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TypeSmart Wants to Compete With the Big Boy Android Keyboards

TypeSmart Keyboard may not be new, but it received an update over the last week and has popped back onto our radar. With a few built-in features they claim you won’t find anywhere else, TypeSmart might be worth a look if you have grown tired of the old standards like Swype and Swiftkey. The board comes with different themes (take note Swype team!) for any look you might want, a smart word predicting engine, a dictionary that learns the way you speak over time, and something as simple as a number row that can be displayed with a simple swipe.

Give the video below a view for an idea of what TypeSmart truly offers over other keyboards on the Market. Thinking about giving it a shot? 

Market Link ($3.95) | Market Link (Free)

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Note…this was updated today, 2/15, to have ICS support…

    Time to give it a try…

  • Anonymous

    not impressed

  • Has everyone forgotten about A.I.Type. This keyboard has themes that can be completely tweak for your comfort. An exceptional word predicting engine, with an extraordinary personalized dictionary that learns your shorthand and sentence structure. Not only that but it actually predicts with your most common phrases and sentences. All which can be reset at anytime if your style changes. I really don’t see the point of Swype and Swiftkey. Its bad enough that we all text while driving, don’t need to be rubbing my finger all over my phone to say a few words. With A.I.Types prediction, most of the time I just type the first letter and then touch word after word from prediction and done. Plus if you do not wish to type do what is faster. Just us the microphone and speak your words. A.I.Type Keyboard better prediction, better personal prediction, better look and feel. Less time to get the message sent.

  • Apparently this app is racist, was just trying to spell “night” but misspelled it “nigt” and it recommended “nigger” (not being racist myself just wanted to make sure there was no confusion as to which “N” word ) I about died laughing <- literally choked

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  • Barry Fruitman

    Thanks for the feedback! We underestimated the demand for ICS support and scheduled it for the 1.1 release but due to popular demand we will be releasing an ICS-compatible update this week.

  • Thanks for this post. I didn’t know about this keyboard so I added it to my Android Keyboards page. 

    • Barry Fruitman

      Thanks, Grant!

  • Anonymous

    no SGN support, no cantonese voice input support… back to swiftkey X. 

  • Anonymous


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  • i’ll keep my Swiftkey and Perfect Keyboard, thanks.  Type Smart has nothing on either one of those.

  • Tried it and already uninstalled.  There are some great features to this such as the number row and the themes but none of that matters if the overall keyboard can’t function as well as SwiftkeyX.  Plus I think anyone who has used Swiftkey appreciates the fact that when you want to type a number it goes into that 10key style of numbers.  Bottom line SwiftkeyX is still the undisputed champion of keyboards for Android.

  • Anonymous

    Just for fun I installed it on my OG Droid and extracted it to test on the Galaxy Nexus.  Seems like it will be perfect all the way through the settings menu.  Then you go to open the keyboard…and…a big black block where the keyboard should be.  Darn.

    It was worth a shot as sometimes the dev’s forget to update the compatible versions.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Android Developers,

    We’ve got plenty of keyboards. Please see what you can do about helping Fede re-write or update LPP.

    Thank You.

    • Anonymous


    • Tim242

      F$*& him! He abandoned us. He made his fortune and ran. ADW EX is far superior.

      • go launcher is the best out of all of them

        • Tim242

          I tried Go. It was alright, but not enough customization options. ADW EX is the only one that gives the option to not have a dock. I hate docks. I like having just regular icons there.

          • Leonardo Benveniste

            with Go you can hide the dock and change the grid size to whatever you want so you can fit more icons on that space

      • Anonymous

        i like nova the best. its the only one ive found that does folders properly while having all the right customization options

        • Tim242

          Except Nova doesn’t let you remove the dock bar.

    • dodger55fan

      I know $15 is ridiculously steep, and with only a 15 minute refund it’s a very tough purchase, but have you guys tried SPB 3D Shell?

      I resisted it for the longest time, but after trying it I will never go back (and don’t even compare it to Regina 3D launcher, it is in a different league).  There is a surplus of customization, and I cannot live without the custom pages/panels such as the sticky notes one, which I use on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame they can’t keep up with the latest operating systems. 

    So to me this is outdated and useless. No updates should be happening until it can be used on the current phones.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll definitely give this a shot once it is ICS-compatible. Looks pretty BA. Love that swiping number line.

  • IseWise

    Where is that official Swype update? A “few days” if I remember correctly?

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Not ICS compatible = fail.

    • So glad I read the comments before trying

    • Anonymous

      very true.  +1

  • Dr.EmmetBrownPHD

    only compatible with Android 2.1 – 2.3.7? so much for that

  • Fg2srt4

    it says on the market page requires android 2.1-2.3.7 only…ugh

  • Anonymous

    There are some nice features, there, but I don’t know that I’d use them. Still, nice to see some competition out there. 

  • no support for the Gnex. bastards!

  • This looks like a good potential contender for Swiftkey but it appears to not support the Galaxy Nexus (or is ICS the issue?)… too bad.

    • Speedyrulz8

      I use Swiftkey and was looking forward to trying this, but yeah no ICS and/or Nexus support it seems.

  • Does this have swiping functionality for typing as well? If it’s tap-to-type only, no thanks.