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Thursday Poll: First OEM to Push a Skinned Ice Cream Sandwich Update to a Phone?

HTC announced this morning via Facebook that they plan to push their first Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Sensation towards the end of March with the Rezound following some time thereafter. Motorola has guaranteed that it will come to the RAZR and Bionic sometime soon. LG talked about it for the Spectrum during CES. And Samsung already has builds in the works for the Galaxy SII. But who will get it out first? Over the last couple of years each of these manufacturers has heard the criticism from Android enthusiasts when it comes to the timeliness of their updates, so we would love to see where your mind sits now. Can Moto beat others to the punch or will someone like LG scoop everyone?

First OEM to Push a Skinned Ice Cream Sandwich Update to a Phone?

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  • Anonymous

    It has to be Samsung. There have been many leaks of Touchwiz-infested ICS builds for the Galaxy S II. Very little has been seen from HTC’s (non)Sense ICS. I have yet to see anything from Moto so I’m surprised by the results of this poll. Google’s acquisition hasn’t been finalized yet, and all I remember seeing from Motorola was whining about the Galaxy Nexus hardware architecture and how it has made it harder on other manufacturers to get their skins into ICS. Oh and inb4 Xoom posts. The Xoom has ICS now but it isn’t skinned (read, it’s a good ICS experience), so it doesn’t apply to this poll.

  • Aran Miller

    I love how all 3 Nexus devices are in this picture. I <3 Nexus

  • You people are seriously voting for Moto? The biggest fail in the history of promises? When have they ever delivered a promise by a specific date?

    Obviously you’ve never had a Moto device.

    • Alexander Garcia

      They already have on the RAZR and Maxx. Still working out the kinks though. Very lightly skinned so far.

      • Sporttster

        They already have what? There’s no ICS and this is what this poll is about….We’re not talking about Developers here. We’re talking manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

    Why post a poll you know is gonna piss people off? LOL

  • I’d say odds on Motorola as well due to their Google ownership and direct access to their resources.

  • Marcus Schoen

    Moto would certainly have to work the fastest of all others because of WebTop, Motocast, and other special Motophone features. WebTop alone would take the longest.

  • Rodd

    it appears HTC is the first..

  • Boblevel

    Samsung should fire the TouchWiz employees and make all their future phones run stock ICS. Great way to ‘differentiate’ from the other OEM’s..

  • Anonymous

    I think Motorola will have theirs out first, just by history alone and I also hopeful my Droid Bionic will be ones that come out. 🙂

  • Jim McClain

    well samsung has till the end of the month to update and fix my gnex or im going to verizon and raise hell till they trade it out for a razor maxx

  • Fletcher Russell

    Samsung will be first, but they will then take the update offline after a few days due to a bug

  • Jslafarr

    That most def is a white gnex. Ics is cool. I like it. I think its funny how excited people are to see ICS on their devices. those people complaining about not having ics or the updates when they could have easily had it buy..buying the better phone.. deserve what they have. Lol gingerbread.

    +1 to no rezound in that pic but instead two gnex s. Nice

    • Jim McClain

      dude I have a nexus and it isnt the better phone

  • Socofootball67

    Just got update for DROID razor Max 2.3.6… is this just a bug fixer??

  • Anonymous

    how about android 4.04 for us non-rooted users?!

    • Tim242

      How about root, or be patient. FYI, 4.0.4 doesn’t do much. I went back to AOKP.

      • AOKP M3 with 4.0.4 radios has been awesome for me. I don’t know if it’s in my head but battery life seems better with the new radios.

  • TC Infantino

    What?  There’s no Rezound in that pic?  That hurts.  😛

  • I want ics on my bionic and xoom 4g! 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so we all know:

    1. LG ain’t going to be the first to push anything
    2. Samsung already knows how to do it right (G-Nex)
    3. Motorola will be bought out by Google next week

    Which leaves us to number 4…and since we have already seen clips of HTC’s Sensed version of ICS on the web, and HTC has promised ICS updates to the Sensation in March, I think this is pretty much a non-discussion.

    Here we go Ice Cream Sensewhich…

    • Shawn K

      Samsung was not behind the ICS on the G-Nex, Google was, Samsung might have been looking over a shoulder or two. 

