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Custom Theme Tuesday: Black Exodus For GummyNex And AOKP


This is what we have been looking for in a Galaxy Nexus theme. It is dark, minimal, and super sexy. The theme is called Black Exodus from a themer who goes by the alias “Nitroz.” If you are running either the Android Open Kang Project ROM or GummyNex for the Galaxy Nexus, then you are definitely in luck. Black Exodus does exactly what you would hope it to do, which is completely black out your entire system, Google apps along with their widgets, and pretty much everything in between. 

Instructions for installation:

  1. Download zip file for which ROM you are running – AOKP Build 21 | AOKP Milestone 3 | GummyNex 0.7.0
  2. Place zip on phone’s storage.
  3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and create NANDROID backup immediately.
  4. Navigate to theme .zip and install.
  5. Reboot and enjoy!

After you have completed those easy steps, you shall be basking in the custom theme glory. If you have any questions or concerns, shoot them down below and we will try to help out as much as we can.

Via: Rootzwiki

  • Anonymous

    FYI, this works on the latest gummy 0.7.6 as well 🙂

  • Adelson Ben

    how do you uninstall this

  • jarhezion

    Noob question, does CDMA or GSM matter when your flashing a theme? Just wondering first time doing so

  • thesaber2000

    Anyone know of a good white theme for aokp?

    • Josh Nichols

      Frost by Sonny Sekhonn in the XDA themes and apps section for the Galaxy Nexus.

      • thesaber2000


  • Anonymous

    How do I change the color of the time battery icon etc. Both are still blue on my gnex!

    • Flash a theme, or a ROM like AOKP that lets you change it.

  • Scull314

    can anyone recommend me some good themes for aokp rom? 

    • I love the options in the ROM itself, personally. Only thing I flashed theme-wise was Robot font ICS blue nav buttons. (Got them from the theme section in JRummy’s ROM Toolbox)

  • WindedBison

    what is that clock widget on the homescreen?

  • RWW

    I love all the dev support for this phone (and Gummy 7.0).  Indeed, it really is like the OG Droid days.  But am I the only one that thinks it’d be nuts to black out this vibrant, beautiful Nexus screen??

    One thing I would like though is the ability to make my status bar icons just a tad larger.  I used to love the size of them on Simply Stunning (on the D1).  These old eyes can hardly tell the 4G bar levels, not to mention the battery.

    • Anonymous

      i get what your saying, think of it this way, one of the tests of a good screen is if it does a true black which the nexus does, so black can be beautiful.  and if you want color there are plenty of color themes, you dont have to use this one

    • Happy medium= lots of black, and some vibrant color (though I’m always disappointed in the colors on my monitor because they look so great on my phone)

      • Wrong screenshot lol. This should be better.

        • Guest

          how did you make all of the app icons have names

          • Simple Text Icons (in the market)

  • Adelson Ben

    Where do you guys get all the clock widgets?

  • johnp357

    been using this since day one.  it’s the coolest theme out there..

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      What really??? Peace Out Droid-Life, I’m about to be rich off some internet “w0rk”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t try this at home…with your RAZR.




    • Anonymous

      CM9 will supposedly bring such a thing


      2. ROM Toolbox has a number of mods/themes in it that can be applied within the app, no reboot to recovery necessary.

  • Kaliboyred1

    Noob question: Are the Gapps still able to recieve updates from google?

  • Jothen2002

    You don’t have to wipe delvik cache?

  • Vinnie

    Can you share those icons please? Looks great!

  • Jer3my

    What wallpaper is that?

  • Anonymous

    I like black but I feeling a bit BLUE…

    • OreoMan

      Ohhhhhhhhh, I like that!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyoknow how this compares to the .9 foxhound dark edition? I like some of the features in this rom and just got the dark theme up and running, it even has an animated notification background.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the OG Droid days… These types of posts are what got me glued to this site!

  • Been running this theme for awhile now..   Nitroz is very quick to support new versions of AOKP.  Nice to see him getting noticed!

