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Report: Android Users Dominate iPhone and Blackberry Users in the Bathroom

My fellow Android family members, hold your head high the next time you firmly plant your rear upon the porcelain throne. According to a study conducted by marketing firm 11mark, we use our phones while doin’ work more than any other smartphone owner. That’s right, of those surveyed that own Android phones, 87% said they are guilty of “multi-tasking” from the restroom. Blackberry users came in at 84% with iPhone users lying rounding out the results at 77%.

Android users, taking over the world one flush at a time.

Via:  NetworkWorld

Cheers Paul!

  • Christopher Riner

    Back when I had my droid charge this didn’t happen as much.  Now that I have my nexus, no poop can slow me down. 

  • JR

    2 droids, one cup

  • Windopelli

    Brother I would not have admitted to this.

  • Droids

    I can haz ur og droid?

  • Cinderbloke

    Yet another benefit of noise cancelling mics …

  • Josh Groff

    I like to take that time to flash a new ROM or check my social networks. It’s not that hard to believe that most people do the same.

  • Anonymous

    I’m dropping a deuce right now!

    True story.

  • Anonymous

    nothing to be proud of…..

  • I know that’s a pussy, but I liked the pic of the ginger with her pants down better.  

  • Guys, Apple just sued me for infringing on their patent to write a comment while on the toilet.

  • Anonymous

    is there a term for when your legs fall asleep from sitting on the throne so long because you’re messing around with the phone on there?

    • Zachary Manville

      ‘a sh*tty situation’

  • Balls

    i cant drop logs without my phone

  • Anonymous

    Based upon the size of the OG phone in ratio to the cat, the cat is like 4ft tall!

    • Monty Waggoner

      That’s the Droid Jr. which is another new Motorola phone meant to appeal to some small handed apple users. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s toilet cat! 

  • Alex

    You can tell when i went to the bathroom by my battery stats.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, this is awkward

  • Anonymous

    This proves that iPhone users are bored with that stale iOS.  Otherwise, even a BM wouldn’t keep them from it.

  • Anonymous
  • Matt
  • Anonymous

    what do you expect me to do… be bored while I piss????

  • Alan

     Whaaat, Android users are that unsanitary? Probably up there in those who don’t wash their hands after going number 1 and/or 2. Gross.

    • Anonymous

      unsanitary? are you some kind of terrorist that uses their left hand to wipe your ass?

      • Anonymous

        That reply is priceless. hahahaha

      • Marc

         i bet you don’t wash your hands after using the restroom.

      • Lefty


  • Anonymous

    what did you guys expect…its a $hit OS that belongs in the $hitter

    • Anonymous

      Round of applause……….


  • Anonymous

    The only thing this scientifically proves is that Android users are less likely to lie.

    • PABNJ

      Which tells me iPhone users get no sex at all.  🙂

  • Toddman214

    Its because of Flash Player. 😉

  • Davros

    So I go to the restroom and pull up Droid-Life. Guess what the first article I see is 😀

  • Ray

    Androids sshit on iphones!

  • I too am guilty of working it during a number two.

  • Anonymous

    Android takes a dump on iphone again lol

  • Anonymous

    guilty as charged

  • Anonymous

    Hipsters are too coo 2 poo!

  • Tim242

    This isn’t funny. I dropped my Nexus in the toilet a few days ago. I freaked out. Luckily, it was just water in the toilet. It would not boot up. I didn’t have insurance. Luckily, after drying it out in front of the heat vent in my truck, it started working. I was on my 30th day, so I quickly called and added insurance. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the deductible is only $99. Btw, I sanitized the phone with alcohol pads, and heat. The phone was on the counter. I picked it up, and just fumbled it right out of my hand. I was so traumatized!

    • Nick

      Speaking from experience, I present you with the electronics Post-Inunduation Savior System (eP.I.S.S).

      Step 1: Reach down into the vesicle of your misfortune and remove the endangered device.
      Step 2: Immediately Remove the Battery from the device and Dry the exterior with a towel.
      Step 3: As soon as possible, place the device in a bowl of rice (long, whole grain works best), and leave it there for 48 hours.
      Step 4: Replace the battery, and breath a sigh of relief.*

      * Please note that this system does not include steps taken to clean devices covered in fecal matter.

      • Tim242

        Heat does it in 10 minutes : )

    • Anonymous

      i’m pretty sure most used phones that are relatively current have been dropped in the toilet

  • Jim McClain

    a couple of years ago, my wife was at her new job,went to the bathroom,and as she was pulling her pants up, the phone went into the toilet   lol   and the company supplied her with the phone,and get this,,,, 2 weeks later she did it again   lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m reading and commenting on this story while on the toilet. Study confirmed.

  • Devator22

    That awkward moment when you sit down, reach in your pocket, and are devastated by the realization that you forgot your phone in the other room. It ruins the whole experience.

    • Balls

      this comment needs to be pushed to the top, for truthefullness

  • Anonymous

    better picture choice then the one on Android Central yesterday lol that one was just distracting to the masses!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, another win for the home team. Take that apple!!!

  • Guilty as charged.

  • I do it every morning its like a normal thing. If I leave my phone before I head to throne, I will not hesitate to go get it mid duty, even if that means doing the waddle.

    • Dedication. That’s what we like to hear.

    • Jim

      dang mid duty is some dedication, but that fact you made the first part of the duty with out it is dishonorable. Honor the android throne of poo

    • Anonymous

      i hope you don’t do that at work…

      • No at work I yell to my secretary “bring me my phone please”…LMAO

  • Anthony Palumbo

    /s   i am suprised this photo made it on the site…. its a droid not a gnex….lol…..i demand verizon releaset the droid 4…..as i sit on the throne and release the kraken

  • Anonymous

    I read this yesterday on Android Central, from the bathroom.

  • sog805

    must be slow in droid news today

    • EC8CH

      just use the search widget for this while you’re on the can then…

      should help to speed things up.

  • checkin in from the office!

  • EC8CH

    ohhh nice touch.

    Mr. Whiskers can haz OGD time in the litter box meow.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs was wrong. Android phones aren’t for porn, they’re for poo!

  • Anonymous

    Posting from my porcelain throne 

    • My man!

    • Anonymous

      Took the words out of my mouth

    • Lmrojas

      Me two!

  • GreyGoose

    I’m doing itright now!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Guess we are number one when it comes to number 2? I should start a toilet paper delivery company and then write an app for placing orders. When you run out, just click and ship.   

    • Anonymous

      ever IM a friend b/c there was no paper left in the stall?

  • mygeek911

    Droid doos.

    • I pee what you did there.

    • Anonymous

      more like Droid doo doos

  • Anonymous

    Interesting photo there K…is that your cat?

    • It’s not, although I thought about placing mine in the toilet, snapping a pic, and watermarking the hell out of it hah. Kitteh pictures are big business. 😛

      • Anonymous

        if u could place it on the toilet holding a paper or even surfing the web on a Droid phone that would be awesome. :p

  • EC8CH

    Duh… Android has always been the best at allowing users to multitask.

    • Josh Groff

      ^ This

  • ..How did they conduct this study again?

    • Hand holding at Applebee’s unisex restrooms.

      • Anonymous

        You’re on fire tonight man, haha.