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Mint.com App Now Available to Android Tablets

Your financial world needed some tablet action and Mint.com is here to give it to you. Released just moments ago to the Android Market, the new Mint app works all of the wonders of the phone version, but in a much bigger and more pronounced way. Your accounts are more easily organized, detailed graphs of spending are taps away, and tracking your wife’s shopping sprees never felt better. Or does that ever feel good?

No matter what though, the folks at Mint are betting on Android gobbling up 40% of the tablet market share in the next few months, so they want to make sure their bases are covered. Why can’t we get more developers like this?

  • Organize all accounts: One tap gives users a complete overview of their finances; helps them review account balances and automatically categorizes transactions.
  • Obtain financial insight: Detailed graphs drill into spending by category, such as food, clothing and travel, or spending over time; provide customizable date ranges for a personalized view.
  • Stay on top of spending: Personalized budgets track spending help users reach financial goals.
  • Get personalized updates: Streaming delivery of account alerts, bill reminders and personalized advice provides the most up-to-date information and helps people make smart financial decisions.
  • Track cash spending: Enter cash transactions while on the go to more accurately capture spending.
  • Easily find transactions: The search bar helps users find specific transactions or purchases by merchant, category or tags.
  • Review finances anywhere: No Internet? No problem. Storing information from the latest download allows easier viewing of finances, anytime, anywhere

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  • I used to tell all my friends to signup on this service once upon a time when they used to work. And I have really tried to keep using it. But with the sync issues on bank of america, this is useless for me and very frustrating as I got used to it and now I am unable to use it. While its great that the service continues to expand, I really wish they would spend their time and energy on usability. I’ve pretty much given up on their ability to correctly catagorize expenses automatically. So no more recommendations from me.

  • so cool. i use this program all the time on my computer. it’ll be awesome on the droid!

  • thats great news

  • Magnimus1

    Is anybody using the phone version on a Galaxy Nexus? I’m running AOKP 21 and I’m getting ‘not compatible’

    • Eighthmind

      Same here. I don’t think its a rom issue. I think its an ICS issue.

  • The phone widget is in serious need of an update. I hope that now they’ve got this one out they can focus on the phone version for a bit.

  • Chris G

    Thanks.  I just updated.  Massive redesign on this thing.  Looks well done.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried so many similar apps…  Every one had some great features, but lacked other desired features…  Maybe I’ll try this out since it made it on DL – After this vicodin pretzel…

  • Anonymous

    Is Mint generally a useful and safe way to track your finances? I’ve considered using it before and it sounds like a great idea. However, since it does require you to put in your banking information, etc. I spent some time looking into the security of it and everything and then I think I just got distracted and subsequently forgot about it. I think it’d be great to try out, it’s just that again, when you have to input all of your financial information it makes me a bit wary.

    • Chris G

      Yes it is.  My recommendation is to pair it with something like keepass so you can have massive and strong passwords to mint and your banks.  But yes, i would say mint in safe.   I was worried about putting all my info in one place, but have used it for quite a while now and have a hard time thinking I could go without it now.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, maybe I will take some time to look into Mint again and keepass and see about getting it set up.

  • Anonymous

    tried it but i balance by account daily and it the Mint app never matched up. didnt find it that useful.

    • JohnPA2006

      Yep, same here, on my DROID, and on my iPad, so its a Mint thing, nothing to do with what device your coming from.
      I check my balance on BOA, and MINT and typically there is a difference.
      The compute it a little differently. But the rest of the data is correct.

      • Jonathonflores6958

        Yeah I really tried to like it haha. Great features and the budget thing was cool. For someone who doesn’t keep up with their finances on a transaction by transaction basis its a great app.

  • Anonymous

    Mint is awesome! Everyone with an android tablet and bank account should get this.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need this, my expenses are very easy track. 50% to VZW, 50% to my wife. lol

  • Alexa White

    You need to specify this is for Honeycomb tablets.  My Tab isn’t going to see this update, as their update description specifies Honeycomb devices only.

    • Chris G

      I have ICS on my tab and it both saw the update and works.

  • Scott

    Was good until Quicken bought it.  It’s free though, which is good.  I prefer YNAB.

  • T Hall

    Sweet, I love mint.