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Monday Poll: Do you own an Android tablet? Are you still looking to buy one?

We are approaching the 1-year mark for Android tablets, that is if you don’t count that silly 7″ thing that Samsung released in December 2010. As far as official tablet operating system tablets go though, the XOOM was the first and it dropped towards the end of last February. That puts us right around a full year for Android tablets.

So over the last 12 months, we have seen almost every tech manufacturer on the planet pump out some sort of tablet. Most of them have dual-core processors, the screens seem to be getting better, cameras are improving, and so on and so forth. Over the next year, we will see quad-core chips, full HD screens, cameras at the level of our smartphones, and prices dropping into far reasonable zones. It could be an exciting year for tablets, even with most looking at 2011 as somewhat of a flop if you weren’t an iPad.

As the curious crew that we are, we want to know two things for this poll. Do you already own a tablet? If you do or don’t, are you still considering one (maybe a new one) going into 2012?

Do you own an Android tablet?

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Are you still looking to buy one?

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  • joshua

    Yup! I own the Nexus 7 ūüôā

  • Paul

    I have a WiFi Xoom and use it constantly. Can’t understand why it’s considered a failure.

  • Have my Asus Transformer that i love….that has been traveling and saved my butt…..
    Just got a Galaxy tab 8.9….wee bit smaller but slick…..
    hoping for ICS on one of them…

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  • Staticx57

    I have an HP Touchpad and  Galaxy Tab 10.1 so im set for a while.

  • I have a Transformer Prime and I love it. I am interested to see what else comes out this year though.

  • I really really want an Asus Padfone to eliminate the need to have a tablet.

  • Dukeuni

    I purchased a Asus Transformer Prime and love it.  I use it at home and during meetings all of the time.  I find it much easier to write e-mails, surf the web, etc. with the tablet. 

  • Derrick Rayburn

    I was looking at the Asus Transformer Prime but some of the reported issues has me waiting to see what will come out.  The fact I just pre-ordered the Galaxy note should be a nice bridge until one comes out that really grabs my interest.

    Remote desktop on my Atrix is nice, but man things are tiny.  Looking forward to the extra real estate and LTE that the Note will have.

  • el oh el

    I don’t own a tablet (does Galaxy Note count? :D) but¬†I will either pick up the Galaxy 7.7 or whatever new tablet goodness will come from Samsung or Apple.

  • Anonymous

    My wife has the Sony S that she won from a contest. I’ve played around with it and i love what Sony did with Android, only a few tweaks here and there from Sony and they did a nice job.¬†

    The transitions are very smooth and after testing against the ASUS Transformer I like the Sony S better.  It does take sometime to gt used to the Teardrop design but I am very impressed with this device.

    Plus if your a Play Station gamer the Sony S syncs right up toyour game with a lot of functionality & remote goodness.  Plus you can access and download all ov your Play Station content from the Blue ray off of your Play Station.

    Hoping to see more from Sony ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Original Asus Transformer.   Love it,  the screen is one of the morst gorgous on the market. 

  • Still¬†don’t¬†see a need for one would just be a toy – Not enough capabilities for web design or graphic design.

  • I have a Moto Xoom and a Galaxy Tab. Even though the Gal. tab will never see honey comb, My other half uses it as an e-reader and the kids love them both and if I can get 20mins of sanity then they are the greatest inventions ever. lol¬†

    I got my Xoom on Blk friday, the only reason why I got it was because it was at such a great price. I have no regrets with it. 

  • Wade Wilson

    TF101 + GNex. My laptop only comes out when I have to write a paper or when I need to sync my Zune.

  • I refuse to buy a tablet until it has 2 features. ¬†Stock Android (preferably a true Nexus tablet), and at least 300 dpi.

  • Anonymous

    Does a ROM’d TouchPad count?

