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Big Google TV Announcements Coming Tomorrow

Facebook, such a great outlet for making Google announcements…errr. Anyways, the Google TV Facebook page has come forth to announce that there will be big Google TV announcements tomorrow. No other details were given and to tell you the truth, we haven’t a clue as to what we might see or hear. A new update? Something that has to do with this rumored Google home entertainment device? A new partner?

Via:  Facebook, The Verge

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  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    so i just got the 3.0 update last month. what is going to happen… i cant wait!

  • Anonymous

    Found this just now: http://goo.gl/dsxvh

    Looks like the big news is an updated youtube app and nothing more.That’s weak..

  • 来看看,收啦

  • Shane McKeever

    You sure it doesn’t concern Vizio’s new player?


  • ddevito

    it’s a new…..

    YouTube app.

  • Hogasswild

    Google TV on PS3 finally?

  • They’ve already announced it’s an updated (be it, awesome) Youtube app:

  • ddevito

    Google branded Google TV 2 based on the new hardware that floated around a while ago.

    This device will work closely with the entertainment sound system

  • Borochocho

    i hope it had to do with the release date of a google tv product. I am in the market for one and am losing my patience already with sony NSZ-GP9

  • KEVA

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  • Dshsjf

    Please be more apps and content partners! Please be more apps and content partners!

  • How about them announcing a fix for the browser crash when trying to watch flash content…

  • Kuboo99

    I just don’t get the point of google tv. Which is fine, because otherwise I might spend more money and try to get a google tv box.

    • Robhimself79

      Its really just a feature rich settop box but where other boxes reside on a separa input the Google tv is in line meaning you can call it up and have no delay. Also its pretty seemless with my cable box. I love mine and use it more than my laptop now.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Me too. I even wrote a review for mine here on DL a few weeks ago. I bought two of them.

        • OreoMan

          That was a great review btw!

      • Dennis Dow

         I agree. I just got the Logitech device and use it in the context your describe and I like it a lot. Works well out of the box, as opposed to what I expected after reading so much negative stuff. Google TV provides added content and functionality to the cable I am already paying for. What’s the big complaint?

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    • not to be a prick, but the dictionary disagrees.   

    • Anonymous


      Anyways, what were we talking about ? =P

      • Did you read the result 😉

      • Anonymous

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    • yo daddy

      who cares dumb***

  • Anonymous

    i want a google tv:D where is the best place to get one

  • Logitech

    Let me guess. It is going to be AirPlay except they will call it GoogleAir. It will suck, only work on certain phones and will have ZERO credible partners because nobody wants to lose their shirt on a total flop like Google TV. Ask Logitech and Sony how that worked out. I think it was something along the lines of “GoogleTV cost us $400 million dollars!”

    Google Wave:flop
    Google Buzz:flop
    Google Home ET System:?

    • Robhimself79

      Sony is still on board and making a new generation of hardware. Logitech screwedthemselves in marketing it and the high price. Google tv as a whole is a great idea and it works very well. I can’t wait to upgrade my box and maybe get another for my bed room.

    • LG Marvell MediaTek Samsung Sony Vizio have all signed up with google tv, it may have been slow in the start, but not anymore

    • Google+ isn’t a flop. It’s done a lot lot better than rival social networks.

      Wave was a good idea, just too soon. Too forward thinking.

      Google TV is destined to be good, Google just need to give it some oomph.

      Admittedly Google Buzz was a complete and utter flop.

      • Bobby Hill

        In what terms has it done better than its rivals? I agree that its services are superior to the likes of Facebook, but in a competing sense, even MySpace has more people using it than Google+. In fact, most people who use Google+ are either a) Google employees b) Google fan boys c) People who can’t stand Facebook or d) People who have to have a social networking account for everything. 

    • Anonymous

      Go away please.

    • Anonymous

      x2 bro!

      Google Earth
      Google Translate
      Ad Words/Sense
      Web Search

      Talk about flops… They should just give up already…

      • Hi

        Scholar is nice but it is a modified Google search. Docs suck, Google bought Grand Central(Voice), Earth, Maps, YouTube and Android. Chrome is simply a browser based on WebKit which was mainly pushed and developed by Apple. So we are left with AdSense and search as the only real “creations” by Google. Amazing track record. Search and AdSense working hand in hand generate over 90% of Google’s revenues. They are a one trick pony. Deal with it. By the way Apple just hit an all-time high of $500 per share. Most valuable corporation in the world. Deal with it. 

        • Anonymous

          Webkit was built from a previously existing open source browser… Apple no more invented it than Google did.  You neglected to mention GMail in your mini-rant, and I’m pretty sure that Google Earth, Maps, and Android had basically no presence before Google bought them, so regardless of whether they “created” them or not, they are a success because of Google.

  • Google TV integrated in to a new Motorola cable box from Comcast?  One can hope….

    • Facts

      Yeah because Cable providers have been so willing to partner with Google TV so far. Google TV was crippled by the networks and the carriers, there will be no partnerships with them. 

      • Noyfb

        the new sony box for google tv is nice, it has over 2 terabytes of tv/ movies it can record

        • troy

          Is this the long awaited Google Internet launch they announce in 2010, where they would have their own internet boxes, faster speeds, tv

  • Hemmar

    maybe ICS for the sonys?

  • Anonymous

    Oooh I can’t wait I love my Google TV

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  • Travisdodgens


    • Anonymous

      Go away please.