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Wednesday Poll: How many apps are installed on your phone?

Have you ever counted the number of apps that you have installed on your phone? Other than system apps, I just counted 68, most of which I forget are even installed. Not that they aren’t all useful, but it seems like there are handful of core apps that get used dozens of times throughout the day while others are there because at some point, I might need to use them. So I’m curious, how many apps do you have installed? (Again, not counting system apps like Gmail or Google Maps)

How many apps are installed on your phone?

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  • Guma822

    184, i never realized i had so many, guess that’s why my phone’s so slow

  • Anonymous

    72 downloaded, 95 overall (Apps like the Market, Calculator, Calendar etc that came with the gnex)

  • John

    257  i didn’t think i had many.  this poll seems off

  • Anonymous

    i have 66 but it annoys me to have only 6 on that 4th “page” of apps. I’ll probably either uninstall 6 or install 14 just to even things out, hehe

  • Anonymous

    Forget counting, titanium backup says I have 79.

    • Raven

      552 on my Droid 2 according to my Titanium Backup count.

  • Italktomyself77

    I remember the days when I used to have to manage between 15 and 20 apps on the OG so I didn’t run out of space. So glad to be done with that!!

  • Chris Sandoval

    WOAH!!! I have over 115 Apps/Widgets!!! I’m tripping out!”

  • Anonymous

    84 on my nexus and 167 on my xoom.

  • Tyler

    Exactly 100… curse my multiple options.

  • Brian Worhatch

    122 but probably only use 20-30 of them on a daily basis

  • Thetechmessenger

    I have about 85 running on my Samsung Charge right now. 

  • sorry, wrong selection.. minus one for (76-100), and move it over to (51-75)

  • J Dub

    OG Droid here. Remember him? Yeah, not a lover of a lot of apps. 

    My Asus Transformer was a champ on app storage though. 

  • Zack Thrasher

    15 on my nexus and proud of it less than three app drawer pages

  • Anonymous

    After I installed my first custom ROM on my Droid X(had the ROM installed for 6 months before installing another ROM), at that time, I probably had at least 100+ apps installed at the same time. Crazy, but well, I’m an App Junkie. haha.

  • 187… I should probably delete some? 

  • 41. 15 of which are docs/google music/email/voice search etc.

  • Anonymous

    I usually have around 50, half of which I don’t normally use. I have about 30 installed because I’m running an ICS leak currently and not every app supports ICS yet.

  • Lakerzz

    G-Nex: 36 apps.

  • Anonymous

    629 on my iPhone, which took up 26.9GB of storage space. I ended up deleting most of them because to actually see all of them (infinifolders + infiniboard) slows down the phone too much to be usable, sorting was a nightmare, and I decided I wanted some music on the phone. I’m currently down to 175 installed apps.

    Either way, I’m getting my Rezound tomorrow then I’m going to burn my iPhone in a fire! (or maybe just sell it on eBay) =D

    • Anonymous

      No. You should let an angry Android eat it in front of iPads. THEN torch the remains.

  • 60

  • Alex M Keech

    i have 176 lolololol

  • Anonymous

    Don’t feel like counting.  But, I hope that’s Carbon, and I hope it’s good because all other Twitter clients kind of suck.

  • I learnt over OG, DX, and now Gnex that I only use a handful of apps daily the rest if I need I will go download use then uninstall – Like a French Whore

  • Wmsco51

    I have 189+ some are customization, some are for maintenance, others are for just in case, other’s are for amusement and some are for utilities such as driving, banking, weather, movie, wifi, nearest places, navigation, shopping, lowest prices, auto store, pizza so basically a swiss army knife it’s my goto guy

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    74 apps total plus all google apps….



  • Guest

    Installed? Whatever came on the phone + a couple of games. Used? 5 – 6 at best.

  • 56…for me there’s a threshold around 60 where I decide to reevaluate…too many icons must do something to my subconscious lol

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say maps or gmail are system apps, since they fall in the downloaded section of applications.  And you can uninstall them…i’ve got 98, counting gmail and maps.

