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Custom ROM Friday: LiquidSmooth Beta 3 For Galaxy Nexus

The Liquid series of ROMs are available for a wide assortment of devices. Thanks to a hardworking developer by the name of Liquid0624, many folks have been enjoying them for quite some time and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in development. The newest release in the the saga of Liquid is the LiquidSmooth ROM for the Galaxy Nexus.

This ROM stands out for a few reasons: it’s being hyped as one of the fastest ROMs available, is extremely light, super snappy and runs LeanKernel. The zip itself is just 92MB, which is tiny compared to some other ROMs. Google Apps are already baked right into the ROM, so that makes installation a breeze. Look below for our installation guide. 

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download zip file and place on device’s storage.
  2. Reboot into ClockworkMod and create nandroid backup.
  3. Wipe data/cache. (Required)
  4. Navigate to LiquidSmooth zip file and hit “Install.”
  5. Reboot and enjoy.

If you need any help, feel free to leave questions down below and we’ll do our best to help people out.

Via: RootzWiki

  • I am digging this Rom but can someone please share their preferred Voltage Control settings for this Rom that they have found to possibly improve battery life a little.

  • I keeep having issues with the video camera force closing if I try to use the video modifiers..ie..big eyes, squeezed head and all that.

  • Freud136

    I’ve been having some trouble with liquid on my droid x. When I try to use my camera it says that I need to connect my sd card, but I can browse the sd card totally fine. Also, many other apps that use the sd card (like spotify) don’t work either. Any suggestions?

  • CuppaCoffee8

    Question: I updated to 4.0.4 last week.  Can I just install this custom ROM with the instructions above, or do I need to revert back to 4.0.2?  Any help will be appreciated.

    • Nflcowboysfan

      I need an answer to this too.

    • Tim Swann

      So I’m no expert, but my understanding is that 4.0.4 was just radios and bootloaders. They didn’t release source for 4.0.4 yet so you should be ok, but DON’T take my word for it. Try emailing the dev

  • Sadfasf

    Team Liquid are a bunch of fake, phony peeps.  Always stealing other peeps work, moaning about giving them credit… Wouldn’t waste my time or donate them, (well maybe a POS) since all of them are…  There’s other ROMS out there, wouldn’t waste my time.. and yes, “I’m mad bro” because of the drama they caused with Droid Theory.  Shame on you biatches.  Karma is coming.

  • Sadfasf


  • Tim Swann

    is there a kernel baked into this? Can’t seem to find the answer anywhere

  • liquid0624

    Please join us on irc.freenode.net channel name #Liquid-Toro thanks 🙂

  • Oops double post ):. Sorry about that.

  • Y U NO release for GSM version ):

  • Anonymous

    How does this ROM compare to Gummy?  I like my Gummy ROM/Franco kernel combo so far, havent tried a lot of others any suggestions?

    • Tim Swann

      I came from aokp M3 using apex kernel (which OC/UV), and this thing blows it out of the water! I am on Beta 4.  It OCs to 1.42 and UCs to .23 for battery saving. It’s very snappy! I wish I could use a different launcher, but that’s about the only thing I don’t like. Solid ROM though!

  • TheRealBeesley

    If you guys like fast and stable..  this is the rom to run.  

  • David Hayden

    I love Liquid on my Droid, but I’m not using my Droid anymore. I’m not using a Galaxy Nexus either. Any chance we can keep doing multiple phones on these lists? Not everyone here is a Nexus owner.

  • I will NEVER support Liquid after his team’s foolish antics.

    • TheRealBeesley

      Oh god, get over it.  People who hold and keep grudges really show how ugly they are inside…  No one has ever given YOU a second chance?  Probably not cuz I’m betting you’re most likely perfect.

    • I must know the back story now!

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a high school drama queen that can’t let go of a grudge.

  • Kuboo99

    This is why I love the Galaxy Nexus, there is an abundance of awesome and very functional ROMs

  • Yeehaw91

    i loved liquid for my OG droid.

  • Lopezb1331

    Rom* not from

  • Lopezb1331

    Does this from have better battery life than the gummynex from or does any from have better battery?

  • I just want to know if I can change the navigation bar. I replaced the activities button with search and made long press on home the recent activities.

  • Ksupowercat13

    Pretty good rom, offers tons of customations but I got to give the rom crown to gummynex! Gummynex is just amazing

  • is it better than milestone 3?

  • EC8CH

    Love Custom Rom Friday!

  • mzimand

     Liquid is the best ROM I have found. battery life with Trinity Kernel is amazing.

  • liquid0624

    Huge thank you to droid life for doing this article as well!!!

  • liquid0624

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and expect beta 4 sometime later today 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Well if you’re gonna sit here and be all awesome about it, I’m gonna have to flash it later today then! ^.^

    • Anonymous

      No, thank you for an awesome ROM. Can’t wait to try beta 4.

    • Tim Swann

      Would love to try it out.  What is different on your ROM vs. aokp M3?

    • i installed liquidrom beta3 two days ago. i played around with it for about 10 minutes, wasnt thinking much about it at first and then reloaded my nandroid backup. 20 minutes later i was reflashing liquid. Really love it so far !!

      • aaaaand what made you reflash, exactly?

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  • ddevito


    Seriously though, Liquid ROMs are so light and fast

  • Dliuzzo110

    You guys should seriously try this. I’m a huge liquid fan for life.

  • ddevito

    I enjoyed Liquid Smooth ROMS on my OG, I will definately give this a try at some point. Anyone know which version of Android this is based on?

    • Tim Swann

      this is a really good question. I am running a kernel for 4.0.3

  • Diddy

    I have my GNex Rooted, but I haven’t ROM’d yet. What ROM is the most stable, responsive, best battery life, and adds the most functionality? I need recommendations.

