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Samsung Releases Teaser to Their Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad


I know this is only a teaser, but they better come bigger than this on Sunday. The full 90 second spot will air during the 4th quarter.

  • Manns Shannon

    I wish that this beast was coming to Verizon…

  • Looks like they’re just recycling ads: 

  • Esedess

    I love the android device. However, I don’t think samsung makes the best hardware software combinations. I have had 3 different samsung android devices, stratosphere, galaxy nexus, galaxy s2 skyrocket give me media process error has stopped, email process errors, process.android errors, etc. Its a mess… Anyhow, I think motorola makes the better android devices but they have to up thiers specs. HD screen and ICS. 

    Dear Motorola,

    Please make a better phone with a great HD screen, faster, more memory, great camera, and reduce the bloatware. Other than that, keep doing what you do. 

    • Come on Moto

      Don’t forget the bootloader

  • Dominick_7

    Like John Rettinger who’s in love with his Galaxy Note like virtually all people I’ve talked to that owns it has felt the same, I don’t have the phablet yet but I’m in love with it and am dying to see verizon get it. Having said that, this commercial is stupid. Samsung wth are you thinking?

    • Anonymous

      These commercials are great.  It made you comment on it along with thousands of others on this site and elsewhere.  That is their purpose.  They laid they bait and you bit.  Hook line and sinker. 

  • me

    Soooo Samsung in one breath tell you they want you to be obsessed with their product,than in the next one are making fun of people for the same thing?

  • Anonymous

    The next big thing is here … are they implying the first big thing was apple?

  • YourFriend

    Samsung has no class in its advertising, it seems.

  • Roshan John

    damn… i was expecting more. its getting old… they even have the same clips

  • Mark Wilk

    So if I understand this correctly, I am watching an ad for an ad?

    • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      Youre watching an ad for an ad for a phone that has already been on sale for several months.

      • Shelnbay

        This is for the Note, not the Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          Right. The note has been on sale since at least November in the UK, people have been importing it and using it on at&t since then, right?

          • It’s a US add, not a UK add.  And no, it is not “available” to the US market yet.

          •  You can buy it from overseas for about 700-900

          • Anonymous

            Right. But most regular people who aren’t phone nerds buy them at a discount when they renew their contract. Duh

  • Anonymous

    My question is with all these commericals making fun of the Apple fanboys, they are going to think to highly of Samsung and want to switch, but just kill there product. But it did work for Apple when Vista came out and saw a huge jump of PC users to Macs. Could we see the same thing here?

    • There’s a big difference between the Apple and Samsung ads.

      Apple was making fun of PCs, not PC users.  There were numerous ads where “Mac” and “PC” are on friendly terms, and they were never especially mean-spirited.

      Samsung is insulting iPhone owners directly.  It’s portraying them as vain and not terribly bright.  “Hey dummy, don’t line up for an iPhone” isn’t a good way to get customers, whether you already own an iPhone or not.  Especially since Samsung would so desperately like to have the same lineups itself (it sold the Galaxy S II at a loss in Australia during the iPhone 4S launch to do that).

      More importantly… this is just a rehash of the earlier campaigns with a few new shots and the Galaxy Note instead of the S II.  I’m not putting a lot of hope in it.

      • Stating El Obvious

        This commercial is already extremely lame and I see no need to see the full spot.  Samsung’s stupid marketing strategy is insult our potential customers.  Wonder what genius thought of that idea?

        • Anonymous

          It’s better than slicing lamps in half.

          • Anonymous

            “To powerful to fall in the wrong hands.”
            That didn’t make you just automatically want the phone?? HAHA

      • Anonymous

        I agree, showing how the phone itself is better than the iphone is probably wiser than just reinforcing how much people love the iphone.
        Make fun of the device, not the user. This will just piss off iphone fanboys and make them defensive. Marketing fail.

        • Anonymous

          I love that they are making fun of the people.  The iphone faithful will never switch anyways so they aren’t missing out on anything there.  I like a company with a sense of humor.  Too many people get their panties in a bunch over these commercials.  They are achieving their goal by you talking about them and letting people on the fence who would probably just buy an iphone cause its the thing to do, know that there is a better alternative.  Go Samsung, keep ripping on the sheeples

      • I think they’re marketing to people who are on the fence, and don’t already own an iPhone.  So those people will think “Man, I don’t want to be a sheep, maybe I’ll get a Samsung”.  People who already own iPhones have already made up their minds and have probably drank the kool aid anyway.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed.  I don’t think even the most amazing advertising could make 90% of the Iphone users switch.  I’ve never seen such a devout follower as my friends who are Iphone(apple) users.  