  • Warlike1919

    I have the kindle fire and my wife as the transformer

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  • Kellex – Now that we’re about a year into the swing of the android tablet world – i’d love to see a quick and dirty power ranking of the tablets currently available, or at least the top 5 or so in the 10.1inch range.¬†

  • KnightCrusader

    Ummm, the GTablet was released on November,1¬† 2010, and despite how much ViewSonic screwed it up, its still a full fledged Tegra 2 tablet with a huge dev following. We’re even getting ICS on it with full hardware acceleration…

    So, we past the 1 year mark a few months ago. Old news! lol

  • Anonymous

    Currently have a Xoom LTE. I will keep using my galaxy nexus, but will be buying third literation of the I pad. Had a much better tablet experience with the I pad myself.

  • ThatGuy

    Not interested in tablets. I have my PC, laptop and cellphone covering all needs for entertainment, work and life. There is no niche a tablet could fill for me; probably even if it was free – it would be just collecting dust.

  • Anonymous

    I have a 10.1-inch Toshiba Thrive which I loved, until Honeycomb 3.2 crippled my ability to work with Office documents from the actual SD card and leave the built-in storage for application installs. Now I’m not excited about Android tablets anymore. If Toshiba ever releases ICS for the Thrive, I’ll give it a try but I’m not paying for another tablet just so Google or the manufacturer can take features away from it at a later time.

  • Love my Galaxy Tab 10.1, wifi.

  • 80% of my computer use at home is on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and i almost never touch my phone other than actually making calls.

  • Rob

    I love my Transformer Prime! Used to have a Xoom and HP Touchpad. So yeah, I guess you can say I’ve accepted tablets…

  • Anonymous

    Still lovin’ my Xoom.

  • Anonymous


  • waiting to see how Windows 8 on tablets is like.

  • T2Technology

    Walmart ran out of Acer iconias during a promotion and substituted a galaxy tab 10.1 for the same price.

    I paid $350 brand new. I couldn’t pass it up.

  • Cooperboy1230

    We bought four Moto Xoom Wifi tablets for Christmas. They have been awesome thus far. Haven’t rooted any of them thus far. Haven’t had any reason to. Have wifi tethered them to all of our various Android smartphones which I HAVE rooted. REALLY awesome when tethering my Razr Maxx in a 4G area. Camera is more than adequate. Hey, if you want pro photos, by a DSLR. Got even better with the ICS update. Wish we had ICS on our phones, but it’s coming. Maybe I’m just easy to please, but this tablet is really strong.

  • Getting rid of my Acer A100 and getting a Kindle Fire.
    Even though the KF has less feature it will fill my needs better as a reader.

    • Josh Groff

      Kindle has unbutchered android ported to it? Anyway, it is a real nice tablet, and you still can get those third party .apks. ūüėČ

  • Kelly

    Loving my Transformer Prime!

  • Anonymous

    Quad-core and stock ICS, These 2 things are vital while waiting for the right tablet.

    • Anonymous

      Not saying those are bad ideals, but… having used ICS on the TF201 and the Xoom, a quad core has no impact on the user experience. In fact, if anything, the Xoom runs smoother.

  • Chris Sandoval

    I had the Acer a100 (7″ tablet). But the screen was so crappy and felt too close in size to a smartphone that I decided to return it. I’m now waiting for Samsung to announce its rumored tablet. The one with the extra large super amoled HD plus screen.

  • Gotrubberducky12

    Touch pad and nook color for me. Love the budget android tablets.
    And they both have ics. What’s not to love?

    • Josh Groff

      Nook costs more than Kindle Fire for lower specs. Also, stock all the apps were overpriced.

    • Anonymous

      What is the ICS TouchPad ROM you’re using? ¬†I’m still on CM7 cuz I haven’t seen a stable ICS ROM.

  • Gotrubberducky12

    Touch pad and nook color for me. Love the budget android tablets.
    And they both have ics. What’s not to love?

  • Mexican

    I’m gonna get the iPad 3!!!

