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Tuesday Poll: Thoughts on Chrome Beta for Android? Your New Browser?

Chrome Beta for Android was completely unexpected and sort of took the tech world by storm this afternoon. We gave our first impressions on it, talk about a couple of issues that may or may not be addressed, praised it in a number of ways, and are more than likely going to make it our daily browser. After all, there is a good chance that this will become the official Android browser before long. It doesn’t have Flash support though, and according to Adobe, it may never. Is that a killer for you? Will you stick with another browser option or have you already made Chrome your default?

Has Chrome already become your browser of choice?

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  • Adam Skillings


    Opera is better on both the phone and computer, absolutely no reason to stop using it 

  • Anonymous

    Won’t consider using it over Dolphin HD or ICS Browser+ until it has the option to pull the desktop version of websites automatically (or at all, for that matter).  I hate mobile versions of almost every site.  Unless there is some weird content that wont display properly (like html or java popups), there’s no reason to look at a mobile version of any website on a modern smartphone.

  • Esedess

    This needs a view as desktop user interface. 

  • Brandon White

    The chrome url search bar creates some serious keyboard lag. Not going to switch until that gets fixed, it has some potential though.

  • Greg

    I wish i had ICS so I could try it out. Any chance it will ever support gingerbread?  

  • I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus (4.0 Device) so Chrome is not available. I use Opera. 

  • Dana S.

    Says it is not compatible with any of my devices. (Which includes the Bionic and D3, WTF???)

  • Chris Pinola

    to be honest, i can’t even remember the last time that I needed to use Flash on my phone’s browser

  • mcf517

    I really like the tab “over scroll” effect. I would love to see android build this as the system “over scroll” effect. I like the blue glow, but this has a much more tactile feeling similar to the bounce effect apple has an iron grip patent on.

  • Anonymous

    How can you have a poll on something that only works on ICS? 

    • PC_Tool

      Ask Question.

      Provide possible answers


      (I’m sure there is profit in there somewhere….)

  • Robin

    Holy PenTile screen Batman!

    And GN owners say you can’t see it… 😉

  • i like it so far.  if i really need to look at porn..er, i mean need to use flash, i can just use the stock browser.  

  • Anonymous

    I hope they add in the invert colors accessibility option. This is great when I want to read in the dark.

  • EC8CH

    Look how deep the blacks are in the picture of that screen. AMOLED FTW!

  • BestDeathEver

    Flash is ESSENTIAL.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Was not impressed

  • Poker_vol

    Lack of flash support means DOA for me.

  • Anonymous

    I like it, i think i’ll use it as my main browser.  Just need videos to play better, youtube videos lag the browser more than the stock browser.

  • Give me flash or give me death. Until then, stock it is. I rub the fact that I have flash in the faces of all my i*hone buddies… 

    … this would be a step backwards. 

    • Truthfully, I hate Flash sites even in the stock browser. It slows down everything.

      • Not if you set flash to on demand instead of always on.  I just don’t understand why people complain about flash slowing things down when you have the option of using on demand.

  • Ronin

    Keeping Dolphin that has flash and quick control.  Once they get it working in chrome, I might switch over then.  Love Chrome.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t been able to kick my lastpass addiction so I stay with dolphin until chrome mobile gets plugin support.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Flash is the only leg up on Android? LOL? Go use your iPhone if you don’t realize the actual advantages of Android. Dumb iSheeps.

  • Anonymous

    It hasn’t necessarily replaced my browser, I still need the ICS browser for Flash and Chrome doesn’t do text reflow quite the way I want.

    But it isn’t bad at all.

  • Sorry, quick controls and flash.

    I need to watch my Starcraft 2 GSL and Twitch.tv live streams…. in flash

  • Logan_jinx

    Chrome is good but it lack a lot of the major functions that the stock ICS browser has. Also I also really like the aesthetic of the stock browser as well.
    On the other hand I do like a lot of the big features that set chrome apart from the rest.
    For now it seems that I’m split between chrome and stock

  • Anonymous

    Not even close to being a daily driver.

    • Tim242


  • Dan

    You gotta figure that in a future software update from google, chrome will replace the default browser. That’ll probably bring it out of beta.

  • Jikhead

    It’s likely to get deleted.  Since downloading this afternoon, it destroyed my battery going from 80% to 30% inside a few hours; all while my phone did nothing and just sat there.

    • Anonymous

      That’s just normal on a galaxy nexus.

  • LLcdPH

    Without Flash?  

  • Adam Neighbors

    I think it’s WAY to early for this pole. It’s only in beta on 4.0 devices. most people probably haven’t even used it.

  • You cant change the UA String yet! Thats the deal breaker for me.

  • Lynahred

    Doesn’t work week with traditional message boards. The only good browser for the boards I post on is Dolphin mini. I have contacted the folks at Dolphin to point out that mini works better than Dolphin HD.

    That was months ago if not over a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    After installing this and playing with it, I came across website settings and there was a Facebook entry.now I didn’t use Facebook, nor I have an account with them. The entry is this s-static.ask.Facebook.com. any help what this could be?? Are they being evil??

  • Anonymous

    Right now, I’m using Chrome as my default, but I might switch back to ICS Browser+ if quick controls aren’t added soon.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta have flash to the last glimmer.

  • Anonymous

    I want Quick Control on this thing!!

  • I’m still more a fan of the stock ICS browser or ICS Browser+ for now. I might change my mind if user agent switching is implemented.

  • Need quick control & extensions.

  • ddevito

    Only a matter of time until we can use Chrome’s advanced settings…

    Type in chrome://chrome-urls and see the full list of ones available for this version