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Over the Weekend: Apple Attacked the Galaxy Nexus in Latest Patent Spat, Seeks U.S. Ban

On Saturday, news spread quickly that Apple had targeted the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for its next patent battle, seeking a ban on the product here in the U.S. This would be the first time that Android as an operating system would essentially be targeted since the device runs stock Android rather than a manufacturer skin. Could this spell disaster should Apple win? Eh, probably not. While I’m not a patent expert, the four patents that were included in the suit are what many of us would consider core functionality or features that are used on regular basis. That still does not mean this would be the end of the road for Android, but rather an annoying disturbance. 

Here are the four patents:

  • U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647: a data tapping patent for which the U.S. ITC ordered an import ban against HTC;
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604: a unified search patent that relates to Siri, which could affect Google’s mobile search service;
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,046,721: a slide-to-unlock patent that allows devices to do exactly that;
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,074,172: a word completion patent that completes words based for touch-screen text entry;

Data tapping could see a work-around should Apple win that battle. HTC has already come forth to say that they will adjust their products in the coming months to no longer violate this same patent. The unified search patent that relates to Siri just seems like complete garbage to me. We have been voice-searching for almost 2 years now, but hey, maybe Apple has had a voice-search patent for that long and is just now deciding to use it. Slide-to-unlock is also garbage – we covered our opinions on the idea that Android 4.0 in particular does not use slide-to-unlock functionality. Word completion on the other hand is not a killer, but it’s a feature that I’m sure all of you enjoy. Should that need to be removed, it would be more of an annoyance than a killer to Android.

Another week, another patent battle in the smartphone world. We will obviously need to keep a closer eye on this one than others as the latest version of Android is under attack.

Via:  ZDNet, FOSS Patents

Cheers Jeff, Tim, Elliot, Poya and everyone else!

  • ICS

    Cant we all be friends and all have an Apple flavored Ice Cream Sandwich? YA RIGHT NOT! I think I will eat my Ice Cream Sandwich and make some Apple wine.

  • We all know why these attacks on Android have been on the rise as of late. It’s just that no one has had a set to come out and say it. Maybe i missed it but here is my opinion. It’s all about the (insert Apple’s so called new device name here) and is lack of new and innovative features. It has been a revolutionary device as far as the smartphone evolution is concerned. From the brick of Palm tech to the blackberry to the iPhone, it has been a great movement. They have paved the way for all to benefit and enjoy. But they has fallen behind the needs of the masses. They are trying to hang on to Android’s cape in hopes to survive, now that their loss has put a strain on the company as a hole. No new ideas have come from Apple in a long time as far as there mobile products are concerned. They have been stealing ideas from others, developing those ideas for a few years, calling it bulls#!*, then sucking the life blood from the open source giants. Those of which are trying to keep hope alive that somethings just need to be open source for the benefit of growth and advancement. They want a monopoly on the the mobile market, and it’s up to the people to keep them from taking over and becoming the corporate China. 

  • chief

    idk if it is mentioned below but the standard lock screen on 4.0 is called “slide” in the settings/ security menu, that could having something to do wit it 

  • Anonymous

    Been using word completion on Windows Mobile way before Apple came along with the iPhone.  How did they get a patent on that?

  • BREAKING NEWS: Apple Computer, Inc. has filed a copyright infingement suit against God for creating a fruit based off their logo.

  • Can someone sue Apple for Anti-Competition?

  • klaviste

    word completion on touch-based…. what a b.s.  it’s been around for free all over the web and they just place the patent tag and call themselves “innovative”..
    When can we stop this?  Apple is ruining future of real ideas and patents.. Soon people might start ban on any patent filing..

  • Wade Wilson

    Because being able to move my lock around in a circle and unlock or go directly to my camera is the same as moving a line in one direction and only do one action…apple logic

  • Lizzie

    so wait, if a product is banned for sale in the US, what does that mean that if you already have one? how would that effect changing phone networks and the potential re-selling of the phone?


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  • Jeff J


  • Paris Hilton should sue Apple for being a bitch.

  • Dliuzzo110

    How are they going to find a judge that doesn’t have an android or iphone? Either side could use this as a conflict of interest

  • Anonymous

    I hope this doesn’t make verizon ditch the idea of a white nexus. I really want to see snowy LTE nexus.

  • Matt

    Too bad apple doesn’t spend as much money improving working conditions for the people assembling their products as they do in patent litigation.

  • Dan

    They won’t be able to ban the Nexus that’s currently in my hand.

