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Touch-Enabled Clockwork Recovery Released as Beta for Galaxy Nexus


The touch-based Clockwork Recovery that was teased late last week is now available in beta form if you would like to test it. I flashed it without any problems, cruised through menus and am now performing my first backup with it. So far, everything seems to work. Scrolling through lists of files can be a little difficult to control at this time, but again, it’s a beta so expect all of the polish to come as you all take the time to test and provide feedback. Otherwise Galaxy Nexus owners, get to it.  

Download:  touch-tuna.img


*We went with basic commands here. If some of this is foreign to you, I suggest you check out all of our complete instructions in the Galaxy Nexus Guide.

1.  Download the file from above and place it in your SDK Tools or Platform-Tools folder.

*Wherever your adb.exe and fastboot.exe files are located, that’s where you copy the new recovery too.

2.  Open a command prompt from within that folder (hold SHIFT and right click – choose “open command”)
3.  Type the following commands:

adb reboot bootlooader
fastboot flash recovery touch-tuna.img

4.  When that finishes pick up your phone and choose “Recovery mode” using the volume keys.
5.  Your phone should boot into the new recovery.
6.  Enjoy touching!

Via:  Google+

  • John Hance

    This is great. I always have a hard time using the volume buttons with my current case. Thanks, D-L.

  • The version for the GTab looks much better – 

    Why no article on it? 

  • Tyler

    That scrolling looks like a pain. They should add a scroll bar to it to make things easier.

    • PC_Tool

      Edit: Gah…not the same recovery I was thinking about. ignore this post.

  • Caveman419

    What the hell is a bootlooader?

    I thought it was a bootloader

  • Ldgarcia4283

    Thanks droid life for the commands. I know how to use ADB as long as I’m provided the commands.

    • angermeans

      everyone knows how to use adb if given the commands. Go and read about basic unix commands and the android adb comes much more natural as you know whay is going on i had a lot of fun learning them a few years back.

  • guest

    My screen just went black and isn’t coming back on….:/

    • guest


      • PC_Tool

        As usual, those asking for help rarely give anyone enough information to actually, you know…help.

        What were you doing?  What ROM, Recovery, kernel…Hell, what *phone* are you even using?

        Without any of that the best anyone could recommend is a battery pull and if that does nothing, a fastboot flash back to stock to restore a recent nandroid if possible on your device.

        Try the battery pull and if that doesn’t help, give us some useful info to work with.  🙂

        • Kova

          I’m going out on a hunch and assuming that he’s using the Galaxy Nexus, since you know the name of the article is “Touch-Enabled Clockwork Recovery Released as Beta for Galaxy Nexus”.  

          what was he doing?  Most probably flashing the “Touch-Enabled Clockwork Recovery Released as Beta for Galaxy Nexus”…just guessing.

          You could have just told him to pull his battery and try again, instead of being a pretentious prick.

          • PC_Tool

            (original reply via email – disqus didn’t bother posting it, probably will in two days or so…whatever..)

            “I’m going out on a hunch and assuming…”  (you know where that gets you?)

            We could assume a number of things.  We could even, granted, assume I’m a prick. 

            …but if I am, at least I am a helpful one.  Care to count up how many others replied?  …and where was your helpful response?

            Oh, right.  There wasn’t one…you just posted to call me names. (…what does that make you??)

            Right. Well…in that spirit: 

            I’m a prick?  Really?  Good thing then…  Because if it wasn’t for us pricks, all you c*ck-s*ckers would starve.

        • guest

          Trying to flash the above recovery
          CWM Recovery
          Samsung Galaxy Nexus

          After it wouldn’t come back on, I did a battery pull, waited about 20 seconds, put the battery back in and it booted up. Still too nervous to try it again though..

          • guest

            thanks for responding though..:)

          • PC_Tool

            If it helps at all: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/14263-recoverytouch-based-clockworkmod-recovery/
            Market link (if you want painless as possible): https://market.android.com/details?id=com.unstableapps.cwmrtouchinstaller (It’s $1.99)

            This is a CWMR Touch Recovery that I am currently using. It scrolls, selects, and moves “back” with gestures (swipe up or down to scroll, swipe right to select, left to go back)…and has been rock solid for me so far.
            The recovery itself is free. The commands to install it manually are on the first link (as well as the recovery file itself).

            The market link is simply for an app that will do it all for you.

            Glad to hear it’s all working now. (FYI: Other than the kernel, you and I have the exact same set-up. Gotta love AOKP.)

          • guest

            Yep, I flashed it after it was posted here for Custom Rom Friday. Loving it so far. I read a lot of people recommending the franco kernel so I’m trying it out as well. Thanks again for the help. Going to check out the link now.

          • PC_Tool

            Good luck. I’m using the GladOS kernel personally, but may be changing soon. Had some spontaneous reboots this weekend that have irritated me slightly. 😉

          • guest

            My first experience with my current setup, I charged it completely and then deleted the batterystats.bin file to reset it. Granted I was at work and didn’t use my phone much at all but when I finally plugged it in at 27% it was 23 hours and 51 minutes later.

          • guest

            PC, on those commands, are they all typed on the same line?

          • PC_Tool

            Each line is a new command.

            adb reboot bootloader

            hit enter

            fastboot flash recovery whatever-the-file-name-is.img

            hit enter

            Alternatively, you can boot into bootloader-mode manually by using the 3-finger salute while off. (volume-up/down and power until it vibrates)

          • guest

            lol, the 3-finger salute huh? never heard that one before. I got it going though. One more question, is this a permanent recovery? Until now, with CWM, I had to reflash the recovery before doing anything. 

  • Anonymous

    Why did this take so long???

  • This is an OK recovery…just needs a dedicated back button I think.

  • Oh. Dumb question, but do Titanium Backups get deleted when you factory reset the nex? I know there is no sd… 

    • Michael Forte

      If you factory reset from stock recovery or from within the phone’s menu then yes everything gets deleted. If you factory reset from CWR then everything located at /sdcard is preserved. 

  • Backup downloads if anything happens 😉

    Download for Galaxy Nexus CDMA (Verizon), and Galaxy Nexus GSM: http://bit.ly/xXXlGr
    Download for Nexus S GSM: http://bit.ly/y0camb

  • If you are on mac, just do the same but with “./” with out the quotes. looks like this:
    ./adb reboot bootloader
    ./fastboot flash recovery touch-tuna.img

    Happy flashing! 😀

  • I JUST ROOTED. ****. How do I make this the permanent recovery like I did with regular?

  • Timothy Nunes

    You have a typo in the commands there… “adb reboot bootlooader”, should be “adb reboot bootloader”, in case anybody tries to copy and paste.

    • Anonymous

      haha, that’s what I get for trying to do it the easy way. I copy pasted “bootlooader” 3 times before I realized it was misspelled. At first I’m like wtf… why is it booting to the os, something strange is going on…

  • I actually like the current touch CWM better than this one. I feel like I’m going to accidentally press something.

  • Chris Pinola


  • I’ve been using the touch (and gesture) enabled non-official version for awhile and maneuvering recovery has never been more pleasant. I fully approve of adding more control options to this seldom-entered, but important area of our phones.

  • Michael Forte

    Hmm…I still think I like the other touch CWR better.

    • I don’t like the momentum scrolling.

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • Guest