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Saturday Night Live Spoofs Verizon 4G LTE Ad, “It’s an old persons’ nightmare.”

It might be a skit, but how true does this Verizon 4G LTE skit that Saturday Night Live ran over the weekend ring true? So many terms, far too many phones, and a bunch of fast talkin’ jibberish that most non-techies do not understand whatsoever. Enjoy. 


And if that poorly filmed Youtube video is removed, you can view the full ad at NBC’s site.

Cheers Stemen, Bobby, Steve, Ryan and everyone else!

  • Tmax224

    notice the bionic in the video is the orignal version show at CES

  • SilverUberXeno

    This is especially funny for a VZW employee. This is legitimately how they want (us) to talk to customers.

    “Are you always on the go?”
    “Do you have a small business?”


  • Booboolala2000

    not supported for my device(s) lol. I’m sure it was funny but not digging out my laptop to watch it.

  • Haywood_Jablomi

    I want moar G’s 

  • DanSke

    I can has the phone with the 3G’s & wifi’s?

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  • I don’t get why this is relevant or even funny? On all gens of wireless service there has been a) growing pains & b) a buttload of devices too choose from. Whopee!

    • In order for this to be funny to you, you must posess a sense of humor which you clearly do not.

  • somewhat related, my mother thought that the Tmobile commercial for christmas said ORGY wonderland.

    • I thought that too until I saw it for a 2nd time lmao….I was like “whaaaaa?”

  • Also, lol @ VZW stores bragging about 4g speeds in 3g markets.  “You’ll love the 4g speed.”  “Really, when did we get 4g?”  “Oh, well, I mean if you go somewhere that has it…”  :/

  • Kevin Hoefer31

    So unrealistic, with the hard on verizon has for htc and moto, they’d never feature the gnex alongside the razr and rezound in a commercial

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s unrealistic….it’s called a SPOOF.  Have you not watched SNL before?  All their spoofs are unrealistic.  The only thing “real” on that show is the musical guest every week.

      • X10_

        unless its ashlee simpson…

  • BTW, Thanks DL for making so that I giggle all the way through any interaction with the folks at VZW stores or Bestbuy.  At BB they seriously tried to tell me that the Razr had ICS when I took my wife phone shopping.  Its amazing how little they know.  Then at VZW, they tried to sell us iPhones while I’m showing my wife the Android section with my GNex in hand… dee de deee.

  • Anonymous

    “a bunch of fast talkin’ jibberish that most non-techies do not understand whatsoever”
    – non–technies AND a large population of the VZW sales force.  Not all, but a large majority (especially in NYC… they’re all fly-by night here it seems) have no clue about the inner-workings of what they’re selling.

  • Tim242

    It is safe to say that everybody knows that 4G is faster. The concept is not rocket science.

    • Anonymous

      SNL out of touch? The hell, you say!

    • Harvard thought the iPhone 4 had 4G. Stand corrected.

      • Tim242

        That has to do with apple’s naming convention.

      • Anonymous

        Harvard is not a good tech school.

        • I am saying that you could safely assume they aren’t morons. Therefore imagine the rest of the ACTUAL MORONS.

    • Anonymous

      But how fast is a G?

      • 4g Divided by 4. thats how fast a G is

        • Anonymous

          a G = unity?!  Lemme run that by Queen Latifah first

        • Anonymous

          How can that be so if 4G is 10x faster than 3G? All Gs aren’t created equal…

          • guest

             its logarithmic!!! where the next number up is 10x as much

  • Anonymous

    LOL for meaning LG Revolution and not the Vortex (3G only)

  • Q

    hahaha.. i thought this was great.. I think Ive even used the line about running a business/office off the phone to explain how fast LTE is.

  • Jcdenton771

    Anyone else notice LG Vortex is not a 4g phone? 

  • Anonymous

    The problem is there is no killer app for 4G and they have nothing real to sell 4G other than saying it is faster.  With true HD screens (>=720p) this may change.  But on a non-HD screen the quality of 3G Netflix over 4G isn’t going to sell a phone by itself.  That and most people can’t/don’t download a movie or song, they stream them.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Some things you may have overlooked. Uploading photos and videos. Face to face chatting via Skype or Gtalk (without wifi). Tethering. HD Netflix streaming on the RAZR looks awesome. Downloading videos for rent from Google.

      I downloaded the entire first season of Big Bang Theory onto my laptop in 7 minutes while USB tethering on my Gnex.