  • Anonymous

    Such a load of crap. Hopefully, Apple’s request gets shot down soon.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the problem is our patent system, not just Apple.  They’re simply attempting to protect their patents, which they were granted legally.

    Apple took advantage of the massive hand out of patents on technology during a time where people weren’t expecting this sort of thing to happen and now they have a lot of the patents that hold the fire power. 

    There’s a reason Google purchased Motorola mobility, because they also filed for thousands of patents when Apple did and also received them.

    What we truly need is patent reform, once that happens these patents will become void and Apple(or any other company) will no longer have the evidence they need to prove they patented something first that they may have not created first. 

    It’s funny, Benjamin Franklin didn’t believe in patenting his technological advancements:

    “In fact, Franklin didn’t patent any of his inventions or scientific discoveries, since he believed that everyone should be able to freely benefit from scientific progress.  In his autobiography, he explained: “As we enjoy great advantages from the invention of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.”  In this way, he was sort of an eighteenth century open-source advocate.”

    Franklin would have been a fan of Android I imagine.

    • I agree. I think advancements should be allowed to be used, but only in NEW products. Meaning if I make a ball that self bounces you cant make and sell a ball that self bounces too. BUT if you make a ball that self bounces AND can also do your homework then well have at it.

      Innovation is key, not copycatism.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with this wholeheartedly, but it really is poor that Apple can patent stuff that the had n part in inventing

    • RW-1

      Patents should be held by people, not companies. That would end this.

  • So help me, if this goes into effect by some ugly head rearing monster from Hell & prevents me from purchasing the Nexus later this year, I’ll be making a pitstop on 1Infinite Loop this summer..

  • this is why intellectual patents are a joke. It should be item/product specific not an idea.

  • Just to clarify, Apple is trying to ban Ice Cream Sandwich rather than just the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Josh Groff

      Oh no, however will us end users with 4.0.X ROMs ported function without official 4.0.X ROMs? The horror…

      • If they are forced to take a lot of the great features out of ICS because of patents it will affect the general popularity of Android. Look a little farther down the developmental road.

        Development is huge because Android is popular. Android becomes less popular because useful features are removed, development will shrink.

        • Josh Groff

          I highly doubt Apple will win this, so let’s not think it’s the end of the world, ok.

          • Never said it was the end of the world. I’m sure there are ways to work around the patents if they do win. I was just pointing out that it has an effect on Android, even custom ROMs.

          • Josh Groff

            I can agree with that, however, it’s not like developers haven’t ported other tweaks, or that android needs Google search, could just as well use the browser. Google should sue Apple for using their search browser to gather any information with SIRI.

  • mike wood

     Can I patent steering wheels and tires on cars, so no one else who makes a car can ever use them without paying me? This is getting out of hand. How can you patent basic shapes and colors (another stupid patent they somehow got – rectangular with rounded corners, the colors black and white, but thats old news) or other common things like touchscreen interfaces? I’m surprised they haven’t tried to patent touchscreens altogether.

  • Anonymous

    WP7 uses the same word completion, stupid of them not to attack MS as well.

    A couple of Prior Art pieces:
    1) My WinMo 6.0 phone could do data tapping.  Guess they also never heard of the Skype plugin that offers that on web browsers
    2) Already beaten to death.
    3) Prior art already proven in previous case in Sweden.
    4) TWM6.5 did this also.

  • On the voice search patent: no, it’s not obvious.

    Apple is patenting the way Siri runs a search and shows results.  It’s the way it assembles the different keywords together, generates context, and produces only the most relevant result.

    Android Voice Actions aren’t actually trying to detect context for what you’re searching for: if you say “search for restaurants near me,” it can only interpret that as running a search on Google’s website for the exact words “restaurants near me.”  No context and no specially delivered results.

    • ThatGuy

       Wolfram with a voice UI

  • Anonymous

    If Apple spent half of the effort they spend in lawsuits into actual product innovation, then they might actually be competitive with the Nexus.  I can’t wait until they get knocked down a notch or two in the coming years.

  • Schoat333

    Glad I already have my Gnex. Come and get it Apple, I dare you!

  • Wmsco51

    Apple is the elite ;you mean up opened your wallet for them to take extreme amounts of cash out for little or no update or even charge you to use the update, EPIC FAIL!! Let me draw in paper and pencil a thought and get it patented with no ideal of how it works and then corner the market when the tech catches up! Woah Awsume!
    Apple is dying and this is just her fangs. If your a judge throw Apple out by the seat of her pants! Either shape up or ship out, quite Crying and innovate.

