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DROID 4 Has Been Rooted.

Holding off from purchasing the DROID 4 because you were under the impression that it could not be rooted? Fear not, the work has been done. If you own a Windows computer, you can simply plug in your phone, download the file from below, unzip and then run it to gain root acces. Don’t forget to tick on USB Debugging though.

Download:  motofail_windows.zip


Via:  Dan Rosenberg

Cheers FAL_fan, Shurikenv and everyone else!

  • Westie

    Just got the OTA update for ICS. Can the phone still be rooted using the same method?

  • Nicolassalas19

    Does ur warranty get voided once u root ur droid?
    also wat so good about rooting your droid,wat do u gain from it?

  • Cgilm2526

    Hi, I just bought the Droid 4 and came across this website. This is all new to me. What is the reasoning of “rooting” the phone? Are there risks to it? Does this allow upgrade to ICS without an official patch for the Droid? Sorry for the questions but new to this.

  • TC Infantino

    I am very happy that a Developer has put in the time and energy to root the Droid 4.  I know that it seems to be the popular thing on this site lately to bash Motorola and their current crop of phones, but I have checked this phone out at the store and it seems like a good piece of hardware.  It seems light for a slider, but has a solid feel to it, the slide clicks solidly open and closed.  If they had come out with this phone sooner, around the same time as the Razr, Rezound and G-nex, I would have seriously considered it.  I do still like having a physical keyboard and this one is the best I have seen yet.  Most of the complaints I had about the Razr are gone from the Droid 4, and as most people here know, Motorola has some of the best speakers, build quality, and radios.  The only real drawback is that the screen doesn’t measure up to the Rezound or the Galaxy Nexus.  This is not a fail phone in the least, it is a good contender.

  • This exploit works on Droid 3, Droid Bionic (running 5.9.902), Droid Razr, and Droid 4, Just ran it on the Bionic and I have root on .902 ota. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Locked down with blur. Move along. Nothing to see here.

    • Dolphfins2000

      Its funny you say “locked down with blur” because my Droid 4 is Blur FREE. After rooting it, getting rid of all the bloatwear, putting go launcher pro ICS theme on it, not only does it run even faster then it did when it had blur but now its kinda like having ICS in my hands. Don’t hate man.

      • Anonymous

        “Kinda like having ICS in my hands…”

        …except without…you know, actually having ICS in your hands. 

        • Dolphfins2000

          The point is its just like ICS but it’s not official. Don’t be an ass.

      • PC_Tool

        “kinda like having ICS in my hands.”

        So…you’ve never heard of, seen, or used ICS I take it?

      • QtDL

        So how is installing a theme for a 3rd party launcher anything like putting a whole new OS on your phone?

      • Peter Haberl

         Wow, really guys? Calm it down. Like we haven’t all applied a theme to our phones… Let him have “Like” ICS. Its his phone.

  • Skennedy412

    I love this phone.

  • Glad to see Moto’s dev community impressing as always

  • Jslafarr

    see this thread…thats about all the support this phone will get.
    if the OG had 4G it would still be gangster even after its 3 sh*tty “upgrades”

  • KEVA

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  • Mr. Snrub

    I had no idea there was even a small overlapping segment of the people who prefer physical keyboards and people who like to root their phones.

    • Jslafarr

      what does that even mean

    • Raven

      Very odd comment.  I love physical keyboards and having a rooted phone.  Having a physical keyboard works so much nicer for sshing to remote servers as well as doing “unixy” things right on my phone.

  • Would this also work for the latest firmware update on the bionic?

    • George Davis

      Yes, it roots .902 on the Bionic.

  • confused

    Excuse my ridiculously noob question..first time ever rooting. I enable USB Debugging, plug in my USB, download the file(I use WinRar, dont need to unzip right?) then run the file name, run.bat?

    Also, what roms are out there for the Droid 4?

    • Dolphfins2000

      wow, you should seriously just stop now before your new droid 4 don’t work anymore, i mean this in the nicest way.

      no roms yet for the droid 4

      • “don’t work anymore”….?  You should just stop typing if you don’t know when to use doesn’t instead of don’t.  Jesus, I hate when people that can’t even distinguish between something as simple as that try to speak down to others.

        • Dolphfins2000

          Oh I am sorry i didn’t know that my English teacher would be grading how i talk on the internet. Guess i failed this test, oh well.

    • DwightSchrute


    • Adam Metzner

      Wow other responces are jerks! Anyway welcome to the root process. Debugging on the phone = check, then (i think you are missing this part) need the moto drivers 
      http://www.motorola.com/Support/US-EN/Support-Homepage/Software_and_Drivers/USB-and-PC-Charging-Drivers  . After you install them unzip the file provided (winrar will extract it). Then plug in your phone. i would give it a minute or 2 to let it get all set up with the PC. Then run the run.bat. 
      Here is the thread on Rootzwiki. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/17960-root-available/ If you have questions better to ask them there. Hope that helps!

      • confused

        Thank you so much!

