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CyanogenMod Team Releases Update On Progress Of CM9

If you feel like you are the only person to notice that there hasn’t been a huge amount of CyanogenMod 9 builds for the vast amount of Android devices released, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. With previous versions of Android, you could see CM ported to practically any device you could imagine. From the newest blog update on the releases of CM9, we get the feeling that the CyanogenMod team definitely has their work cut out for themselves this time with Ice Cream Sandwich:

Since Android 4.0 is such a major change from 2.3, we started with a fresh codebase from Google and have been forward-porting features from CM7 with an eye on design and better integration. This is a somewhat time-consuming process, but it allows us to rethink everything. We’ve eliminated the CMParts app, instead choosing to add our custom features directly into the main settings. We are also taking a “just works” approach when it comes to configuration- CM7 had too many options that just weren’t widely used. We hope to achieve a good balance between tweakability and a great out-of-the-box experience. I want your phone or tablet to feel like it should have come with CM9.

So far, many owners of anything besides a Nexus handset or purely Vanilla device such as the Motorola XOOM, have not received CyanogenMod 9. I wouldn’t say there will ever be riots of people demanding its release, but you can most certainly sense the yearn for the custom OS in the development threads of various forums. The CM team has always said that as soon as they know, the users will know. We’ll keep you posted.

Via: CyanogenMod

  • ApologeticKid

    Noob question here: is CM9 running in a stable manner on the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Heisenberg82


  • jbonics

    cm you guys should bake a cpu slider into the pulldown notification bar…. i use mine at least 10 times a day…

  • Anonymous

    I’m really enjoying the ICS alpha on my motorola Triumph.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tim, CM9 on the DROID 3 is horrendous! I love the look but absolutely nothing worked! Phone application force closed multiple times no matter what I did and I had no service whatsoever! I couldn’t ever recover! I had to go into the sd card, install liberty rom 3 (which is amazing, Kellen should highlight it…) then I could recover back to maverick rom 3. It was crazy! If maverick gave the option of the ICS launcher and ability to choose different lockscreens it would be the best! Just sharing.

    • Anonymous

       I haven’t tried anything but Steel Droid but what a difference SD is compared to Motorola’s bug infested D3 rom!  My D3 is now what it should have been but never was.  Much happier now.

      Have you tried Steel Droid?  If so, how does it compare to liberty?

  • Anonymous
  • CM9 for DX2 is coming. Dragonzkiller is working hard to get it to work. Unfortunately, we’re still stuck on a GB kernel since the bootloader is still locked, but ICS is on it’s way for Droid X2.

    • people still use that piece of junk? 

      • Mike Millz

        dude really??

  • Alpine2g

    I rocked Chevy SS on the OG which had CM built in. Was sad no CM love for the Gnex. AKOP is steller for now, was waiting for CM9 but got ansy. Will be flashed when ready tho! 

  • Anonymous

    I will happily wait as long as needed for CM9 on my Atrix.

  • I can’t wait for the CM team to Cyanogenize my Nexus.

  • Michael Lewis

    make it work for the OG Droid. That’s all I want. I think lots of us want it too. I don’t know why at least one ROM can’t strip down IS until it DOES work for it….

  • Azndan4

    So glad that droidtheory has retired. His l33t speak threads were such an eye sore.

  • Jeremy Turnley

    I’m running the most current CM9 port on my Inspire 4G, it’s pretty damned impressive despite several device-specific bugs. I expect that there will be a LOT of people running CM9 from day one of stable, it’s head and shoulders better than any stock build and even better than most custom ROMS even still in beta like it is.

  • SniperDroid

    I’ve always beleived that the Best Quality should not be rushed… and so do they!

  • Anonymous

    CM9 is undermining the great work OEMs are doing with their skins.  CM9 and rooting should be illegal.

    • Sarcasm fail.

      • Sounds like your sarcasm detector failed here, Luis. 

        • or he was making a joke to the to bakdroid. since his sarcastic joke was pretty lame… lol

    • Anonymous


    • Youradumbass

      Your a dumbass, HATERS GUNNA HATE!!!

    • if OEMs do a proper job, no1 would opt for custom roms. . i waited for samsong to release ICE for S2 till jan. they did not, so I had to find other solutions. 

      plus i hate the touchwiz or whatever it is…CM is million times better 

  • I wonder how the recent revelations from Google regarding CDMA handsets will affect CM9 support. They are yet to officially support any Verizon LTE devices.

    • It shouldn’t affect CM at all, they will just pull the files from the phones, which my understanding is what they do already, that need. Also saw koush said something about it not affecting anything really and if they have to it will just require some hackery apk singing. So seems to be business as usual.

  • Well hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get it on my Bionic. Liberty ROM start’s getting old really fast.

  • Anonymous


  • I’ve used CM on the OG Droid.  I won’t root my Gnex until CM9 stable is released!

