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Tip: If Your DROID RAZR MAXX Freezes Up, This Trick Will Save You

We actually wrote this tip up when the original RAZR was released, but we would hate for RAZR MAXX owners to find themselves without a trick to get out of a similar bind. Since neither phone has a removable battery, you are unable to do what we call a “battery pull” to reboot your phone if it were to lock up. On normal Android phones, popping your battery in and out can be a life saver, but for the RAZRs, we have to go with what’s available to reboot. That would be the physical buttons that are attached to the outside.

So if you are ever in a situation where your phone is unresponsive and you cannot get it to turn off, this is what you should do:

Press and hold Volume Down + Power for 10-15 seconds until your powers itself off.

Once your phone is off, power it back on using the Power switch and get back to enjoying Android.

*H/T to my Mom who had a RAZR freeze up this morning and found our original tip.

  • MichaelG

    Thanks much. Next time, I will remember this simple reboot trick

  • vic

    yayyyyy thanks!!!! this worked!! whooo scared for a sec there :]

  • mommathuma

    Thank u so much for the tip about the razr maxx freezing up. I would have never figured that out #life/phonesaver 😛

  • shai

    This works than you

  • vanslooten

    Thank you soo much for putting this tip out there….i was freaking out bc my droid froze only had for a week! Phew fix it tho!!! thanks again


    I returned by Nexus… the battery was horrible. My Razr Maxx has been awesome so far.

  • cjnwhite

    Thank you! I was on hold with Verizon when I looked up the problem and found this post! My power button was completely unresponsive, so I couldn’t even turn my phone off, or manually put it in “sleep mode” by pressing it.

    I am now OFF the phone and enjoying my phone again thanks to this post! Whew!

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Hello,
    Droid Razr frozen and non-responsive…
    Tried the following:
    Press and hold Volume Down + Power for 10-15 seconds until your powers itself off.
    –>Once your phone is off, power it back on using the Power switch and get back to enjoying Android.
    Nothing happenend, no results. Any other tips or suggestions?
    Thank you!

  • This tip just saved me. THANK YOU for making the effort to make this available to everyone.

  • Lambo

    The nexus licks my balls .

    I love the razr maxx so far. Does the nexus have a few nice features … I suppose … to each their own. I’ve watched people buy what was the next en vogue thing time after time again, smart phones and “dumb” phones alike – LG, Samsung, bla bla bla… maybe they made some good devices, maybe not. Motorola has always been a quality performer in my experience, so my experience is what I’ll rely on. Dedication to company that has served you well – imagine that!? I abuse my phones pretty good, and the motorola keeps on ticking. Some days I miss my old startac *sniff*, ooooh the memories.

  • CJ

    My phone froze up last night and shut itself off…..now it won’t turn on. I tried holding the power button and lower volume button at the same, but it still won’t turn on. Can anyone help please????

  • NJH

    Life saver! haha I was googling this issue with one hand while holding power button on
    my locked up razer on the other XD

  • SupaDave


  • chuck 2554

    thanks worked great, I did not need to call anyone.

  • Tom

    You are a life saver!

  • Brendan Mirque

    Worked like a charm, thanks! As for the comments degrading to a grade school level, well, ahem, sorry I can’t stay. Bye!

  • Bert

    Amazing what you find on the internet. That tip worked perfectly. Thanks.

  • Kathysauer

    Thanks! I was starting to get frustrated, since we can’t remove the battery!

  • Mark

    Excellent! Worked great! Thanks!

  • Emisart

    Thank you, huge time saver. exactly what I was looking for.

  • This was awesome…It worked perfectly. Thanks.

  • Anita

    Thank you soooooo much my husbands froze right up…and now it’s working again. Thank God for internet!!!!!

  • merridy

    YAY!!! thanks so much

  • thank you so much for posting this tip…mine did this a short time ago and saved me a trip to the Verizon store!

  • Rick

    Thanks for the tip! I was used to pulling the battery on my Blackberry and was stuck with a frozen Droid Razr Maxx. Thanks again!

  • Anonymous

    You literally saved my life with this. Well, figuratively….but you saved a ton of other people’s lives from my rage without my phone. Thanks a ton!

  • Skroatikus

    Worked like a champ!! Thanks a lot!!

