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“Android Winning” T-Shirt Represents the Growth of the Platform

The latest t-shirt design from our favorite Android t-shirt designers is known as “ANDROID WINNING.” It’s a slide redesign of their Andy vs. shirt, omitting the late Steve Jobs and including some additional green power. I’d have to agree that Android is winning this battle. As always, the shirt is $17 and is printed on high-quality American Apparel cotton. Another to add to your growing collection.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I would rather have the shirt show Andy, The Apple apple, and The windows Window, all teamed up against HP and RIM…..

  • Gary

    Anybody else getting security blocked going to this web site (http://www.androidwinning.com/)?   AVAST blocks as a TROJAN HORSE  / JS: Downloader!

    • I am and it’s pissing me off because I can’t get around it no matter what. 

  • Sputnick

    Why don’t they just put “I’m a virgin” instead of that army stuff?

    • Rich Frederiksen

      They would, but that’s not the message they’re trying to convey. If it were, they’d use your face instead.

      • Sputnick

        I’m wearing my “Rich is a Virgin and is pissed” T-Shirt.

        • Rich Frederiksen

          So I imply that you are a virgin and your rebuttal is to call me a virgin? I think most of us left that argumentative tact back in elementary school.

          But thanks for letting us know you’re not playing with a full deck 🙂

          • Sputnick

            Rich to play that you’re some mature nob that likes that stupid shirt, defends it, and then puts down myself who made  fun of it, is not only pathetic but also leads me to assume that you’re little pimply faced asshat that needs to get laid.  Any woman worth taking home and banging wouldn’t come near a dope with that shirt on.  That shirt is birth control and you seem to dig it.  Please defend that shirt again….it makes me laugh.  Tell me how cool it is Rich…please.

          • LMAO Rich just got pwn’d

          • Someoneelse

            She wouldn’t have any clue what android is anyway, so I don’t think that that her not coming near is due to the tshirt 😛

          • Donny

            Girls don’t care what my shirt is , their to busy taking it off for me 😉 … catch up nooblets

          • Anonymous

            Ouch, I suspect we’ve seen the last of Rich!

  • Anonymous

    Winning? More like winning with the shittiest phones. That excludes the pure Android phones.

  • Anonymous

    if this shirt doesn’t get you laid, i don’t know what will. 

    • an IOS shirt about being a baristo 

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else think Andy was doing a Hitler salute there for a second lol? 

    Then I noticed the falcon punch to the helicopter. 

  • Lmrojas

    Eh…. this doesnt halp developers one bit. Pointless

    • Anonymous

      Spell check might halp you…

      • Lmrojas

        Fack you 😉

      • But the devs have no monies he says so no spell check 

    • HeLLo

      Uh were in the world did you get the idea of this helping developers.Oh wait judging by your spelling probably from where the sun don’t shine.