    • I personally recommend either AOKP or GummyNex. To me, GummyNex seemed the most sleek. But I think they’re both equally good. To be honest, any of the popular ROMs will feel the same. Just make sure you also end up getting a custom kernel. That’s where the battery improvements will really come in.

  • so… has anyone gone from tranquilice to this? what are the differences? 

  • Just saying this is the best rom ive used, and ive tried mostly every rom available. Battery life is above normal, speed is unparalleled and the number of options/tweaks are more than most others. 
    The fact that this is considered a beta is pretty crazy. 
    And this beta was made while Liquid didnt even have the nexus (he just got one the other day) so expect big things from this puppy.  

  • Skyskioc

    I have used many of the LIQUID Roms and really like them alot. Only thing I can say is they tend to run my phone very hot ! They are fast and smooth as silk. I just downloaded this and am running this on my GNEX now. Wel will see how this one works out. Great work from LIQUID though. Oh ya thanks DL for bringing back CUSTOM ROM FRIDAY ! Keep up the great work

  • PC_Tool

    ” it’s being hyped as one of the fastest ROMs available, is extremely light, super snappy and runs LeanKernel.”

    So the dev says “it’s fast!”….and it runs someone elses kernel.

    “Google Apps are already baked right into the ROM”


    • Anonymous


    • Not all devs who make roms make their own kernel and most of them don’t use stock. And most roms don’t come preloaded with GAPPS. What’s wrong with those statements?

      • PC_Tool

        most roms don’t come preloaded with GAPPS.”


        Now ask yourself why this is.   Why did CM, for example, stop including GAPPS?

        • BC Google asked the CM team not to include Gapps for copyright reasons. I don’t think they asked anyone else. Users still flash Gapps right after they flash the ROM. Inclusion of GAPPs saves people this step..so IDK where you’re going with this.

          • Boblevel

            Copyright infringement is the argument he is making.  CM team is huge, so Google asked them not to include gapps any longer. But they could, if they chose, do the same to any developer. Hence, why most do not include them any longer. I don’t care either way, since it takes just a few more seconds to flash them separately as Google would like..

    • Mrmojr1

      Liquid is one of the best devs in the business, you can best believe he will have his on kernel …… making a banging rom with no phone its good in my book, and he now has the nexus, rom will only get better

  • Anonymous

    Is this based off of 4.0.4 Radios and boot loader? Or something else?

    • Anonymous

      roms have nothing to do with radios and bootloaders.
      but no, no custom roms will be based off of 4.0.4 until source is released.

  • Michael Forte

    Order now, and instead of one app drawer button, we’ll throw in another free!

    • QtDL

      Lol. I was wondering was that icon was all the way to the right. What is the purpose of having  2 app drawers?

      • The one on the right is for screen previews.

      • Anonymous

        it’s not 2 app drawers…the one on the right zooms out to view all your homescreens at once. notice the different icon slightly in a hex shape.

        • Michael Forte

          Ahh my bad. I just glanced quickly and that was the first thing I thought.

          • Flyinion

            It’s a Nova Launcher feature.  AOKP shows the same way when you first choose Nova for a launcher.  I got rid of it and just use the ‘old school’ hit the Home button while on the default screen to show them.

        • QtDL

           Got it. Still prob something I wouldn’t make much use of. I keep my home screen very minimalist and don’t use the other 4 screens.

          • Anonymous

            i keep 3 home screens at max, but there is a mod you can download called “homescreen pinch” or something. it does effectively the same thing with a screen gesture instead of a shortcut. 

      • Its not an app drawer button……. its a “show previews” button… 

  • CuppaCoffee

    How is the battery life with this ROM?

  • Blaudy Rodriguez

    Looks nice, but i refuse to root my GN ’till CM9 comes out !

    •  that doesnt even make sense

    • Anonymous

      CM9 Kangs are out and they are hella-stable

    • AOKP, look it up.

    • Flyinion

      That’s kind of silly.  I bought my GN the day they came out and only just now went to a custom ROM.  I was rooted and unlocked in the first week though because you can still do things like backups and restoring data from your old phone for instance so you don’t lose your angry birds progress (as an example).  Even on the stock ROM, if you root you can underclock with setCPU to gain some battery life as well.

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Really idiotic statement. 

    • What a dumb statement. CM is nice but there are tons of other great devs out there making great roms for the GNex. I feel sorry for your GNex. It hasn’t experience what real life is like yet 😀

      • Umm… yes it has. I have flashed tons of roms (currently using AOKP), but let’s be fair, stock android ice cream sandwich is quite amazing. The only real benefit to roms and custom kernels is the somewhat improved battery lifetime. Functionality-wise, hardly anything changes. 

        Also, while we’re on it, I don’t understand the worship of AOKP. I’ve tried several roms and I don’t see how it stands out from something like GummyNex. It seems like the community has rather arbitrarily picked one rom to celebrate.

    • Anonymous

      this makes zero sense. CM is ridiculously overrated. AOKP is so hot right now.

    • Anonymous

      Suit yourself, but it is your loss. Your blind commitment reminds me of someone that dates a virgin prom queen throughout high school, while ignoring her her slutty sister.

  • Tucker Nebel

    First to comment?

    • Last to matter.

      • Tucker Nebel

        u mad bro?

        • Nope, but he is correct.

        • Anonymous

          Playing out two of the oldest queer things to do. Congrats.

          • Tucker Nebel

            Queer is as queer does?

        • M1ghtysauc3

          Yes. We are so pissed we couldn’t be the first person to comment. I can’t live with myself.

          • Tucker Nebel

            I am pretty proud. This is my first time.