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Match.com: When it Comes to One-Night Stands, Android Users Lead the Smartphone Race

According to a recent study performed by Match.com, Android users are kings and queens of the one-night stand in the dating world. Roughly 62% of Android users who participated in the study said that they have gone all-in on a first date. In comparison, iPhone users get dirty on day 1 at a rate of 57% while Blackberry users never get laid failed to crack 50%. The study also found that Android users then take 2-3 days to reach out after a date (potentially after that first big loose one), while iPhone users sext call the next day. Blackberry users drink more often than everyone and Android users lead the way in smartphone owners who visit dating sites, with 72% of those polled said that they have visited one.

I feel like we are a pretty well-rounded group. Not only do we “multi-task” from the bathroom, but we also have the best set of pickup lines.

“Are you an Android phone? Because I only handle things that are unlocked.”

Via:  VentureBeat

Cheers Matthew!

  • that’s why we have our app on android ( http://www.naughtycities.com).

    android users are more naughty…

  • Should I join match.com

    LMAO. We all know this are exaggerated statistics. But, still funny.

  • {{^_^}}

  • Hongyu Chen


  • Anonymous

    Say what you want…idc but my white iPhone 4S is a p u s s y magnet…chicks always stop me and ask me about my phone…my OG droid/nexus 1/DX/tbolt/nexus s 4G never got any love 🙁 ….my OG DINC was my only android phone that people would ask me about…that AMOLED screen + MIUI had win all over it 😛

  • Anonymous

    It’s because iPhone users are always waiting in line for the next great thing from Apple.

    • Anonymous

      But android users spend their time at home flashing ROMS =

      • Anonymous

        But with ROM Manager you can flash them anywhere straight to you’re phone…even while your in da club, or on da toilet..multitasking at it’s best.

  • Eh, if it were like a 20% difference I would say it’s significant, but a 5% difference between iOS and Android seems irrelevant (just like Blackberry! Bam!)

  • Anonymous

    “Are you an iOS phone?  No thanks, there’s too many walls around your garden.”

  • Guilt as charged. I fit the Android stereotype :p

  • So glad we finally got grindr.

  • Anonymous

    Well I, for one, intend to do my part to maintain the status quo!  =P

  • QtDL

    Damn. You nerds are man whores.

    • TC Infantino

      LOL, that’s because while jocks are physically molesting each other during practice and the games, us Nerds, TechnoGeeks, etc.. are thinking about tech and sex, and how the tech can help get more sex. 

  • DL Reader Stats
    41% use a “case”
    12% don’t buy anything
    10% get “extended”
    6% use a “dock”
    6% do it in the car
    2% have an extra charger for their “phone”
    😀 the 1/25/12 poll 😀

  • Sirx

    “Are you an Android phone? Because I only handle things that are unlocked.”


    But +10 for effort!

  • Anonymous

    I met her at Verizon, said which droid you buyin’,
    took her to the crib, you know i aint lying,
    yeah, root it and boot it, root it and boot it
    Root it and boot it, that’s why I root it and boot it.

    • +1 for the song reference. Wonder how many others that listen to rap will get it.

    • pretty much died laughing and had to play it – this would make a good viral video all over the place.

  • Eazy

    lesson: Android girls are easy ….

    • Anonymous

      They have to be to get bagged by nerds!

      • Eazy


      • EC8CH


  • Dshudson

    The tBolt’s kickstand got me laid.. “is that really a kickstand for your phone” Why yes, it is. Nothing but net. 

  • Anonymous

    Supauser dat ho!

  • Guy: What kind of phone is that?
    Girl: It’s a Motorola BlahBlah

    Guy: Sweet. *calls bartender over for tequila shots*

  • Steve

    Pigs and whores…good too know thanks..

  • Anonymous

    We also “multi-task” in the bedroom. :p

    • Anonymous

      You mean like when you guys are checking the game scores when our eyes are squeezed shut??? Yeah, y’all sure do multi-task!

      • We (men) would never do such a thing….

        …except during playoffs/finals.

  • Im still a virgin :/

    • Anonymous

      So does that mean you have windows ?

    • Anonymous

      At least your “bootloader” will be unlocked someday.

  • EC8CH

    No worries baby… I always wipe before flashing it… lets do this.

    • Dskak

      don’t forget to put on your protection

      • TC Infantino

        I use Lookout, so all good there.

    • Hahaha I just lol’d in the UCLA library and everyone gave me the dirtiest look. Now some girl is going to  do a video rant “Droid-life readers at UCLA”

      • +1

      • Jake Gall

        UCLA? Go Bruins!!!! Fight, Fight, Fight!! Haha I just graduated last year from UCLA

      • Unexpected62

        UCI FTW

        • UCI is a good school, it just isn’t UCLA 😉

    • Dbarden31

      Oh man this was my first LOL moment of the day! Good one man.

    •  I just loled in jury duty

  • Anonymous

    is this even statistically significant?  

    • PC_Tool

      Does it matter?  It’s humorous.

  • Anonymous

    Mmm I’d love to unlock your bootloader and root your ROM.

  • I wonder what the Male to Female ratio is of Android Owners. Males obviously all of them wont contest a 1 nighter but Females really make the final call if its going to happen or not. So does this mean there are more Female Android users than male.

  • weapon x

    “Blackberry users never get laid”..that is freaking hilarious!!!!!     It all comes down to this….we Android peeps…..we like our partners like our phones…..sexy as hell….

  • NexusIsBestus

    Someone needs to start an Android Swingers app.

    • Pretty sure there is an Ashley Madison app already. Pretty close to it.

      • Anonymous

        So kellex knows about Ashley Madison huh?…..hmmmmm

        • Anonymous


        • TC Infantino

          LOL  Ok, that’s funny

  • Anonymous

    “Are you an Android phone? Because I only handle things that are unlocked.”
    Come on Kellex, you’re better than that… I’m sure this community can come up with something to help you out there!

    • Thought about going rooted, but I’ll save that for the community to come up with. I’ll let you guys do the true dirty work. 😛

  • Josh Groff

    So having both an iPhone and an android reduces that rate to 35.34%? Or does it average out at 59.5%? One needs to know these things.

  • Lesson: Android users are bigger whores than iPhone users…..

    • Jim McClain

      hey you are not a whore unless you get paid …. in cash

    • TC Infantino

      Heh, you say that like it is a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    62%? I’ve gotta get on match.com pronto!

  • Josh Groff

    Kellex, I love your use of strikethroughs to make witty jokes.

    • 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, well played.

    • Anonymous

      Ha. Blackberry.Haha

  • Nick

    We can change roms at will with a little exploit… Why not change partners as well…..

  • Aaron Burroughs

    This is very true… i think my android phone got me laid more then any club i been to…. i can attest to my one night stand last night!

    • Dan

      Thank god for your phone then, because I’m pretty sure your grammar would probably have the opposite effect. :p

      • Aaron Burroughs

        If grammer is the 1st thing on your list to worry about when trying to get laid, then obviously your phones not going to help

        • Dan

          At no point did I say grammar was number one on any list.  Merely that it’s generally a good thing when women are able to understand you.

          Also, there is no ‘try’ in ‘do.’

          One of my woman’s favorite questions for me is “Are you blowing up Droid again?”

          • Anonymous

            Lol 2 guys arguing over whether or not grammer is important when trying to get laid….best guess that neither of them get laid often enough to know… 😀