  • RazarusMaxximus

    I love my Razr Maxx but I run it thru a very rigorous day. I am the guy that is always in the right place at the right time to take that amazing video or picture. No other phone could do the thing I needed. I can shoot full videos and send them to youtube, play them on my 42″ tv… everything I’ve wanted my old phones to do. Today, after almost 4 months of daily, very high usage, I managed to freeze my Maxx for the first time. Thanks for the tip! Also. I know 2 people with Nexus, the speakers and mic went dead in a month on both. Nexus is not worth it. And the price drop on the Maxx… ooh la la!

  • ami

    awesome trick! i was panicking and it totally worked

  • ashlee

    OMG!!! I’m so relieved that I found this tip I thought Id never figure it out

  • adria

    What happens if you accidentally rip battery out? Does that piece supply the power? Did update and phone won’t work. Didn’t realize battery was attached and tore the piece.

  • thank you, u saved me from a trip to Verizon !

  • Madison J


  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! LIFE SAVER

  • Sam

    Awesome …. thank you … I was almost about to bang it to the wall … 🙂
    Really appreciate this … 🙂
    Xie Xie Ni

  • Kevin

    For everyone competing on which phone is better, I’ve logged (in my head) my best battery life hours, and with my Maxx, I’ve gone up to 45 hours of moderate use on one charge. No other phone can do even half of that. And with ICS coming in the next couple days (hopefully), it will be possibly the best Android phone on Verizon, if not the best mobile phone.

  • athenajames

    This was just the help I needed. Thanks so much.

  • Tami

    Love my Razr Maxx, I get 2 days without having to charge it & I take a LOT of photos…took 550 photos & 3 videos at a total of 20min of a friends band & it hardly used any juice…Amazing!!

  • Will

    You rule thank you!

  • Th_01

    Thanks a bizzilion

  • Is anyone else here not entirely convinced by the battery life?
    Forget 21 hours of talk time, I cant get more than 16-18 hours with making more than 2 short calls, checking Facebook and email 3 times a day. 
    Not hugely disappointed, but 21 hours talk time is no where near possible. 

  • Sample


  • Sheniqueperrin

    THANK YOU! I went almost 24 hours without my phone because it was frozen. No word fued or draw something…… I was having with drawls.

  • Sevenstringshredder1981

    Thanks.. razr maxx unfrozen now. (Posted From my backup Evo 4g via wifi) lol

  • Chellbellavs

    Than you so much! You just saved my day! Another website wanted me to pay for this answer! Ridiculous!!

  • Kuuleir

    This worked!!  Thank you for posting this helpful information! 

  • Rick

    Thanks.  Worked GREAT!!

  • Rcarrwork

    Thanks much! You were the only site I could find that showed me how to reset from a freeze up.

  • Mnscratch

    This tip saved my life!  Thank you.  And Razr Maxx over the Nexus (and iPhone until it has 4G) any day.

  • Anonymous

    this is similar to pressing the home and power buttons on iOS…never understood why so many  android users freak out over not being able to do a battery pull…its a simple process that requires very little effort

  • srode

    Uh, that’s in the little information package that comes with the phone.  I’ve only had my MAXX for a week now but it hasn’t locked up yet. 

     My first time posting but it sure looks like the nexus owners are envious of the battery life on the MAXX (not to mention the upgradable SD card).  ICS will be here soon enough and it will be yet another reason to get the MAXX, not that there aren’t enough reasons already.  I get a kick out of people at work pluggin their phones in all the time – I used to be one of those people – not any more!  The nexus wasn’t enough to get me to pull the trigger on an upgrade from my Droid X, but the Razr Maxx was, glad I waited!