  • Anonymous

    Need a “Not sure” option for #2, I think. Q1 = 3,647 votes. Q2 = 2,754.

  • Anonymous

    I have a TF1, but looking to also add a 7″ to the mix. ¬†Gotta be able to test my apps on as many¬†screen¬†sizes as possible, right? Being an app developer has some nice excuses to buy new toys :p

  • Balls

    as much as a google/android fan i am, i really want to see what windows 8 tabs bring to the table

    because, i want the functionality of a desktop/laptop with the formfactor of a tablet

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. ¬†That’s why I’m only willing to spend <=$300 on an Android tablet because there are certain windows apps I need to be able to run to justify $400+. ¬†So I'm looking for a cheap Android tablet now and probably a Win 8 tablet later.

      I have to imagine the window of opportunity for Android tablets to establish a base is between now and when Win 8 tablets ship.  If they don't then I can't see them ever selling well.

  • Smo

     People use tablets?

  • Anonymous

    Waiting on the new Lenovo tablet. I’m hoping it’ll have good some good dev following and that custom ROMs are developed for it.

  • Where is the I am a broke college student but want one option

  • Bionicman

    i just got a microsoft bluetooth keyboard for my transformer and now along with my bluetooth mouse its pretty much replaced my laptop save for a few Windows specific apps.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing people buy so many iphone 4s(mall) ¬†I can¬†guarantee¬†that people with ipad’s and ipad 2’s will just buy it for the number 3 at the end of the name. ¬†The only way Apple can screw up is to introduce the ipad 3 at a much higher price opening the door up for Android. ¬†Otherwise Android has to come in at a lower cost and more features. ¬†

  • Tbeavist

    when they slap on a cd/dvd drive on them, then i’ll bite.

    • Anonymous

      Is this sarcasm, or are you serious? I can see a disc drive on a desktop or large laptop, but I couldn’t imagine one on a tablet. I even wish my 14 inch laptop didn’t have one.

      • Tbeavist

        not an enitre disc drive but at least a slot. like how Mac has theres. sadly i did just bring apple into this… BUT if im buying a tablet to replace my laptop i want to be able to burn my cds to it to update my google music library. and i want to be able to watch my movies on it.

    • Anonymous

      I’m trying to think when the last time I used a CD/DVD drive was? ¬†In fact, I believe I pulled the SATA cable out of the one in my desk to add a 4th HDD. ¬†It’s been years since I felt the need for one. ¬†Not sure how¬†prevalent¬†that is, but I imagine it’s not a small number.

    • PC_Tool

      That you, gramps?  I keep telling you, get a flash drive!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a tech junkie and own both a Transformer Prime and an iPad2. Both are great. I’d say it’s about 60/40 in favor of the Prime as far as how much I use them.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly haven’t had a need for a tablet, although I do use them at work due to the ease of walking around managing while keeping up with tasks on the tablet or showing progress to employees, but at home I just never feel like I need a tablet. I’d rather have a laptop, or I’m at my desk anyways and using my desktop. ¬†

    I did buy my wife an Ipad 2 because you know women, they want to brag about their crap to their friends and I bought my mother the kindle fire because she really enjoys e-reading. 

    After seeing the video of the Nexus being used as a desktop PC, I really think we’re headed to that being the future of computing. ¬†Where you can take your entire computer in your pocket, sit it in a dock at any location and have everything you need show up on the 30” monitor with a blue tooth keyboard/mouse. ¬†That seems more likely to be the future to me once the hardware starts to match our current laptops/desktop computers processing power.

  • Anonymous

    want in the galaxy tab 2 (10.1 inch) , a full hd display with super amoled plus , quad core, minimum 5mp rear camera with flash , 2mp front, slim, long battery life, and not have to cost a limb

  • Sporttster

    Bought two Nook Colors for the wife and daughter for Christmas but I’m using the daughters one more than she is. I put CM7 on both and they are great! I want a more powerful one for myself, like a Galaxy 7″ or 8.9″¬† but the prices are absurd so I’m waiting for either prices to come down quite a bit or new tablets to come out that are better priced yet fast.

