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Interested in a Custom Laser Etched Galaxy Nexus Back Cover? Check Out This Kickstarter

Update 5/2/12:  Something has apparently gone wrong with this deal and the IndieGogo page for it has been removed. We apologize if you donated or shelled out money for one of these doors and have not received it, but we are not affiliated at all with this project. We’ll reach out to him to see if we can help the situation.

You may have seen a couple of custom Galaxy Nexus battery covers floating around various forums, thanks to our friend @0mie. He created a Indiegogo page to help get everyone their own custom back should they be interested. He is buying the OEM backs in bulk and then allowing you to add custom logos or designs depending on how much you donate to the project. And when we say “OEM” we mean real and official battery covers, not the 3rd party junk that you see all over eBay and Amazon that claim they will fit your phone. Both extended and standard battery covers are available – GSM or LTE Nexus too.

If you are interested, head on over to the Indiegogo page and contribute.

  • RaptorOO7

    Neat concept, but $40 is just way too much.  $20 I would take one.

  • Tom

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  • umm..yeah indie gogo is not kickstarter……..

  • Anonymous

    +1 on simply wanting covers without Verizon branding. 

  • Daniel Rowen

    You can get basically any electronic etched or engraved at any place that does engravings.  I’ve had Zunes or even plastic Blackberry battery doors engraved before, this is nothing special and while cool, does not require a kickstarter, just take your existing door to an engraver.

  • Wanted to but… $45 and “nothing copyrighted” would rather just get a nice looking case http://goo.gl/NKCQp

    Awesome Idea though. Glad they were able to reach their goal and make some money.

  • Anyway to get the Nexus logo on the back? Might be copyrighted.

  • Rich

    That’s pretty cool

  • Anonymous

    Is it still a true nexus if it has droid-life branding?

    • PC_Tool

      You sir, get an internet.

  • Anonymous

    Meh…let me know when they start selling them without the Verizon and Samsung logos.

    • QtDL

      I know right. Too bad the GSM covers don’t fit the LTE phones. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Love this idea! Threw in with everyone else, and already have a design in mind! ^.^

  • Lemme think. UH YES PLEASE

  • The price makes sense but this is more of a luxury for people who “got it like that” which I don’t.  I’ll just put on a sticker =)

  • I’ll buy one if they’ll custom etch “Google” onto the back and take “Verizon 4GLTE” off. kthx.

  • Anonymous

    $45 for extended back??? Pfffffffffffffffffff GTFOOH!

    • Anonymous

      starting a business ain’t cheap!

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, but the priciest piece they need to buy is the lazer… still way overpriced. 

        Do you buy Apple computers, too?  😉

        • Anonymous

          too? you’re implying that you buy apple sh!t and that i do as well. yea…no. small business are the foundation of this country. who am i to judge?

          considering the backplate is 5 bux and the shipping is another 5-10….this is a pretty good deal for phone customization unlike anyone has proposed for the nexus so far.

          • Anonymous

            Too, as in implying that you don’t think this is overpriced, like Apple computers.

            $5 backplate, $5 shipping (no reason AT ALL this should cost more, unless you are expediting), leaving simply the engraving for the rest of the cost… def. not worth it to me; just find a local engraver to do it for a few bucks and save the money for other goodies.

          • Noyfb

            it’s cool and all, but it can’t be seen through my case. But would love an r2d2 sketch on my phone or trooper pirate, crap, i may have to get 2.

  • John

    Not really but cool nonetheless 

  • Wade Wilson

    Do want….

  • Rick

    be nice if it just said Google on back.

  • Steve Cale

    This ISN’T Kickstarter, it is Indiegogo. Kickstarter wouldn’t let him start a page.

  • Now hopefully all you LTE toting Nexusers will be able to etch over that ugly as sin Verizon logo.

    • Anonymous

      The Verizon logo or the 4G LTE logo? I happen to think the VZW logo is meh, but I really like the 4G logo. It’s certainly mountains upon mountains (think like 20 times the Throat of the World) times better than AT&T’s 4G LTE logo. I cannot stress enough how ugly that one is, and how much better Verizon’s is.

      Still, though, I wish it just said Google. Even with the Samsung one on the bottom. At this point, I’ll even take a “with Google” logo like my OG had.

  • fartbubbler

    wish the covers were completely blank, without “Verizon” on it :/

  • Anonymous

    Me = Very Jealous.

  • *sigh* not for Verizon/LTE phones 🙁

    • Steve Cale

      That isn’t true, CDMA is the LTE version. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, this is for both the GSM as well as the CDMA (Verizon LTE) version.

  • Anonymous

    At first I read “Custom laser-etched GLASS” and was like 0_o

  • That’s one way to get an ad. Hmm wonder what would be nice on the back.

  • Anonymous

    awesome idea. im checking them out now.

    • Anonymous

      i love the GOT ROOT idea

      • PC_Tool

        Definitely a Rootzwiki fan, that one.  Very nice, indeed.