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In-store Costco Deal for Galaxy Nexus is Better Than We Thought, Still Includes Free Extended Battery

The Galaxy Nexus online deal from Costco that we posted up yesterday is even better if you take it into a store from today through the 7th. Purchasing the phone in person at Costco will run you $219 thanks to a bonus $20 discount, plus they will also toss in the free extended battery. You will still have to mail off for the “bonus accessories,” but you won’t mind if it gets you a $60 battery, right?

Cheers ___!

  • RC

    Just updated from the OG Droid to the nexus…so far I am loving it. Went to Costco and this deal is still going on till the 21st of Feb in Austin, TX.

  • Wnagatani

    I got mine, great price, tax on $200, not retail amount, and they gave me an accessory packet to boot.  I got great service as well.

  • jimbob

    Just thought I’d say that I got my upgrade pushed up from the 11th by Verizon’s CS. I guess being a customer since 1999 has some meaning. Going to try and pick one up tomorrow.

  • Legendsoftroy

    I just called my costco store and they dont know about this offer, is thus only at certain stores. BTW i live in Torrance, CA. and U have acces to 3 locations near me.

  • MJZ

    shame I dont have an upgrade available right now

  • Busta

    Do we need a Costco coupon or is no coupon needed?

  • Wagner G Wong

    I just go one. I celebrated in my cube when i saw this post

  • Jonik Cannon

    Welcome to Costco, I Love You……………………….

    Idiocracy is a classic

  • I will try to make it there today before they close. If I succeed, I will buy some ICS for the kiddies 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Damn, my upgrade isn’t available until Jan, 2013, or i would so sell off my Tbolt for this deal

  • jimbob

    God damn, the news keeps getting better.

  • Djxkxoz

    So I’ve been lurking for months and I’m about to upgrade today from my D2. This is one of the roughest decisions I’ve made in a long time with which phone to get. It’s between the D Maxx and this phone. The things I’m having trouble with is that I have 0 to little signal at home and in that respect I’m leaning toward the D Maxx but I hate the bloat and the locked BL so I’m leaning toward the GNex. Help!



    • Jonathan Ofalla

      If you like MOTOBLUR skin and value long battery life then perhaps the DMaxx is a good choice.  Otherwise I would rather go with the vanilla GNex.  I thought Motorola was planning to open their boot loaders on new phones.  They’re still locked?  That would be a deal breaker for me.

  • Bought mine at Costco on launch day.  I imagine they’ll refund me the $80 bones, but I wonder if they’ll let me mail in for the ext. battery as well?

  • Shugaman

    Buggy? Mine works great and love it…..

  • To those on the fence with the Galaxy Nexus, I’d probably get it. Here’s why. 

    Yes, the SGS III is on its way, but probably will not be available until around the iPhone 5 release, which will be in June sometime. 

    The Galaxy Nexus gets ample battery life AS LONG AS you don’t have LTE enabled all day. Yes, you can get through the day with LTE enabled all day, but you will get AWESOME battery life on 3G/WiFi. 

    ROM/Kernel/Google support on the Nexus is ridiculously awesome. The community is very vibrant. It should be this reason alone that you should get the Nexus out of any other Android phone. 

    • Josh Groff

      Nexus>HTC>Samsung>Motorola>LG>Budget brands?

      Mod community seems to be somewhere around that line-up.

  • DroidQuestionMan

    Is there a reason the Galaxy Nexus is being shoved down our throats for so cheap? Low sales? Buggy? 

    • shdowman

      So you like things……

      No. Must resist. Too easy….

    • Josh Groff

       It is fairly buggy, but nothing a few ROM/radio/firmware changes can’t fix.

    • John

      Oh you’re right. I guess we should just go & get the “perfect phone” instead.

      • DroidQuestionMan

        It was literally a question as to why. Relax buddy, I wasn’t bashing your phone whatsoever.

        • John

          My apologies then. I took it that way & decided an acrimonious response was warranted.


    • You call this cheap? Really?

      • DroidQuestionMan

        $219 plus a free $60 extended battery is a pretty good deal if you ask me. It’s like they’re saying “please get me out of here”.

        • Hans

           well the extended battery sells for $25 all the time. 

          i mean there have been cheaper deals on phones with similar specs, they just arent the nexus in particular.

          i mean the spectrum is $130 on amazon all the time for upgrade.  and on paper its specs are as good or better so im sure it costs just as much to build.  in the end the nexus is just a bunch of parts so this isnt like they are giving it out as a free phone

          • Anonymous

            Other than having a microSDHC slot, the Spectrum has absolutely NO advantages over the Galaxy Nexus!! And no, I don’t count “cheaper” as a major factor.

