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Rumor: 7mm Thick Samsung Galaxy SIII May Launch in May

Another week and another Samsung Galaxy SIII rumored launch date to add to the growing list. This week it comes out of Korean news site Electronics Times News who claims that the device will be roughly 7mm thick, launching some time in May. Now, we have seen reports that suggest MarchApril, and July, so why not put May into play? After hearing from Samsung that they will not unveil the device at the end of this month at MWC and will instead throw a special Samsung event, these later dates sound like much more of a reality.

Aside from the device being ultra-slim, ETNews also mentioned that the phone should run Ice Cream Sandwich, contain “high quality cameras” and have 3D capabilities.

Anything else you would love to see in the Galaxy SIII?  HD Super AMOLED Plus screen?

Via:  ETNews, BGR

  • Chris^^

    5″ Super Amoled HD Screen

    3500 or more mAh battery350-400 ppi
    2.0 Ghz quadcore processor
    16gb expandable up to 64gb
    2gb of RAM
    better GPU
    12 megapixel better Lens and image stabilization (some of the experts of photography claims that it’s not all about Megapixel it’s also about lens)
    Shutter button for the camera
    Zero Shutter
    Touch to focus
    7-9mm thick

  • Andiroid

    It’s not just to make the phone thin.  It’s a goal like “lets see how much tech we can cram into this tiny space”.  Tech continually marches forward and if nobody tried to shrink technology we would still have computers that take up an entire room and had less memory than a nintendo 64!

  • Anonymous

    a removable 3500mah battery, 4.5″+ super amoled plus hd screen, 8mp+ camera with dual led flash, 2mm side bezels and 8mm top and bottom bezels, 32gb of internal memory and a 64gb sd card slot, 2ghz quad core processor, mhl port, 7-8.85mm thick, speakers as good or better then the OG Droid and convince vzw to get it….wouldn’t that be nice?

    • Andiroid

      What he said!!!!

  • Edube24

    And now the company that hates Apple so much is having their own event to announce the phone. They spend all of their time knocking Apple, but their executives would sleep with the five fattest chicks in the world to be them! Good luck with the ones and ones of people who show up to the launch Samsung.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather they go the RAZR MAXX route and make it 9-10mm with a huge battery. 

  • Anonymous

    being thin is nice, but how will it feel in hand is the more important issue.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. The thicker RAZR MAXX feels better in hand than the normal RAZR. Likewise, the GSM Galaxy Nexus feels better with the extended battery than the stock one.

  • Will it have a 3,300mAh battery???

  • NColo_39

    Needs more cowbell

  • Make it look like the world version ( GT-I9100) (yes I like the centered home button fixed not a big fan of the on screen like the nexus but i could live with it.) Make it in black and white like SGII, 4.3 inch screen ( if buttons are fixed) a little bit bigger if on screen like the nexus, 12mp camera sure but good lens and image sensors, 2nd generation LTE chip for better battery life, big battery, HD screen and of course VERIZON ! Please no 3D.. its a waste..

  • needs more LTE

  • Anthony Palumbo

    OMG 7 months after the s2…. we should start a campain of why these are releasing so soon….sorry little jab…. just sick of everyone bitching bout d4 comming so soon yet it will be about the same time line as this Galaxy from the last. Why hasnt anyone mentioned this. hmmmm. omg the s2 owners should be angry

    • false, the s2 was released April 2011

      • Anthony Palumbo

        actually i was speaking of the US release which was sept oct and nov for the us depending on the carrier. when i speak of release dates i am not talking about when it made it to other countries. no one cares about other countries release dates just the one they live int. here is the link  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S_II. hence maybe 7 months

        • Anonymous

          Why do you think Samsung would take into account when the SGSII was released in the US when deciding when to release the SIII? The world is a lot larger than the USA.

          • Jkm07

            They are factoring in deployment dates for all the countries. Thats why its been speculated that they are not bringing the SGSIII to MWC so that there will be a shorter delay between the announcement and its availability in all countries, particularly the US.

          • Anthony Palumbo

            i was only pointing out that it is 7 months ruffly between the lunch of eachother in the us. they were flaming motorola for the droid 4 and the short release time span in the US for other countries it will be almost a year before the droid 4 gets them

  • Andiroid

    4.8″ super amoled plus HD edge to edge Corning lotus glass display
    2 ghz quad core processor
    12 mpx camera with better sensors and more professional camera and video features
    7 – 9 mm thin
    3500+ mAmp battery
    limited TW over ICS
    nano coated internals for water resistance

    • Bionic

      Your not going to see a “better” image senson in a phone that is only 7mm thick, no way in hell.  

      People need to stop relying on their phones as cameras.  

      • Andiroid

        I can dream can’t I ?  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Make it 9mm with a real “all day battery”
    I couldn’t care less how thin it is.

