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Chrome to Mobile Lets You Share Web Pages From Your PC to Your Phone – Yeah It’s Exactly Like Chrome to Phone

If you checked out our first impressions of Chrome for Android yesterday, then you probably noticed in the top screenshot a toggle for “Chrome to Mobile.” At first, we assumed this was just a tie-in to the already present Chrome to Phone extension in the market and on the PC version of Chrome that allows you to send current web pages directly to your phone. Well, that’s exactly what it does, only it’s a completely separate extension that needs to be installed in your PC Chrome browser instead of Chrome to Phone. Why on Earth they would not try to merge the services is beyond me, but so you know, “Chrome to Mobile” is separate from “Chrome to Phone” only it works in basically the same way.    

How to set it up:

1.  The first thing you will need to do is open your PC Chrome browser and grab the extension.
2.  Once you have that installed, you should see a little phone icon appear in your address bar:

3.  You will want to click that and then follow the instructions on the screen to get it set up.
4.  Then open your Chrome for Android app and head into settings to make sure the service is turned on.

5.  Once turned on, head back to your browser, find a page you want to send, and click the little phone icon.
6.  It may ask you to choose a device depending on how many you have with Chrome for Android.
7.  Once the site is sent, your Chrome will pop up automatically. Enjoy!

*Note – As many have pointed out in the comments, Chrome to Phone is actually much more feature-rich than Chrome to Mobile, we just felt the need to point out that these services should have been combined from the beginning. Both products are run by Google, why not merge them together? Hopefully they will in later releases.

  • Anonymous

    Chrome to Mobile and tab sync are two different things, guys. C2M lets you explicitly send a tab to your phone, whereas tab sync just lists the metadata of all of your tabs on your computer on your phone, letting you click on them to open them on your phone.
    Tab Sync can be enabled in about:flags, and I think it’s automatically enabled in the dev and beta channels (versions 18+). Once you enable it, go to chrome://settings/syncSetup and make sure Open Tabs is checked.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I think the main difference is that ChromeToMobile syncs automagically, whereas ChromeToPhone required you to manually send a page to your phone.  So right now I have 4 tabs open on my desktop, and if I open Chrome on my Galaxy Nexus I see my 4 tabs already waiting. 

    Yet to be seen is how much syncing this does and if it causes battery drain like google+ or photos or any of the other syncing services that tend to hang up in the GN.

  • I use Fox to Phone anyway (Firefox user) 🙂

  • F*&k. I just logged into my chrome and apparently had some bookmarks in the cloud previously and it just overwrote everything I had locally. %&$%&*$*$#*

  • Anonymous

    Chrome to Phone does more in regards to app-specific links and text copying, but Chrome to Mobile is important in that it allows for multiple device management. That’s pretty huge, actually. I booted up my old OG the other day to play around with it and instantly had like 20 links pop up that I had previously Chrome to Phone’d with my Nexus. I do wish CtM had more of these other features, though, or that it just used CtP and added the device management feature.

    Also, this is just an opinion but I like Chrome to Mobile in the Omnibox more than Chrome to Phone next to the settings button.

  • PyroHoltz

    When Google streamlined their privacy policy they needed to find something for all those extra folks to do.

    So, they recreate existing products and change the names slightly.

  • Aran Miller

    I think they didn’t merge it, at least not right now because most people aren’t like us and running 4.0 on a Galaxy Nexus and are not able to get the Chrome browser on their phone. So, I can understand why they keep them separate until more people have Chrome on their phone.

  • NexusIsBestus

    Is it just me or does everyone’s need for  Flash on their browser is due to porn?

    • Anonymous

      Not Necessarily, because PremiumPass works just fine on my Chrome For Android 🙂 

    • John

      just you =/

  • JimHarr18

    this also seems to work with the regular ics browser too.

  • Nexussss

    It’s install but the browser shows no icon in the address bar

    • Anonymous

      If you already had tabs open, it won’t come up until you refresh it. 

  • Rich

    You know what would be really great is if they would actually make a different software instead of just renaming it and kingmaker it exactly the same…

    Moreover, It would be great if you can share from you mobile device back to your browser…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I really don’t get why this wasn’t just added to Chrome to Phone. In fact, since this functions in the exact same way except worse (no way that I can tell to pull up old links for instance) why was this made in the first place? If you have Chrome on your phone Chrome to Phone will work with it the same way it did with the Browser.

    Really baffling.