          • thefullritz

            None of those cheaper phones is running ICS…and they won’t for some time.

        • It’s a good deal compared to the original pricing, but just a year ago the regular price for smartphone was $150-$200, and Costco is always throwing something in for free.
          “please get me out of here” price would be like $50 or free.

          • DroidQuestionMan

            Maybe it’s just the fact that this phone is pretty new and has been a big deal to most android enthusiast. I’m probably getting this wrong but I remember it starting at $289 w/ an extended battery at costco, then a month later reducing the price to $219 w/ an extended battery. Being that this is the only 4g phone with ICS I would expect them to keep the price as if for a couple more months before reducing it to $219. It’s almost like they’re trying to convince us to try it out. I wouldn’t see an Iphone giving a $70 dollar price reduction and throwing in some kind of accessory after a little after a month. People see the IPhone as a must have so they’re willing to dish out the cash.

  • Anonymous

    But you can get it for $99 from Amazon… why would you do this, again?

    • Josh Groff

       Oh true, yay new customers. $60 savings (if you still get the battery that is.) 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That deal is only for new customers, this appears to be for both new and upgrades.

  • Ouch, I paid $710 on release day for just the handset haha

    • Josh Groff

      That’s what you get for an off-contract buy, would’ve been better off buying for 299 on a new line and taking the cancellation fee and activation fee (299.99+18(tax)+350+35=702.99)

      • GUEST

        to save $7 bucks? don’t you think he wants his old number still?

        • Josh Groff

          Umm, hence cancelling a “new” line… Then you activate it with the old one, not a hard concept to grasp.

          • Andrew Akker

             In order to do this, you’d have to keep the phone for 30 days before you cancel the line. If you cancel before 30 days, you have to return the phone, or they charge you retail price. Factor in a month of service and it becomes more expensive.

          • Josh Groff

             That is something I didn’t know. Oh the secrets of telecom companies, they always get you somehow.

    • Hans

      i always do it this way.  when your real upgrade comes up just buy whatever is hot then and sell it to recoup the money. 

  • shdowman

    Alright…who wants to pitch in to help me get mine back?

    Eh? Eh?


  • Josh Groff

     Worth dropping t-mobile for, hope this lasts the 2 weeks. 🙂

    I need it to to get the ETF and phone+activation $. Would be today If I didn’t have to pay a security deposit, but oh well, the price you get for moving.

    • shdowman

      Costco sales last for an entire month.

  • JaY

    gahhh i’m so tempted to get this phone but i just know there’s gonna be a newer and better phone coming out this year!!! what to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh Groff

       Get it and when the newer and better comes out, sell it on eBay and buy the new one?

      • TROLOLOL

         no. wait until the newer and better phone comes out, then know that there’s going to be a newer and better phone than the newer and better phone he knows that is coming out…

        • Josh Groff

           And thus the cycle of selling old and buying new repeats.

  • El Big Chris


    • Anonymous

      That is an awesome deal

    • How weird, I am buying a GNEX today and I currently have a DINC. Is it DINC to GNEX transfer day?

      • El Big Chris

        haha probably! 

        • Dyoungprod

          Just did the same thing and got my DINC on launch day.  Maybe everyone’s eligibility is coming up that got DINC’s on launch day.

        • Anonymous

          day one DINC here but I’m leaning towards HTC Rezound…

          • I like the Rezound but I don’t care for bassy audio. To top it off, most HTC dev’s are drag and drop devs who only make Sense rom’s. I have never had a sense rom last more than a day on my DINC. They are just so bloated with junk.

      • Anthony

        If I were you I’d take a serious look at the rezound first. The Nexus is great hardware and ICS is nice, but the constant shut downs (or reboots for some people) are incredibly frustrating. I’ve missed several important calls because of this. Plus it’s super annoying when you’re at the gym “in the zone” listening to music and it just shuts down. They you restart and the cycle continues.. FYI youre reboot issues won’t start until at least a week after you get the device. (look this up if you don’t believe me)

        This is the most unbiased opinion you’ll get. I’m not a fanboy of any OS.

        • thefullritz

          You got a lemon.  I’ve had mine since release date.  Not an issue at all.

        • I don’t use my phone as a music device, and if I have issues I’ll just return it for a new one.