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First Batch of Android 4.0.4 ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus Appear


Not that we are surprised by this since the Nexus developer community has been pedal-to-the-metal since day one, but we wanted to be sure that you all realized that 4.0.4 ROMs are already available. If you have yet to update, feel free to grab one of the releases we listed below. You have a CM9 Kang that keeps getting better by the minute, followed by two completely stock ROMS – 1 that is only rooted and another that has been deodexed, includes busybox, etc. 

Links:  CM9 Kang | Stock RootedStock Rooted Deodexed

Cheers Jeff and Kris!

  • Anonymous

    OK So I tried loading the 4.04 but it complains about /system/build.prop. I unloaded the new radios and re-flashed 4.02 just to find out it didn’t have any radios so I had to load EK06/EK04 again to have an actual phone. The build.prop file looks ok meaning it does not appear corrupted. I discovered that if you remove it and try to boot you get no GUI. I put it back but so far I can’t find one that’s in a legible format. Anyone have an example of /system/build.prop that lets you upgrade to 4.04 ???

    It appears that the build.prop enclosed in the .zip file is compressed or binary.

    • Anonymous

       same here, complains about build.prop.

  • RaptorOO7

    So if we are counting custom ROM’s with the 4.0.4 build props then you should add GummyNex to the list, while theirs is still listed as 4.0.3 it has the 4.0.4 build props and they offer your choice of 4.0.3 Gapps or 4.0.4 Gapps.

    As clearly noted until we get 4.0.4 AOSP released nothing is truly 4.0.4 other than stock.  This is also why Roman has posted AOKP will not go 4.0.4 until the source is out.

  • Anonymous

    Been running Tranquilice 7.0i since yesterday morning…4.0.4 with new radios…can’t wait til Franco’s kernel is compatible

  • Jim McClain

    when will all of us who are not interested in rooting and unlocking get our updates? was promised support,been almost 2 months lots of fixes needed and seen nothing yet, pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for some 4.0.5 AOKP Kang lovin….

  • uncle paul harguss

    There is no going back after running AOKP. IDK if even CM9 will have anything close to its features. . 

  • The delay when typing in landscape mode seems to be fixed but I still cannot sync my facebook account with my contact list (something I heard was fixed it 4.03).

    • Anonymous

      I’m runnin gummy 0.7.0 and i can do this, i am still on 4.0.3 though

  • Firelight

    IF you have the TBH app Tranquilice 7.0i is based on 4.0.4 and is running like melted butter smooth.

  • if i root im staying sock

    • Anonymous

      stock**….I said the same thing until I read all of the hype about AOKP…I flashed it, I became a believer! Nuff said

  • Yea I make the CM9 Kang it uses the 4.0.4 props. Since 4.0.4 source isn’t released yet its not 4.0.4 yet. 4.0.3 with 4.0.4 props.

  • yea CM9 kang is definitely not 4.0.4 as the source for 4.0.4 has yet to be released.. We will not be seeing any of the AOSP builds based on 4.0.4 until Google released the source.. Please stop confusing people with this

    • Kevin

      Thanks …you beat me to it…

    • Jeff Simpson

       Came here to post this, but wanted to double-check to make sure I wasn’t wrong about 4.0.4 not being released as source, yet.

    • Anonymous

      When will CM9 for the Galaxy Nexus be officially released???

  • angermeans

    Im so glad to be back on a Nexus device. The development community is second to none on a Nexii device. I missed it after owning the Nexus One almost 2 years ago and this was one of a number of reasons I got this phone. 

  • weeeener

    so can i be running 4.0.3 AOKP and flash backwards to 4.0.2 radios/bootloader then flash the 4.0.4 radios bootloader and still be running AOKP without anything changed?

    • I did.  I run codename 1.2.  Flashed back to 4.0.2 radios and bootloader.  Then flashed the new radios/bootloader. 

    • Anonymous

      Yep and I did just that.  Here is a link to the files you need to do this. The original post has the upgrade files, and if you go to the second page in the thread you will see a post that gives you the file to downgrade to 4.0.2 first…. Everything you need is here.


  • Anonymous

    I still don’t know the difference between deoxed and stock

    • DroidzFX
    • angermeans

      It means the the individual apk that are used are converted back to a .dex format and placed back in the apk so that it means that individual things like the dialer, sms app, etc etc can be replaced or modded to ones liking. This makes a lot of things possible like changing colore (I’m sure you’ve seen the mods). I’m sure I’m only skimming the surface of what deodexed roms can do, but I hope this helps. I only know because I asked a long time ago when I first got my Nexus One and then decided to look into it. It is really interesting.

