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DROID RAZR MAXX Battery Test Day 3 – Why Can’t Every Phone Have This Battery?


The first couple of days with the RAZR MAXX were on opposite ends of the battery spectrum. The first was a typical first day with a phone meaning it was nothing to write home about, while day 2 was impressive, to say the least. Day 3 was pretty much like day 2 in that battery was never a concern even though I had to kick things off at around 60% charge.  

Day 3

First off, apologies for the lack of screenshots. Day 3 was just so sporadic with no time for a full charge that the shots of battery status would not have made much sense. What I mean by that is, I woke up to a battery that had around 30% charge left, but was then only able to charge it for about an hour before heading out for the day. So with a 60% charge on me, I ran for almost 6 hours before the phone dropped to around 27% with moderate use. I then had some free time and plugged it in to see how long it would take to charge on the Motorola charger that it came with and it still took roughly 3 hours.

Without any screenshots to show, I’ll just say a couple of things to wrap this up. This phone, will easily last you all day long even with heavy use. I have yet to turn on WiFi during the last 3 days and have never once had to worry about battery issues. I would however, recommend that you make sure to plug this phone in at night because of the amount of time that it takes to charge. At 3300mAh, this isn’t going to be a quick 1 hour charge job. So while battery life isn’t a concern, making sure you have time to charge is.

  • Hlm2311

    get a iphone 4s and let peter kelly buy it for you

  • I love mine.  On a slower day (not as much facebook/browser) I well over a day on one charge.  On a normal day with moderate use from 6am to 10pm, I still had 25% left. 


  • Musx

    Could you please make some tests with web browsing and watching videos non stop with 100 % charge ? I think it’s the only way to compare Droid Maxx with other mobile devices…

  • HLM2311

    verizon iphone 4s 16gb white should arrive tomorrow at 214 via fedex (peter take that)

  • HLM2311


    • Peter Kelly

      They do have the ability.  However, it’s an Easter Egg in the OS that opens when you’ve mastered the punctuation and CAPS LOCK keys.

      • HLM2311

        peter go do yourself 

        • Anonymous


          • Hlm2311

            iphone 4s 16 gb white verizon blast pass the razr and i dont need to charge it everyday 

  • RW-1

    Damn, one has to wonder how much Jha is paying for this set of threads.

    All they did was stick in a huge battery to cover their SW mistakes.

  • Jim McClain

    looks like the razr maxx is just an ics update from being the perfect phone

  • Anonymous

    II understand its cool that they jammed a big battery in a thin phone, but I don’t really see what the fuss about the awesome battery is about.

    And are phones with straight edges really comfortable to hold? My Bionic with the extended battery is a brick but the extended back cover is more comfortable to hold than the stock battery cover. I feel it gives the phone some form to hold onto. And I get 1.5 days off the battery just debloated/deoxed.

    Where are the carbon nano-tube batteries the History channel told me were possible like 7 years ago

  • Anonymous

    Went from Bionic to this.  I have charged it once in the last three days.  Battery lasts forever – I used the Bionic moderate-heavy use and would get between 5-8 hours.  The RAZR MAXX gets 24 hours before searching for a charger.  I stream iHeart Radio to my Bluetooth headset on the Bionic and get 3-4 hours on LTE, RAZR – 4 hours dropped battery about 30% on LTE.

    Huge difference, and I’m glad I upgraded because I got tired of the extra battery in my pocket all of the time.  Now, I haven’t even had to worry about a charger while I’m out for the day or night.

    Motorola’s and HTC’s announcements about cutting down on the number of devices released tells me  that there hopefully won’t be another Bionic, RAZR, RAZR MAXX issue to piss people off.  The next devices should be that ‘best product first’ instead of the ‘better product out in a month’ fiasco that Moto just pulled on everybody.

  • Chuck

    Just went to get mine today, but they were sold out 🙁 so it should be at my house in 2 days.

  • This phone, will easily last you all day long even with heavy use”

    why do you always put a comma like this ?