          I’d be considered an Android/Nexus fanboi here, even though I’ve only had the OG and the GNexus, but really I just don’t feel the iphone is enough for me.  

          If they made their screen larger and allowed on screen widgets and multitasking, I would have no problem at all switching to an Iphone if I liked the phone better.  But as of now, getting an iphone limits what I can currently do with my phone.

          I guess I’ve just never felt a brand loyalty with phones, where as with TV’s I’ve always been a fan of Samsung TV’s because they’ve become the best of the best, but not because of their advertising or the status symbol, it’s just that they currently make the best screens, so by default I’m a fan.

          I guess if you could call me anything, it would be a “quality product that meets my needs” fanboi.

          • Chris

            iPhone owners are devoted because it’s a reliable device that stays current, dependable, and consistent throughout
            whole year with stable iOS and upgrades available to ALL owners. Also has
            features and functions that really matter, closed system that comes from
            single source with expectation of quality control (software and
            hardware developed together to make sure all is compatible working
            seamlessly) and resale value being
            almost the same if not higher than what was originally paid for.

    • Anonymous

      The real stupid thing is this….they are obviously trying to compete with the iphone, which is sold by amongst others, but notably… verizon.
      Neither this device or the GS2, which they are hyping in similar ads are or will be available on verizon.
      I think they would do a better job competing with the iphone if they were actually available where the iphone is. Duh

  • Anonymous

    Thing is, most people probably have yet to see these commercials, so a Superbowl spot might actually hit the masses pretty well. Us tech/Android geeks are already familiar with the ad archetype from Sammy, so it’s not very novel to us.

  • Anonymous



  • Horrible. Drop the loser line already.

    • Samsung needs to hire not just Apple’s ad talent, but the entire ad agency.

      • Oh, you mean the Apple ad agency responsible for the insulting ad that says “if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone”.  Every time I hear that, I literally say out loud “And thank God for that”.

        • Josh Groff

          I’m perfectly satisfied with my iPhone as well as my androids. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

          iTunes allows for a pretty convenient music/app sync, and android has widgets and actual menus. The iPhone also has pretty nice audio drivers, but android has better looking high def screens. It’s all a matter of preference.

          Android is harder to restore back to stock where iOS just requires a restore from iTunes to un-jailbreak it.

          • Anonymous

            I dunno, man. I respect you are satisfied with both, but I can create counters for each point you made.

            Android Winamp has a great music/app sync, or doubletwist if you like iTunes style. The HTC Rezound has beats audio processing, and some androids have relatively worse looking HD screens.

            I can restore my Android back to stock without even plugging my phone into the computer 🙂

          • Phanboyfodder

            Apple’s app store and music nickle and dimes you to death for  a lot of stuff you can get for free with android and flash.

          • Josh Groff

             I torrent my music and have it imported on iTunes, it’s not that difficult. Also, you have the cydia market if you jailbreak, which allows you to get more apps for free.

          • Chris

            you can also restore iPhone back to its stock w/o having to plug into a computer.

  • Anonymous

    The Note is a really cool gadget, but pumping it like it’s the next big thing is pushing it. 5.3in phone is simply too big for most people to be practical.

    • Anonymous

      Clearly you need to be Samsunged harder.

    • Anonymous

      if it were on verizon, and i was due for an upgrade, and there was no nexus, and moto kept twisting the knife into its customers like it’s been for the last few months..

      ..then i would definitely be looking at this thing.  it’s weird, and i’ve gone back and forth on it since i’ve heard of it, but there’s something cool and sexy about it.  i already have to use two hands a portion of the time when using my nexus, so F it.  this thing is kind of cool.

      • Stating El Obvious

        Damn you got small hands.

        • Anonymous

          bear paws, dude.

  • Bubba2


    And I cannot see this video at work.  Does it say it is coming to Verizon next month?

    • Anonymous

      No. It has already been announced as an AT&T device. Pre-orders for it begin on Super Bowl Sunday. Source link below:

      • Phanboyfodder

        Its a nice phone and its 5″ screen is perfect, But do you have to use that stick with the phone like an old PDA from 10 years ago. Also isn’t it suppose to release with ICS too? Wish it came to verizon. 

  • Anonymous