  • Chris G

    I hope someone does something to apple to give them exactly what they deserve.

  • Derickmc

    Here’s an Idaho Apple: Stop wasting all this money on these patent lawsuits and use that money to build a better phone so that you can actually compete with Android. 

    • Derickmc

      lol.. Idaho = Idea* .. I think I could live without autocorrect,

  • Derek Stiles

    Can The People sue Apple to get Apple to stop suing?

    • Anonymous

      Kind of. The people can reform patent law, but don’t hold your breath. People can hardly be bothered to not reelect Congressmen who are known for being corrupt.

    • RW-1

      No, but if enough stockholders say stop…

  • sway40

    Haha is all i can say, apple is just too self absorbed.

  • Anonymous

    Lame as hell Apple is just jealous because we use the superior OS. They need to just get over their pathetic selves and move on.

    F’n idiots.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    All these patents are prior art of someone else…

    “data tapping patent” should be invalidated as URLs have been around since the http://WWW. 
    “unified search patent” should be invalidated, I could do a voice search on my computer back in the early 90’s
    “slide to unlock”  was available on Microsoft Windows devices going back to version 5.0 using 3rd party apps
    “word completion” has been around since the first T9 phones.  It doesn’t even take a smartphone to demonstrate this prior art

    Who is granting all these bogus patents?  The idea that these are even granted in the first place shows that nobody in the patent office has a single brain cell. Is the idea “grant the patent and then see how it holds in courts”?   The only people getting anything out of these bogus patents are lawyers.  

    • “The only people getting anything out of these bogus patents are lawyers.”
      So true!

    • Considering that my first blackberry could do this (albeit with a click wheel) back in ’01, Im pretty sure apple does not have a leg to stand on.  I hope the judges slap apple with some nice fines to teach them a lesson for wasting the courts (and everyones) time. 

    • They have a better chance of winning now while everyone is so enamored with Jobs. He’s even more powerful dead than he was alive.

      His “I created everything in the mobile technology world” propoganda is present in the average persons mind whether they are conscious of it or not.

      Judges don’t have time to be technology nerds, they’re definitely in the “average person” category when it comes to mobile tech.

      • Hell, when the FBI files were released I was watching the news and they reported on it quoting “high moral character and integrity” conveniently leaving out the following “as long as he gets his way” portion(which, by the way isn’t that the opposite of integrity?). Or the other quote talking about how deceptive he was or any other negative remarks.

  • Gabravo2005

    This just in, Apple sues for using letters and numbers.

    • Wmsco51

      Hahaha that’s Funny

  • Anonymous

    I wish Adam and Eve were still here to sue fapple for taking a bite out of an apple.

    • Anonymous

      Most epic comment I’ve ever read.

    • Eric

      Since were descendants of them I think we can on their behalf. It might sound like garbage but so do these stupid patent wars and you know we can find a lawyer out there who thinks were right. LOL!

    • Anonymous

      What a fantastic comment! I cannot believe how loud I just laughed!

  • Michael Forte

    I think Apple just files for any patent they can get their hands on. It doesn’t matter to them that something has already existed prior to them filing for it, they were the first to file a patent, so they think they invented it. As Steve Jobs said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” How ironic…

    • trumpet444

      He was quoting Picasso. But I’m sure he meant it and believed it as well

  • Anonymous

    Apple needs to realize that competition keeps the tech industry healthy. If Apple held a monopoly, there would be no innovation. 

  • RiddleMeThis

    I don’t like Apple but you galaxy nexus fan boys are annoying so good.

    • shdowman

      This isn’t a Nexus fanboi thread. Read the comments before posting next time.

      • RiddleMeThis

        I’m not talking about the comments. Read the darn article above boy.

        • Still not seeing it, if anything it has an Android fanboy sense not a GNex. Since you know these patents target Android as whole not some manufactures skin. #stilllosingattrolling

        • OreoMan

          RiddleMeThis is technically correct, we GNex fan boys, as he so eloquently put it, are annoying.  Just like all the OG Droid fan boys….and HTC Incredible fan boys as well.  I guess any fan of a phone that runs well and meets expectations would be annoying.  With that said, even though the article mentions the GNex, it really pertains to the 4.0 operating system.  

          Please do a little research before opening your mouth and allowing the flies to land! 