  • I pushed my Maxx on 4G data pretty hard for several hours and the used it moderate/heavy for the rest of the day on wifi.  After a long day at 21 hours it was still at 30% battery remaining.  Today with modest use I am at 12 hours of use and 80% battery remaining.  Traded my Droid Razr for it and couldn’t be happier

  • Mustang5Oh

    I started to be “jealous” and then I remembered it was a Motorola and it’s locked down tight and thought about all the ROMs/Kernels I am flashing on my GNex that also makes it through a full day without “shutting off features” like someone else claimed.

  • angermeans

    This is a great phone and Im sure it will make a bunch happy. I went into the Verizon store the other day while my wife was getting her hair cut and picked up the original Razr and the screen just doesn’t do it for me. The rest of this phone is great including the build, feel in hand, even Blur looks ok, and now this bigger battery. Again though the screen looks like garbage and it looks even worse after using the Galaxy Nexus for so long. I dont see why Motorola didnt update this on the MAXX as the Droid Razr in China includes the 720p screen. That would have made this phone something to look at for sure. In fact I thought that it was as I swore  I read a post about the China Razr on Droid Life sometime around the launch of this phone and then I swore I read that the MAXX would include the 720p screen. Call me a geek, but I’ve been dying for a screen that matches up with my wives iPhone 4 for 18 months now and it is the single best thing I love on the Galaxy Nexus (yes, even more than I love ICS).

    • Jim McClain

      I have the gnex also and a friend of mine has the razr,dude there is very little difference in the two screens, like I said,I have a gnex,but lets face the facts, I love ics, but the razr is a better phone

      • angermeans

        Ahh thanks for the correction. I couldnt fully remember. It doesnt take bit a second to replace tje battery. I also got the one with the charger so its no thing tobcharge it as well and i have more than enough power to get me through the day even with heavy use. Plus i have my htc trophy as backup if i run out of power

        • Anonymous

          Sell your trophy and buy an portable battery pack/spare battery. 

          If you go from a 4G device to a 3G device your 4G sim won’t work anymore and you’ll have to go to a VZW store/have customer service mail you a new sim just to activate your 4G phone again. Its crazy I know, but there is no point in having a 3G phone as a backup with the major pain VZW has made it to swap between devices.

    • Anonymous

      I have the GNex, wife Razr which returned on the fifteenth to get the Maxx. While u can see pixels on the Razr , overall to me the Razr ‘s display is overall much better than the GNex, as the Razr is so much brighter and the colors stand out more. The resolution though on the Razr is somewhat annoying when after the HD nexus u now notice pixels on a non HD display. But the GNex looks horrible unless the brightness is on high which eats battery power up like crazy. The Razr on medium brightness is like the GNex full brightness. The GNex looks washed out unless cranked.
      Because the camera is awful, display horrible unless Max brightness, network speeds MUCH slower than my work Razr and wife’s Razr Maxx, I wish I could return the GNex. Use the new work Razr which I didnt know I was getting and wait for something better. If didn’t have the work Razr, I’d still rather the Maxx than the GNex.
      I hope the radio is improved by updates as well as battery life on the GNex, the display,speaker, camera, I just expect to get better on the GNex. I sure hope some super rom’s make the GNex worth it as I am really disappointed. I really was expecting something better than the galaxy 2. Maybe I will see what I can get for the GNex and put that $$$ towards a phone this summer, activating my Droid and using the work Razr.

    • Anonymous

      I have a Razr and wife has the Nexus…have no idea what you are talking about? Did you check the settings on the Razr display to be sure the brightness hadn’t been turned down? I am not going to get into the specs..totally worthless in my opinion when I can set the 2 side by side and look at the displays. Both look very nice and certainly not enough difference to be a deciding factor on either phone including the iphone.

  • Creasi

    yea im going to have too drop these 3bills…I wish i knew the total sales tax…I get the 2yr price and also a 30$ discount but i think after taxes it jumps back up to about 3something.. which would be cheaper online Verizon or in store?