  • Interstellarmind

    Had the xoom for a week. It served the same functionality as my smartphone… and I’m not about to carry teo devices. When I can make phone calls with my tablet -then I’ll be first on line to get one.

    P.S. phablets count, though.

    • Anonymous

      The new Tab 7.7 international version can make phone calls :p

      US version will lose that functionality in all likely hood.

  • Rooted Tab 10.1, running TaskRom 14… Waiting on OFFICIAL CM9, or ICS update that Task can customize. Either way… Not getting another tablet until after college. Then it’ll prob b a 4G one…

  • My Transformer Prime and Dock have replaced my laptop for mobile computing. I still use my laptop at home for any intensive computing, but on the go if I need windows I just fire up Splashtop and use the prime. I love my Prime, but I will¬†definitely¬†be on the lookout for what’s coming, it¬†definitely¬†could be replaced.

  • Scott M

    Where’s the option for I already have more than one and am planning on buying another this year?

  • Jaiblevins

    Does the Galaxy Note count as a tablet?

  • Ahsan

    Where’s your spectrum review?

  • Lakerzz

    I truly enjoy my Xoom now that it has ICS…and it is just so smooth and ‘un-laggy’ with Nova Launcher. I really don’t mind the weight so much, but the ‘washed out’ screen kind of gets to me. (Not enough to look at getting a new one anytime soon)

  • Own two – Xoom (now my wifes) and the Transformer Prime (my new baby :P)

  • Eric

    Funny ”
    that silly 7‚Ä≥ thing that Samsung released in December 2010″ sold a hell of a lot more than the Xoom did.¬†

    • yeah…because that’s saying a whole lot…

      • Eric

        umm last time i checked it did. Since when u sell more u make more money.

        • Anonymous

          He’s saying the outselling the xoom doesn’t mean it sold much at all. ¬†The xoom didn’t exactly sell well.

  • Kindle Fire baby!

  • Gamecubic

    what crappy luck, mine just faceplanted into my tile floor this morning. of course we are in the middle of tablet season. and kel has this question today… and im broke.

  • Michael G

    Does a rooted Barnes & Noble Nook Color running CM count?  lol

  • Casey Garske

    Nook Color running CM7. Does everything I want a tablet to do (so far): read books and comics, run some D&D apps, play a couple of games, listen to Google Music, get email, facebookery, that sort of thing.

  • JDub

    I’m going to assume a nook rooted with a rom counts as a tablet.

  • ASUS Transformer Prime for the Win!

  • For the price, it’s just not worth it for me. Going to flash ICS on my $99 touchpad this weekend

  • Anonymous

    I am actually hoping to sell my Acer a500 Iconia Tablet if anyone is interested!

    • shdowman

      Sure thing. $100 ok?? ūüėČ

      • Anonymous

        Nope but I’ll gladly take more! =)

        • shdowman

          Ok. $125 cash. Done. ūüôā

          • Anonymous

            They are still selling brand new at Wal-Mart for $350. If you are really interested, make a serious offer.

  • richard melcher

    Im waiting to see the Official Google tablet. If its half decent ill spend up to $400 just because of the awesome development community. 

  • SD_Scott

    Use my Galaxy 10.1 everyday and still love the hell out of it…

  • Logan_jinx

    i currently own a first gen ipad and im really interested in getting an android tablet. I really like what ics has to offer but my only hang up is the lack of developef support and quality apps. Ios has been really good as far as apps are concerned and games absolutely killer. I really hope android can come out with something amazing this year

  • Anon

    I have a smartphone.

    I have a laptop.

    A tablet would be less portable than the smartphone, and less functional for me than the laptop.¬† I can’t really justify it.