  • So glad I held out for Galaxy Nexus and ICS

    • angermeans

      I second that

  • If history repeats itself it will be HTC or Moto. Although Samsung’s flagships usually run latest os, they are always the last, if ever, to actually update their phones.

  • Anonymous

    motorola doesnt even have a working version of ICS on the LTE Xoom yet. its a developer device officially supported by the AOSP. theres no way they manage to get a version of ICS on a different device any time soon. if they do, im going to be slightly pissed at either motorola or verizon… not sure who is screwing the update process. i think the GS2 international version will get it first, then ATT (same basic phone), then sprint (same processor, only a few changes), then probably the photon and atrix2, since the processor is quite similar to the galaxy nexus. 

    • angermeans

      My money is on Motorola, but then again I will always blame them as they are usually the culprit.

      • Anonymous

        I would guess so, but the wifi xoom has ics, so im not sure…

    • Marcus Schoen

      There are different coding for CDMA devices, which is why the CDMA Nexus isnt supported anymore, just like the Nexus S 4G

      • Anonymous

        CDMA devices arent supported because the radio drivers are owned by the carriers. the processor is still fully supported, and is what is difficult to write for. developers have made ICS with LTE and CDMA for the xoom, so i feel like it wouldnt be difficult to people with access to the source of those drivers to do it.

    • Alexander Garcia

      They already have on the RAZR and Maxx. Still working out the kinks though. Very lightly skinned so far.

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    • Evileclipse


    • Anonymous

      Tell me more about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Sporttster

    ‘Motorola has said it will come soon’….yea, just like the unlocked bootloader,huh….HTC will be first.

  • Anonymous

    What I would really like to see is my Nexus S 4G getting ICS. The fact that it still does not have it is beyond pissing me off.

  • Johnnilsson1987

    that white gnex looks so good

    • angermeans

      I dont think thats a Gnex I think it is a white Galaxy S, but could be wrong. They look a whole lot alike I never thought they did until this kid in my college class had the phone and we compaired them

      • Staticx57

        nexus s?

        • Anonymous

          Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • Anonymous

    Motorola will end up being first with the Razr/Maxx and Bionic simply because half the optimization work is done for them in that it’s an OMAP4/SGX540 system that ICS was built for. Everyone else has to make pretty significant hardware adaptations on top of their skins, especially HTC whose Snapdragon isn’t even an A9 and many phones are single core.

  • Kuboo99

    I voted Moto, but it seems to be quite close, at least for Moto and HTC. I really don’t know about LG 😛

  • Deltaechoe

    Lol i see my phone up there (gnexus)

    • Kuboo99

       I see my current and my past phone up there.

      • Evileclipse

        I see all the phones Ive had and all the phones I want up there!

  • Anonymous

    I think they should do a real skin. Kind of like the Kindle fire. Screw blur, sense and touchwiz. Make something fresh using ICS. 

  • Bionic

    I read a rumor that the bionic, razr, razr maxx, ICS will be all on the same day

    • Anonymous

      RAZR and Maxx will be on the same day for sure since they use identical software. I do hope Moto doesn’t leave the Bionic out in the cold.

  • Angelrod111

    Samsung!?  WTF is everyone smoking!?  History tells me Motorola will be first and Samsung will be last and Sony will be never!

    • Blood

      When has Sony released an android phone?

      • JDub

        Did you really just write that. A little Google goes a long way. Sonhas several Android devices including the Xperia Play on Verizon.

        • Anonymous

          Technically he’s right. Sony, by itself, had yet to release an Android phone (but they will soon since they bought out Ericsson). Only Sony Ericsson has made Android phones.

      • Angelrod111
    • Anonymous

      This is retarded! Moto + ICS = struggling. Samsung already has a working device out, all they have to do is slap a skin on it for another device. That doesnt seem to far-fetched. Get over your sammy crush and think logically.

      • Angelrod111

        Right like they updated the galaxy s line right after releasing the Nexus S?  NO…they were still the last to update their phones, regardless if they already had an identical phone running Gingerbread!

    • Anonymous

      Samsung is very quick to update outside of the US, so I guess it depends on which market you’re looking at.