    • Mikel61101

      If your actually out of contract call them you’ll get a much better price… Back when the D3 was popular I had a 30 credit and paid a whoppin 9.99 when it was all said and done till I had to do a 100 insurance claim 6 days after having it(lake water=not good for phone). So I definitely say call…

  • Bewara2009

    Off topic but can someone help me out on something… Every time i download an app and install the extra data files it says not enough space, when I was 15GB free on my SD card..Anyone knows how to fix it? 

    • tbaybe

      Download “sdrescan” and run it

      • Bewara2009

        it didn’t help, but thanks. 

    • Stateofdesign

      Try moving apps to SD card. Settings  –> Applications –> Manage Applications. Sort by size, and start moving the biggest offenders over. You should be OK then. 

      • Bewara2009

        doesn’t give me the option to send to SD card..:/

    • HLM2311

      one of my coworkers had the same problem until he deleted old emails 

  • Seadoo800

    just got mine and even tho i returned the ICS galaxy im loving the maxx. love not being tied to a charger

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, hard to enjoy the GNex when the battery is always dropping and I get tired of tweaking and disabling so many features with a brand new top twirling phone and I have an unlimited data plan but can’t take advantage of LTE especially as the GNex battery drops so quickly and even so on cdma
      frustrating as I wanted to enjoy the GNex. Waitied a year to use my upgrade while other carriers had the galaxy two for months. This sounds negative I know but after a trip and running out of battery juice so often drove me crazy two weeks ago. Thank goodness I now have a work Razr so I don’t have to worry so much about the GNex and battery life.

      • Anonymous

        I’m in the same boat. Too late to return it, don’t really even want too but really, really envious of that battery, regardless of how much harder it is to tweak.

      • Tyler

        I personally don’t have a problem with it. I have the extended battery which has helped tremendously but still I get a good 8 -11 hrs sometimes more with around 2-3 hrs of screen time usually. Today after using the screen for 58 minutes my phones is at 62% after 11hrs. I have WiFi turned on and I’m always connected to cell towers to get texts and calls and my brightness is set to auto. My only complaints about the battery life are that the phone doesn’t idle very well, I am using my OG Droid as an alarm clock and have airplane mode turned on and it last a good 10 days and probably more, just don’t want to risk it dying mid night. If i were to leave my Galaxy Nexus on in airplane mode over night it would drop 20 – 35%, hence why I use my Droid. Android OS is the cause of it eating up anywhere from 20 – 35% making it the second biggest battery killer.

        • Anonymous

          Interesting .
          After using the work razr more , now the nexus seems to have a really washed display, birght darks, little color. I swapped it for the first one that had the horrible blotching at low brightness but at mid to high brightness this one looks super washed out. The epictouch that we tried and the Razr , they are much more vibrant
          Hd youtube vids look ok on the gnex , but thats about it. I guess will swao if i can for another as the radio is awful on this one too, work razr and wifes maxx are getting 2400kbps down , 3g we are out of town, the nexus wont crack 1,200 ! Nex signal -110 db, razr’s -88 . Wife’s maxx besting work razr each time by a couple of hundred kbps down too btw.
          I hate worrying and running test, at this point i would take a locked bootloader and wait for ics if i could retrun for the razr maxx.
          Reading that the sprint nexus will be improved really makes me sick too , it is as if they knew this nexus is flawed, since when would they change Nexus’ specs so quickly??? What about it being the std dev phone for the year ????? To me that reiterates that the current gn

          • Tyler

            I agree, they should of released the phone with the right specs and not bothered with the slower one. They need to fix the bugs in the phone still, or at least send the OTA update that they already have.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Damnit Kell! I’m sooo sold! I’m pullin’ the trigger on this phone today! … as soon as I get off work. LOL. RAZR Maxx! Here I come baby!

    • Rmap188

      And Droid  RAZR Maxx HD comes out next month…

      • Alexander Garcia

        I really don’t notice much of a difference between qHD and 720p HD displays on a 4.3 inch or 4.5 inch display anyways. The display on the RAZR is still beautiful.

        • Anonymous

          Neither do I. And I have a Gnexus. Walked through my VZW store a week ago and seriously can’t hardly tell a difference. I’m 29. I don’t wear glasses. Not really sure why this is such a big deal to so many people.