  • millzbury

    51. Droid Inc

  • Brian Walker

    Oh god, I hadn’t counted in a while, but I’m at 141. A good portion of those are because of Amazon’s free app of the day, though, and now that Humble Bundle is doing an Android app that number might get higher. 

  • Anonymous

    I only have 113 on my phone that I’m using till my rezound gets here but on that I had 180

  • Over 9000!!!!!!……somebody had to.

  • droid_junky

    226 after deleting around 25 a few days ago. Titanium Backup user since OG days. 

  • Interstellarmind

    218. Gross count according to ShareMyApps app.

  • plz delete double post

  • or around 50 on my DroidX 🙂

  • on my 1Phone iHave over 500,000 apps installed! This way every time Steve Jobs told me how many apps they have iKnow i’m not missing anything!

  • Jonathonflores6958

    86 and that’s without downloading my Amazon app store apps on my Gnex. But on my DX..geez I had well over 150!

  • Tim242

    20. Some of those get rarely used. My most used apps, are core apps. My most used non-core apps are ADW EX, Dropbox, Root Explorer, XDA Premium, RootzWiki Premium, Titanium Backup, Wireless Tether, Google Wallet, MasrerCard PayPass Locator, SpeedTest, and PicSay Pro. I have very few fluff apps. Tetris is the only game I own.

    • QtDL

      Same with me. 20 or less core apps, some of which you have listed. Not a gamer….Tetris is the only game I own too. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    155 apps

    Maybe it’s time to delete some

  • Anonymous


  • Wireless Hero

    If you have more than 150 apps on your phone make DAMN sure you don’t go into a store bashing the reps there about “Why is my phone freezing.”

    • hasn’t slowed down my gnex at all

      • Brian Walker

        +1. I had this many on my Thunderbolt as well, and never had performance issues. 

    • df2rools

      doesnt matter how many applications you have installed. only the ones that are running.

      same for pc’s, consoles, and everything else.

    • I’ve got over 150 on my Droid 2, which is now a fairly old phone, and it performs fine. As others are saying – it’s not about how many are installed, but how many are running that would cause slowness.

      • Raven

        552 on my Droid 2 according to my Titanium Backup count.  I just don’t understand why so many people have so few apps on their phones. It seems like such a waste to me.  (Yes, I am rooted, and yes I watch running apps very carefully so I am not wasting resources.)

    • Brandon

      Installed apps use storage space, running apps use memory that can cause a phone to slow down/freeze. Apples and oranges.

  • I have about a hundred apps on my phone but in my titanium backup I have at least 300 lol its ridiculous. Plus I downloaded to apps that Kellex had on his phone thanks for the screenshots damn you!!! lol I use probably bout ten on a daily basis though.

  • Anonymous


  • Hamforce


  • Anonymous

    I have an off topic question:  My GNex is reading my text messages out loud.  I looked into accessibility options and I can not find anything checked that would do this.  It never did this before I backed up my apps using the GNex toolkit…

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, I have 292 apps on my phone according to Titanium Backup.

    • TC Infantino

      Ha, that could be embarassing.  A friend with a twisted sense of humor, or some sexting you might be doing, you open the text notification and your phone starts reading it off in a crowded store.

      • Anonymous

        Ha, reminds me of my Nextel days, when we used to either constantly alert or PTT cats in the middle of class if they didnt turn down the speaker volume. Such wonderfully embarrasing things were said!!!!

    • QtDL

      Do you have one of those ‘voice assistants’ installed? I had some assistant app that I installed that would do the same thing so check the app settings. I didn’t want to keep it anyways so I just uninstalled it and it fixed the problem.

  • Michael Forte

    Just curious, but why do you have ScreenshotER if ICS can take native screenshots?

    • Just an app I loved on Gingerbread and it keeps auto-installing everytime I wipe my phone. 😛

      • J Dub

        I found out that the online market is the best way to restore apps. Super easy to push the apps you want. 