  • Anonymous

    I have AOKP and I really like it, but the only thing is it ‘s not running too smooth on my phone (screen is jumpy). I am running the kernel that came with the ROM. Anyone else have this problem or knows how to fix it?

    • Anonymous

      which version are you on? I flashed milestone 3 (should be bugged free) and it has been smooth for the past 4-6 hour or so. I’d suggest flashing it. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m on build 21… Perhaps thats the reason. Thanks, I’ll flash it tonight!

        • Yep, Milestone 3 is meant to be a super stable release, also adds some mods I love. (new battery icon options and unlnking ringer/notification volumes). Also, you might try another kernel. Franco’s is super smooth, and gives most people great battery life, but it doesn’t get along with my phone for some reason. I use imoseyon’s leankernel, currently running 1.8.0 with great battery life and super smooth as well.

  • Anonymous

    ok.  i guess it is time i root and rom.  i’ve held out long enough.

    • EC8CH

      you made it two days longer than i did

    • Skyskioc

      Yeah it’s time I got my gnex, then an and 8 min. ride to my house 2 min. to boot up the computer then i unlocked the boot loader rooted and installed my first ROM within the first 15 min and never looked back. You won’t regret it.

      • Monty Waggoner

        You need to drop an SSD in that computer. You’d have had your Gnex rooted and rom’d a minute and a half sooner, which is priceless. 

      • It took me a while to load a ROM, maybe a week, but unlocked and rooted it as soon as I got it home. Nova launcher maybe half an hour later.

    • TLW

      It perplexes me that someone would buy a Nexus and not root and unlock it.  

      • Anonymous

        Well … with a “stock” Nexus you have PURE android and the ability to kill the few verizon add-ons. Throw on Nova Launcher and you can go pretty far customizing it. I also have no need to tether.  So .. not sure what is so perplexing about that . . .  ?  Now, if I had a Rezound and wasn’t rooting it, THAT would be perplexing. 

        • droidrev71

          It’s perplexing that you haven’t unlocked and rooted. Doesn’t mean you have to tether either. Sell it!

          • Anonymous

            it’s perpexing that people can be so quick to make assumptions. I’ve been romming for 2 years with my og. Was simply waiting for a stable and varied collection of roms. Relax and move along.

    • Noyfb

      do they make a how to root for beginners?

  • Mike McKee

    Question: With the G Nex screen, do dark renderings preserve battery better than lighter screen renderings?

    • Anonymous

      Yes to some degree.

    • EC8CH

      the theme dev claims that as an advantage on his Rootzwiki thread.

  • Anonymous

    Me likes the dark themes, but me thought it was Taco Tuesday. 😛

  • What clock widget is that?

    • The Observer

      Looks like Minimalistic Text.

  • Anonymous

    I must admit, I like this Black Exodus. 

  • Jamaicawind

    So major noob here but i have that open kang root thing and all but what the hell is a nandroid and how do i make one? I have nothing backed up on my nexus so i iz scuuurred =(

    • You should be scuuured. 
      A nandroid is just a backup of your entire phone. data/cache and all that good stuff.
      Boot into ClockworkMod and just hit “backup”. Once it says complete, you’re good to go 🙂


      • Anonymous

        More noob questions over here. Once I flash the zip, how do I get rid of the theme if I don’t like it?

        • Mike McKee

           Just re-flash the ROM and don’t wipe data.

          • EC8CH

            make a backup of the stock ROM before applying the theme.  if you no likey just restore the stock backup.

            or that too 🙂

        • Sdny8

          U go to that nandroid backup u just made and flash that. Or if u didn’t make backup u can flash original rom zip. Just be sure to backup apps first in ti backup and then u can restore.

      • Anonymous

        Tim A Tato whats UP BROTHER LMAO!!!!  Lovin my GNEX, I am waiting for you to make it down to the bay area so we can root again LOL Just like the OG days!!!!!!!

        How’s life man???  Everything down here is going good since getting my GNex lol Family is doing great 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that homescreen is pure sex….i love me some widgets, but damn…

  • Storm Jones

    Is it weird to call a ROM sexy? Because this one definitely is!