    • Anonymous

      you do get a “received from other devices” list on the page with the pc syncs (the folder w/ the up/down arrows)

  • Hedney3

    Not sure why everyone else needs this, my sync is working perfectly to the point that the second i open something on my chrome browser on my pc, its instantly ready on my phone. now on the other hand once i can copy text and other information like crome to phone this will be much more useful. 

  • BikerBob1789
    •  Chrome to Phone has worked great for me since it was released.  I just used it a few minutes ago actually.

      • BikerBob1789

        I used it regularly until the latest update. It has stopped working for me, and a lot of other people.

  • It is worth pointing out (albeit, again) that this lets you select to which device to send a page; Chrome to Phone does not. It has been really annoying having multiple devices and them all getting a page sent to them. Also, this added a “Galaxy Nexus” cloud printer, so now I can sent any page to my phone as a PDF. (If we are being picky, I also like the icon inside the address box, rather that outside it.)

    I hope that Google merges the good features of both into 1.

    • Anonymous

      The option to launch links manually would be nice. c2p also works really well with google tv though, and those aren’t upto 4.0 just yet

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this new version has no drawbacks; they were just pointed out by numerous other people already. I just wanted to note that this version did do some things very right, and Chrome to Phone could learn a thing or two as well.

  • ddevito

    if you’re in Google Maps in your desktop browser, when you send it to your phone with the new extension it will open GMaps on your phone.

    • ddevito

      Same goes for Google Docs – it will open in Google Docs app on your phone

      • Anonymous

        didn’t know about docs, nice!

      • ddevito

        Google+ also – the app will open on your phone

    • Yup, those are all hook-ups in the apps themselves. Just like clicking on a YouTube link anywhere will ask Browser or YouTube. Theoretically, the new extension should also work with YouTube, Market, Voice, Music, etc… although it probably doesn’t work with all.

  • The only thing I can see that is better about Chrome to Mobile is that it requires no particular app to be installed on your Android device. Other than that, Chrome to Phone actually does more and doesn’t require Android 4.0

  • ddevito

    Perhaps I’m not reading this correctly, but the extension isn’t needed. As long as it’s turned on (and your desktop version is 16.0.912+ whichever tabs you have open on your desktop browser will automatically appear on your phone. The extension isn’t needed.

    • Anonymous

      this is to push a specific page to the phone and have it open instantly, and you have the option of making the page available offline as well. 

  • Anonymous

    I think I prefer the old one for now. More features and i’m a big fan of the option to launch links manually

  • EC8CH

    This will push websites to the stock android browser as well as Chrome.

  • SAB

    Will this work with any old android? Or only phones running ICS

    • Fg2srt4

      Only ICS

      • Dana S.

        Boo to that.

  • ssjnimma

    so by doing this does it make the sync work alot better?? I never did get “ALL” of my open tabs synced to my phone… Id say about half of them synced before heading to bed… and that was probably about 3 hrs of sync time to accomplish that feat. 

  • Anonymous

    chrome to phone has a lot of features that are for more than just webpages, like phone numbers, copy/paste text, maps, etc. 

  • Anonymous

    I think many of us are waiting/hoping for the inverse. Find a link on your phone, read it on the computer. 

    • I believe there is a 3rd party app that does that, but I’m with you. It should be built into this now.

  • As far as I can tell, this actually does a bit less than Chrome to Phone.  Chrome to Mobile only sends web pages.  With chrome to phone you can send highlighted text (which copies to your phone’s clipboard), highlighted phones numbers (which open in your phones dialer), etc.  Chrome to Phone does more stuff than most people don’t even realize.

    Features of Chrome to Phone
    – Send browser links from Chrome to your phone.
    – Google Maps links launch the Google Maps application on Android.
    – YouTube links launch the YouTube application on Android.
    – Selecting a phone number will automatically launch the dialer with the number populated.
    – Selecting text on a Web page will copy the clipboard to Android (long press a text box to paste on Android).

    • Calling it the “exactly the same” was probably going a little overboard, that was just me venting at there being a completely separate service now. 🙂

      • The only thing I can see that is better about Chrome to Mobile is that it requires no particular app to be installed on your Android device.

        • And you can select which device to send it to Which you can’t with Chrome to phone.

        • Anonymous

          except for the Chrome app itself

    •  you’re right, i didn’t realize it did all that either. pretty cool

    • ddevito

      I think this new extension will do the same things Chrome to Phone did.

      • Anonymous

        no text/ number copying yet

        • ddevito

          did you try the dev channel version of the desktop browser?

          • Anonymous


          • Noyfb

            chrome to phone never worked on my gnex, maybe this will

  • So feature rich – no complaints here. 

  • Anonymous