    • Markcash

      I absolutely agree 100%. The Maxx was on a two week back order when I went to buy it but, the Galaxy Nexus were in stock. (That should have told me to pht the brakes on right then.) But I didn’t.
      Since I am a very impatient person, I didn’t want to have to wait 2 weeks to get the MAXX. So I said to hell with it and opted for the GNex. I did allot of research on both devices before I pulled the trigger and the Maxx always had the better reviews, while the GNex owners complained on every thread about piss poor battery life and signal problems. Well, needless to say, I should’ve paid attention to the folks that have already had experience with the device. I kept the GNex for a MAXX (pun intended ;/) of 48hrs. I took it took it to work and streamed tune-in radio for 3hrs. On the 3hr mark, the phone had dropped from 100% down to 20%, and this is with the extended battery. I thought, my god this is atrocious. Then that evening when I made it home, I nkticed that it had trouble holding on to a signal, 3 or 4g it didn’t matter, it sucked on both. ICS is not ready for the mainstream, and the only thing the phone has going for it is the absolutely beautiful screen, that is it. This is all my personal experience and not to the least exaggerated. I bit the bullet returned the GNex, ordered the MAXX, received it and never looked back. No freezing, random reboots, wonder 3 and 4g signals no matter where I’m at and despite it having a pentile matrix display, it’s still beautiful. You’d have to pry this phone out of my cold dead hands. You couldn’t give me a GNex. An unlocked bootloader and a pretty speriod just isn’t worth all the shortcomings that phone has, period. Imho, the GNex can’t hold a candle to the DROID RAZR MAXX.

  • Sam

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  • Jennifer Husted

    FYI – if you hold all three buttons down for about 10 seconds, it does a “soft” reset.  Nothing lost, just shuts it down, powers it right back up.

  • Shane McKeever

    Yes, many thanks to your mom. hehe

  • I think i’ll stay with my Droid X for a while….at least it has a removable battery!

    • Jim McClain

      well when the razor maxx gets ics that will be something, doubt it will have nfc, but really who cares, ive only used goggle wallet once in two months

      •  NFC is not just software that can be included in the ICS update.  It requires hardware, usually built into the battery or sd card.  The Razr/Razr Maxx will never have NFC.

        • Jim McClain

          true, but does it really matter? its no big deal

          •  It’s not a big deal at all, but you said you doubt it will get NFC and I was clarifying for you that it is impossible for the RM to get NFC as it is hardware, not software.

          • Jim McClain

            yea, its nice to have, but if I didnt have it, I wouldnt miss  it, would not be a deal breaker when buyig a phone

          • angermeans

            It might be no big deal, but for me nfc in my phone was a must. It will be in all phones soon (unfortunately probably after apple reinvents it while claiming it as its own magically revolutionary new thing). It is exciting technology and some great things will be done. I think most would say front facing cameras is worthless as well but it is now on all phones. for moto to ignore this is ridiculous

        • Harryballs1234

          My RAZR MAXX has a removable SD card…. Guess I could have NFC, huh?

          • Jim McClain


          • Harryballs1234

            Want to bet?

          • You could have an SD card with NFC capabilities, but without the NFC software being built into the Razr Maxx, it won’t matter. Now when ICS comes to the Razr Maxx, that might be a different story.

          • Ray

            If you get an NFC card then likely the NFC software comes on the card. Why the heck would they sell you a card that doesn’t have the software with it?

        • NFC = Nobody F’n Cares

  • Jim McClain

    well if they ever fix the nexus problems it will be the best phone, but right now its the razor hands down, I do fine with my extended battery on my nexus, but would love to have that monster thats in the razor

  • At least it is not a blackberry…

  • JSIN

    fact of the matter is the nexus isnt a droid and news about it should be on an.droid-life 

    •  Shut up.  Just shut the hell up.  Nobody is listening to you and it is never going to change.

    • angermeans

      Good god man I think you win most ignorant comment of the day. Droid life has done an excellent job in giving us news and people need to get over that this site should be limited in the news that is posted. it is more of verizon/android life and I think most would agree.

  • Tseug

    Lock ups + Locked bootloader = Lockorola!

  • John Boy

    that’s not the only tip your mom found this morning.

  • Rsa329

    Or….you can toss it in the trash and get a real phone.

    • PC_Tool

      For anyone who cherishes battery life over all, this is the *best* phone currently on the market.

      The sales-critters around here *love* this thing. 

    • Guest

      yeah a real phone with inferior call quality that makes tons of sense

  • Anonymous

    I am waiting for an iPhone 5 then… jk relax…

    My Tbolt still strong with BAMF Forver 🙂

  • John Jenness

    If you can’t manage to read the tiny fold-out brochure that comes with your Razr you SHOULD return it…the phone is too much for you. 

  • Chauncy

    If your Droid RAZR freezes up:

    1. Return it to Verizon.
    2. Pick up a Galaxy Nexus
    3. Enjoy!

    • Madcow06

       Yep no need to manually reboot the nexus as it does that on it’s own. I’m not trolling, I have a Gnex and while it doesn’t reboot very often it has happened to me several times.