    • Crazydog

      Wait til’ your laptop starts to age and you don’t want to drop $700+ on a new one. ūüėõ

      • Anon

        The things that i do on a laptop require typing. Or printing.

        I have yet to see a tablet that works well in that regard. Also, I habe no issues buying a laptop every 2-3 years and reselling the old one or passing it on to relatives.

        • Crazydog

          Bluetooth (or USB, wired or RF) keyboard and Google Cloud Print.

          Problems solved.

    • Fkntwizted

      dude I thought the same thing… till I grabbed one up… I’m on it way more than my smart phone and don’t even user my laptop anymore because of it.

      • Anonymous

        Have to agree.  I have a company laptop to do business on and I find I am now down to using it for less than 10% of my work because the tablet I have does the same thing and is even more convenient.

      • Rob

        sold my laptop after I got into the tablet world

    • Cjphil01

      Honestly the main use i get out of my tablet is reading ebooks. ¬†Between me and my wife, we’re always reading. ¬†On a touchpad with cm9, btw.

  • Drew

    I bought used wifi only Xoom for $250 the week it got updated to ICS. Could not be happier with its capabilities for the price. Gotta love Craigslist!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the “waiting to see if I really need one” option?

  • Anonymous

    How many yes yes’s?

  • Anuraj Bhatt

    My Nook Color running CM7 is kinda lagging. Waiting on that Asus Eee Pad MeMo… $250 with ICS

  • Anonymoose

    I got at Viewsonic G-Tablet from Woot last year. At the time, I think it was the most affordable Tegra 2 tablet I could find. Thanks to a devoted team of developers, I’m running ICS on a device that started off with FroYo¬†

  • Anonymous

    Posting from a HP touch pad while watching castle on the evo view

  • Jason

    Had the Prime for 3 weeks but after a multitude of issues including a perm brick at the end, I returned it rather pissed.  So needless to say I am waiting for whats coming.  If the $249 Asus lives up to the hype that shall be it for me unless something equal or better shows up.

  • Kuboo99

    I had an Asus Transformer, it was nice, but I just didn’t need a tablet. So I sold it and got myself a Galaxy Nexus. For it was a very good move.

  • Sadly, I just can’t bring myself to buy an Android tablet. ¬†The lack of games, hulu plus, hbo go, etc just makes it too unappealing. ¬†Mix that with poor quality/screens (Xoom, etc), slow or no updates (Tab, etc) and I just can’t bank on it improving. ¬†Had a Xoom, a Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a Fire – returned them all. ¬†I’ll just stick with my iPad for now and hope there are drastic improvements.

    • JT

      Sorry….I had to re-read that last part: ¬†”¬†…and I just can’t bank on it improving”. ¬†By the time you were done writing that, 5 more manufacturer’s along with 100 more developers just jumped on board. ¬†I wouldn’t worry too much about it improving considering how far Android tabs have come in such a short amount of time. ¬†

  • I did have a TFP but returned it do to a pixel bleeder with intentions to purchase another one then¬†decided¬†not to after all.

  • Anonymous

    Yes and yes the first 8 months of my Xoom pretty much sucked it worked but not how it should have for a $700 tablet,then it got 4g and now its running custom ics roms and is fully functional. At this point it is a great beginners tablet but I am looking for something super fast minimum quad core definitely lte connectivity because once you get late speeds nothing is ever good enough, an amazing screen and I am happy with the 10″ size, but I would like a little better battery life especially in stand by modes. With all that said I am going to be buying another tablet this year maybe even two if they put out the right stuff ( maybe this time they can get the pure moto/ Google experience tablet right) good luck.

  • Anonymous

    I got my brand new ASUS Transformer Prime with brand new custom scratched to hell screen thanks to my 15 mo. old… Tile Floor > Gorilla Glass….

  • Anonymous

    I bought a Notion Ink Adam. It’s okay, particularly since I’ve now got a semi-stable ICS rom on it, but I’m looking to sell it and then buy the Transformer Prime or the Iconia A700. I’ve submitted an app to the Blackberry AppWorld, so I can get a Playbook from there. I figure that if I sell both the Adam and the Playbook, I can make enough or almost enough to buy a decent Android tablet.

  • Viewsonic G-Tab. Regrettable buy that people here tried to warn me of. Got it on Woot. I would love to have a real Android tablet but probably wont buy one unless it’s ‚Č• 10”.

    Saving to buy a Tacoma and get rid of my car so don’t know if it’ll happen soon.

  • Went from Nook Color with CM7 to Acer Iconia A500 because I wanted a proper tablet with cameras and Honeycomb, but I don’t actually like the 10 inch form factor. Waiting for (hopefully) that pure Google 7″ tablet that’s supposed to be coming, but might end up with that little $250 Asus instead. The bonus is that I have less tech-inclined friends who will probably take the A500 off me for about what I’ll pay for the new one.

  • Anonymous

    i think that google and these android oem’s were confusing there success with phone thinking the same will happen in the tablet market. I’m not gonna get to in deep into this but android and its oem’s only got one more chance this year and if they can’t do it……..The only android tablet thats doing well is the only tablet that doesn’t have any of google services on it and thats the kindle fire, even though it kinda clunky software amazon gets it. These android oem’s need to stop thinking the same will work with the smartphone market, actually its not working now because everyone but sambaing is losing money

  • Anonymous

    Waiting on the Asus $250 tablet to jump in unless the display is total cramp. Returned my kindle.

    • Edwin M

      Yes, this should have been an option!

      • “Returning/ selling my current one so I can buy a new one” is an option. its listed as “yes, I already own one.” Waiting on the Asus for $250 is up there as “Waiting to see what 2012 has to offer.” which one did you miss?

        • Edwin M

          I was saying the Asus should be an option by itself. People are waiting for it to be released, not waiting for what else 2012 has to offer. People know of this and are just waiting for it to come out.

    • tjmonkey15

      This is what I’m doing too! ¬†Selling my original Transformer (TF101) in preparation to potentially buy this smaller, cheaper (faster?) tablet.

  • I bought a Toshiba Thrive for my son, and the Asus Transformer for my girlfriend. Still undecided as to what tablet i want to buy for myself.¬†

  • Gotta love my galaxy tab 10.1

  • Yes, and not looking to change it

    I have the Galaxy Tab10.1 and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone

    It’s a great tab and I don’t see myself changing it any time soon

  • I’m using a Nook Color with CM7 Stable. Which I share with my wife, and my mother-in-law plays Angry Birds on it once in a while. It’s surprisingly decent.

  • Add “HP Touchpad” option please.

    • ssjnimma

      I agree… add HP Touchpad!! ūüėõ

      • I was wondering the same…Does the HP Touchpad count as an android tablet even though it ships with a different OS.

        • Rampagedeluxe

          Are you running Android on it? Then vote yes. 

        • Anonymous

          How does the HP Touchpad count as an Android tablet when it’s a webOS tablet, though?

          That’s like saying Nokia is an ICS device because somebody out there is working on dual booting.

          • Jeff F

            If it can run Android, then it has the right to be classified as such.

          • Anonymous

            I… don’t think I can get behind that logic once you generalize it. So, as per my example, you’d consider Nokias to be Android devices?

      • Lang

        I third that…really enjoy my Cyanogen Touchpad.

        • Android Junkie

          I wouldn’t have been interested in a tablet until I was able to grab a TouchPad for $99. ¬†Now I can’t imaging living without it. ¬†I barely used it before switching to CM 7.

    • Abundis5555

      Touchpad Gang!

    • DroidOG

      Add an iPad 3 option. Quad core, LTE, 2048×1536 display, amazing battery life, best selection of tablet apps, backing of the most valuable company in the entire world. There really is no competition.