          • RiddleMeThis

            Cool this is my first time trolling. That’s how it works right? We see the title of the product that certain people flock to and without reading what it’s about we bash it? And after that the flies feed into what was said and started firing away right?

          • PC_Tool

            Nailed it. 

            It’s a wonder they still type anything under the headline at all these days.  :p

          • RiddleMeThis

            sweet! friends and family, “don’t do troll”. it can turn into a serious addiction and hurt loved ones.


          • Anonymous

            Except apparently you didn’t read the article either.  This isn’t about the Nexus at all, this is about Android 4.0.  The patents are against 4.0’s usage of apple patents. 

            The only reason the Nexus is mentioned is because it’s currently the only widely used device with 4.0.

          • RiddleMeThis

            you mad bro? I think you mad. 

          • Anonymous

            What in my comment would give you the idea that I’m mad?  I corrected someone with factual information.  

            I believe “you’re mad bro.” 

            And reported for good measure.

        • Qeegan

          title got you here … so if your so sick of G-Nex why are you here?

    • Troll be trolling and failing all at the same time #losingattrolling

    • Tim242

      Your stupidity really shines. You realize this is against ICS, not the Nexus…right? Regardless, your phone manufacturer is under attack as well…

      • Djxkxoz

        Poor Tim. Have you ever felt the rays of the sun upon your skin?

        • Tim242

          But, of course! : )

    • ddevito

      riddle me this….
            riddle me that….
                  Apple’s sues because it’s lost its competitive edge
                       and that’s a fact

  • Another reason I will not buy an Apple product.  Really Apple similar to Siri? First off since when can similar be patented? Second Google Voice was out far before Siri was and maybe Google should come after you. Second, slide to unlock? The G-Nex is a circle and looks and functions nothing like any POS Apple device. Third, word completion? Um, I think this technology has been around since PDA’s seriously? And lastly, maybe a misunderstanding on my part but data tapping? Doesn’t every app via Market or App store use data tapping? All I have to say about this is four words: “APPLE GO SUCK IT!

    • kretz7

      Apple considers it stealing because they were the first company to patent it. However, I thought if the idea was already invented and can be proved then you can’t even be awarded a patent. 

      • Anonymous

        Worse yet, they sue with patents they acquire after the fact. I know other companies do that, too, but it’s blatant trolling.

      • One would see that as intellectual property damages. But as others have said “Apple has lost its ability to come up with anything new” so they are going to keep suing for all these “So Called” patent infringements and once they get all those they will come out with iOS 5.5 with all the features they just sued for and come up with some lame commercial: The redesigned iPhone 5: Voice Search, New Unlock Options, Auto Correct and Data Tapping. Introducing: iOS 5.5.

      • alch3m1st

        I wonder when Apple will sue everyone for the notification bar and widgets

    • Again, it’s specific implementations, not ideas.  Google’s Voice Actions are to Siri as a Toyota Corolla is to a Ferrari 458; just doing something on a basic level does not make it as good as someone else’s more advanced technique.

      Same for word completion.  Just having word completion isn’t necessarily patentable; how you accomplish it is.

  • xxdesmus

    Pretty darn pathetic Apple. I guess they must be worried.

  • Sam

    This just isn’t helpful to the industry. It hurts the end user even more.

    • kretz7

      Completely agree. However, when Apple becomes a monopoly and is able to sell an iPhone for $1,000, will they care what you think? Not that they care much now, but still…

      • Elliot323

        Apple will never become a monopoly. When you cut off one head 2 more appear

      • Brandon

        I pray that Apple becomes a monopoly. Please let them be classified as a monopoly because that will definitely make litigation against them that much easier.

    • PC_Tool

      How has any of the recent lawsuits affected the end user in the slightest?  Most “end-users” don’t even know this crap is going on (or that it is the very same crap that has been going on for decades, just Apple vs. Samsung now).

      • Anonymous

        There have been several injunctions that banned product sales. That affects the end users.

        • PC_Tool

          Point me to one of those users…

          • Anonymous

            [points to Australia and Germany.]

            There are all kinds of people in foreign countries. True story.

          • PC_Tool

            NO RLY?!?!?

            Friggin’ genius, man.  Now actually do what I asked…find a single user affected.  Just one….

            I’ll give you as much time as you need…

          • Anonymous

            So, you’re saying no one was affected if I can’t personally point them out? I’m afraid I can’t argue with your logic because it would be like arguing with a loony over the taste of blue.

