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Humble Bundle Launches On Android, Name Your Price For Four Great Games While Helping Charities


What happens when you package up four of Android’s über popular games and give someone the option of paying whatever they want for them? It’s called Humble Bundle. They’ve teamed up with app developers to give people the option of getting the best games, while also donating to helpful children’s charities. Awesome, right? Buy Anomaly, Osmos HD, and Edge for a certain amount, and then get World of Goo thrown in for free as long as you donate just $4 and some change. In the long run, you’re saving money on the games and you’re even able to have all the proceeds go to the charities. 

Check out the video above and then give their site the look over. You can choose to pay with Google Checkout, Paypal, or even Amazon Payments. Help a good cause and get some sweet games at the same time. It’s a win-win scenario.

Humble Bundle Site 

Cheers Sagis!

  • Pete

    Whoa, I didn’t know World of Goo was available on android…have it already on Wii and from a wayyy back Bundle.  I think I’ll pick this up!

  • Mark B

    Could anyone get Edge to work on VZW Galaxy Nexus?

    • Drastik651

      Just tried…got a green screen

      • evan

        same. hopefully a fix will come soon

        • Brian Walker

          I emailed support a few times about this, and the problem is fixed. Uninstall what you have, download from the site again, and it should work fine. Mine does. 

  • Andrew

    I already own 3 of these, but it’s a great cause and I’d love to see more of this type of thing for Android apps.

  • In for one sweet deal!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • TheRobotCow

    This is awesome, i really dont buy games but for charity this is badass!
    I’ve been wanting to buy these games but never got around to it until now

  • mcknightrider

    I just grabbed all 4 games for $5 – not too shabby.  Thanks for posting!

    • Christopher Riner

      man, I donated 5 bucks and it isn’t giving me world of goo!  Do you have to download the three first or something?  That was the main reason I got the bundle.  Not to mention, I love donating to charities.  

      EDIT: ah-hah! The average is now up over $5.00, luckily it had the option to increase amount so I threw another dollar on there. Sweet!

  • Anonymous

    HELL YES! I never purchased Osmos OR Anomaly Warzone Earth yet(just been waiting, I have so many games under my belt that I’m currently playing it’s utterly f’n insane), but with the Humble Bundle now available for Android, I will definitely purchase this. I’m not cheap, but hey, if I can get 4 great games(already purchased World of Goo) for like $5, then so be it.

  • Purchased. Wanted to get Osmos and Goo anyway. The fact that I get 2 more games, and proceeds go to charity, is a bonus!

  • Teddy

    Tried updating Osmos through Market and it was declined. Guess im stuck with the game as is.

    • In the past, updates for humble bundle games have been available from their website. Follow @humble:twitter on twitter.

  • Michael Forte

    The only thing that sucks about this kind of thing is you won’t get any updates for any of these apps because they won’t show as paid for for if you try and.update them in the Android Market.

  • Anonymous

    Darn, already bought 3 of the 4!

  • Derek Duncan

    how do you get these apps? Are they in the Android Market to download after paying? You get a direct link? How does that work.

    • Greg

      they email you with direct links

    • Anonymous

      They give you links to the APKs. I was really hoping it would somehow link them to the market (outside of using Titanium Backup, lol)!

      • Anonymous

        So are you able to use TiBa to link them to the Market and get future updates directly from there? I’ve never used that capability.