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WSJ: Google Acquisition of Motorola to Clear as Early as Next Week


According to “people familiar with the matter,” Google’s acquisition of Motorola could clear through the U.S. Justice Department as early as next week. Proposed back in August to the tune of $12.5 billion, we can’t wait this deal to be completed. As fans of Motorola’s hardware and haters of their bootloader policies, one can hope that Google will step int to help preserve the integrity of Android. They have said time and time again that Moto will act as its own entity, but that doesn’t mean policies can’t change to better match those of Google’s.

And aside from the software side of Android, this obviously allows Google to use Motorola’s patent portfolio at will going forward. Tech patent battles are not going to end any time soon.

Will your impressions of Motorola change once this deal finalized? Or will you need to see immediate action from Google in order to accept Moto back into your life?

Via:  WSJ

  • jack kramer

    Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

  • I’m not purchasing a Motorola device until I see a change in the bootloader policy.  I suspect Google will force this change.

  • JoeInMo

    Motorola Mobility is a money loser and I doubt Google is willing to rebuild it from the ground up.  All Google wants out of the deal are the patent rights held by Moto.  I expect the brand itself to continue by being outsourced to another manufacturer, but Moto itself will cease to exist.  

  • Anonymous

    Moto is happily already in my life

  • Anonymous

    I need to see immediate action from Google in order to accept Moto back into my life

  • Booboolala2000

    Googlerola Nexus! With ass kicking specs and a multi-carrier release day, one day before iPhone 6. Love my Gnex but like the build quality just a bit more with Motorola.

    Step two, Set Top Boxes with GTV as the OS. Make Apple TV and any other streaming piece just that, a piece.

  • I hope apple doesn’t scoop up nokia when it drops to a certain point.  Something tells me that they have a ton of patents

  • Anonymous

    : At this point.. I don’t see why we’d need a Nexus anymore. Motorola can now have unlocked bootloaders (carriers will have no choice but to accept) and they can be pure Android. No more Blur. So in theory, wouldn’t all future Moto devices be considered “Nexus-like”?

    Too much change too fast, I’m sure.. but eventually right?

    • Booboolala2000

      How about this theory? The Gnex is the last phone labled a Nexus. This way Googlerola could build non-skinned Android phones. They might even incorporate the good parts of Blur. This way they don’t need to play favorites by choosing Motorola over other manufacturers. The other guys would still do what the do to make their choice unique. This way everybody gets what they want.

  • GCurry

    The OG Droid was the most finished Android phone, as product offering, I’ve ever owned.   High quality, manufacturing uniformity, operated to spec, product set complete at launch.   Google owning will only make it better, IMHO.

  • Marvin de Pano

    The New Motorola Droid Nexus… coming to a store near you!

  • Kinchas

    Google may not change anything at Moto….but bet what’s there will get better.   And isn’t interesting that there was a report yesterday….that Apple and MS would like to play nice and be fair in licensing patents.  Don’t suppose a couple unfavorable court decisions against them…and Google taking control on Moto patent pool….had anything to do with that.

  • Anonymous

    Combining the best software (stock Android) and hardware (Motorola) will result in some amazing devices!

  • If I were to summarise this article and its comments in a short form, it would be:

    ITT: hopeful Google fanboys.

    • TC Infantino

      Well…Yeah.  What were you expecting?

  • Anonymous

    Google is not going to change anything at Moto sadly. 

    They’ve said 100x they aren’t going to alter their current business model.  

    • Anonymous

      Well simply put… if they don’t change their bootloader policy I will not go back to Motorola.

      I bet Google will adapt if they see nobody wants their phones . If not they could always scrap the phone business and keep the patents in a drawer.

      I’m sure they want to improve things a little. They spent a lot of money for a few patents and a third rate phone manufacturer.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I agree that Google should take the reins at Moto and completely revamp their phone division, I just don’t believe they will.

        I think Google could really make Motorola the top dog in smart phones if they wanted to, but I have to assume they value their partnerships with the other manufacturers too much to start putting their hand in the cookie jar as well.