      • Jeff F

        lolz….dripping with troll bait

      • Anonymous

        Why ¬†is there only Droid stuff on DroidLife?? I had the first Xoom and I was happy, but not smooth enough. Loved my Acer 7 inch, but to small. Then iPad 2 and I enjoyed it at first but…..the restrictions and endless fun things that I like to play with were not allowed and actually prohibited. I mean simple stuff like maybe I’d like to have a different keyboard as my default keyboard for a while. I thought it was harmless and fun and my money, but noooooo bad bad dtray. You vill toe der line.
        Some apps are $6.99 and up, but I found same ones in the app market for free or $1.99. ¬†Nope, can’t do the lock-step and pay way too much for the “privilege” of making donations to the most valuable blah blah in the world.

        Now my transformer Prime was darn near Nirvana for me, Quad Core and ICS, but then I got to fondle the perfect and sexiest one of them all.  Xyboard 8.2

        To each his/her own and for my needs and desires, this is the best by far.

  • Anonymous

    I want a tablet, but it’s not really viable for me since I’ve got other priorities like a newer computer. I may be getting a Playbook if I can do Blackberry’s giveaway and that would hold me over until I get an Android tablet.

  • Does my Kindle Fire even count? I mean, I feel a little guilty about voting “yes”. ¬†Oh, how I long for Honeycomb or (better yet) ICS to be brought to the KF!

  • I used to have the Galaxy Tab, and liked it a lot, but the software was unbearable. Honeycomb was really unpolished and laggy. Not to mention the poor app selection. I’m waiting to see Google’s own tablet and as soon as developers start making apps for the tablet ecosystem.

  • LOOOOVE my HP Touchpad running CM9. i would not have one if it wasn’t for the price point of the Touchpad when it went on the firesale.

    • Android Junkie

      I’d love to try CM9 on my TouchPad, but I NEED to have Netflix working. ¬†I use it all the time. ¬†Bummer…guess I just have to wait a bit longer. ¬†Just wondering why you chose to jump on CM9 already.

  • Anonymous

    Q1: Yes.
    Q2: Yes, waiting to see what 2012 and 2013 and 2014 etc. have to offer.

    My Xoom made me a post laptop guy. At some point, I hope a Tablet makes me a post Windows guy.

    • Looking forward to this too.

    • Anonymous

      I play way too many games on a PC to be post-Windows just yet.

      • Understandable. I used to be big into PC gaming. Spent 4 years of life on WoW when it came out. I don’t know when it happened but I just don’t have time for gaming anymore. I’ve even tried to get excited about games lately but just don’t have the appeal they used to. I guess I’m getting old.

        • Anonymous

          ooh…our little Timoh is all grown up…snif, snif.. :’-]

        • Hi

          I know why you gave up pc gaming. It was either you got a life or a girlfriend or moved out of your mom’s house or became an adult or got a job or stop smoking weed or decided to get off your ass.

          • It wasn’t any of those things. When I quit playing I had a girlfriend that was playing too. I actually moved out of my dads house a week after graduating high school(long before WoW came around) and have been employed all but a month of my life since I was 16. I haven’t ever smoked weed, not that I care if anyone else does, it just never appealed to me.

            Video games are a hobby like anything else. Everyone is going to die in a short span of time(not a threat, haha. Just reality of life). It doesn’t matter what your hobby is. It wont make any difference when you’re dead.

            I have other hobbies now, and they aren’t any more or less important/impactful/meaningful/dignifying than other peoples’ hobbies. Just different.

    • I am post windows too, its called linux¬†

    • Rob

      My Xoom (that now belongs to my uncle) made me a post laptop guy too. Especially now that I have the Transformer Prime. Definitely no need for a laptop.

  • I have a Xoom, but I’m already looking for something a lot thinner, better screen, and faster…hmm Galaxy Tab 11.1″ might just do…