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Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for DROID Bionic Now has Working 4G LTE Thanks to Latest OTA Update


Previous versions of a custom ROM built for the DROID Bionic have been unsuccessful due to a problem with 4G LTE data. Thanks to a recent update to the device from Moto, the underground team has been able to put the pieces together to get the Ice Cream Sandwich build up and running for the masses. If you’re savvy with bootstrapping your device and flashing custom ROMs on a Bionic, then this build is right up your alley.

The first thing you will notice is that this is based on pure vanilla ICS and there is no Blur to be seen. 4G LTE data is working perfectly and only the Camera application is non-working so far, but they’re working on that. You will be able to use all your favorite root-required apps and if you want to give this build a try, then go ahead and follow the via link for instructions and downloads. Happy flashing.

Via: DroidModderX

  • Captainflowers91

    Is there any estimation on when the camera application will be useful on this ROM? And (I know this is a stupid question) but is it just the built-in camera application or any camera application you can download from the market? Because if its the former, I can deal 

  • evan_mei

    Where do you grab the rom? link?

  • Josh Wiles

    it will not mount for me

    • Kjol908

      That’s what she said

  • Mike M

    I got the rom installed and yeah camera is not working even though latest release said the nack cam should be. But i am having issues with keeping a data connection. Voice and text work fine, but data keeps dropping. No matter what i do.

  • Fastenup

    can anyone tell me how to get the 4g working

  • Long time reader..first time poster! I am rooted & i have the Lapdock.. which i use a lot as well as my camera at work while on the road.. I was just wondering if the webtop is still working with the ICS Rom..

  • Lwvyruz

    Him. Wonder when they will get the camera working? Also what’s a good keyboard and launcher for ics? Also my Google chrome beta doesn’t show the pages it is just white.

  • Anyone else have the problem where your navigation soft keys stay lit (not active just lit)? They would turn off with the screen for a while, but now they appear to be stuck on.

  • Woot I’ve been waiting a long time for some cooldevs bionic love.  I use my Camera to much to lose it right now but as soon as it’s working I’m hitting it up.

  • QtDL

    And Moto says they are in the “evaluation and planning” stages to bring ICS to the Bionic. Kinda ridiculous seeing as these devs get it up and running fairly quickly. Much thanks to all devs for their hard work. 

  • Jajajay

    I installed this and I like it. But my soft key lights like never turn off. Is that normal for this rom?

  • Tony Allen

    This.. Is.. Awesome! 

    DroidModderX says on his blog that he’s close to getting the ICS camera. This build is so amazingly stable, 3G data seems a little slow. Everything is so buttery fluid though. It blows my mind that Motorola is going to do their damndest to keep these phones locked down now and in the future, Devs like DroidModderX & Hashcode are going to give us what we need/want with or without Moto’s consent. If you’re unsure of this, but you really want to see ICS on your Bionic, give this a shot with safestrap. You won’t regret it, and like someone else said. It says it wipes cache/data/dalvik, but I had to do it again myself after install to get it not to get stuck in the boot animation. 🙂 Probably just a bug with 2nd Init or something.

  • Tom

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  • Am I the only one who appears to be stuck at boot animation?

    Rooted and using Safe Strap. Installed in Safe System. Unsafe System has received the update to 5.902 and is running it. Am I missing a step here? (Safe System was running Liberty ROM).

    • Booted and running but NO cellular data.

      • Figured it out. If you don’t have cellular data, just try this 

        “NOTE: you may have to dial *#*#4636#*#* (or use Phone Info from the market) and toggle data mode between modes. For me toggling to GSM only till the screen flashes and then back to GSM/CDMA auto (prl) works perfect. It will show data for a sec then flash off and about 30 seconds it will pop up to full data.”
        XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=22382952

  • Guest

    Does it take a while to boot up the first time you do it?

    • Make sure after you install that you 

      1) Wipe data factory reset
      2) Wipe Cache Partiton
      3) Wipe Dalvik Cash

      Even though it says it does all that, I could not get it to work until I manually wiped.

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m finally able to mess with my brothers phone! Trying to root it before it was a pain in the a hole so I gave up. 
    Great news for the Bionic community 🙂

  • Guest

    Can anyone give me instructions on how to install this rom on my Bionic? I have root and just want to know how to install it

  • bdavis10

    How long did it take for your phone to boot up? I think I may be stuck in a boot loop….