          • Brian Walker

            I really hope you realize how ridiculous that request is. If I lived in Germany, I’m sure I could find some people affected by this because I would know someone who tried to go buy one and couldn’t. Since I don’t live there, and neither does Droidzilla, we can’t give specific examples. 

          • PC_Tool

            Welcome to the internet.  The world at your finger-tips.

            It no longer matters where you are. If it affected so many end users as to be a big deal…it’d be a big deal.

          • Brian Walker

            OK, but the basis of this argument is that we’re talking about the average consumer. If my mom went to a store because I told her to get the Galaxy Tab, and she lived in Germany, she wouldn’t be able to, so she would pick something else in the store. Even though you can import products, its more effort than most people are willing to do when there are alternatives right in front of them.

          • PC_Tool

            That’s one person.

            I’m not saying these people don’t exist…I am sure they do. My question to zilla was simply to point ou the fact (albeit maybe *too* subtly) that while these people likely exist…it’s not the “hurt” the OP implied…if it affected anyone, it was miniscule in terms of the market as a whole.
            I.E., non-issue.

            Samsung will eventually release numbers I am sure of “lost sales”…and I am sure they will be overblown…but I still highly doubt even those overblown numbers will anywhere near equal a mentionable fraction of the market.

          • Brian Walker


          • Anonymous

            It doesn’t matter how minuscule you think the affect has been, if there is an affect at all then your argument fails.  When they start banning devices in the US from sale, then I bet you’ll change your tune. 

          • PC_Tool

            “if there is an affect at all then your argument fails. ”

            Well…how could anyone possibly argue that! :-/

            Do you have any clue what my “argument” even is?

          • Anonymous

            Yourargumentwas that someonecouldn’t provide you with an exampleof someonewho was affected by Apple’s patent war. When we showed you that you couldn’t purchasea device you may wantin Germany you said well showme someonespecifically, which isn’t needed.  When a companygets another companies products banned from being purchased, we’reall being affected.  As I said,if they werebanning devices in the US and you wished to purchasethat device, you would be singing a different tune.

          • PC_Tool

            Try again. My initial post was a perhaps too subtle statement intended to offset the OPs implication of harm.

            I mistakenly assumed people would figure that out as I thought it obvious that *someone* was affected…hence that couldn’t be the point. I should really stop expecting folks be able to think beyond the knee-jerk.

            The point, for the slow, was:

            In the end, the market is little to no different regardless. No great harm came of it because…

            The system WORKED.

          • Anonymous

            You’re obviously incompetent.

          • Brandon

            Here’s the thing about a banned product and it’s impact on end-users — it’s a lot like you telling me everything that you don’t know. You might make some headway, but you’ll run out of things to tell me that you don’t know because you ran out of things that you’re aware you don’t know.

            That’s the same thing going on with product bans. When a product gets banned it might be something that someone ~WOULD~ have wanted, but since they’re not big into the tech scene and it never got on to any shelves they don’t know to know that they ever wanted it.

            You won’t be able to readily find users to point to specifically because the users who would have wanted it never got a chance to want it in the first place. This is pretty much the definition of stifling innovation in a marketplace.

          • PC_Tool

            If it was a product no-one had ever heard of…that had not previously been for sale?


            …sadly, that wasn’t the case here. In order for it to have reached the “big deal” status the OP seems to think it is, there would be folks posting about how they couldn’t get one when they wanted it it left and right…or at the very least Samsung claiming “this many” lost sales. Where? Who? Bueller??

          • I think you should rename your handle to just tool, you’re arguing the wrong point. Its more than banning sales. If no one knew they wanted something then you’re right, they would never know and it’s not a big deal.

            The big deal is every time one of these causes another patent to be licensed and Apple starts making x amount of dollars off each handset sold, that x amount of dollars gets added to the price we pay for the phone so the manufacturers aren’t impacted.

            Bottom line is not products getting banned here, it’s products costing more to the end user after each device needs to pay five companies different royalties just for being sold.

          • PC_Tool

            “every time one of these causes another patent to be licensed and Apple starts making x amount of dollars off each handset sold, that x amount of dollars gets added to the price we pay for the phone so the manufacturers aren’t impacted.”

            …and how is this different from *any* other product in the world?

            This is so completely and utterly *NOT NEW* that I can scarcely believe we’re even discussing it. Apple vs. Android isn’t the first patent war. They go on all the friggin’ time…have for decades… You people really need to get out of your little shells once in a while.

            Just because you don’t hear about Ford taking Chevy to court every other day doesn’t mean it isn’t happening…it just means the media has something else to sell.

