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4G LTE Networks Going Live in a Handful of New Markets

Over the last week or so, we received tips from a number of readers who live in 3G Verizon markets that have turned in 4G LTE markets over night. Some of these are what most would consider “small markets” including one that is a farming community of roughly 1,500 people.

Here is the list of new markets that have popped up:

  • Hazleton, PA
  • Cookeville, TN
  • Belle Fourche, SD
  • Greenville, NC

Throughout the rest of the year, this is likely what we will see – smaller markets getting the green light without much of a mention. Now that the majority of major cities in the country have already gone live, it’s time to welcome in the rest of the country.

Noticing 4G in your area for the first time? Let us know.

Cheers Dollyllama, Dylan, Vincent, and Rob!

  • Proxious

    Columbus, GA just got 4G LTE

  • Rubexcube1

    Old bridge,NJ new 4G symbol

  • Bob

    Okay, now I’ve got to ask to writer of this. Did you get any confirmation from verizon about these new markets or did you just hear from some person in Greenville, Nc that they had 4g? Reason being is that I know there is no 4g here and the plans are in the making for it but not right now. Just wondering. Other than that I love the site, frequent it often.

  • Barlog

    Still waiting for Valley Center, Ca./Pauma Valley, Ca. a small country town in San Diego to get 4G. Its where all the Casinos are so I would hope they would do it soon! Come on Big Red?!

  • Knalis703

    Still waiting in fredericksburg va we right between dc and Richmond but every place around us got it wth

  • Brianjec

    My Gnex in Hazleton is loving the new 4g, been on here for about 2-3 weeks.  Coverage in Wilkes Barre is actually top notch.

  • I live south of Belle Fourche and it’s all 4G here! I think is weird though, why Belle Fourche? It has 4,000 people compared to the 2nd largest town in Western SD, Spearfish at 14,000. I wonder if Spearfish has 4G though?? It makes no sense. The ‘Center of the Nation’ you would think would be the very last market to get 4G. Oh well, at least I don’t have to travel 50 miles to Rapid!!!!

    • Snot Goblin

      Spearfish, Sturgis, and both Lead and Deadwood have 4G. Most of I-90 around the Black Hills does too. I would say about 85% of the Black Hills are now 4G. Maybe a bit more. Some of the more remote roads and such through the Black Hills were not yet 4G as of yesterday.

      • Snot Goblin

        Basically Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood/Lead, Belle Fourche and other cities in the Black Hills lit up with 4G within the past week. Just days apart from each other.

  • Pantherfan_nc

    How far from a town does the sisal cover I live about 25 mins from the center of greenville NC and have been sitting on my upgrade since October waiting for 4g to pop up near me

    • Pantherfan_nc

      I meant signal*


    Anybody from Greenville seeing any 4g? Ready to take the Gnex out for a test drive on the new network 🙂

  • just need it to go 45 minutes west to bloomsburg and ill be a happy camper. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the more important question is when are existing networks going down from a screw up on their end, and rushing out their network…

  • C-Law

    I noticed when I drove through Conroe,TX last week that I had 4g. I didn’t have it when I drove through previously on vzw g-nex launch day

  • Anonymous

    WHY HAS LONG ISLAND BEEN TOTALLY FORGOTTEN?? It’s not like it’s bum-f**k out here!

    • SamXp

      Haha, it does suck out on the Island. I’m cracking up because you sound like the stereotypical LIer!

  • Need to fix the coverage in Wilkes Barre, Pa. It absolutely sucks 

  • Anonymous

    Still nothing in Northwestern California, or north of San Rafael or Sacramento for that matter. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      The North State is HUGE, and for the most part rural to extemely rural, how about turning up some goodies for us VZ? 😉

  • Edaj1958

    I live south of Cookeville and it went live at mid-night yah

  • Wwarwick01

    Just 4 more cities that will be without 4g when a new LTE handset is introduced onto the network.

