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Google Voice Update on the Way, New ICS-Style Icon Included (Updated)

On the heels of the release of Google Chrome for Android, it appears as if Google Voice is also about to get a bump. The market won’t let you actually update the app just yet, but we can see that a new icon will at least be introduced. Will keep an eye on it.

Update:  If your market will not allow you to update, try this trick from reader fallingd0wn:

Pull up Google Voice in the web market on a PC.  It will show installed already on your phone, but click “Install” anyway.  You’ll get the updated version.

Update 2:  We have comparison shots of the new UI along with a feature for tablets called “Click-to-Call.”

Cheers Wayne, Isaac, Tojo, and Adrian!

  • Chris Pinola

    anyone know when we’ll see voicemails integrated into the ICS call log like they demonstrated months ago?

  • Anonymous

    Finally. Now I have visual voice mail! The theme matches ICS except for the notification icon which is like a more detailed grey symbol as opposed to the simplistic white symbols.

  • Counsel Dew

    is there any reason it now needs to read sensitive log data?

  • Klutzed 20

    I have a droid razr and i can see that the google voice app says update but when i click on it it just gives me the option to open or uninstall. any ideas why ?

    • This has been in the article for a bit now…

      “Update:  If your market will not allow you to update, try this trick from reader fallingd0wn:

      Pull up Google Voice in the web market on a PC.  It will
      show installed already on your phone, but click “Install” anyway.
       You’ll get the updated version.”

  • Go to market, and pick update… damn we should do instructions for more apps.. this is tough

  • Anonymous

    If you are on AOKP with the gapps from their post and wont’ update I fixed it by deleting the gvoice apk from the system/app directory.

    Edit: Just to be clear going to market on PC and choosing update also didn’t work. It would fail saying the package wasn’t signed correctly.

  • Bill Stebbins

    The update added Click to Call on my Galaxy. I tweeted you a picture

    • Bill Stebbins

      Galaxy Tab, that is.

  • Anonymous

    It just updated for me! 

  • Jamaicawind

    Hey guys im on the verizon galaxy nexus and i was wonduring is google voice a good option to use for a voice mail service since i dont wanna pay for visual voice mail? thats all i want google voice for and nothing else 

    • Anonymous

      Yes it does.  As a matter of fact you can use it just for VM and maintain your existing phone number.  Same benefits as visual VM but no cost.

    • Anonymous

      Google Voice would be perfect for that. You’ll basically just end up ditching Verizon’s voicemail all together and just use GV instead. You can set it up without even activating a new number with Google (though you could if you wanted).

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s MUCH better than the basic Verizon voice mail which I’ve had for years. But take caution, it will completely remove/delete your Verizon voice mail so make sure you don’t have any important saved messages left on it.

  • This only works for people who want to use GV and its phone number for all calls and voicemails.  It does not work if if you only want to GV to transcribe and e-mail you on incoming voicemails to your Verizon number. 

    • Anonymous

      not true, i only use it for voice mails to my verizon #

    • RadicalPie

      There is an option to use it for calls or not … don’t use it for calls … should be able to get VM still

    • …incorrect.

  • Anonymous

    worked 🙂

  • tbaybe

    mine hasn’t worked in months. When trying to install on my new RAZR it pops up with many notices, such as “your network isnt configured to use google voice” blah blah blah 

  • no matter what I do, it always says “Package file was not signed correctly.  Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again.”  Well, for some reason on my G-Nex it won’t let me uninstall it.  Tried installing through the web market and through the Market app, same results.  Any ideas?

    • anyone have ideas?  still no dice on the update.  Cleared data and cache of both Market and Voice, tried installing from Market app, and online Market, still giving me the same error.

      • Anonymous

        If you’re on a custom ROM just delete the google voice apk from the system/apps directory and then it’ll work.

        Edit: to be clear you need to have root to do what I said, but you likely wouldn’t have the problem unless you were rooted and rom’ed.

        • I am rooted and ROM’ed.  Deleted the .apk, tried to reinstall from the market, and now it says “Incompatible Update”……………………..

