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4G LTE Networks Going Live in a Handful of New Markets

Over the last week or so, we received tips from a number of readers who live in 3G Verizon markets that have turned in 4G LTE markets over night. Some of these are what most would consider “small markets” including one that is a farming community of roughly 1,500 people.

Here is the list of new markets that have popped up:

  • Hazleton, PA
  • Cookeville, TN
  • Belle Fourche, SD
  • Greenville, NC

Throughout the rest of the year, this is likely what we will see – smaller markets getting the green light without much of a mention. Now that the majority of major cities in the country have already gone live, it’s time to welcome in the rest of the country.

Noticing 4G in your area for the first time? Let us know.

Cheers Dollyllama, Dylan, Vincent, and Rob!

  • Proxious

    Columbus, GA just got 4G LTE

  • Rubexcube1

    Old bridge,NJ new 4G symbol

  • Bob

    Okay, now I’ve got to ask to writer of this. Did you get any confirmation from verizon about these new markets or did you just hear from some person in Greenville, Nc that they had 4g? Reason being is that I know there is no 4g here and the plans are in the making for it but not right now. Just wondering. Other than that I love the site, frequent it often.

  • Barlog

    Still waiting for Valley Center, Ca./Pauma Valley, Ca. a small country town in San Diego to get 4G. Its where all the Casinos are so I would hope they would do it soon! Come on Big Red?!