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Wednesday Poll: How many apps are installed on your phone?

Have you ever counted the number of apps that you have installed on your phone? Other than system apps, I just counted 68, most of which I forget are even installed. Not that they aren’t all useful, but it seems like there are handful of core apps that get used dozens of times throughout the day while others are there because at some point, I might need to use them. So I’m curious, how many apps do you have installed? (Again, not counting system apps like Gmail or Google Maps)

How many apps are installed on your phone?

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  • Guma822

    184, i never realized i had so many, guess that’s why my phone’s so slow

  • Anonymous

    72 downloaded, 95 overall (Apps like the Market, Calculator, Calendar etc that came with the gnex)

  • John

    257  i didn’t think i had many.  this poll seems off

  • Anonymous

    i have 66 but it annoys me to have only 6 on that 4th “page” of apps. I’ll probably either uninstall 6 or install 14 just to even things out, hehe

  • Anonymous

    Forget counting, titanium backup says I have 79.

    • Raven

      552 on my Droid 2 according to my Titanium Backup count.

  • Italktomyself77

    I remember the days when I used to have to manage between 15 and 20 apps on the OG so I didn’t run out of space. So glad to be done with that!!

  • Chris Sandoval

    WOAH!!! I have over 115 Apps/Widgets!!! I’m tripping out!”

  • Anonymous

    84 on my nexus and 167 on my xoom.

  • Tyler

    Exactly 100… curse my multiple options.

  • Brian Worhatch

    122 but probably only use 20-30 of them on a daily basis