  • RezCommando4231

    Does that include bloatware?

    If not, I’m not sure. I should find an app to count them….

  • Anonymous

    I have 26 installed and I could easily eliminate 8-10 of them if I really had to.

    • Blackmagick20

      And I thought I was crazy for having only 21 apps installed. That could also be a reason I regularly get almost 30 hours on a single charge with me Droid 3

  • Crazydog

    Just under 240. ^_^

    • Winner.

      • Crazydog

        Generating a list of the installed apps ’cause I want to…

        • Crazydog

          Here it is – list of my installed apps:

          • Seriously impressive.

          • Crazydog

            …I may have a problem


          • eze4

            what’s up Kellex? is that blurred out app Carbon for Android? I think so lol

    • i don’t see Chomp, or Evernote Widget.  no Minecraft Pro or Canery.  but Reckless Racing AND RR HD? no GetJar either.  impressive list, no doubt.  you crazy, dog

      • Crazydog

        I never quite caught on to EverNote – I’ll use it occasionally but I don’t need it so much.
        Never heard of chomp!
        I have all my minecraft knowledge stored in my head! 😛 That or Minecraft Wiki on my tablet/other monitor/steam overlay.
        The reckless racing + Blapkmarket entries are Titanium Backup residue!

        I like the Android Market…but maybe I should install GetJar. I do use Amazon for their free apps…

        • i’m a MC noob so i need all the help i can get when my son isn’t home.  GetJar is well worth the install, they get a few new apps every week.  and all their apps are DRM-free, no need to keep GetJar installed to use them.  i bailed on Amazon after i flashed SkyRaider Zeus.

          fwiw, i’ve downloaded 674 apps, not including their updates.  i’ve saved all the .apk’s to my PC in case i need them later.  saves on data and makes browsing easier.

  • Michael Forte

    155…alot of them are games that I may someday play.

  • Anonymous

    what’s with that blurred out app, eh?

    • Will probably know in a few weeks. 😛

      • Anonymous

        ohhhhhhh. I was gonna say, you should be careful how much blur you have on your nexus, lol. 

      • Anonymous

        After the last article, you can tell us. We won’t think any differently about you. 🙂

      • Something between CA and CL haha

      • tanknspank

        Well, after Car Home but before Clock..

        Carbon for Android

        What do I win?

        • virtual

           If you look at the width of the blur for the app name, it’s too short to be Carbon. The line below with “Docs” is roughly the same size.

          Granted he could have manipulated that to throw us off the scent, but that seems like extra work…

      • Mack

        Anything else you’re not telling us??

        • Noyfb

          mikandi app? I admit i have used mikandi app just out of “curiosity”

          • Zachs

            well its after car home and before clock :/

      • Anonymous

        So was it Chrome Beta?

    • Wireless Hero

      The “X” Files wink wink

    • Must be gay porn? I think cavity probe fits? Bahaha

  • Josh

    After having bunch of people playing with my phones i found out that i have over 600 apps on my phone XD

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I thought I kept my phone pretty clean but holy smokes I have too many apps (~80)…Most are games or customization stuff (widgets, live wallpapaer, etc)

  • Anonymous

    Amazon’s free app of the day is the death of my app list. I need to get more aggressive about uninstalling… (I’m at like 101; and yes, I know you don’t have to install the app to get it into your account)

    • Anonymous

      When I got my nexus I decided to never install the amazon app store again. If I really need the app I feel like I can support the developer. Plus I hated getting those update notifications all the time.

      • Anonymous

        Free is free, and in this life, nothing is really free, so I’ll take what I can get, even if it’s only for digital goods. haha. 

        I’m almost at 300 apps on the Amazon Appstore. At 299 currently.

  • 51-76?! are you serious??? Its impossible to regularly use that many apps. Download it and use it once and never again look at it

  • Ecrunion

    161.  Yes, quite ridiculous, I know.

    • i dont even know how thats possible!