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Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2” Will Blow Your Mind, Again.

Arguably the coolest video of 2011 was Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass.” It racked up over 17 million views and gave us a look into a future that includes nothing but touchable surfaces, almost Minority Report style. It could be years and years before we see anything close to a world like this, but after watching this new version, you will again wish that it was happening now. Fully touch-capable walls that can share in real time with tablets and are interactive? Yes, please. Changing the theme of your car through a tablet and a swipe? Mmmhmm. How about live augmented reality video using a tablet in something like a state park? Corning believes in it.  

“A Day Made of Glass 2”:


Story behind Corning’s vision:


The original “A Day Made of Glass”:


Via:  Pocket-Lint

  • Tyler

    I saw this tablet during the video and it had a slight resemblance of an iPad? So apple is going to sue right?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Funny, I didn;t see any of those things in Back to the Future II. lol

  • My teachers couldn’t even handle PowerPoints in high school. 

  • Mark Wilk

    I hope the glass in the park can withstand a large animal slamming into it at full speed, which is inevitably what will happen. 

  • This changes everything, again, again, again, again

  • application developers and graphic designers are going to make millions designing the apps that will run on what ever operating system (android obviously) that these glass computers will have. 

  • I am sooo buying up all the Windex and Microfiber stock I can get my hands on! LOL 

  • Lgreg64

    Time to buy stock in Windex and Bounty.

    • jag28co

      corning they are making a killing with gorilla glass already.

  • 1fall

    The technology in these videos is coming quicker then we expect.  I’m only 29 and I think about what has come about in my time.  Of course not ALL the technologies displayed will be here as fast as others.  But I see many of these ideas happening within the next 15 years.  Wanna place some bets?

    • Dliuzzo110

      I do I do. Lets not forget the workers needed to build the buildings to hold all this technology are out of work and poor. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see these things come to fruition but looking at the state of affairs this country is in now…I just don’t see it

  • Anonymous

    I feel sterilized after this.

  • mrcrusha829

    Why all the hate for forward thinking?  They are clearly just showing the thoughts that they have for the future of their product and how it will possibly one day change the future of personal computing.  People laughed when the idea of the computer in every home came about and now everyone has computers in their pockets let alone their home!

  • Anyone else notice that the tablets look curiously like clear i*ads? 🙁

    • Anonymous

      You mean they look like slabs of rectangular glass with rounded corners?

  • Ry D

    Also, keep in mind Corning makes glass, so this is a fools dream on their part lol. 

    • TC Infantino

      I guess they were dreaming when they envisioned a world where people would have computers in their pockets with glass screens that the people would touch to control.  Yes, you are right, because they just make glass they have no idea what technology it will be put to use with.

  • Anonymous

    “How about live augmented reality video using a tablet in something like a state park?”

    Because everyone goes to the park to stare at a gadget that produces imaginary objects?  This stuff is neat in concept, but what does it honestly do for humankind?  Technology provides solutions to problems and creates a bunch of others. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I thought it was cool until it showed a huge pane of glass in the middle of the redwoods. Behind the scenes that Roosevelt elk probably smashed into the clear glass and rendered it all for naught.

      • Anonymous

         Glass is stronger than that…

  • PSU_DI

    man Windex would make a killing.. 

    • Rlockwich

      I thought the same exact thing…When they showed the park with that wall of glass. I was thinking about who’s going to clean that thing. LOL

  • 3D Life Size Interactive Pr0n ?

    • Thisguy

      aka (imaginary) sex w/ you wife/gf

  • These people have a curious lack of ethnicity. Also, who is writing all this software? And is this just for private school kids? What is in the public schools, same old textbooks from 1964?

    • Bfl27


    • they are trying to show off that they can make something crazy-amazing like car makers making concept cars with no intent on releasing anything they showed off to the general public for at least a decade. kinda pointless tho considering im pretty sure this is all CGI and they dont actually have anything to show for it (compared to car makers who usually do have a working model). understandable, but still kinda pointless. i bet they either were touching regular glass or green screen. 

    • johnny

      public schools are starting to use uniforms too. way to judge a book by its cover.

  • Anonymous

    pun intended?

  • Anonymous


  • my life is never this important 🙁

  • Augmented Reality P***? rofl

  • Anonymous

    Yeah – I work with doctors and clinical research which involves a healthy heaping of technology – and my wife’s a doctor.

    Good luck getting them to use any of that cool stuff.  My wife still has problems with her iPhone 3G, forgets her passwords, and doctors are by far the worst group of people to help when it comes to technology 😛

    • Bfl27

      Tjpeco, just because the people you surround yourself with are idiots technologically doesn’t mean everyone is. There are people much older that are smarter and have the simple mind span to work a computer. 

      • PC_Tool

        …and the reality is that the majority are in the camp he described.

        People, by and large, are complete morons when it comes to technology.

        Need proof?  I present to you: The Internet.

    • Anonymous

       I work with doctors as well (in the inpatient setting).

      Older doctors tend to be like that, while the younger seem to take to technology better.

    • Anonymous

      It would create new jobs so there could be “experts” in those fields that handle all this technology while the doctor still does his own thing.

    • I’ve shadowed health professionals and tablets (sadly IPADS) are already being used, highly.

  • Anonymous

    The first one was just so exciting the first time I saw it, 2nd doesn’t disappoint.

  • Anonymous

    Now, if I live in a glass house, I can throw rocks.

    • Anonymous

      Now have an app that plays all the noise of the 12th man from all those watching the game and your house will sound like the stadium.

    • Thisguy

      you can also shoot an adult movie without worrying about what angles you can and can’t get.

  • Anonymous

    seeing these videos reminds me more of Total Recall than Minority Report..that being said, it would still be pretty cool.

    • Aren’t they remaking Total Recall?  Seems like a movie that no one should try to replicate, was too good as an original. 🙂

      • EC8CH

        Must have thought the body county wasn’t high enough in the original:


        Maybe they’ll finally do it up big this time?

      • Anonymous

        I had no idea that they were doing this.  but I’m sure the special effects would be even better this time around…

        And it would be interesting to see if they incorporate the prostitute with 3 “lungs”. 


      • Mclovin

        Sorry to report they are doing a remake and what really sucks is that Colin Ferrell is the star. 

        • TC Infantino

          I don’t know, I liked the remake of Fright Night with Colin Ferrell as the big bad vampire neighbor.  It was a great movie.

  • Could you image this on a shower door?

    • That would be beautiful. Weather, email, other stuff that isn’t appropriate for the public. 🙂

      • Good God… what a thought! Get this man some money!!!

      • Schoat333

        Why doesn’t this already exist? Quick! call the patent office before apple reads this!

  • I want this to be in my house

  • kretz7

    I see this being widely adopted, especially in inner city schools.