    • Sir Wilhelm

      Unfortunately it is worse than that.  I bought a Nexus and not only do I lose my 4g, but my 3g as well when a new phone LTE is put out.  What does my 3g have to do with the 4g going down?  Horrible Verizon

  • millerthyme59

    Can’t wait for the upper left coast!(Garibaldi,OR.)

  • I’m surprised that my area isn’t 4G yet. I mean this town does have 1 of the 3 main call centers AND tech centers for Verizon, seriously, WTF?

  • macawmatt

    Hope that being a college town might bump us up a few rungs in the order they rollout, especially since I am renewing in two months.

  • jason6g

    im one of the seemingly many readers from pa going wtf to seeing hazleton…

    although, in the reading area, just last year (after lte was announced) they were putting up 3g towers for whatever reason! i got all excited seeing verizon vehicles hanging around one of the three towers id see – sadly, no lte and after talking to them after a couple days seeing them there they informed me of the 3g BS

    we’ll see as lte was “promised by the end of 2012” in the area im from… if not at&t keeps getting better 3g coverage. i can live with 5-7m downloads 😀

  • Bbcdmmd

    Of course…………. still no Peoria, IL

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell is York/Lancaster, PA?!?  Individually they are bigger than Hazelton.  Stupid Verizon!

  • CO

    VZW’s turn-up depend a lot on the local carrier being able to support them and the contract they agree upon. Northern and Eastern CO will be turned up this spring and the populations there are small. The 3G footprint will be mostly replaced by 4G LTE by the end of 2012. Just be patient people.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately Bluegrass Cellular has a monopoly in my area and they refuse to sell out to Verizon.  So I’m stuck roaming on their mediocre 3G network for the foreseeable future :-(.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Xbox123456

    They have been turning on 4G in cities randomly since mid-December without announcing that these cities have been “turned on”. Unless it’s a major city, I would not expect anymore major announcements.

  • Maqsr1122

    Riverside, Ca. I hope we got 4g here. RAZR MAXX will be here friday.

    • Ek

      There is 4g in riverside, but it stops around where the 91 meets the 215. I’m in the loma Lina area and we have no 4g 10 miles down the road from.riverside

    • Daneg80

      It blows in Winchester/Hemet/ North Temecula region im lucky to get a bar of 4G and i ussally only have two bars of3G.

  • Chad Payne

    4g showed up for 30min last week in greenville, nc

  • AhujaDaddy

    Grew up in Greenville NC…Home of the East Carolina Pirates! Welcome 4G Pirate Fans! Enjoy it!

  • sweet even more places for my galaxy nexus to not get 4g or 3g

  • Balls

    That map is lies, i do not get 4g at my house in new jersey but i do down the street, literally

  • Oh Really?  Verizon you’ve done Birmingham and Montgomery.  How about us towns in between like Auburn/Opelika?

  • Alex

    HAZLEton  Ingredient
    COOKville  Action
    BELLe Fourche  Timer
    GREENville  Food

    Why wasnt i invited to the barbecue Verizon?

  • Doan

    “Noticing 4G in your area for the first time? Let us know.”


  • Sp4rxx

    Lorain, ohio …. hopefully Amherst too

  • David Geiger

    Lookin’ a little too heavy on the easy coast. Maybe some in Montana would balance this out.

  • I’m in an “extended coverage area” at both home and work, and I’ve yet to actually see 4G in either place.  Hopefully the expand the Tampa, FL market soon so I can actually make use of LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Still no 4G in Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa, pop is 100k+ with a state university of 15k students. We gotta be coming up soon.

  • Will

    I live in Sioux Falls SD. pop. 175,000…we have had 4g since the beginning, belle fouche or whatever is by rapid city and the black hills, and thats west river where all the silly cowboys live. lol

    • Will

      I know in this state anyway, they are expanding quickly along the two big artery Interstates I 90 “boston to seattle” and I 29 “Canada to Kansas City”

  • Anonymous

    sure wish they’d open up ocala, fl.  and south to Belleview – population is 50,000+.