  • Anonymous

    One word why I think Moto won’t be first: Webtop. They may get the base ROM done the quickest, but integrating Webtop is going to slow them down. Also, the way they handle internal storage will slow things down too. ICS is a big shift and Moto uses internal storage in an atypical way in that it tries to store what would normally go on the SD card on the internal storage. That’s not likely to be an incredible easy transition.

    I’m hesitant to hedge my bets on HTC because of just how much there is to Sense. My bet goes to Samsung for the SGSII or debuting with the SGSII+, but nothing for U. S. phones in the near future. There’s not a lot of TouchWiz that is off limits to change like Sense and for the most part Samsung’s ROMs are pretty straightforward Android with no particularly unique engineering challenges like Moto may have. Plus, it’s in Samsung’s best interest to beat everyone out of the gate and don’t forget they hired Cyanogen.

  • Anonymous


  • Alexander Garcia

    Moto! Hands down! They’ve been super timely with their updates lately!

  • Anonymous

    Sony Ericsson

  • Emily

    503 people that just bought RAZRs and Bionics are day-dreaming.

    • Tim242

      I bought the Nexus. I believe Moto will be first. I have no reason to daydream

    • Anonymous

      503 people and counting are more in the know than you are.

  • Anon

     I don’t have an issue with skins –as long as the vendor makes it possible to uninstall it.

    Why not make Blur/Sense/TouchWiz/etc. removable so we can all choose for ourselves?  You (phone vendor) get to customize your phone and differentiate it still.  We (phone owners) get the chance to choose whether we like your skin, or would prefer to uninstall it.  Simple.

    • Anonymous

      : It would be cool to at least see versions of skins be upgradeable as well. Blur has come far and while I still won’t own a Blur device, it’s not horrible anymore. I feel bad for Moto owners pre-Razr.

    • Anonymous

      Dell did this with their “Stage UI.” It was really just a homescreen with preinstalled, Dell widgets. Install ADW/GO/LP/Zeam/etc., and you’re on stock Android, baby. Great idea; too bad Dell f’d up everything else (hardware, release schedule, support, etc.).

  • We will see.  I voted for Motorola but wondering if this will be true.

  • wow, you sure have alot of phones!


    they all said it would be q1 but we’ll see.. i love my nexus so  🙂 can’t wait for 4.0.5. Also.. wouldn’t it be awesome if the original droid got ics? 🙂 lolz. i would laugh.. would be cool though. 

  • Well, I don’t know if it’s skinned but the first Manu to do it will be Sony, I think. They’re the dark horse.

  • Michael Forte

    Every time you take one of these pics showing off all your phones it makes me just a little bit jealous 😛

    • Chimera

      Poor OG… pushed all the way to the back, blurry, and half way out of frame.

    • angermeans

      I know it, right?

    • Did anyone else notice the white G-Nex? How did he get that so soon?

      • EC8CH

        That’s a Nexus S bro 😉

        • Just realized that as you posted it.

  • Meister_Li

    After seeing the recent leak of ICS on the EU Sensation, I’m pretty sure that thing will be first.

  • EC8CH

    Who cares who’s first… they’ll all look like $h!t.


    • Michael Forte

      I agree, ICS is so refreshing and beautiful stock. Older versions of Android were kind of lackluster in looks and skins helped then, but they just aren’t needed anymore. Android is finally at the point where I would be just fine without running any themes on ICS.

    • No kidding.  Since getting my Nexus, no other phone even matters anymore.  None of them are even worth considering.

      • Q

        I like this post.

      • AdamTrueloveISrealDUMB

        [email protected]:disqus  WTF???
         and how do you consider the nexus:

        pathetic camera?
        pathetic gpu ?
        pathetic external speakers?
        dim and pentile screen?

        how could NO other phone matter?
        think before writing a stupid post like this or is it that your just easily impressed and easy to satisfy?

        • Azndan4

          Pathetic gpu? Have you ever used a nexus before? Pathetic speakers? This phone is a million times louder than my droid x was. Dim and pentile screen? As compared to what, the razor? Show me a phone that has a resolution this high and colors that look this good. The only phone that comes close is the rezound, and that has an outdated CPU. Why don’t you educate yourself before attacking others?

