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Mod: NOVA Launcher Custom Folder Icon Themes

Nova Launcher has become a big enough deal that modders are starting to put in work on it. One of those mods that really stood out to us was this set of custom folder icons. If you weren’t a fan of Google’s ICS circular folder option, then feel free to browse through 11 or so that jaydotelloh has created. You’ll find fully transparent icons, square, different colored rings, and a variety of shelves/platforms. We grabbed 4 of our favorites for quick downloads below, but be sure to hit up the source for more.  

Downloads:  Transparent | Glass Platform | Square | Blue Rings


*Rooted users only. Should work with most ROMs.

*Consider making a backup first.

1.  Download your theme of choice to your phone’s storage.
2.  Boot into recovery.
3.  Choose “install zip from sdcard” and flash the file.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Picolas!

  • confused

    how do you use this ? I cant figure it out ?

  • Kellex, you should update this article to include the new Droid-Life theme they made in honor of being featured on your site!

  • GNEX Sickness

    Im running the latest version of Nova Launcher and have downloaded 4 of the icon paks. I flashed one in CWM and there is no difference. It didnt work. It looks the same. Can anyone shed some light on this ? What am I doing wrong ?

    • jaydotelloh

      Any errors in recovery when flashing?  I just noticed that if the file has a “-1” at the end (as if you downloaded the same file more than once in chrome/browser and it saved multiple copies) it may error out when flashing.  Make sure you don’t have that -1 or anything at the end and try again.

  • Boblank84

    Been using the transparent version for about a week or so, and really like it.  Very nice work.

    • How is making a clear background nice work? It’s pretty basic, if you ask me.

      • John

        Agreed. It’s nothing too special. Mini mod but cool for those that want it

      • Boblank84

        not only the transparent but all the different backgrounds.  I don’t know about you, but i really appreciate all devs and what they do for the community for free.  Just the fact that there are different options available is much appreciated.

        • Fair enough. Biggest props to the guys behind NOVA itself though. It wasn’t too different when it first started so I stopped using it. Once I started using AOKP last weekend, though, it’s been quite awesome.

        • Anonymous

          I appreciate the devs delivering the goods and then soliciting donations, especially the ones who’s work is purely derivative.  While they do it “for free” they are hoping to make up for it on the back end with donations by some.  If there were no donations many of them would not be doing it at all.

          • jaydotelloh

            This is my mod, and just an FYI:

            I appreciate the recognition of a Droid-Life article (long time fan and never imagined anything I would do would be featured), but I just wanted to point out that I do not and would not accept “donations” for this work.  There is not a single donate link or paypal information to even accept a donation on my rootzwiki post, and I decline it even if offered.  

            I don’t necessarily consider myself a “modder” or “dev”.  The real awesomeness behind this is the Nova Launcher dev.  I did this just for myself, realized others might like it and decided to share.  It is a very simple mod, but something some people wouldn’t know how to do on their own.  

          • Anonymous

            I think I came off the wrong way.  I was more saying hopefully people who love the free work don’t mind donating every once in a while to keep it free.  Especially to the people doing more of the creating.  IMO it’s a legitimate price to pay for the variety of work being done.

          • jaydotelloh

            Got Ya. 🙂

            I love the real devs and mods and everything they do too.  I don’t donate much, but if I like to contribute back in any way I can.  Such is the mind-set of open source!

          • Anonymous

            A noble man is you. Thank you for sharing your work with us :). This is why Android continues to be awesome. 

          • Noyfb

            I bow before your creativity and being a tech artist

  • Anonymous

    i spent some time this weekend to make some custom icons. Far right is my folder. Doesnt necessarily look like a folder to someone who would just pick up the phone but i thought it matched the theme well enough. 


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else had problems with Contacts not working with Nova Launcher. I always have to revert back to stock ICS launcher to get them to work. Then I go back to Nova and they will work for a short while.

    • Anonymous

      Did you use the flash install or apk?

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          I don’t know for sure if that might be the issue but I have the flashed version installed and I haven’t had that happen yet.

          • Anonymous

            Another reason I need to root my gnex

          • EC8CH

            do it to it

          • Anonymous

            What’s a matter kernel sanders, chicken?

  • I don’t think any of these look better than stock ICS..

    • Anonymous

      +1 … tried NOVA for a few days and got a little annoyed. still on my system just in case someone produces something that I like.

      Regardless of my opinion, this launcher is amazing.

    • I agree the only one I would even consider would be the icons only

    • idiot

      I agree. However, I wanted the blue theme throughout. Now I did it, I like the stock ICS version better. UGH. I know this sounds stupid but, how do I get it back to stock ICS since I flashed it.

  • John

    Won’t flash this, not interested, but it’s cool that this mod exists. Thx for posting 🙂

  • Cool beans, gonna give this a try.