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Custom Theme Tuesday: Bgill55’s Un-Blacked Out Theme For Galaxy Nexus

For folks who have been flashing ROMs and themes on their phones over the last few years, the name Brian “Bgill55” should ring a few bells. Brian has some of the best known themes available under his belt such as Invertnito, Synergy, and Incognito. Now with the release of the unlocked Galaxy Nexus, it looks like he is back to bring us another great theme.

As far as we know, it still doesn’t have an official name, other than “un-blacked out.” Classy though, right? The theme is still in alpha phase, so you can expect a few things to not look right. If waiting for this sexy white theme is something you can’t do, then go ahead and try it out right now.

Most important is that you must be on a naked version of AOKP M3 in order to flash. Download here. If you’re already running a theme, you will need to re-flash the ROM so there are no themed assets. If you are already on an un-themed Build M3, then go ahead and follow the directions down below.


  1. Download Un-Blacked Out Alpha zip file and place on phone’s internal storage.
  2. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery and create nandroid backup.
  3. Navigate to zip file’s location.
  4. Hit “Install”.
  5. Reboot and enjoy.

If you have any issues flashing or need any other help, let us know down below and we’ll try to help you out. Happy flashing!

  • Christianengen

    I want this on aokp build 23 maguro:(

  • Really love the way this theme looks.  2 issues though:

    Anyone having issues with icons showing up as white on white background (invisible) in the notification bar?  

    And has anyone seen a delay in syncing push notifications for gmail & google voice?

  • Cmonnats23

    Does anyone know what clock and launcher this screenshot is showing? I initially thought it was clock, but I don’t think clockr gives you the option of goinr vertical like that. I don’t think the launcher is nova launcher… any thoughts?

    • neversay

      i think its called clockr

      • Cmonnats23

        I know what clockr is and I have it on my phone! I have scanned the preferences and there’s no setting for changing the time to horizontal!

        • neversay

          FOUND IT :D!!

          its called 
          Minimalistic Text

  • Pelon1023

    What is that clock called?

  • Enjoy your burn-in! I’d stick with black.

    • Anonymous

      But having a black nav  bar causes the rest of the screen to be dimmer when watching videos

  • Scull314

    Will this work for AOKP build 21 up? 

  • Ethanhansen360

    I flashed this theme but the home buttons are still white. Did i do something wrong? or is there a way to make them black? i looked through all the settings and there was no way…

    • Go to Settings > ROM Control > Navigation Bar > Navigation Bar Color

  • Bgill55

    Muhahahaha your battery belong to me……

  • Anonymous

    This would look great on the white Nexus. 

  • Can I HAZ that Wallpaper?

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice. Too bad it’s only for AOKP.

    • to bad? it’s to bad you’re not running AOKP!!! LoL…

      what are you waiting on!?!? 

      • Paul Johnson

         I hate unicorns.

        • Benjamin Landwehr


  • would love to have this ported to a nexus s 4g rom

  • Mark

    it’s ded sexeh

  • Question

    A while ago there was a post about battery saving on pentile screens which suggested that having black or white backgrounds is the best way to save power.  Since the GNex is still a pentile, does this still hold true?  Or does that principle change because of this being an AMOLED?

    • Anonymous

      I read recently (on Rootzwiki, I believe) that having as much black as possible is better for your battery, while having lots of white will have the opposite effect on your battery. Not sure if there’s been any testing/research to prove this or if it’s just hypothetical.

    • Anonymous

      on amoled screens the more black the less battery it takes because there is no backlight. since each pixel is self illuminated the more black in the ui means theres more pixels that are effectively “off.” As far as i know pentile has nothing to do with that

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      • that makes a lot of sense. $83/hour to sit on a computer is the going rate these days. thanks for sharing!

  • Trooper

    What rom is it compatible with?

    • Anonymous

      I could be wrong, but I think there’s a hint in the post: “Most important is that you must be on a naked version of AOKP M3 in order to flash. Download here. If you’re already running a theme, you will need to re-flash the ROM so there are no themed assets. If you are already on an un-themed Build M3, then go ahead and follow the directions down below.”

    • Collin

       AOKP Milestone 3. There is a link in the article.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Love the looks, probably won’t enjoy the battery drain though.

    • Been running it for a few days – no noticeable change in battery life.

    • Myth 😛

      • Tommy Thompson

        Good to know 😀

      •  I don’t think it’s myth.  It’s just not nearly as pronounced as some make it out to be.

      • Mike McKee

         please explain…

    • There not much of a different. been running it the last few days.

  • Anonymous

    This theme is ultra sleek.  Love it as is and its not even finished!  Anyone have that wallpaper by any chance though?

    • Pcraig87

      Second that on the wallpaper. Pretty sick.

    • Its part of a pack in the market called Android Stripes. 

  • Anonymous


  • Obi_Shwan

    I quite like the white notification bar with black icons.

  • Jordan Epps

    If only I had a white Nexus