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Video: Utter! Not Just Another Siri For Android


We have put spotlights on a couple apps that try to replicate the usefulness that iPhone users receive with Siri. None of them have really been able to fully grasp the everyday handiness exactly like Siri, but then again, that’s what makes it Siri. Enter a new player called Utter! The app doesn’t just message people and make calendar events, but can control many aspects of your smartphone that we once thought would be not possible.

What if you could ask your phone how much battery it had left? What if you told your device to reboot into the bootloader or even tell it what to have your processor clocked at? Utter! is in an early beta stage and is not available for download yet, but let’s hope we see it make a great debut sometime soon. Watch the full video and see what all the hype on Utter! is.

Via: Reddit, Android Police

  • Anonymous

    I’m psyched to see him using it on an HTC Flyer or View and that he is taking advantage of HTC Sense. I could see myself using this while in the car.

  • Anonymous

    its just too slow (im talking about all voice recognition here not just this one), the processing would have to be done on the device and thats just not possible yet

  • Josh Groff

    Shut up and take my money already… Would love an app that has as much control over my device as I do.

  • Josoria84

    this app is amazing I can’t wait for a offical release.

  • Michael Lewis

    if this works, then I’m going to be getting this for sure. It would be cool to create a program which interfaces with several different programs based on the input you specify. Then you would be able to do way better then siri. the only issue is that you’d need several programs installed…..


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  • Anonymous

    Not too shabby.  I like the integration with different apps, not just the web or built in apps.  Could be useful however all of the SIRI style apps need to come back with responses faster to be useful.  I know this one was purposely slowed down but if it gets popular, I hope it doesn’t have some of the same slowness issues as others.  Lots of promise though.

  • If you really want to wow me,  the app needs to wake up to a voice command.  And while listening for that command you need to not murder my battery.  I would only use voice commands in the car, and I don’t use them now because more often than not the outcome is still not hands free.  So why bother, the only thing this really works flawlessly with now is navigation.  And I don’t need another app for that.

    • Treknologist

       I agree with you there.  These apps, to be truly  useful, need to be hands free and wake to a voice command.  The AI aspect is definitely interesting but it would be far more practical if all you have to do is say a verbal command that activates the program and then you can do whatever you need by just speaking.  Having to pick up the phone and press a key is not the best way, particularly if you’re driving.  I use an app now called Jarvis that is voice activated to dial and answer calls as well as reading and sending text messages.  I find it to be practical while driving but it does not have an sophisticated AI to go beyond those functions (at present). 

  • Scea0512

    Does not work with ICS 

    • Ceber

      its not out yet?

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding! Where can we go to sign up as a beta tester??

    • Anonymous

      You’re an Android user….you’re already a beta tester…

      • Josh Groff

        Ever try some of the advanced features Linux allows you to do? A lot of those features were possible because of widespread betas. On Ubuntu, I can restore a corrupted SD card that windows won’t even show to name one example. I’ve barely breached the surface, but I know there’s many more advanced features than that.

      • TC Infantino

        Yep, and the great thing about being a beta tester is that you get to play with all the new technology.  As opposed to iphones that are still working on year old tech, and 3G connections. 

  • Dan Droid

    I agree that it does have a certain “cool” factor however I do agree about its usefulness, or lack thereof. I would say that if Google wishes to pursue a “Siri killer” they would need to spice up Google    Voice Actions since it’s already built in to most Android devices. First bringing Bluetooth functionality to the app and go from there. 

  • Scott H

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I have no interest in talking “to” my phone, or in having it talk back to me. I don’t even like voice dialing, let alone any other verbal commands.

    • Anonymous

      i agree. i just only use it when im driving and need to navigate to somewhere i dont know so i just say navigate to___.. other than that everything is just a touch away with widgets already on my homescreen like the youtube app or weather.. speech to text i barely use unless its a quick sentence.. so yeah i use it less then 5% of the time..if that.

    • EC8CH

      I don’t always talk to my phone…

      But when I do,

      I wish I didn’t look like such a D-Bag.