    • Guest

      I think I may be stuck as well. Did yours ever get out or does it just take a little bit to boot up the first time?

  • been running this since the first day . lovin ics . can you say BEAUTIFUL ??

    i know camera doesn’t work but its there for when it does lol

    • Anonymous

      Very nice man. What wallpaper is that? 

      • Prince

        I am using Photile LWP and used a pic of Melanie iglesias that I got from Google

        • John

          what launcher are you using?

  • As a Nexus owner, I’m glad to see this happening for Bionic users. The wonder that is stock ICS needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

    Also as a Nexus owner, I’m glad to be where I am… those low-res icons look terrible compared to the Galaxy Nexus’s 720p screen. Alas, this is why I chose a Nexus and not a Bionic.

    • Guests

      yeah you don’t sounds like a d bag at all.

      • B Diggs82

        Yes he does! …. oh wait, ok, ok I see what you did there

      • OhAaron

        At first I found myself agreeing with him, then I got to the second half: Yep, total douche.  They each have their positive points. He seems to forget that the Nexus has a battery life of 5 minutes.

    • smashing tale chap. do retell.

  • Zack Thrasher

    Anyone notice the fm transmitter app

  • Flashed on Sunday.  I now love my Bionic again!

  • Alex Barry92

    I still keep getting an error when i try to update to .902 :/

  • Nicholas M Coad

    Really nice to see the Bionic get some ICS loving as Moto will drag its feet for the update and then VZW will drag their feet certifying the damn thing. My Bionic has been rock solid with the recent OTA update and i’m apprehensive of re-rooting and flashing for ICS. I’ve been playing with ICS on my Touchpad and have installed ICS on my gf’s Droid Incredible so i’m aware of what i’m missing and it’s just not worth it for me. I’m more than content waiting for the OTA ICS update from moto.

  • Tom Luley

    When they say the camera isn’t working, does that mean the camera in general? or just the stock app doesn’t work and you could use a 3rd party camera app?

    • Camera in general, neither the Front or Back camera is working. I tried to use hdr with no luck, but the build is as smooth as butter running on the Bionic. Been running it for 4 days, and my ram haven’t dipped below 400 megs yet, and thats with 45 apps installed. Sometimes I get a little over 600 on start up.

      • Anonymous

        thats impressive.. i wonder if ICS handles ram lightly on all phones..

    • The camera in ICS apparently uses a funky driver, it’s been a pain on every ICS ROM that’s not from some sort of leak.  Hashcode has a hack in the works, but its not quite there yet.

      • Yeah, I wonder if it would be possible to use the drivers in some way/shape/form from the GSM RAZR ICS leak on this rom.

  • Bbpra17

    So I’m kind of new at the rooting and rom craze but if I do this will I have a working camera at all? Just wondering because I do use my camera on the Bionic. If I do use this from will I just be without a camera?

    • BradVagt

       No working camera yet.

    • DtldRedr

      …only the Camera application is non-working so far…

    • yes, you will be entirely without a camera

  • Anonymous

    i wonder how much RAM this thing has since it’s blur-less? im ready to flash this once the camera is working.

    • Mike Cheat

       Mine is sitting at 391MB used and 538MB free. Used to hover around 350 to 400MB free on Motos blurbread

  • QtDL

    Pretty cool. Congrats to Bionic owners. This is probably a stupid noob question but why is the camera always the last thing to get working on any of these custom ROMs?

    • Kuboo99

       I have always wondered that too. I am thinking that maybe it is because the camera module and code is buried in blur and its kernel, so a new camera module has to be written for AOSP stuff like this. I could very well be wrong though.

    • Anonymous

      Its a good question now im not putting down the developers in any way this next comment but im curious since im not a dev but why is it so hard to get the camera going? It would be interesting to find out. The only other thing ive i heard mentioned is it has something to do with the graphics drivers and such. I guess also since ICS is such a big leap and the camera with ICS has such powerful features like the panorama mode and the instant flash that it must be hard to adapt that the other camera sensors since the galaxy nexus was built with ICS to be optimized on samsungs sensor and the processor(granted the bionice uses an TI omap processor just not the as advanced one) so im sure theres so much we dont understand and theres the megapixel difference but again i dont know whether that has any affect on it or not

    • http://hash-of-codes.blogspot.com/2012/01/hashcode-vs-ics-ion-driver-camera.html
      Hash has a good explanation that is specific to ICS, but I’d think is fairly universal for most ROMs not built from stock.