          • Calm The F*** Down

            Why can’t we all be friends, why do we have to keep getting in these arguments between each other. This is what Apple wants, us to fight among are-selves. You like one phone he likes the other, deal with it your not going to convince each other to get a different phone. Why do we have to go through these discussions every time.

          • angermeans

            I am pretty sure Apple can care less about Android users getting is a specs pissing contest with each other. Just sayin

          • Anonymous
        • Anonymous


          • Shawn K

            Might have been, if he’d been able to validate any of his points.

          • Anonymous

            But claiming that all skins look like “$hit” as EC8CH so eloquently stated is a validated point?  No.

          • EC8CH

            You’re right.

            Blur looks like $h!t
            Sense looks like Poopy Doo Doo
            & TouchWiz looks more like a urine stain on an old sofa.

          • Shawn K

            [email protected]:disqus 

          • Anonymous

            I liked your comment for the analogies (toilet humour ftw!), but Blur on the RAZR is actually an improvement to stock GB. True story.

          • Anonymous

            Yes it is, but no one else would ever admit this

        • angermeans

          For me (and it sounds like Adam) a GED device is the only phone to consider. You give me another phone (and maybe make a real name and not hide behind the ignorant one you have now) and I’ll give you even more problems. 

          -Pathetic camera (according to you): It is actually not that bad, but lets face it its a mobile phone camera and none of them are great. For what it is is not bad. It is by far the fastest camera out and unless your going to blow your mobile photos up to the size of posters you wont see a diff between a 5 and 8 mp camera so dont buy into marketing my friend. 
          – Pathetic GPU: how in all hell is it a pathetic GPU? It is a Power VR SGX540 which is hardly a slouch. The only GPUs better right now is the Mali-400 (Exynos) and the Apple A5. There is not a game out there that the Galaxy Nexus doesnt play (your kind of making a bug deal out of nothing, but hey we are geeks so I will give you that but I care about real world usage)
          – Pathetic External Speakers: This I will agree, but the speakers arent pathetic the governer put on the phone is too low so dont blame it on the speaker as they actually sound pretty good. 
          -dim and pentile screen: This is where I laugh. You oviously have not used or owned the Gal Nexus as the screen on this phone is by far the best looking screen on any mobile device. You saying that it is dim is not telling the truth. Yes, the auto brightness does tend to be a little low, but that is a very easy fix. Pentile on an HD screen with almost 320 ppi is a complete non factor, and I mean a complete non factor. This is a great screen and I think the best part of the phone. 

          I could sit here and write three times the advantages of this phone compared to what you call problems. You may buy into the constant spec pissing contest by OEMs this day in age, but I care about having an open and non buggy device and every skin on the market completely brings down Android. Now i dont know what your phone of choice is, but unless it is the iPhone 4s then I promise that the Galaxy Nexus beats it in every spec. I cant imagine what device you may have cause to complain  of the screen on the Galaxy Nexus is a little ridiculous. If you have the GSII then it is not even close a 480×800 screen on a 4.6+ inch screen is sorry. The AMOLED on the Pentile qHD on the Razr is garbage. The only phone I can think that competes with the Galaxy Nexus is the Rezound and I have it in my family and it is a great screen, but the Super AMOLED is a better display. 

          I think whAT Adam was saying is he like most of us are sick of being jerked around by OEMs. The Galaxy Nexus far out weighs any phone on the market and in my opinion I wont consider another device no matter the specs and Vanilla Android is probably the best selling feature of this phone. Not to mention a Nexii device has by far the best dev community. To me I wont buy another skinned device as Blur is buggy and ugly, Sense is bloated to the point of no return and TouchWiz is the worst lookin Skin on the market and they all are responsible for keeping the phones from being updated. To me I want what Android is supposed to be and what OEMs are selling is not the experience of Android. 

          • Butters619

            He really failed at pointing out flaws lol.  I would have gone with lackluster radios. And no matter what anybody says the camera is lacking in comparison to most recent phones.  I know it’s just a phone camera, but it definitely could have been better.  I felt the camera on my ATRIX did better.

            And people always say “eww but it’s pentile” but when you pick up a G-Nex the screen does look gorgeous. Especially with that edge to edge glass and sexy buttonless face.

