and product quality suffered from over saturation and now they want to enter the music streaming business? Nice knowing you HTC.

    • Adam Brandt

      Seriously…I was just thinking when I got the Incredible and HTC was known as this super hot trendy phone company. ¬†But people actually knew of the HTC brand (non Android fans like us). ¬†Now it is just a BAD joke that keeps getting worse. ¬†Bye HTC

  • This explains why the Beats software will currently only run on music that is on the device. They didn’t want it working for any streaming service other than theirs.

  • DJyoSNOW

    First thing I thought of was more bloat….ug

  • Anonymous

    There must be a lot of money to be gained from these music services. ¬†I thought the music industry was dying? ¬†I can see how Amazon and Google can get the music industry on their sides but how’s a company like HTC going to get in to bed with these music co’s?

  • jimbob

    Never challenge the Google empire.

  • LionStone

    Yea can we get some more whiners in here please….wow.

  • EC8CH

    Jesus HTC…. anything but building better phones huh?

    • Bahaha that’s funny. ¬†

    • inoright

    • Zachary Manville

      You just gave me a great idea! Their next phone should be the HTC Jesus. That way we have no excuse to not believe in HTC.

      • OreoMan

        Wouldn’t it be called the HTC Tebow then?

      • EC8CH


  • Streaming services are in direct conflict with tiered data plans. Ugh. We don’t need more of these services. Spotify and Pandora and Rdio and every other service ever made are already good enough to carry people far past their data plan caps… we don’t need more help racking up huge bills with our carriers. Sorry, Jimmy Iovine, Peter Chou, and Dr. Dre – not buying your crap this time.

    • I’d say they’re trying to back the providers into a corner with the data caps but every indication I’ve seen suggests it is only going to get worse. ¬†Reminds me of the old days where Aireal or whatever their name was at the time was kicking butt because they had true “per-second” billing. ¬†Seems like we’re going backwards.

  • Michael Forte

    Hmm let’s see, use Google that lets me upload 20,000 songs for free or use HTC, which probably only works on their phones, and they might charge for it. Easy choice.

    • Yeah it’s sort of a deal breaker if you have use an HTC device. ¬†I’d rather go dig my walkman out of the attic.

  • Anonymous

    At least this is a¬†differentiation¬†that doesn’t require skinning or UI overlay (assuming the GMusic app is just non-default as opposed to removed). ¬†If they can find value-add without complete UI overlay there’s a chance for them. ¬†Sense has to be costing them big bucks to maintain and develop.

  • Chimera

    I’m a fan. This is what OEMs should do to differentiate from one another – add unique features and services that aren’t just crappy skins.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Why would I buy a phone based on an app that I can download an equivalent of from the market separately? (Unless this service is somehow unique, which I doubt). All it does is require me to keep getting HTC phones to keep from having to switch services.

  • Anonymous

    alright dude

  • Butters619

    I like competition and variety, but holy hell are there a lot of music streaming services now.¬† It’s getting a bit ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      ^ THIS.

      Remember when there were a million and one different PC-clone manufacturers? ¬†And how many survived? ¬†HTC’s just diluting/confusing the market further at this point, and they’re too late in the game with this overpriced ‘Beats’ jive.

      • I tried some of the pricey Beats headphones on, and I liked them. ¬†I’d bet if i tried more on I find a pair that was cheaper without the name.

        • Josh Groff

          SkullCandy are pretty good low-mid range headphones. Pretty nice bass as well.

          • Lmrojas

            No just no. Skull Candy sound like sh*t and are overpriced.

          • Josh Groff

            20 bucks for in ear with a microphone? are you on crack?

            Also, they are on eBay’s daily deals all the time. Picked up and $80 pair for 35

          • EC8CH

            klipsh s4 = good value

          • Butters619

            For ear buds nothing beats the Klipsch s4 for sound quality/price ratio

        • Butters619

          If you are looking for over the ear, check out Sennheiser.¬† If you like the heavy bass part of the beats check out Sony xb700….although currently they are sold out everywhere.

  • Andrew


  • ddevito

    yeah that’ll save them