      • QtDL

        Thanks. I kinda understood some of that. Basically rewriting lots and lots of code. 🙂

  • Joshua Granville

    Working great since yesterday no data drops.

  • Does ICS improve the Bionics blurry screen?

    • Sk102704

      The Bionic doesn’t have a blurry screen, troll.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, not blurry, just jagged because of the grid lines.  But that doesn’t mean I love my Bionic.  Everything is just so much nicer on ICS so far.

        • Not even that, Unless you’re looking at the damn thing under a microscope, or have it 2 inches from your face, there’s nothing wrong with the screen, not jaggy, not blurry, not anything other than slightly off in color representation.

          • Anonymous

            I have very good vision, so it really bugged me at first, but I’m used to it now.  I still see the lines but don’t care.  But looking at a RAZR makes me sick, all of the colors look gross to me.  The Bionic isn’t the best at yellows, but I like the general tone for blues.

          • B Diggs82

            Makes you sick? Really?

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, as in because I’m going from a screen that does well with cool colors to one that displays warm colors.

          • The Razr screen give’s me a headache.

          • Josh Groff

            My vision is pretty bad, so screen doesn’t matter much for me. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I had the Bionic before the Nexus and the Bionic’s screen is terrible. Jagged lines, grainy colors, faint diagonal lines flickering over certain light colors like the Gmail icon. These can all be seen at a normal viewing distance of about 1-2 feet away.

            The Bionic’s screen does have one saving grace (I guess that white sub-pixel is good for something) and that is brightness and outdoor viewing.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I just have to live with it for another 2 years. But I keep mine at the lowest brightness no matter what.  It’s always bright.  But I just force myself to like it.  Besides, the software and experience of Android itself is good enough, especially coming from an enV Touch.

          • Josh Groff

            You never have to keep the phone for two years, could try swappa. Personally, I’ll keep my Bionic until some quad core Motorola beast comes out.

          • Mrjrome5

            yea then when the next great thing comes out you will say the same thing about the nexus

          • Anonymous

            Not really, the Bionic just had a particularly bad screen. Good for outdoor viewing, brightness, and battery life though.

          • Kanderson0216

            I love my bionic, The only time I notice screen issues is with the anti-glare screen protectors. And I have excellent vision.

          • To be honest, I liked my OG screen better than the Bionic.

          • Major Pita

            Yours was defective.

          • Tehdeag27

            Brix shat.
            I thought you were trolling but you can see them wow didnt notice till you pointed it out. Thanks now thats gonna bug the crap out of me

    • unnamedone

      Joe Gama- Actually the the Bionic now has 720p resolution – it was emulating QHD until this update because Moto thought there would be compatibility problems with a lot of apps running at 720p. 


  • ZOMG, that’s amazing!!!!!

  • EC8CH

    Congrats Bionic Owners…

    Everyone should have the option to run stock ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Cue the pithy Bionic insults. As a Bionic owner, and a happy one at that, I say yippee!!!

    • I’m kinda hoping people have realized that bashing *insert phone here* is not helping the community, and we can all go back to the real point: cracking on Apple, WP7 and RIM 😀

      • Anonymous

        Amen. +1000

      • Josh Groff

        RIM is a joke, it doesn’t need any help.

  • BostonB

    Do I need to root with the Droid 4 method first?

    • Yes, you will need root access and either hashcode’s SafeStrap app or the Bionic bootstrap to load the rom.  The OP on My Droid World, Rootz Wiki, or DroidForums have all the instructions.
      If you mean to gain root once the rom is installed, no, it includes root access without any further action needed.

  • dhacker + hashcode = Moto dev revival!  They’re working amazingly hard to spread roms from one device across an entire line of phones.  D3, Bionic, Razr, and I’m sure the D4 will be added soon.  Their work is incredible!

  • Tbolter

    any chance this can help the development of the thunderbolt ICS rom?  We just needed data and camera as well!

  • jorge fernandez

    Give credit where is due!!! 🙂 thanks Dhacker and Hashcode 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Either Root Explorer is this guy’s favorite app or he’s plugging it somehow.

    • Lol, the People app is on there twice as well.  He’s a dev, he likes people and Root 😀

  • BostonB

    Thank you so much!!!!!!