  • And

    That’s the sound of nobody giving a crap. 

    • George Davis

      This is actually a very big deal as it also roots the Droid 3, RAZR, and Bionic on the .902 update (which previously had no root method).

    • Azndan4


  • Myersjesse77

    Has anyone tried this exploit on the bionic or any other motor phone?

    • George Davis

      Yes, it works on the Bionic (.902 update), RAZR, and Droid 3 as well.

      • Anonymous

        Pete’s Motorola Root Tools will un-root it if you need to.

      •  Thanks, I just used it to root my bionic on .902.

  • I would buy this phone over the Galaxy Nexus if it were developer friendly with unlockable bootloader and such.

    • Tony Allen

      I would ditch my Bionic for it and get it over the Nexus if it was as you said. I miss a good full QWERTY, even if some bloggers seem to think people don’t need or want them anymore. 

      • James131370

        I did ditch my Bionic for it and it’s been the best phone I’ve ever had. I’m thinking of rooting it know,but don’t know exactly how or if Verizon will be able to detect it, I want to override the lock and load in Ice-cream Sandwich ,but if I do that then I’m told I would get my later updates ,like Jellybean . Which really sucks.I wonder if anyone on here can help me and tell me what i need to know to unlock my phone, I know how to get it ready to connect to computer for programming, I stumbled across it when I was trying to reset/ restart my phone.

    • Azndan4

      You and all the other moto fanboys.  By the way, under its current leadership, Motorola will NEVER release a consumer phone with an unlockable bootloader, so keep dreaming.

      • Anonymous

        Umm…you DO realize that the Atrix, Photon, GSM RAZR and others are unlocked right?

  • That’s nice, has the bootloader been unlocked?

    Then no, Motorola, I’m not buying it.

  • Anonymous

    Motofail_Windows.zip, haha.

    • Anonymous

      I think the motofail comes from the fact that he held out a bounty before it got released and no one paid

  • Sam

    Works perfectly. Took about a minute. First order of business afterwards: download Titanium Backup and freeze the enormous amount of bloatware apps. The list is HUGE.

    EDIT: I just froze 51 items. Disgusting.

    • Dolphfins2000

      Sam, When you mean froze? You mean those apps don’t open & run now? Always not running?

      • George Davis

        With Titanium Backup you can “freeze” apps and then “defrost” them again when needed (i.e. to receive an OTA update, since most updates check for preinstalled apps and will abort if they are not present).  While frozen, the app will not run or appear in your app drawer.  I have about 40 apps frozen and it frees up a ton of RAM and helps with battery life.

      • Adam Metzner

        I can’t believe that you took the time to type something in response to some asking about the root process above and you don’t even know how Titanium works. Look in the mirror sir, and next time you type, think about when you ask noob questions and would like them answered. 

  • HAHA. Motofail xD

  • George Davis

    This exploit also works for the Bionic post-902 update.  Verified on XDA. Should also work on the Droid 3 and RAZR.

  • Motofail. LOL

  • Keith

    This will undoubtedly become old news in an hour when the Droid 5 is announced for release Monday. 

    • KEithisamoron

      omg that is such an original joke….. congrats …. i dont think anyone has said that before…. you know what everytime the droid 4 is mentioned you should say it people will laugh…..

      •  It may be a joke, but whats sad is the truth is probably not far off.

        • I disagree. It HAS been reported on this very site, that Moto themselves will be releasing less phones this year. The RAZR has been around (with no immediate replacement) since November (I don’t count the RAZR Maxx, as it’s a specialized addition, not a replacement).

          • These people don’t read, they only post. That’s why the whole deal about Motorola planning to release less flew over their heads.

    • Leobautista 91

      droid 4 maxx

      • Haywood_Jablomi

         Droid 4 Super Maxx +

        • Now with 4x the absorption of regular maxxi pa-….. wait, what?

    • Anonymous

      Oh jesus christ their is just no pleasing you fricken people huh? The Droid 3 came out last July….I think its been long enough. 

      Motorola releases a phone, everyone complains. Moto DOESNT release a phone….everyone complains. 

      What would make you happy hmm? If they released only one phone every two years? Quick question there “ZOMG MOTO COMES OUT WITH THE DROID 12 BY THE END OF MY SENTENCE!” guy, how many Motorola phones were released in 2011 for Verizon? 

      Over 9000?

      The answer is 4. Four. <5. Four fricken phones all damn year. You are flipping out over 4 phones for the entire year. 
      Droid X2, Droid 3, Droid Bionic and Droid RAZR. 

      What has Moto released phone wise since? Moar RAZR's and the D4. Yep you're totally right dude ZOMGBBQROTLMOTOFAIL!!! WE'RE ON THE DROID 35 HD MAXX 3D! NOW! 

      • Anonymous

        + 1,000,000,000

      • Butters619

        If I could like this comment more than once I could.  Thank you

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  • Love the file name.

    • Gleff49

      I’m waiting for the Droid 5….any day now.

      • Nklenchik


  • spickle

    that was quick.