  • Lgreg64

    With the Maxx setting records with battery life I would say battery not slim 7mm

  • Anonymous

    Why so thin? It really doesn’t make the phone any better.. Wife has the Razr and I absolutely hate how thin it is.. Just my opinion of course

  • Anonymous

    Make it 2mm thicker to give it the same battery the RAZR MAXX does. After that, the other incremental changes (HD screen, dual core A15 or quad core A9, better camera) will be OK, the Galaxy S2 was so high spec’d there isn’t much the Galaxy S3 has to do even a year later spec wise.

  • Rlarson_mn

    Whats the battery size.

    • Bionic

      100 mah

  • Itstime

    I think this is the phone i am looking for…

  • Tony


    • Anonymous

      That’s the biggest question I have.

  • Blum65

    all day battery life

  • Bezelbub

     Huge bezels?

  • Sp4rxx

    The same glass that the OG Droid had …

    My RAZR could not withstand a pocket-drop face-down (w/o protector) but my OG got a trunk lid slammed down on it (twice!) and had no marks on it whatsoever.

    It seems that the more advanced they make phones, the more fragile they become….

  • Levi Wilcox

    I’d rather is was 14mm thick and had 2x the battery…

  • Anonymous

    Why cant they just make the GSIII 1 device for the world? Drop it in both EU and US/Canada same day?

    • angermeans

      Im sure they would love to do that but all the carriers (esp in america) and the politics involved in releasing a phone wpuld make that impossible. Every carrier wants a device that only they carry and that wont change unless it has an apple logo on it.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t units sold and newly signed contracts more important than any income they may receive by placing their skin on a phone?

  • Anonymous

    This will be the next big thing. Samsung has really nailed it with their Galaxy line (original S, Tab, SII, Note, and Nexus have all been fantastic devices).

    My guesses for the rumour mill: 4.5″ screen standard (who knows about carrier specific options), sAMOLED+ HD, ARM15, LTE, thinner than the RAZR, still with an 8MP camera, ICS. Oh, and a Verizon model TBA in 2013.

  • Quach Minh

    3D in Galaxy S line? I don’t think so, cause most if not all of the 3D phones till now suck. Besides, none of them can be considered “thin”.

  • EC8CH

    “3D capabilities”

    I don’t want those capabilities.

    • I’ve never played with the 3D phones that are out, but I’d hope there was a way to turn it off.

      • Anonymous

        They are nauseating to say the least!

      • Guest

        You were to busy playing with yourself.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mind it if I can turn it off. It’s cool to show off, but in reality adds little functionality. Most 3D phones contain a switch for the option: the ability to enable it is always better than not having the option at all…

    • Noyfb

      Last years 3D phones were giving people head aches and migranes, and warnings stated not to usde for more than 20 minutes at a time with out a break for your eyes

    Razr Maxx size battery

  • If it had the word “Nexus” in the name, I would LOVE this phone.  But it doesn’t, so forget it.  All who get this phone can look forward to Touchwiz and slow updates from Samsung.  I guess there’s always root and ROMs though.

    • angermeans

      Amen to that, but if this phone has a quad core exynos, super amoled plus hd display, a great camera, and runs on verizon it might be something to look at. Then again the only thing it will have that the galacy nexus doesnt is a quad core because i could care less aboit a battery and at this resolution the plus wont add any real world difference. I hope verizon plans om getting a nexii device every year cause i dont think i could stand sense or touchwiz and motorola will never see a dime from me.

      • Anonymous

        exynos doesn`t support lte…but would be nice if they updated it

  • Anonymous

    4.5″ HD IPS Super Amo Plus screen
    Exynos Quad Core!
    Better Materials -Die cheap plastic “high end” phones!
    Customizable color notification light!
    Camera button!
    TW toned down or gone. Just leave us the Widgets, Samsung!!! We will LOVE you for it!
    Stock ICS Icons. They look soooooo much better than TW’s generic looking ones.
    The standard stuff like 8MP rear, nice front cam, good speakers and earbuds.
    Test, test and re-test the software for bugs and lag!


    Drop it in White on Day 1! Same phone all 4 carriers please.   

    • This thing won’t see the light of day in the US until next fall. And can’t you just spend $30 on a nice pair of Sennheiser ear canal headphones?

      • Lmrojas

        They dont have the controls for music on those tho

  • Corthney

    5 inch screen, all Bezel. 10 MP camera and ice cream. Then I’m sold

  • ChrisI

    I have the E4GT, and do really love it. I wish it had a high er pixel density screen though, somewhere close to HD. It would make youtube and gaming that much better. Everything else on the phone is great.

  • Wish it was stock 😛

  • Yep

    I’ll take one in white, please.

  • mmg

    Will it run the new Jellybean os?

  • Hopefully the battery life will be improved. The MAXX has really set the bar on this one!