      • Chauncy

        Hmm….can’t say I’ve seen that with mine

      • Anonymous

         i had the same thing happened to me recently.  i just returned my razr for the gnex last week…and i noticed that the razr got better signal and seemed to run much faster and smoother.

      • angermeans

        And Im 90% sure if you looked into it it is more than likely an app you have on your phone that is not yet optimized for ics . People always want to blame the phone and never an application or just user error (not saying yours is caused by user error) whatever it is it is software related as not everyone has the issue. People need to understand it is the worlds first ics device and has not been as polished as gb.

    • Seriously you guys need to shut up about the Nexus. Yes its great, and the best phone out software wise. But some people need a phone to last more than 8 hours.It gets worst battery life than a Rezound for crying out loud. My girl had to return her Nexus because if the signal issues and she got a Rezound, and you know what shes perfectly happy with it. SO SHUT THE F UP. If you enjoy it cool, if I had an upgrade before July I would get one too, doesnt mean yo have to troll every freaking post about the f*&ing phone. Im so sick and tired about how much better you think its is than every phone you guys ruined this site. Android is about choice, not being exactly like everyone else. If so go buy an iphone. 

      • Jakers

        This site also lends it self more so to the developer community and if I recall the GNex just so happens to be the latest and greatest dev phone. GET USED TO IT!

        back on topic, nice tip, I’ll pass this along to my RAZR friends 🙂

        • I dont mind articles about the Nexus, thats cool they make me want to buy one in July when my upgrade somes. But why do Nexus fans have to troll post about phones that have nothing to do with the Nexus. It annoying as hell. 

          • Jakers

            It’s just an ongoing joke between GNex and RAZR lovers. It does get a lil old at times but no need to lose your cool and go dropping f-bombs bro.

          • Im on this site everyday, I read most of the comments. Its not a joke, Its serious unwarranted arrogance. Its annoying. 

          • Jakers

            Well since you’re in the neighborhood, go rip iPwn boy below about swapping Razrs for iPhwns basically the same “crap” as the GNexrs.

          • How many iphone users troll on this site? They really dont bug me just make me laugh, We flagged down Jeff Bernard the only one who really affected the site. But Nexus users in mass troll on anything that isnt a Nexus article

          • Lgreg64

            I agree it has gotten bad.

          • Jim McClain

            its because there are to many inmature kids on here, its the same old story, ‘my phone is better than your phone….’  childish

          • angermeans

            Its not any worse than all the nexii posts that the razr and rezound fans jump all over. the point is the arrogance is all around not just with nexus owners. People just need to ignore it and move on.

          • Jim McClain

            true, I have a nexus,but from what ive read of the razor ,the people with it seem very happy, and I know all the nexus problems, im between beggin verizon to trade me for a razor maxx or to keep waiting on fixes for my nexus

          • Shamalamahamdam

            Any phone running Android is a pleasure to own.

            Lets all just share the love!


          • Anonymous

            Lets not act like there aren’t trolls with all devices.  I’ve seen many Razr/Rezound users trolling on Nexus posts.  

            There just aren’t as many Razr/Rezound users on this site so it seems like less. 

            41% of active users have the Nexus on this site, where as only 6% have the Razr and 2% have the Rezound. 


      • Stewie

        U Mad Lou ?

        • I thought we got rid of the 4chan hummor

      • I have a Nexus with the extended battery and I get through every day with around 30% battery left. Zero complaints about the battery on my phone or about any other part of it.

        Would a 3300 mAh battery be nice? Yeah, but I also don’t want that much unused space on my front due to a super wide battery.

        • Rsa329

          I have a Rezound with a stock battery running rooted stock FW and unfortunately I have to charge my battery every other day 🙁

          • 3g or WIFI? No way you get 2 days worth of battery on LTE, lol

          • Rsa329

            I do. I’m sure there are other Rezound users that can confirm this as well. I really do like the fact that the Gnex is the newest developer phone, you got that on me…but honestly, I think the Rezound has the sammie beat in quality. And if I wanted I could have me some ICS. I’m no Gnex hater, almost bought it.

          • Can you share your setting? My girl would be very interested, she gets about 14 hours with light to moderate use.

          • Rsa329

            wifi when available, bt only when nes, when i’m in a weak 4g area i set my radio to cdma only, screen timeout 15 sec, turn gps and location ser. off unless needed, power mode normal, sleep mode auto, turn fastboot off, amon ra recovery…clear battery stats

          • Rsa329

            display, brightness aprx 1/3

        • Thats cool. Like I said its about choice. The stock battery didnt last more than 8 hours for my girl phone. Maybe it was because the radio on hers would constantly drop signal,  we live in  metro LA lack of reception shouldnt be an issue. Personally I like the Nexus, not hating on it, just hating on its trolls

        • [email protected]

          That’s cool but you should not have to buy an extended battery and the phone. It should be vood enough by itself dont you think. The nexus is nice and all but the battery life is unbelievably garbage.

      • M1ghtysauc3

        Way to come off as a crazy person. It’s a freaking phone.

        • ugabugabugabuga

          • Noyfb

            i switched my Gnex to 3g when not using the internet and i get 12 hours, so why the bitching? I need a 4g/3g toggle though would be nice, no one has it in the market though

        • Idiotpolice

          Why because she is 100% right? Idiot posts like Chauncy should get a reply like that. Apparently you are either 1-Chauncy or 2-an idiot ass yourself.

        • Paul

          Unfortunately, it is no longer “just a phone” in our society. People take what phone they buy as a very personal issue. Many people spend a lot of time trying to decide which phone is right for them, so calling a phone out as a bad purchase is calling out the consumer as a poor shopper.

          Phones are now more than just phones – they are extensions of ourselves.

          • A guy

            “But lo! men have become the tools of their tools” – Henry David Thoreau
            That being said, thanks for the tip! Lifesaver today.

      • Lgreg64


      • Anonymous

        Yeah but. It IS better than every other phone.

      • Anonymous

        LOUD NOISES!!!

      • angermeans

        It def goes both ways my friend. Its sad that its gotten this way as Droid life has always had a great community behind it that was willing to help. Lately it seems its turned into a “my phone is better than yours because ” blog much like engadget. I’m sure it has to do with more and more people getting android phones and more and more phones coming out with different features. Just don’t even comment as your just wasting your breath as some people just want to get a rise out of someone.

        • Jim McClain

          its inmature little kids that keep doing the ‘my phone is better ‘ crap

      • no one gives a rats a** so stop complaining

    • Anonymous

      my droid razr freezed up after 3 days of use, and i returned it to get the gnex.  this morning, the gnex rebooted itself…i guess it knows in advance that it’s about to be freezed up.  just from out of the box experience, it seemed to me that razr ran much faster and smoother.

    • Harryballs1234

      Why are nexus owners such trolls?

      • Jim McClain

        hey it just wont work

      • Chauncy

        Why can’t you take a joke?

        • Saul

          probably because the jokes aren’t funny

          • Chauncy

            Matter of opinion there boss

          • Saul

             Sure it is…sure it is.

    • galaxy nexus sux

    • Anonymous

      you meant the GSII international version right? because thats clearly the best android phone out….take away ICS and the Gnex isnt even the best phone on big red

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    • Sam

      Damn … why would you even come here? Aye? Galaxy fanboy still using RAZR, aye?
      FO …

    • next time I will! This phones been a nightmare since I got it!

  • EC8CH

    Your Mother uses a RAZR…

    great insult 😛

  • the title should say “when” not if. it is a motorola phone and all

    • Gjkghg Jksdhjd

      I’ve seen more than a few HTC’s and Samsung’s freeze up too, it’s not limited to Motorola in any way.


    Oh, you mean you can’t do a battery pull? /s

  • Sinofueramos

    So if you are ever in a situation where your phone is unresponsive and you cannot get it to turn off, this is what you should do: Buy an iPhone. 🙂

    • iCrap troll, be gone!

    • Chauncy

      Pretty sure most of the time you get into a situation where your phone is unresponsive and won’t turn off it’s already an iPhone :p

      • Anonymous


    • Droidzzz

      And then when that phone freezes up press and hold the circular button at the bottom of the phone simultaneously with the lock button at the upper right corner of the phone.  Lol as a Verizon sales rep, I’ve had to do this to plenty of iPhones.

    • Right, because it is easy to do a battery pull on those too. Goodbye, dummy.

  • Also applicable to the Transformer Prime. Though Volume Down + Power applies a force reboot whereas Volume Up + Power is a force shutdown. 

    • Goose

       +1 so far the only comment that has contributed real information to the topic