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Netflix Updated – Facebook Sharing For Non-US Users, Software Volume Controls Added For Tablet Users

The ever-so-popular Netflix for Android application has been updated, bringing a few neat new features for everyone’s enjoyment. We had been hoping it was the “HD for everyone” update, but alas, we must still be patient for that.

Non-US users (sorry, folks) can now share shows and movies with their Facebook friends. For tablet users, they now have the ability to control the app’s volume with software controls instead of using the hardware buttons and there is also improved audio/video syncing across the board for all devices. Solid update for a solid application.

Full Changelog:

  • Added Facebook sharing for Android phones and tablets in Latin America, Canada, the UK and Ireland
  • Added software volume controls for tablet users
  • Improved audio/video syncing for tablets and phones
  • Resolved split picture and flickering issues on select tablets

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  • FortitudineVincimus

    Jesus.. ENOUGH with all of the social media bullsh**

    Why the f*** does every app maker think I want apps that have to have some stupid a$$ social media tie in

    I pray to God, literally, that all of this social media BS will come crashing down hard.. a social media backlash

    • Sporttster

      I’d agree with this. Why do I need to share with friends? There are many things I DON’T want shared with them over what I DO. Definately is beginning to intrude on privacy issues. ‘HEY EVERYONE! My wife and I JUST had sex!’…is it going to get to this??

    • EC8CH

      you should start a Facebook Page about that.

    • Why so angry bro?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Anger does not begin to describe my disdain for social media. Apocalyptic hatred might be better.

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  • A few weeks ago, Netflix all the sudden stopped working on my Razr. Displayed a (“can’t connect to the Netflix servers. Error 1009”) Called Netflix: they said the normal fix is uninstall and reinstall the app.  Well, it’s preinstalled on the Razr so no good there.  Netflix rep says “call Motorola”.  Called Motorola and their rep said I’m going to have to call an upper-level tech support line.  I haven’t done it yet, but was hoping this update maybe fixed that.  Nope, still same damn error.

    • Harryeballs1234

      I had the exact same error. Only solution was to do a factory reset. Good news is that you can restore your TI backup including system apps and data and the problem won’t return.

      •  I’ve already applied the new update, so unless a new root exploit is found, I’m going to have to apply an older version and then do the Voodoo process.  At least there’s that handy toolbox application now.

  • Anonymous

    Still no HD support on Galaxy Nexus?

    I may be the minority here, but I do use the HDMI out function of my phone when I go visit my parents and want to watch a movie

    • I’m with you, Netflix looks horrible on the Galaxy Nexus.  Discoloration and no HD.  Would rather watch HD Youtube.

  • S Turley

    This is a great update for users of Kindle Fire…no more having to hit the settings menu to change the volume!  A simple tap on the screen and the volume slider is right there!

    • EC8CH

      Kindle Fire users also recently got more selection if they are Prime members on Amazon’s Video on Demand.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the unlockable bootloader bro?!

    For real though they need a brightness exception in settings or permissions for people that keep their phones at the lowest brightness.

  • EC8CH

    Sweet, I live in the US and use neither Facebook nor Netflix… so I’m all set 😛

    • You don’t use Netflix? Blasphemy!!!!!111!111

      • EC8CH

        Did for the longest time, but I cut ’em loose when they split off their streaming plans and jacked their prices.

        I got Amazon Prime for half price ($40/year) selection went from bad (Netflix streaming) to worse (Amazon Prime) but the price was more inline for what I use it for currently.

        • OreoMan

          How are we going to do our Space Odyssey skit if you don’t have Netflix? That’s it, I quit!

          • EC8CH

            HA! Good Times.

            No worries though… Amazon Prime has 2001… in HD no less 😉

          • OreoMan

            Well then, the show must go on……

    • Rccrod

      you don’t have a facebook? stop trying to be “different” lol

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone feels the need to be nosey.

        • EC8CH

          or feel nosed 😉

  • Michael Forte

    Is scrolling still laggy for tablets? I guess I can check when I get home on my Xoom…

    • Anonymous


      • EC8CH

        Dave Hester… is that you?

        • Anonymous

          Nooooooope. Just Chuck Testa.

          • EC8CH

            Why do you not taxidermize pet Chuck?

          • Anonymous

            haha, too creepy?