  • Anonymous

    I’m always impressed when these guys build something like this, but it’s just not important for daily use.  None of these voice command apps are useful until we start using it for everything in our home, like tv on, monitor on, computer on, channel 1352 ect…
    What we’re using it for now is just novelty, until it makes our life better/easier it’s just not useful. 

  • I’ll wait a while to use Majel for 5 minutes, then never use it again.

  • Anonymous

    Great work.. Was it me or did anyone else have to playback the response at the 9:40 mark.. “Utter what is your opinion of Siri on IOS”? Response: “The bit has very limited vocabulary”
    I thought she said the bitch has very limited vocabulary.. Lol Lol

  • Jeff Simpson

    Lol. He just showed two different ways to get the current weather…..when the current weather was already visible right on the homescreen!

  • Questions

    Doesn’t there have to be a first Siri for Android before there can be “Another Siri For Android”?

  • Anonymous

    In a word.. Impressive. Real world.. I would find little use in it. Others may find it very useful.

  • reyalP

    Apples Lawyers are waiting patiently!

    • Bakerbreaker123

      You mean patently?

      • Mills

        I see what you did there.

    • Josh Groff

      For an idea they bought off of someone else, funny how that works. 😉

  • Michael Forte

    Don’t you mean replicate the “uselessness” of Siri?

    • Droid

      Zing. You showed him. I also love telling people how useful or useless things are that i don’t own. 

      • mons

        None of my friends with 4S’s use Siri with any regularity.

        • Droid

          All of my friends with 4S’s use Siri all the time

          do you see now why anecdotal evidence isn’t very useful?

          • EC8CH

            All of my friends with 4S’s find anecdotal evidence very useful.

          • My friends who use Apple products can’t spell anecdotal without asking Siri first.

          • Irrational Man


          • Josh Groff

            Hyperbole is the absolute worst thing ever created. Funny how that works. 😉

  • umm… 90% of that stuff I can do with voice search.  That’s a good start though, I give him credit.

    • RadicalPie

      Yeah but does voice search call siri a biotch?

  • Anonymous

    Cool but not useful to me at all. I’m not trying to wait 30 seconds to ask my phone what my battery level is. Most of these commands would take less than 10 seconds to do with the simple use of your finger. Good idea but not practical for most situations, imo. 

    • Josh Groff

      Good for driving, not much else, although, enabling it to pick a song on voice command while the screen is off may be useful.

      • Anonymous

        True but I still think Evi is better after it got those updates. 

        • Josh Groff

          Haven’t tried Evi in the past month. I’ll have to give it a go again. Servers are working now?

          • Anonymous

            They should be. I haven’t had a problem since the update and they mentioned adding new servers. It’s pretty good imo better than Siri

  • Useful and iphone do NOT belong in the same sentence.

    • Josh Groff

      They are useful, just not as useful as android. Just wait till they sue us over the notification bar.

  • Anonymous

    I was just watching this, it’s awesome.

  • EC8CH





    • Siri, find closest crack dealers to me.

      All iPhone users ever say, depressed about their stupid phone with 3 poor functions.

      • Josh Groff

        What’s a good place to bury a body?

        SIRI’s pretty amusing to troll or ask stupid questions, but that’s about it.

  • Looks promising. Especially since it shows a real person using it and not a commercial glamorizing it. I’ll be downloading this when its released.

    • Josh Groff

      Real people are overrated. 😉

  • appdaddy

    Hope it’s impressive right off the bat!! It needs to be to separate itself from the jumble already out there.

  • Alex

    Dear Utter- Unlock the razr maxx’s bootloader.

    Sincerly, just about everyone who has the razr maxx.

    • guest

      Utter’s response: You should have gotten the Galaxy Nexus…

  • Anonymous

    I’m “utterly” amazed that you complimented iPhon’t “features.” 😛

  • First


    • Jason Purp

       Nobody even cares

      • Boob

        I care

        • Tom Burke

          Love the name 😉

          • Josh Groff

            It’s utterly terrific. 😉