          • Oh you know what I bet it is?  I’m on the blacked out GApps theme… shoot dang.

          • Syntastic

            Have you gotten it to work yet? I also have the blacked out theme on AOKP and am getting the same message. I tried to delete the apk using Astro like r0lct suggested, but it says “Error deleting files” when I do. I tried rebooting after this anyways and am still getting the “Package is not signed correctly” message in the market. I’m still new to this all, so am I doing it wrong? Is Astro the wrong app to use to properly delete the apk?

          • Anonymous

            I forgot one important step, after deleting the apk you need ot reboot.  Sorry.

  • huh funny, I thought it might be the other way around, I’ve been waiting for the new icon for two months now, but on the computer it is a white square balloon box with a blue phone handset. which IMO is much better than this one!

  • John

    Thx for including a market link for us lazy people.
    You’re slacking K!

  • Anonymous

    Got even though it’s still showing .38 as the november update. Worked as above..

  • JJB_88

    got the new icon!  still can’t “press 1 to accept” call on my Bionic…  Fail

    • Gary

       I have the update on a Bionic and it works perfectly.  I can ‘press 1 to accept’.  The only failure is on your part.

      • JJB_88

        OK smart guy…  I am running stock 5.9.902, no root.  What exactly could I have done to the the device to cause this functionality to fail?  

  • Anonymous

    Good news, I just set up Google Voice on my phone an hour ago.

  • Firelight

    Update just went live. 

  • Terrance Steiner

    I do not see really any changes beyond the new icon.  I was able to force the update by pushing it from the market link.

  • Obi_Shwan

    Odd..Voice shows that there is an update in the market, but when I go to update it it only gives me the options to open or uninstall.

    Perhaps an uninstall/re-download is an order.

  • Sp4rxx

    Well if Google Voice would actually WORK on a Verizon phone, this would be interesting.  Google Voice broke on Verizon’s network just after Thanksgiving for me and hasn’t worked since.  And, it appeared to be broke for Sprint as well – and, to top it all off, there hasn’t been any official word about it either….


    • gallery69

      It works on my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon BUT its using my Anytime minutes and I don’t get the free Verizon to Verizon calls because it’s seeing my GV number and not my Verizon number or something.  I can’t figure it out.  I can make and receive calls and texts using GV.

      • Sp4rxx

         Doesn’t work on my RAZR (now).  I had it working before Thanksgiving.  Every time someone calls and it goes to VM, they hear the “we’re sorry, we are unable to connect you” message and it clicks off.

        • RadicalPie

          Sign in to Google voice on the computer and make sure your Verizon number is linked to the account. Clear cache and data in the app manager then re set it up. Choose the use gv to make all calls option.

        •  I’ve had the exact same problem since November, on both my OG Droid and on the RAZR MAXX I just upgraded to.  No one acknowledges the problem.  Can’t use GV until it’s fixed.

      • RadicalPie

        Because you are using it to make all calls it uses your gv and not your Verizon number. Still uses minutes from Verizon but no free vzw to vzw. Groove IP is pretty neat you should check it out. I use it to make calls from my Xoom.

    • QtDL

       I have had no issues with GV on my VZW phones – OG Droid and Nexus. I make and receive calls. Texts are working fine too.

    • tbaybe

      mine has been broke as well 🙁 it stinks, i miss it 

  • fallingd0wn

    pull up voice in the web market on a pc.  it will show installed already on your phone but click install anyway.  you’ll get the updated version.

  • Looks like Google Voice is also in line for an icon update.

  • Anonymous

    i love the subtle change of darkened theme of the menu bar. i prefer dark background with light text – especially since they are looking to match things with holo. i hope they bring that to reading/writing texts.

  • John

    Hope there’s more of a change than just a damn icon

  • mms?

    • John

      one can only hope

  • Nexussss

    Why is the stock messenger icon green when other stock icons are blue?

    • Anonymous

      Gmail is white and red?

    • Obi_Shwan

      Gotta show love to Andy’s greenness somehow!

  • Got mine!

  • Tim13

    Big fail on my part I tweeted to you about this using the wrong twitter name for @droid_life lol