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Google TV Update Available for Sony Blu-ray Player, Chrome Enhancements and 3D Disc Playback Included


I fired up my Sony Blu-ray Google TV tonight and was surprised to see an update available. It’s a decent size at almost 260MB, bringing with it performance enhancements and the ability to play 3D discs.

If you are not prompted to update, head into System Settings>About>System updates and pull it manually.

  • Bennotae

    No update here

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Sony step it up and offer this on PS3?  

  • Nvious1

    Glad to see the 3D capability come to this device as its now really high up on my list for purchase since I recently bought a 3D LG TV.  I hope it all works out.

  • Anonymous


  • It’s not recognizing my LG 3G TV as 3D capable, anybody else having this problem?

    • Anonymous

      Ditto.  LG LW5600 here.

  • trumpet444

    Dude, we have the same tv. 

  • RadicalPie

    no update here

  • Anonymous


  • I have no update. weird.

  • ddevito

    Us Revue owners got shafted. Big time.

    • Anonymous

      I admit I boxed mine back up the other day. I just couldn’t justify having it even out anymore, I used it so little. And when I tried, it was just a demonstration of frustration. Turned out to be a glorified Netflix box, of which I basically have four, thus, unplugged. 

      • ddevito

        It was decent before the 3.1 update. I waited a year for the update and now it’s worse.

        The browser is 30% slower, it chokes on 720p streaming, and best of all Logitech didn’t update all of the media enhancements GTV 2.0 brings.

        Logitech should save some face and unlock the damn thing so we can salvage it.

        I’ve gotten great use of it since Nov 2010 but it’s time to toss it. Sad since I’ve waited for such a device for over a decade.

      • Joseph Goss

        I have been having the same thoughts.  Not sure if my expectations were higher than the product delivered but in the end I describe it as fair to good.  Guess I was hoping for good to great.  It seems like a poor combination for Chrome and Andriod.  Just not sure.

  • Anuraj Bhatt

    Not seeing the update in phoenix

  • Anonymous

    I picked it up for $159 over the holidays.. combined with the $1 Plex app streaming HD content to my TV, I’m set.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Very nice. Kinda wish I had a 3dtv to see that. Was on my GTV this morning and noticed more apps are popping up these days. Still impressed.