      • Nerdy Desi

        I agree. Tethering is very nice with LTE, its faster than my home DSL connection. But it can’t be marketable now with very restrictive data usage caps. Its great for us grandfathered, unlimited data plan users but no longer a selling point to new customers, unless they want skyrocketing bills at the end of the month!

      • Anonymous

        OK, so let’s throw out tether which the average person I can’t see using.  I never ran into a non-tech/enthusiast who even knew what tether is.

        Video in Talk is a nice upgrade to having a third party app, but you can do it on 3g with Tango.  Same for Netflix.   So which there are benefots of 4G, I can’t see there being a killer app for those who don’t tether.

        Every time time someone asks me why to upgrade their phone I make a suggestions strictly on the phone and software and 4G is just a footnote as I can never find a solid example that resonates with many people.

        • Anonymous

          The number reason is (finally) Simultaneous voice and data. 

    • Anonymous

      The difference between watching HQ videos on a 720p screen and a qHD screen at a 4.3″ size is pretty much a wash. True story.

      If they want to show off, they ought to have a GNex, RAZR, Rezound, whatever streaming 1080p video to a 53″ LED TV over their 4G network in the store. You’re welcome, Verizon.

      • Anonymous

        I was more referring to 3G phones as that’s really what my point is about, why upgrade to 4G from 3G.  I notice a big difference comparing my Gnex to a DX or DX2.

  • Awesome Kellex – thanks for the nod!

  • @EMAW_29

    Being a rep for VZW in a smaller town, this ad resonates with me quite well…Old people should stick to their flip phones and not worry that the new RAZR has all those whozihwatchits. Gigs per month / gigs on phone are the place most get hung up quickest.

    • I got the new Jitterbug J in graphite.

      • waiting for the Jitterbug MAXXXX

    • How many baud will it transmit per second?

      • Anonymous

        33600 M/

    • Edwaboda

      Well I’m old smartone but I have a smartphone. I am 54 and work on compters for a living. There are a lot of us old people as you call us that know as much or more than you do. You better watch it buddy I got a cane…lol

      • Anonymous

        54 isn’t old first of all…and second its more targeted to really old people, that come in to stores and have no idea what they’re looking for and want to get a smartphone. Or just people who have no idea what a cell phone is and come into stores.

  • It’s true because some Verizon execs will see this and not do anything about it.

  • This is so true, and it’s like they don’t even know. We live in a tech bubble, where things that are common knowledge to us sound like Martian to most people. It’s bad enough when we all forget that and expect people to understand us, but it’s worse when it’s a company. And it’s not just Verizon, but they are the worst at the moment. I see so many commercials and just wonder “How many people approved this before it was produced? How many people signed off on this, and what were they thinking?”

    • Butters619

      And it’s not just older people who don’t understand us.  I talk about 4G, LTE, GSM ,CDMA to people my age and they have absolutely no idea what the hell I am saying.  Most people don’t know what 4G is….and those who have even heard of it just say “does that mean it’s faster?”

      • Tim242

        It is safe to say that everybody knows that 4G is faster. The concept is not rocket science.

        • Yes but a savvy listener might then wonder, faster… how?  You can say it may download faster but speeds are relative to file size to most consumers.  Everyone understands a rate like MPH, it is tangible.  But try to explain bytes per second…  Add to that that most people my age and older, remember how long it USED to take to dial up a website or even just boot up the PC.  So considering that, all of this is blazing fast.

          • Tim242

            You mean bits per second : ). People don’t have to understand that. I think some over simplify this. 99.9999 percent of people buying smartphone have a computer and internet already. But, Verizon simplifies. They say 10X faster than 3G.

          • and in some cases, 40-70 times faster

          • Tyant

            I like to use downloading a standard 5MB mp3 file as comparison when I explain it to people. 4G = 10 seconds; 3G = 1 min, 2G = 4-5 min.

        • Butters619

          Saying they have even heard the phrase 4G. Or even 3G.  My grandmother (hell even my mother) has no idea what 4G or 3G is…none.  Has no idea it relates to mobile phones.  Has no idea it relates to data speeds.  Nothing.  So it’s not safe to say everybody.

          • Tim242

            I’m sure they are not in the market for a smartphone then. The term 3G has been widely used since 2007.

