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Motorola Wins Permanent Injunction Against Apple in Germany – Products Pulled Initially, Have Now Returned at Possible Licensing Deal

Motorola won a pretty significant patent battle with Apple today in German courts. The initial “permanent injunction” forced the Cupertino giant to remove most of its products from its German-based online store including the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4 as well as any 3G-enabled iPads. The patent in question had to do with a “multiple pager status synchronization system and method” which Apple uses in its iCloud product. As you can see, that’s a big deal.

After all that went down early this morning and products were pulled, news is starting to spread that Apple has apparently put up a big enough chunk of change to license the patent from Motorola. Well, has potentially. The ban has been lifted and that’s the only guess that anyone has as to why it would be removed so quickly. It’s not clear what that amount was, especially after an Apple spokesperson took a shot at Moto for refusing “to license this patent to Apple on reasonable terms.”

This is a developing story, indeed.

Via:  FOSS Patents, (2), BBCEngadget

Cheers Mclovin, Brian and Ben!

  • The Abba Dalla

    Kudos, please don’t license to Apple iShit, they deserve to be banned in all areas because they are such @sses starting an unnecessary patent trolling. Honestly even though as I said before I would love tech progress I would love nothing more than to see Apple suffer a major hit or ultimately be closed for putting so many companies and countries through this type of legal litigation.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused, did Motorola win then the court changed its mind…?

  • Anonymous

    It annoys me to no end that Apple doesn’t simply come up with licensing agreements with other companies instead of going overboard with litigation. This irrational desire to “destroy Android” that came from Jobs is such a waste of money and time.

  • Crush should make an apple flavor.  Motorola’s doing a good job of it.

  • Anonymous

    I remember a while ago, when the first mention of Google acquiring Motorola, people were guessing why. Some said for Motorola’s patents, and there were naysayers dismissing Motorola’s patent portfolio, saying it wasn’t that strong. It seems like Motorola is the only company successful at going against *pple.
    I bet Microsoft probably has a few patents that would hamper *pple, too. But it appears that they would rather take money from Android. My thinking is that Microsoft figures if they can cripple Android enough, people will buy Windows phone instead. And by they poll Droid-Life took, that’s where most say they would head.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t Google make it clear that they were acquiring Motorola Mobility strictly for its patent portfolio?

      • Anonymous


        It seems like Google tried to put it on the low, the first thing Eric Schmidt is quoted as saying is that it acquired Motorola for the amazing products.
        Also, some big patent blogger (can’t remember who) said Motorola’s patent portfolio was mostly worthless. That only a few of the 6000 mattered and most could be considered GRAND.

      • ShooterMcGavin

        Google wants their own hardware platform for their operating system to flourish also in order to branch out. 

  • Anonymous

    I love this, bring Suezilla to its knees!  How you like them apples Apple?  maybe stop picking legal battles with vague and arbitrary patents  hmmmmm?

  • Rantz


  • Anonymous


  • Stephen D

    I hate Motorola, but Moto and Samsung are the only ones with enough balls to go after Apple, and if anyone can win, it’s Motorola. 

    • Anonymous

      LOL I love Motorola but Samsung fails and or loses all the time

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Now this is great news! The more lawsuits Apple get hit with, the better!

  • Anonymous

    Live by the patent, die by the patent.

  • Anonymous

    The funniest part of the whole article above is the spokesperson quote from Apple.  Why should anyone license anything to Apple on reasonable terms?  They haven’t been reasonable in at least 5 years.

    • Anonymous

      Because they are FRAND patents, Motorola has to.

      • Anonymous

        I understand they have to.  I just think Apple should have to pay an absurd amount due to their tactics in the litigation business model they are adopting.  It seems the courts are thinking that way as well since they sided with Moto on the initial offers.  Now we just wait and see if the court says Apple’s last offer is reasonable or not.

        • Anonymous

          What should happen and what legally has to happen are two different things. FRAND patents are essentially industry standards and are vital to all companies. Motorola shouldn’t be allowed to collect any more money from Apple than any other company they license these patents too.