      • duke69111

        The Stock Rooted is made to be flashed over my existing rooted only stock rom that came with my phone… is that correct?  

  • Anonymous

    Did this come from P3Droid?

    • U always say amazing, bro?

      • Anonymous

        Amazingly… yes.

  • ddevito

    Waiting for Bugless Beast

    • Kevin

      Why his latest is neither bug-less or beastly….CodeNameAndroid…nuff said.

      • ddevito

        Haven’t had any issues with BB.

        The Franco nightlies on the other hand, different story altogether

        • Del Preston

          Was that a Wayne’s World 2 reference? Did you have to beat them to death with their own shoes?

          • ddevito

            LOL – didn’t realize that.

            Yeah, I had to pick out all the green M&M’s for Franco

      • Anonymous

        Actually, his latest is 100% bugless. He’s also updated his nightlies to include some 4.0.4 stuff and he also put together a stock, rooted 4.0.4 ROM.

  • Wade Wilson

    Now just waiting on AOKP…

    • John

      The only ROM worth waiting for 🙂

    • whats AOKP?

      • Sruel3216

        Android Open Kang Project – custom rom

        • what are its benefits?

          • Anonymous

            You’re my namesake! Except my prefix is Ade. Aokp Is different in that it’s like ics on tablets on phones. There’s a brightness control in the notification bar along with toggles you can customize, they are rather tasteful. There’s also a bunch of under the hood tweaking if you so desire like SetCpu and stuff. Bunch of themes too.

          • Roman is VERY good at taking feedback and is really quick to respond to issues. usually he has an update out every 3-4 days but the updates are HUGE in changes. Also alot of customization built into the settings.

          • AOKP makes your phone ooze butter.  Also, unicorns.

          • EC8CH

            pink unicorns, bronie

          • Levi Wilcox

            The real benefit to me is the power saving mode where you can switch off just 4G or both 3G/4G when the screen is off. I’ve only seen in AOKP. However it does not have the automatic backlight control (like Codename) so my screen tends to eat up more juice than it needs to. I’ve been switching back and forth from AOKP and CND for a while now just can’t decide which I like more.

          • Anonymous

            gummy does both 🙂

          • Kevin

            Gay pink unicorns…

          • Anonymous

            Ax to grind? 

            OPINION- I enjoy and had to change that boot animation but to each their own. What are you running?

          • It’s hard to watch lifeless trolls run around this site.  It makes my eyes bleed.

          • PC_Tool

            You have far bigger problems than Unicorns, my friend.

          • iamCC

            AOKP offers the most quality customization options in my opinion. While I like to customize my phone, any changes I make I like them to look as stock as possible (if that makes any sense).

            For instance I was running AOKP build 21 with a white theme and if I handed my phone to someone who had never used a Galaxy Nexus they would assume the phone shipped like that.

            Roman is also one of my favorite developers just as far as how he operates, I use his ICS ROM on my GT10.1 and love it.

      • Kevin


    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait for 4.0.4 AOKP!

    • Tim Swann

      Milestone 3 based on 4.0.3 is really good.

      • Wade Wilson

        Yea im running B21 at the moment and was planning on flashing M3 earlier tonight but I didnt want to data reset so I figure I’ll wait until a 4.0.4 build is out.

        • Tim Swann

          you can use SMS Backup and Call Log Backup and then do an app backup to your computer. Then flash ROM followed by restoring apps and restore the logs that you backed up. I know it seems like a lot, but that is a good way to be able to flash ROMs without losing all your data that you probably care about. 

          What do you think of B21?

    • Yeah AOKP would be nice but just getting the damn VZW Nexus back on AOSP would be even better.

  • I flashed the new radios and bootloader yesterday. Those were the biggest deal to me, though i still haven’t been able to see how much of a difference they make. I suppose I’ll be patient and wait for roms made from the official update…

    • duke69111

      I flashed the radio and bootloader aswell and could not tell any increase in signal and the 3g/4g switching does not seam any faster either. 

  • I would really like to know how a CM9 kang has 4.0.4 anything besides props and gapps as the source ISNT OUT YET

    • I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I have this installed right now and it appears to still be 4.0.3. I think DL jumped the gun on this one.

    • Redflea

      Yup – that’s a fail.  

      I run the CM9 Kang ROM from Winner00, and love it, my favorite GNex ROM.  It does use the 4.0.4 build props, but it isn’t 4.0.4 based and won’t be until, as you note, the 4.0.0 source is released.  

  • EC8CH

    These guys obviously don’t take time off to watch the superbowl.

  • Fake

    first u mad bro