          • Steroid logic…

          • PC_Tool


          • Guest

            you a dick bro??

          • Anonymous
          • PC_Tool

            haha…you funny.

          • Anonymous

            LOL.  Well done, Sir.

          • Josh Groff

            Hard to buy one online and have it imported? Nope.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, because a customer walking into an electronics store to make a purchase knows all about up and coming, online only products. Brilliant.

          • Josh Groff

            I knew which phones were up and coming and what was out when I took my contract upgrade. Is it so hard to think other tech geeks would as well?

          • Anonymous

            [scans comment looking for “tech geek” reference]

            Are you sure you were replying to the correct person? I’ll just imply that Disqus screwed up and you’re not . . . challenged.

          • Josh Groff

            The average end user that would be hurt by a phone not being released= the tech geek that has been waiting for it since it was announced.

            Remember, your average person would buy whichever feels the best in store.

          • Anonymous

            So, you’re claiming that stifling competition is fine for the average user as long as they have something to purchase?

          • Josh Groff

            No, I’m just saying that the average end user is not impacted in a major way, only we care about fragmentation. Lets restart this, getting too narrow. 😉

          • ill just point in the general direction of china where the ipad was banned. even though its the other side of the fight and was brought on by a chinese company, the end user is still affected. 

          • Anonymous

            As much as I hate to say it… If the iphone was banned anywhere, EVERYONE would know about it..

          • Anonymous

            Funny because the iPad is made in China.

          • Banning of products does not happen in the U.S. much, but it’s not uncommon in Germany and Australia.  The 10″ Samsung Galaxy tab was banned in Germany for a time before Samsung redesigned it.  And Apple even tried to get the redesigned one banned too.

          • PC_Tool

            I am aware of these things. (FYI: Apple is currently trying to get a US injunction against the G’Nex)

      • Anonymous

        How about banned products in germany?  Higher prices for devices because companies are having to spend money on legal fees and lawyers instead of spending it on innovation.

        If you don’t know how this affects the end user, you should just take look around.

        • PC_Tool

          Legal fees have been around for ages. This is nothing new. Neither is patent litigation.

    • samsung was within a percentage or two of global smartphone shipments last year. theyre actually using that as part of their lawsuit. theyre scared.

  • All this patent trolling is getting annoying. 

  • entropic

    The next lawsuit will be something along the lines of “Apple suing All manufacturers for using black screens when they are off”

  • Bob

    Apple is obviously bored of controlling the masses with their simple, flat out boring phones and tabs. They are trying to take over the world. Apple is a dictatorship.

  • Ah, Jobs may be gone, the war goes on.  What’s going to end up happening at some point is that Apple is gonna wish they’d have just shut up and enjoyed their success.  

    • If anything the patent was may heat up now that Jobs is gone.  He was their visionary, he came up with the new ideas.  Now they’ll have no new ideas, so they have to sue to make money.

      • Anonymous

        Jobs was the one who wanted the patent war. And if you think Jobs actually came up with the ideas, I have a bridge to sell you.

        • Josh Groff

          Is it red? I want a red one.

          • Anonymous

            It has more geebees.

      • If you think he’s the only one who had new ideas, you don’t really know Apple… he had the foresight to break into new categories entirely and take an unusual approach to a common idea, but you can credit a lot of the core work to Jonathan Ive, Bob Mansfield, and others who have to make things real.

        • “he had the foresight to break into new categories entirely”

          The reality is, he just took existing categories and marketed the hell out of them, then claimed he created the category. Made people think they needed something, like Liderc said.

      • Anonymous

        Jobs didn’t come up with any ideas, read any of his biographies or Apple’s and you’ll see the people who came up with all the ideas work for the company still. 

        Jobs was a great businessman, he had nothing to do with the vision of new ideas that Apple brought to the table, he was just excellent at presenting them and selling them as a product people needed.

  • Anonymous

    Apple cant innovate so it has to sue, Apple= Losers

  • gregmr

    Samsung should sue Apple should they actually release this rumored “Apple TV” for being too rectangular

    • About sue Apple TV just for including internet functionality and web access. Of course Google has been on the market for couple years now but some judge with Apple stock will award the patent to Apple.

    • Qeegan

      hasn’t Samsung been making TV technology longer than Apple … also

    • Dliuzzo110

      No one can Sue apple. Apple has a parenting suing people

  • Ahh, the patent system, so broken.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, good luck with that Apple.