            It’s a great phone, and the phone for many, but in no way is it the perfect phone or the only phone.

          • I agree with that. I think the people saying it’s the best phone ever are just as annoying as the ones fabricating “facts” about how terrible it is.

            The Camera isn’t the greatest. I have found though that a third party camera app(most if not all) clean up the images a lot. That’s not saying the only cause of the camera quality issue is the ICS software, but it does make it look worse than it should.

            It’s really not a terrible camera. It’s just average, which is what I’ve been saying the whole time.

          • EC8CH

            Exactly…. it’s just the best phone for someone wanting stock android right now.

        • Jeff F

          You could have probably pointed out specific reasons backing your irrational claims, but that would have to mean there are actually reasons outside of you just being an idiot.

          But thanks for sharing :p

        • Balls

          the camera is amazing for a phone, i dont expect a professional camera

          i expect something to snap photos quickly and look decent on the phones screen

          the gpu is still one of the best in mobile industry, do a little reading other than droid life please

          the external speaker isnt that loud, but for me personally i dont use it really

          form your own opinion on the screen yourself because i believe you just needed to add another reason to hate on the phone, i really enjoy it

    • shdowman

      Statement of the year..

  • Anonymous

    Who already has a leaked skinned version?  That would be your answer.

    They leak them on purpose….

    • Jason Purp


      • Hans

         the HTC leak for the rezound looks nearly finished and people have alreayd made roms out of them..  I would bet on HTC finishing first.  Touchwiz ICS had a leak too, but it was not super useable from what I had read.

        • Anonymous

          And there was a leak for the RAZR…seems like they have leaks then. So I don’t think you can judge it by that then.

          • Evileclipse

            Well don’t forget that HTC had a perfectly usable gb rom leaked for the inc1 almost six months before it finally hit ota. Don’t let that be your final judgement!

  • Tim242

    Moto was the first to update to GB. I believe they will be the first to ICS, on the Razr lineup.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung will be. It won’t be here in the states because carriers slow everything down but they will release it first to the sgs2

  • Lmrojas

    Samsung has had the ICS source for months. They better update their line up first.

  • I am also surprised Moto is taking the lead. HTC and Samsung are the first two that come to my mind.

    • Anonymous

      There was a story on here not that long ago where it was shown that Motorola upgrades faster than any other OEM in the States. The global market is another matter (I think Samsung has the global crown, but I’m not certain).

  • Stephen D

    How is Moto winning? They’re awful.

    It would definitely be Samsung. The only other manufacturer that even has a chance is HTC, and I bet Samsung will beat them to it on the international Galaxy S2. 

    • Lmrojas

      Becauae Motorola updated their phones to GB first here in the states

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Because their skin has become the easiest to port. Sense has their whole “HTC” thing going on. Sammys touch whiz is kinda a nightmare “code wise” but blur. Blur has remarkably gotten better. Don’t confuse better with good, it is just better. Anyone who has used a RAZR can tell you blur has become more about Widgets and icons than anything else. In other words, don’t like them, remove them. Now try and remove that circle thing on the bottom of an HTC device, no bueno. Motorola should be first because it is simply easier to adapt.

      • Anonymous

        It’s funny because a lot of Blur’s look and feel is a lot like ICS, but less awesome. I think what will slow Moto down will be Webtop. I wish they would put out a voluntary update without Webtop until the Webtop one is ready. Why is it fair for the people who don’t use Webtop to wait for it to be fully baked in?

    • Sk102704

      Because of history. Moto has typically updated their phones the fastest. Their phones were amongst the first to get froyo too.

    • Anonymous

      It won’t be samsung for sure. It took them a year to update the Fascinate to gingerbread. Samsung is terrible with updates, as usual. Matter of fact, every Samsung product I’ve owned that was firmware upgradable has been horrible with updates. If they’re not slow to release they’re buggy as hell. My vote is Moto, but HTC could sneak one out. It all depends on how in depth they make the skin really.

      • Anonymous

        *It won’t be Samsung in the US for sure.

        ftfy. Samsung is actually quite good at updates outside of the US.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I think the international Galaxy SII will get it first.

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