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Video: Motorola Introduces the DROID 4 with the Coolest French Accent Ever


Alain Mutricy is the senior VP of portfolio and product management at Motorola. More importantly, he has an awesome French accent that turned this intro video for the DROID 4 into an instant classic. I’m not sure that I want to buy one anymore than I did before watching it, but that is not this video’s fault. Just watch and enjoy.

  • Dlfarris7507

    does anyone know if there will be an extended battery???

  • Richk1

    Wonder if the Droid 4 will have an a big brother like a Droid 4 max with larger battery. Remember the original Droid Razor did not have a removable battery and then came the Razor max.

  • Anonymous

    i speak french i like french food and love this phone so this works

  • Nick

    Oh that keyboard looks so nice. To bad the bootloader is locked down and the screen is pentile.

  • Gemma Bagiaji

    i cant understand a thing…his accent just too thick 😐

  • Anonymous

    so are his french cuffs just called cuffs in france?

  • Lohkey

    that IS a dead sexy keyboard though.

  • Anonymous

    Am I supposed to say SALUTMOTO instead of HELLOMOTO? 🙂

  • QtDL

    This is all I could think of watching that.
    Ricky Bobby: I can’t understand a word you’ve said the whole time.
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Did you eat some peanut butter or something?
    Ricky Bobby: Yeah, you sound like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of your mouth
    Jean Girard: I think what you are hearing is my accent. I am French.

    • Alexander Garcia

      My favorite comedy of all time!!! LOL Thanks for that.

  • Ardy

    Bonjour Moto, bring Droid 4 Maxx then we talk!

    • Soremekun

      With stock ICS and NFC.

      •  you lost me at NFC

    • Noyfb

      i would like to see the developer droid 4 maxx in tiedye please

  • Anonymous

    “If you are a CRAFTY lover…” 
    Wait, what?.. Oh, he said “If you are a QWERTY lover”
    I get it now.


    • QtDL

       The ad would have been better if he actually said ‘CRAFTY lover’. 🙂

  • Kuboo99

    “…all the security features including [locked bootloaders]…”

  • Boot Animator

    I think I know why the bootloaders are still locked. We haven’t been asking in French.
    Quick, someone, Google Translate it and send it to Moto. ASAP!

  • Wow. Another device released in 2012 NOT running ICS. Boring.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is boring

      • Well at least my comment and the Droid 4have something in common.

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t know, between the Koreans and the French, I’m flummoxed. Seems like all the cool stuff comes from somewhere else. Oh well, join ’em, beat ’em, or just watch the funny videos. Tunda Bow! 

  • EC8CH

    Qwurlty Loover

  • if I knew that the Galaxy Journal for verizon was definitely going to come out in q4 I would get this, but Im saving my “ready now” upgrade until we get a release date.

  • EC8CH

    Spit the blur out yo mouth man.

  • Matth

    oh my gosh …. do we really have that bad of an accent ???? well i guess it’s possible to understand him most of french don’t speak nothing else but french (i know about the dble negative btw)

  • blah blah blah, upgrade to ICS, blah blah blah.

  • El Big Chris

    i used to work with a frenchwoman. she had the cutest accent (among other things) I ever heard 😛

  • Anonymous

    Kellex has a man crush!

  • All I heard was blah blah blah blah crappy motoblur blah blah blah blah ugly design blah blah blah horrible motorblur blah blah useless physical keyboard blah.

    • Anonymous

      I, too, heard all of that, as well as “blah blah blah encrypted bootloader blah blah blah.”

    • Gorgen

      blah blah blah blah crappy motoblur blah blah blah blah ugly design blah blah blah horrible motorblur blah blah useless physical keyboard blah”

      Funny enough, that’s all I hear from you too!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna pick up the Dwoid fouh fo its maxeemum pewfowmance