    • Wow they still don’t have Ocala yet? I figured you guys would have it by now. I’m in the N. FL area myself.

  • Anonymous

    Yea well Verizon needs to check its maps, I am supposedly in a 4G area in San Bernardino CA, guess what no 4G here.

    • Ek

      I’ve had it blink on and off in the area about once a month

  • I supposedly have 4G in my town, but if I look at the coverage map, my house is actually in “4G extended” area.  What that means is I only get 4G sometimes (usually on the second floor), 3G most of the time, and no G occassionally.

  • Can’t understand the Belle Fourche SD situation… I’m pretty sure that the only living thing there is sheep… 

    • Snot Goblin

      Sturgis, Spearfish, and Lead/Deadwood all have 4G too. Basically MOST of the Black Hills are now 4G. Belle Fourche is on the very northern part of the Black Hills about 15 miles from Spearfish. So it was expected they would get it about the same time as Spearfish.

  • Anonymous

    Whoop!  Cookeville, TN!!!!

  • vargus21

    Really, Verizon? Hazleton??

    • Dolphfins2000

      4G in hazy???? HELL YEAH!

    • Obi5683

      I agree.  How do they decide who gets LTE?  What about York?  I’ve been to Hazleton and I believe that there are bigger markets in PA.

      • Anonymous

        “I’ve been to Hazleton and I believe that there are bigger markets in PA.” – Exactly! Reading (5th largest city in the state), Lancaster, York, Williamsport, Lebanon… should I go on? The thing I noticed is that the cities they’ve been overlooking are largely (except Williamsport) in the southeast part of the state, between Philly, Allentown and Harrisburg – don’t know why; it’s a very heavily populated area .

        • Kristofferxavier13

          Seriously. Reading! Please and thank you… friggin Hazelton?!? Im sure all 30 people with 4G phones there really appreciate it…

          • hell yeah…all of NEPA is covered now!!!! suck it haters!!!!!!

        • Someones

          there is 4G in Carlisle PA, had it all the way from Chambersburg to Harrisburg where i got on 15 going north last week

          also not on the map or an official list are Dansville NY and Harrisonburg VA 

          • Someones

            Its in Blacksburg VA as well, not sure its on the list or not, Pretty sure the entire 81 corridor will be covered soon 

          • Noyfb

            Saint Louis Here my 4g lte is 20 mbps is that good? what’s yours and where for comparison?

          • Someones

            18-24. 20 is about the average i see whenever i test it,

        • Fpcaptain

          WILLIAMSPORT!!  Still waiting 🙁

          • haydt

            Same in Palmerton.

  • Anonymous

    damn, you think they like the east coast much?

    • John

      population density.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see them expand 4G in existing markets tbh.

  • csd577

    When the hell is 4g gonna come to central/south jersey, its a joke that we have to pick up a weak philly signal from here

  • Anonymous

    Have to give it to Verizon for working hard to keep spreading 4G around the country.  Well done indeed.

  • Nacho

    Damnit, still no LTE in my area. Had a shiny new nexus since its release and no 4G to enjoy with it.

  • Dwjr82

    Wish it was in columbus georgia

    • Needs Ctown 4g

      Me too. You’d think a metro area with 120,000+ people and the largest infantry base in the country could get some love.

      • Yeah I’ve been to Columbus a few years ago and I’m very surprised to hear they do not have LTE there. Def a populated area not to mention with all the people going to see their family/friends graduate from basic training. Pretty cool city, even though my Hotel was surrounded by housing projects lol

  • Ken

    I have been told by my corporate rep that we are all wired up for it, but they are waiting on a backbone infrastructure to be completed to help avoid any of the outages that you all have got to enjoy.  Western Colorado

  • Interestingly, within the past week I’ve seen spotty (but usably decent) 4G coverage start popping up in my area of south jersey. Pretty stoked, as if it extends just a littllllle bit (like literally a mile) further, itll be solid coverage.