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty sad that I’m sitting on my upgrade until CM9 is available for the HTC Rezound. 

    Galaxy Nexus is tempting, but a crappy camera and plastic build quality make it a hard sell. 

    In the future, I won’t be purchasing a device unless it has official CMx Support.  When they stop supporting is when I start upgrading.

    • You should probably just wait for the SIII.. pretty much guaranteed CM support, top of the line camera, etc

      • SIII definitely seems the way to go. Some of us could not wait that long, however. Plus, knowing Verizon, they may pass up the SIII for the Galaxy Nexus 2 or something :/ 

      • Anonymous

        Assuming VZW gets the SIII. 

        They didn’t get the II.  Let’s also not forget that the US Carriers just recently got it… within the last 6 months.  Unless we’re looking at a March / April release, I won’t wait for it.

        What will tempt me to wait is that new Qualcomm radio reported here a few days ago.  That should really help with battery life. 

        The Rezound though with it’s $200 price tag, 720p screen, fantastic camera, and free $100 headphones… seems too good to pass.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          My only problems with the Rezound were the weight (it’s a real brick) and the horrible battery life with LTE enabled. The screen was incredible, and it was fast as anything I have used, but the battery life was a total killer on it – neither my desktop cable nor my car charger could put out enough power to keep it charged, so it would die on me every day on the way home from work while playing Pandora. A few weeks in I just gave up and turned off LTE so the thing was usable.

          Maybe a custom kernel would have helped, but just be prepared when you get it that you will be turning on LTE only when absolutely necessary if you want to get anywhere near a full day out of it.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve come to the conclusion that any LTE Device I purchase today will have garbage battery. 

            I did read somewhere though that HTC put in something so that the phone charges in “USB Charge” as opposed to “AC Charge” or something to that effect when plugged into a car charger (unfortunately, USB Charge is lower than AC Charge).  I think the only fix is to solder something in most USB chargers.  Bummer. 

            Like I said, I might just wait for battery life to get better and that Qualcomm bad boy to get into phones.  I have a Droid X right now and ICS is the ONLY thing really pushing me to upgrade.  Development has halted on it.  Liberty sucks pretty bad these days and CM (on the Froyo Kernel, not sure about the GB Kernel) hasn’t had an update since November. 

            If Encounter can get the camera working on the DX, I’ll probably upgrade to EncounterICS and wait out another year.  Camera is a must have for me, and from what I understand, Encounter doesn’t anticipate anyone getting the camera working due to no ICS camera drivers existing.

    • Steve

      crappy camera yep,  plastic is non issue itsxvery durable and that is all that matters

      • Anonymous

        It may be durable, but it still feels like cheap plastic. 

        I really question the durability though.  At every VZW store I’ve walked into, the battery cover is bent and distorted and looks like it’s about to snap off. 

        That doesn’t scream Motorola Build Quality to me.

        • Casey Megginson

          The battery doors are probably screwed up because people take them off and don’t put them back on right.

          • Anonymous

            It’s the glue they use to attach it to the “yoyos” that pull them back into place. 

            Seeing the demo unit with a messed up battery door doesn’t exactly scream “2 Years of Life” to me.

        • Anonymous

           Perhaps you forgot the “band aides” you could buy for the Motorola Droid when the metal battery covers kept falling off? 

          • Anonymous

            I haven’t… but I think it’s safe to say RAZR is a much better build quality than the G Nex.

    • Yeah because the ReZound is not plastic or anything right? uhhh negative it is and camera on nexus is just as good. I have both, but to each their own

  • Zebra

    CM9 has been running great on my touchpad. For as “alpha” as they say it is, I don’t really find it any less stable the CM7, other than some video not working.

  • Anonymous

    Quick question- WHO is working on CM9?
    I’m sure Steve Kondik (Cyanogen himeself) is leading the development, but he uses the word “WE” a lot in this blog post.
    I’ve seen many different devs working on CM for the various different Android devices I’ve owned. Is there a listing of which devs are working on CM9 too?

  • Reason number 9 why my next device will be a Nexus device.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Epic 4G FTW. 

    We have some of the best devs out there.  CM9 alpha 1 for over a week, and the heavens rejoice.

  • John

    Can’t wait. It’ll be hard leaving AOKP, but I’m sure I’ll end up with CM9.

  • Tony

    in the mean time, AOKP

    • Best ROM for the GNEX.

      • Anonymous

        I prefer the leaked 4.0.4 build.

        • Anonymous

          I’m on this with you as well. My phone is much better and I don’t mind that its “stock”

      • Maizekid


    • BAMF User

      Or the new BAMF ROM that is coming soon. Lets just say the beta is pretty slick

      • Steve

        might be on my next phone before they show up to the party..

    • paco

      Yup best ROM so far for me too

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  • Dshudson

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