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HTC Ville Caught on Video Running Ice Cream Sandwich, Sense 4.0 and Looking Ultra-Slim


A month before Mobile World Congress kicks off and we have the first mega-leak to drool over. The HTC Ville was caught in a lengthy video this morning, showing off its official spec list, Sense 4.0 over Ice Cream Sandwich, and an ultra thin body. This is a device that we have covered for a while now over at Android Life as it is rumored to be heading to T-Mobile, but with this being one of the first polished sightings of Sense 4.0, we wanted to make sure that everyone saw it.

So what is the Ville? It’s HTC’s thinnest smartphone ever at roughly 8mm thick, but will rival some of the other players for the “thinnest smartphone in the world” tag. As you can see from the front, HTC is moving to a 3-button approach to match up with Android 4.0, however, they are still using hardware soft keys instead of on-screen soft keys. The design itself looks like most of HTC’s previous work, but again, this sucker is ultra thin.

Hit up the break to see the full spec list and a quick run-through of the device.  


  • 4.3″ qHD display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP rear camera
  • VGA front camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HTC Sense 4.0
  • Android 4.0.1

Update:  Video has apparently been pulled already. That was fast.

Update 2:  A new version is available to watch.

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  HTC-Hub

  • Tyler

    Hate to bash on sense but it looked very laggy and slow. Could be just the fact it is unreleased but idk. Sense just looks pretty, but its starting to go too far and be over kill. The transitions look annoying, especially the menu one. Also, why would they put 4.0.1 on it when 4.0.3 is out and is nearly the same. Whats up with the qHD display too? HTC needs to step up their game imo.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Not bad HTC. Not bad at all. “A” for effort.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    1300 mah battery

  • Anonymous

    Thank god I bought the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    On topic:

    The 2D feel of the animations awfully looks a lot like Windows Phone 7. 

    The “pressed” state looks like the element gets pushed back in space and floats back up to the screen, instead of glowing “blue” in ICS. 

    The screen transitions resemble blinds that, one by one, flips from the side of the screen. Again, much like how tiles in WinPhone7 transition.

    HTC can really do a lot better than this.

  • Anonymous

    If there’s one thing this phone tells us, it’s that Google has informed Android OEMS before-hand about the inevitable death of the hardware MENU button…
    … and that Moto, despite soon to be a subsidiary of Google, didn’t get the notice.

  • Anonymous

    I “sense” another failure.

  • jack kramer

    Google needs to have a say in this before htc Releases android 4 on phone. FUX Htc. 

  • HTC always manages to ruin Android. While it looks cool, it’s just not Android anymore. Stock ICS is simple, clean, modern, and dare I say…sexy. This is just to cluttered and glossy. 

    As for the phone hardware, I like what I see so far. I’ve always liked HTC design, I just hate sense.

  • Anonymous

    has hardware buttons.. interesting to see what the manufacturers are doing in that respects to ICS, so many people freaked out about that! lol I personally like the software buttons more now that I’m used to it.

  • Never was a fan of sense, but I’ll be interested to see what the final build of 4.0 is like…it couldn’t possibly get any bigger…right?

  • This looks hot.  Hopefully they’ll release the physical phone dimensions soon, that’s my biggest concern.  Even then, I’ll likely wait for the Edge or the droolworthier Zeta.  If I had to pick a flagship phone right now, I’d pick the Rezound over the GNex.

  • Anonymous

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  • 1. I am not buying another dual core phone. (Just bought nexus, next one better be quad or more)
    2. Not buying another phone with hardware keys. Just stupid. And counterintuitive.

  • Tim242

    As an avid HTC fan, it was initially hard to get used to a different phone. After seeing this, I am very glad to have a Nexus : )

    • Christopher Riner

      amen brother, welcome to the cult.  You made a smart move.  Don’t be afraid to sit back, relax, and enjoy the kool aid

      • Tim242

        AOKP MS3:tastes pretty good : )

        • Christopher Riner

          oh nice, I actually just moved off of milestone 2 last night to try out build 21.  

          • Tim242

            I was on build 21. Then, milestone 3 released last night.