          Also, these lawsuits are not new in the industry and only have attracted attention because Apple is involved. Apple is an extremely polarizing company. The history of the wireless communications industry is littered with these kinds of lawsuits.

          I think we can all agree that these lawsuits are terrible for consumers, no matter who the companies are.

          • DailyRunner

            So, company X that makes $50 off my patent should pay the same to license it as company Y that makes $50,000,000,000 off it does? I don’t think so!

          • Anonymous

            It’s a FRAND patent so licensing terms are different.

      • Brandon

        And that was valid until the courts ruled that Apple was attempting to attach unreasonable caveats to the license, thereby nullifying said FRAND status.

  • Anonymous

    Victory by any other name is still as sweet -Devilsephiroth.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold – Klingon proverb.

    • Anonymous

      Are you attributing a Shakespeare quote to yourself because you changed a word and left out the clever parts?

  • Roshan John

    Went over to Macrumors to checkout the action. Pin drop silence. 

  • Levi Wilcox

    One Milllllllion Dollars! MWAHAHAHAHAH! 

    oh…. I mean

  • Wsnydes

    Pot.  Kettle.  Black.

  • RaptorOO7

    Apple uses nuclear tactics to stifle competition and has the gall to whine how Motor wouldn’t license a.technology Apple willfully infringed upon. Wow that has to hurt Apple.

    Motor should have NOT licensed it, I doubt it was covered under frand. If Google owned Motor in full I doubt this would have passed.

  • So after Apple refuses to license their patents to anyone, and simply tries to put permanent bans on devices, Moto lets them off easy by allowing them to license a patent!? I hate you SOOO much right now Moto!

    • Anonymous

       idk how much $ their getting but i’m sure they are cutting decently into crapple’s profits on these now.  it makes perfect business sense. 

    • Jeremy Turnley

      It doesn’t state what the terms were. I bet they involved “dropping existing injunction requests” and “requiring license deals over existing and future patents”.

      Don’t think for a second that Moto didn’t have that all drafted and ready to present the moment they got the upper hand.

    • Josh Groff

       I’m fine with that, no need to stifle the competition when you could just make a ton of money off them.

      • Sam

        Yea, look at M$. They are forcing OEM’s to do the same thing.

        • Josh Groff

          It’s sheer brilliance and I love it. Forces innovation without stifling the competition.

    • Anonymous

      The patents are FRAND. If Apple agrees to fair licensing terms, Moto can’t say no.

  • EC8CH

    should have stuck to the ban… make ’em go back to selling iPods.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not that simple. Apple was offered FRAND terms for the patents but Apple balked, instead they wanted to reserve the right to sue Motorola to have the patents invalidated entirely. The trouble is, if Apple is successful then Moto gets no licensing money, and owes Apple money for the damages resulting from the injunction. They’d much rather just get the licensing money and not have so many prods in the fire. 

  • Anonymous

    As much as I HATE you right now Moto for still locking your devices, I must applaud you for getting to Apple.  :]

  • Does motorola cell phones in germany?

    • Anonymous

      Does Brian in English?

      • Pcraig87


    • EC8CH

      David Hasselhoff

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they ‘do’ matter….

    • Josh Groff

       It looks like you a word.

  • Nelson Muntz

    Ha Ha (pointing finger)

    • Anonymous

      *nelson laugh*

  • JDub


    • I second this and add four more has to the end.  Muahahahahahahahaha!

  • EC8CH

    Apparently Moto is more dedicated at preventing their customers from gaining control over their bootloaders than at preventing *pple from using their patents.

    • I think im fine with that

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for a permanent injunction on Blur.

    • Anonymous

      I actually like the new Blur. Never thought I would say that, either. Truth be told, I would usually install a theme on any custom ROM, and that’s all Blur really is.

  • RadicalPie

    Go motorola! Now back to this bootloader situation.