        If Google/Moto started pushing our Nexus devices with some fresh designs, they would really catch the eye of the public.  People still believe in motorola’s hardware, but their aesthetic designs and poor business choices as of late have put their followers off quite a bit.

    • TC Infantino

      Eh, not so sure about that.  Google seems to listen to their customers more than Moto does, and I am willing to bet that unlockable bootloaders will be one of the first changes that happens.  Other than that I think Moto makes some excellent phones.

  • Ae4365

    I will need see immediate changes like unlocking bootloaders .

  • Pmagent2013

    I’ve always been a moto fan so I am very excited for this

  • Sporttster

    First thing that should definately be done is fire whoever is responsible for the locked bootloader fiasco, or at least seriously demote them, and then change that pronto. Moto’s future is at stake and their reputation.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really hoping Google puts its footprint on Moto in a fairly dramatic way, but I’m guessing it’ll be a year or two before we see the influence.

  • Mark B.

    While I hope Google helps Moto; I hope that Google also recognizes what Moto has done right with Android.  The Voice Dialer App on the Galaxy Nexus is widely panned.  Moto’s use of Nuance Voice Commands stands as one of the only out-of-the-box completely handsfree voice commands setups.

  • Azndan4

    Motorola has weak hardware. Low resolution screens. Outdated processors. Volume button was defective on my bionic. Had a defective screen on my droid x. Its going to take a lot for me to buy another Motorola device.

    • Anonymous

      Moto’s usually ahead of the curve on processors. It’s their screen quality and cameras that have lagged behind.

  • Taylor Steele

    Step One: Fire Sanjay, Unlock Bootloaders.
    Step Two: ???
    Step Three: Profit!!

    • Anonymous

      Step Two: Make a Motorola Nexus that kicks a$$

      • Anonymous

         Covering all basis just bring the Google Eco-System to Moto and that will take care of steps 1,2,3 and 4 🙂

      • Noyfb

        Release the Kraken

  • Kris Brandt

    If we get a Motorola Nexus because of this, I’d be happy.  Motorola hardware is top notch.

  • Anonymous

    The next headline I want to see is that Sanjay Jha is looking for a job.

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    • Boblevel


  • Splicer78

    All bootloaders unlocked going forward=me liking Moto sgain

  • Anonymous

    Perfect hardware + perfect software = one can only dream.  

    • Anonymous

      When you post, I dream of perfect coffee. Sorry, I am sure you get tired of that.

  • Heres hoping the next Nexus will be a Moto Nexus

    • Michael Forte

      I’d love that. My only real problem with the Galaxy Nexus is the sub par radios. Motorola clearly knows what they’re doing in that department, on top of solid hardware. Let’s hope they start using some better screens though.

      • Kinchas

        Problem looks like Samsung controls the best screens available….

        • Nick

          Google should make a moto nexus with a samsung screen, and have Duarte design the thing. Pure win.

          • Anonymous

            and get some ROM features implemented in stock so we dont have to root to get them!

    • HeLLo

      Maybe and maybe not.What do you think other OEMs would say if Google selected Moto to make the next Nexus?.They would take that as favoritism towards Moto.They should let more time pass before choosing Moto for the next Nexus but they should start making changes to Moto phones ASAP.Either way I would love to see a Moto Nexus in the near or far future.

      • Anonymous

        Well it is Google’s company now and they can do whatever they want to crush the competition LOL

        I see your point though 🙂

  • m

    Goog-rola! …. i hope they stop MS and APPLE from being patent trolls.

  • Even if they don’t lift the locked bootloader maybe they will put a google spin on blur 

  • Galen Sheridan

    Pentile must die, at least Moto’s implementation of it.

  • EC8CH

    Good to see Google’s Nexus hardware choices didn’t slow this down as well 😛

  • Michael Forte

    Let’s hope Google does something good with Moto, like I dunno…UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADERS!