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LG Optimus Vu Makes First Appearance with 5″ Screen, Dual-Core Processor, NFC and More

I’m going to be brutally honest here, this is not the way to re-invent the smartphone. With its 5″ screen, strange 4:3 aspect ratio, and the fact that it’s made by LG, this phone just looks silly. It’s officially called the Optimus Vu – at least in Korea – and packs a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, NFC chip, 8GB of internal storage, 8MP camera and runs Android 2.3. It may or may not have a stylus and who knows if it will ever make its way to the U.S. Could we see it at the end of this month in MWC? I certainly hope so, because I’m dying to hear the sales pitch.  


Ready to carry around a square phablet/phonablet/weird thing?

Via:  Engadget

  • Anonymous

    No ICS is such a huge disappointment.  They won’t hit the enthusiast crowd because it’s not the latest.  They won’t hit the consumers, because nobody at the store is going to recommend it.

    I talked to a guy in the store, and he said customers really don’t care about specs.  They don’t care about 4.65 vs 4.3 (size, not aspect ratio).  They care about which one looks the best and feels right.  ICS would have been the best way to differentiate themselves from the other phones so a salesman could say “this phone is up to date!”  Right now, this will just blend in with the rest of the phones.

    The only thing I can think of is that this is not going to be sold in the US and some market research shows there is a demand for this in their target market. 

  • LG and Sony Ericsson are running neck and neck in the Who’s More Clueless About Smartphones race.

  • Anonymous

    Another SAD LG CONCLUSION…Gingerbread man what a JOKE. anyone feeling this is a total FOOL….

  • looks ugly as sin.

  • Anonymous

    It’s odd that they would use a square corner design with such a large phone, it’s going to make it much more difficult to hold. 

  • Look what I’ve got! -spongebob

    RECTANGLES!!!!! -patrick

  • Anonymous

    Introducing the LG Optimus Vu.  Because 5 inches is better than 3.5 inches…. am I right, ladies??

  • Anonymous

    Investers? Possibly you!

  • Skennedy412

    I dont know about all of you…. but this looks amazing. I want it.

  • Anonymous

    Sales pitch: “Designs for the future, technology of the past”. LG “Lifes good, Phones bad”.

  • The Observer

    Can’t make a black device with a 4:3 aspect ratio without pissing off you know who. Copyright infringement lawsuit to be filed by Apple in 3…2…1…

  • Anonymous

    4:3 ? They should have given it a CRT screen.

    • I was thinking the same thing – and now they have to have videos that are “made to fit your screen” bleh

  • Anonymous

    SGN arent comfortable to hold and use already.. now they make a 5″…. i wish they make something solid, heavy, and high quality appearance, like iPhone 4/s. 

    • ThatGuy

      More like the OG! 😉

  • EC8CH

    I think LG got confused.  They heard we were all excited about 4.0.3 and somehow thought we were talking about aspect ratios.

    That’s the only plausible explanation for this.

    • Zing! Its like they’re throwing us freebies here.

  • Mike

    Although this product will not intrest me (Waiting for the SIII to replace DX, upgrades in april), I do enjoy seeing a company with enough balls to build something new and creative. It would be nice to see more companies step outside their comfort zone sometimes.

    • Vonny571

      While I agree with the premise of your statement, and love creative, innovative designs, a 4:3 display is neither.

  • First thought….to wide for pocket.

  • Sorry, but I’m waiting for a crt version.

    • EC8CH

      that’s good

  • Spc Hicks09

    Idiots. “LG is so stupid to release a phone without ICS.” Who else has done this so far? Oh that’s right, Motorola and HTC did that too.

  • Anonymous

    Fu Optimus Vu

  • QtDL

    The 4:3 ratio is weird. Too square-ish. Almost reminds me of a Kindle, which has a 6″ screen size.

  • ddevito

    It’s Feb 2012 and yet, another phone with an old OS and old hardware design gets announced. Fail.

  • Guess I could watch old DVD/VHS movies and TV shows before widescreen existed….yay 😛

  • The only question I have is “will it blend?”

    • Ourcats5

      I would be willing to bet that it would blend better with Ice Cream Sandwich than Gingerbread. Ooh, Gingerbread smoke; don’t breath that!

  • Azndan4

    Why is it so hard to make something thats ICS? Lol.

    • Anonymous

      because then the Gnex wont be the “best” android phone out anymore 🙁

  • Very nice site! A lot of good pictures … I
    know a couple more

  • um………….wow……….Think I will keep on lovin’ my Rezound.

  • Itstime

    Haters will hate! Just because its not ICS or its has physical buttons its sucks right..any new phone that comes out stop comparing to the F&%# nexus.. everything is not about Nexus!

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t about the Nexus. It is about the 4.0 Source being available to these OEMs since November and LG releasing a NEW smartphone WITHOUT the latest Android OS. It is inexcusable. 

    • ddevito

      Just because its not ICS or its has physical buttons its sucks right”

      Yes, indeed.

      • EC8CH

        it sure doesn’t help it not suck

        • Itstime

          Huh Erick?

    • QtDL

      Again no one mentioned Nexus, but how does it make sense to continue to release phones with an old OS? It doesn’t make sense why these OEMs aren’t using ICS especially when it it is freely available.

      • EC8CH

        they wanted the OS to match the aspect ratio…. outdated

    • Anonymous

      I think its more the 4.3 ratio on a 5inch screen… it will be ridiculously wide….. and impossible to hold in one hand.

    • Anonymous

      Why wouldn’t it everything be about the Nexus? It has the future of Android.  So why would a company release of phone with older software when a newer/better version is already out?

    • Jdstell

      We all know deep down you actually love the Nexus, you just can’t get one right now cause you’re out of your upgrade cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Size matters, but not in smartphones: http://www.thetechblock.com/articles/2012/size-matters-not-smartphones-samsun/

  • jimbob

    They’re bound to sell dozens of this phone!

    • Anonymous

      kyocera echo killer!! 😀

  • Is this thing a tablet or a phone?

  • Its 2.3.3 if LG doesn’t realize its time to design for 4.0 then its their failure sadly. 

  • Anonymous


    • EC8CH

      TNG is in 4:3… so there’s that.

      • Noyfb

        They have just released TNG on dvd in HD! It so good you can see how bad the make up for the aliens actually was, its pretty funny, but the effects look cool still

  • drinksprite


  • Buttons? who is still doing capacitive buttons…..
    I thought goggle got rid of those

    • Google didn’t make this phone, Adam.

    • EC8CH

      since this is stuck on 2.3 it’s gonna need those butttons

  • Anonymous

    LG Eww

  • AndroidAce

    “Ready to carry around a square phablet/phonablet/weird thing”?

    LMAO @ Kellex.  Oh…how I love ur one liners. 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    This is…I don’t..what? Who releases an android smartphone in 2012 with 2.3? Bad, bad move. Especially the 4:3 ratio. LG is clueless.

    • Tabe

      4:3 is one of its main selling points! It’s awesome! Get with the times, man!

      • Noyfb

        I bet you can get froyo with it too

  • Michael Forte

    LG has always had lackluster smart phones. Unless they do something amazing, they aren’t getting my money, ever.

    • Yep, if we even see phone released here, I’m sure it won’t be for another 6-8 months. It will have 2.3 and will never see an update beyond that. LG is horrible.

  • EC8CH

    4:3 = WTF

    • Itstime

      4:3 = Eric Henschke

  • trevorsalienarms

    Well they can’t all be the Galaxy Nexus I suppose. Now there’s some perfection, right?

    •  Just stop.  Nobody even mentioned the G-Nex.

      • Chauncy

        trevor did

      • Zachary Manville

        GNEX!? WHERE? Gimme my D4 Maxx!!!

      • trevorsalienarms

        lol. couldn’t resist. 😉

  • tooo big! is this a tablet or a phone.. !