  • joey

    Obviously, not a flagship phone. Not a huge fan of the dock, kind of reminds me of the dock on the Sense that they make for the T-Mobile ‘My’ phones. Other than that I don’t think it looks bad at all. A lot of you are being more than extra when it comes to applauding the looks of stock ICS. Yeah, I’ll admit is looks a hell of a lot better than stock Gingerbread, but that is not saying too much.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i didnt mind moto blur honestly but ICS is PERFECT add an extra customizable lock screen button a search button in the permanent soft key bar and power/network control widgets in the navi bar and there is zero that you can improve on.. its that amazing and once you have it for a few days you cant go back to prebics

  • Trophynuts

    introducing the HTC Ville ..then at the last minute there will be a name change to the HTC Schooner …Ala the Vigor/Rezound bs lol 

  • galaxynexusprime

    I officially feel sorry for anyone not running stock Ice Cream Sandwich.

    This looks dreadful. 

    • Anonymous

      Can they at least release the RIL???

  • Anonymous

    The launcher and new modern looking clock widget are the only things i like this time around, in fact I made a similar skin to that back in my Incredible color clock days, everything else I like better in ICS stock. Wonder if it could get ported to Nova launcher

  • jbonics

    oh sweet looks average joe

  • Anonymous

    Bottomline nothing beats STOCK ANDROID and my Galaxy Nexus plain and simple. Htc has got to step up that game seriously my galaxy nexus PIMP SLAPS THIS…..

    • Anonymous

      Whatever happened to “My EVO is the best, nothing is better than the EVO” blah blah blah

      • Tim242

        LoL. Hey, he woke up and realized what he was missing. Don’t hate…congratulate!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah but I just wanted to share how we all felt about his rants each time a new device was out he would always go on and on about how the EVO was better than everything.  Pretty much thought it was a god apparently.

          • Tim242

            Haha I remember. He was so obnoxious about it. He was the same way about Sprint. I wonder what happened? All I know, is that his posts are such better now. For that, we’re thankful!

          • Anonymous

            I’ve noticed (only recently) I’m not here as much anymore or on other blogs, been doing projects and what not, working on some ideas for the Galaxy Nexus and working on getting my clocks ported to Fancy Widget with the help of a themer from XDA

    • Chris Sandoval

      IMHO. I think TouchWiz 4.0 kills ICS.

  • qhd? Why? These phone manufacturers suck

  • Cmdates2991

    i really expected them to do something big with sense 4.0, guess i was wrong

  • This is HTC’s idea of slowing down the amount of half hearted phone? For goodness sake HTC. Just stop and focus on 1 or 2 phones. Until phone manufacturers start doing that, it looks like its just Nexus phones for me.

  • Hugh Hansen Jr.

    qHD? This can’t be a top-tier phone.

  • Anonymous

    I hear the extended battery is a car battery with a cool cover.

  • Dean2359

    Vga front cam? Is this 1999?

  • Sense is the less favorite part of my current phone. I wish HTC can get over it.
    HTC stuck with Sense, Moto is locking bootloaders, LG is a second tier …. looks like my next phone will be from Samsung. Not many choices. Maybe some of the Chinese OEMs can stand up?

    • Kierra

      Samsung doesnt support their phones..

      • That’s ok, as long as there is a broad dev community support.

  • Bionic

    Im no fan of blur but the new ICS blur we saw last week looks leaps and bounds better than sense 4.0.  

    • Anonymous

      is there a video of the BlurWich? where did you see it?

  • This is a situation where I’ll probably try a ROM of Sense 4.0 or whatever it’s called on my GNex, enjoy it for a couple days, then go back to hating Sense and loving stock Android all over again.

  • J Dub

    Who else doesn’t care about how thin it is? Pile on the battery life. I am used to being able to use my device heavily from 7am to 10pm and still have life. I want a normal day to put it on charge when I go to bed and still be at 60-70%.

    It goes without saying that it shouldn’t make the phone look like the Seido extended battery on the G-Nex either.

    • Bionic

      I agree.  Thin is over-rated

  • Bionic

    Ick.  Sense is horrible.  I really dont like HTC phones at all.  The build quality always seems to suck.  The only good thing about this phone seems to be the screen.  

  • Looks like my girls rezound is getting rooted and im throwing CM9 on it.

  • Anonymous

    My bad, wrong post… 

  • I don’t think a quad core CPU could help Sense.  It just slows down everything it gets it’s greasy little fingers on.