          • Butters619

            You are assuming the majority of Americans know (or care) about the technology they may or may not be using.  90% of American don’t know about Ctrl(Cmd) + F and that has been around since before I was born.  Hell, nearly 1 in 3 American doesn’t know who the Vice President is (and this remains pretty constant over the years). 

            You are very familiar with the term (and the people you hang around probably are as well), but don’t assume everyone else is.

          • Tim242

            It would appear that people are quite familiar. 76% of iPhone 4 owners believed that it was 4G haha. People know 4G = faster.

          • Butters619

            And what maybe 5-10% of the US population owns an iPhone, and I’m guessing the majority of them would consider themselves ‘tech savvy’.  Again, applying a small specialized fraction of the country to represent the whole.

          • Anonymous

            My Girlfriend got the 4G because she thought it was a 4G LTE phone, she was so pissed when she found out it was 3G lol

          • Anonymous

            You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know the difference from their ass and a hole in the ground when it comes to technology. I work at a state university (Rutgers) computer lab and you’d be surprised at how tech retarded some of these people are! Some people can’t even tell if they are on Mac OS X or Windows 7 when you ask them which on their using!

            Most people have no idea how fast 4G is, or even how fast 3G is. All they know is that 3G is what they have now and 4G is faster than what they have now. 

  • Nexussss

    Better sound lol

    • Anonymous

      The video is flipped, like you’re watching it from a mirror.

      • Anonymous

        That’s to avoid the copyright bots from detecting it.

        • Anonymous

          NBC found it and has blocked it now.

  • Jordan Webb

    I laughed.

  • Anonymous

    Their radio ads are also just as bad.

  • Anonymous

    3G = Orange Juice, lolz.

  • I can’t remember…when will LTE be out in all 3G areas?
    End of 2012 or end of 2013?
    My Googling is to no avail…

    • They’re aiming for full deployment by the end of 2013, but at the rate they’ve been going it may very well be earlier.

      • Anonymous

        According to the Mayans, all plans for anything post 2012 is absurd.  Those who do not have LTE by 12-21-12, will never have it, ever…. ever.  It is written in stone, so it is written… so it shall be done!!

        • misinterpretation blown far out of proportion and widely adopted as truth by paranoid easily influenced people.

          • Anonymous

            Or just people who like to abuse the same joke over and over.

          • The problem is some people saying actually believe it. I know Rico was joking, was more of a supplement to his comment, not a criticism. 

          • Anonymous

            I’m sure we’ll see a few of them pop up in the darmin awards for this year for the lulz.

          • Anonymous

            You tell them, Timoh.  Bunch of idiots!!  

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          This is why I financed a Corvette on 120 payments. I figured, what the hell, may cost a fortune in interest if it went full term, but with the world ending, I am getting it on the cheap. Only have to make 11 of the 120 payments. Suckers!

        • PC_Tool

          If the Mayans were so good at telling the future…

          …we’d all be Mayans.

    • Anonymous

      LTE will be nationwide just in time for the 5G launch.

      • Butters619

        LTE will be rolled out just in time for LTE revision 2, the actual 4G standard

        • Tim242

          I think you mean LTE Advanced. BTW, 4G standards were changed. Did it ever make sense that 2G to 3G speeds only increased 3X, and 3G to LTE is 10-50x…yet some people claim.that isn’t 4G?

          • Butters619

            LTE Advanced yes (it was called Rev. 2 before it was given a name).  And btw 4G standards were not changed.  Wireless providers were granted permission (like it truly mattered) to use 4G to describe LTE rev. 1, however LTE still does not meet the requirements for 4G as set forth by the ITU and is not considered 4G by them

          • Tim242

            You are incorrect. The ITU changed the standards. I guess you slept through the gazillion articles about that. Again, 2G to 3G only increased 3X. 3G to 4G is 10-50X. The ITC’s original definition was ridiculous. Regardless, they did in fact, change it.

          • Butters619

            Obviously it was you has been sleeping.

            ‘On December 6, 2010, ITU recognized that current versions of LTE, WiMax
            and other evolved 3G technologies that do not fulfill “IMT-Advanced”
            requirements could nevertheless be considered “4G”, provided they
            represent forerunners to IMT-Advanced and “a substantial level of
            improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial
            third generation systems now deployed.”‘

            Or if you still don’t believe read the official ITU press release http://www.itu.int/net/pressoffice/press_releases/2010/48.aspx 

            Aka the requirement has not been changed, but the carriers can call it 4G…..just like I said….

            And stop trying to be an internet tough guy.

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