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Reminder: Running Out of Time to Upgrade Your Verizon XOOM to LTE

Last minute reminder emails have been sent – it’s time to get your XOOM 3G from Verizon upgraded to 4G LTE for free. After months of delays, owners of the world’s first Honeycomb tablet were given the option to upgrade their tablets and also receive a free docking station at the end of September. We know that not many of you actually purchased this device and instead went for the cheaper WiFi version, but we wouldn’t want those that did to get left behind.

Verizon gave us a 6-month time frame to utilize this free upgrade service. Being February, you have around 2 months left to take advantage.

Upgrade details | Reasons to upgrade according to our friend Peter Alfonso | Motorola site

  • I strongly encourage the 4 remaining owners of the Verizon Xoom to get this done. Make Verizon and Motorola pay. I sent mine in to get the upgrade, then immediately sold it, just to be sure to return the kindness they showed me when they delayed the upgrade by 6 months and released an LTE version on Verizon at a cheaper price before I could even get mine upgraded.

    It was also the last Motorola product I have purchased.

    • Anonymous

      I was one of these ‘early adopters’. Paid extra to get the Motorola Xoom Verizon off contract and then export it to the EU when there wasn’t any other 3.0 tablet on the market. Now I wish I had a Transformer. Charges via usb, has usb host unrooted, runs ICS, has proper SDcard support…. basically every feature I wish my Xoom had. Guess I will never buy a Motorola product again.

  • Anonymous

    I would upgrade my Xoom but it’s in the aquarium as a fish domicile and I just don’t have the heart to put the little fish out on the water.

  • Anonymous

    Wondering if VZW is waiting on Motorola to confirm that X% of 3G XOOMs are now 4G XOOMs before allowing the ICS upgrade to go out.  Is there any device that is running ICS that is strictly 3G?

  • I’d just love my upgrade to ICS.  ASUS Transformers (the real Google developer device, apparently) look pretty good running it.

    • Anonymous

      Seeing as the XOOM is the only ICS tablet device that is true stock ICS, your comment is BS and trollish.

      • Azndan4

        Xoom WIFI has ICS. I don’t think Xoom 3g/4g has it yet.

        • Anonymous

          Not yet, but sooner then any other Verizon tablet will.

          • Noyfb

            what’s the best android tablet that will have ICS?

      • Anonymous

        Since the original Xoom (3G/4G) has yet to receive “official” ICS via OTA, I agree with Lane, and would suggest your accusations to his character be redacted. Of course, maybe I’m a troll too. 😛

        • Anonymous

          Nope, since the transformers do not run stock android so they are not developers devices.

          • Apparently “bakdroid” isn’t familiar with the use of sarcasm.  I have the 3G/4G unit and am still running Honeycomb while Transformer and XOOM Wi-fi already have ICS. Calling the Transformer a “developer device” is the use of sarcasm. I didn’t think I’d have to spell that out.