        • Tyler

          My friend has an Atrix with a 4″ qHD display and I can easily notice that the pixels on the screen are slightly larger then my Galaxy Nexus. Is it terribly bad, no but the difference is there. Personally I like high resolution displays so I am geared towards the higher resolution but for the average consumer it shouldn’t matter that much.

      • Ahku Droid

        And the RAZR MAXX Quad HD with an Intel chip a couple of months after that, then Droid RAZR MAXX Quad HD Dolby+.  There is always a better phone a couple months out.  Sometimes you just need to pull the trigger or you end up using an OG Droid until 2015.  A phone that lasts more than 7 hours seems like a good start.  Unless you hold your phone 4″ from your face all day, qHD to 720p isn’t that much of a difference.

  • Anonymous

    Thats normal thing for me is to chArge my phone before going to bed. My rezound with the extended battery makes it ugly but it lasts through my 12 hour shift with moderate use and when I get home its on 60%. That’s with 80% brightness up. I’m jealous that this razr being so thin lasts longer though.

    • Anonymous

      Hey I have a tip for you to maximize your battery. You should turn your background data off. I use my Rezound with regular battery and last around 14 hours. From 7 am I unplug, sync one more time and turn off background data and 4g. I leave and when I need internet, I got that nifty quick settings. I game, email, check news and stocks, all day and it works. Oh and if you want 1800 mAh battery at normal size, check out htcpedia. My friend has it and it is legit 1800.

      • Hi

        So all you have to do to make your battery last longer is turn off the features? I heard if you actually power your phone off completely it won’t use any power and will last like 4 months. 

        • Anonymous

          Exactly I would rather carry an extra battery or 2 especially with what I pay for data. I would be pissed if I didn’t “abuse” Verizon’s network every month. Not so much a problem though I’m always around a charger for the most part so battery life doesn’t effect me so much. I just got into the habit of throwing it on the charger when I’m not using it. Razer max Sized batteries would be awesome though seeing as we have all been asking for it since Motorola invented the cell phone. They finally got it!  

      • Anonymous

        yeah i have background data to a minimal with facebook every 4 hrs.. htc weather to refresh every 4 hours or if i manually do it which isnt much and the only thing i have for push notifications is gmail of course so i never tried the stock battery just left it in the box and i might wanna see a difference. i like the Maxx but looking at the rezounds HD 720 Lcd has got me spoiled from that pentile nightmare from bionic and you still notice it on the razr, maxx but the battery life balanced it all.. hopefully moto will make a nice big 720 screen hopefully LCD with a big battery but not thick.. i would buy that retail in a second.. and as far as phone tech goes thats probably right around the corner.

  • I want that phone. Can I get it here in Europe? 

  • Anonymous

    Finally battery tech is catching up

    • Anonymous

      If I’m not mistaken, battery tech didn’t change at all.  It just has a huge battery in it.

    • angermeans

      I dont know about the tech catching up (only because the battery is the same, but just bigger), but I am a little upset that Moto can fit this giant battery in the worlds thinnest 4G LTE smartphone and other OEMs (esp HTC) are putting half the size in phones that have the room. I feel like most are just doing enough to get by and save overhead. I hope this phone changes that. Even though I prefer my GNex with an extra battery (1800 + 1800 (or 2100 with extended) = 3600), the Motorola Razr Maxx is doing something right especially since 4G LTE is eating through my battery even faster. It just makes me wonder why HTC ever thought 1300 would be big enough for the Tbolt.

      • I have done the same thing. I bought the Samsung battery/charger for $25 when I picked up my Nexus and because the physical size of the battery is not very big I can just pop it into my wallet and its not even noticeable. Also, angermeans, you undersold the Nexus battery, its 1850, which means with two we get 3700, which is, as you said, significantly more capacity.

      • zen chao

        If you guys watch the disassemble show of razr , you will notice the internal battery is so thin, just about 2-3mm. i think moto does some improvement on it anyway.

  • What is the Amp rating on the charger?  Have you tried a 1.8 amp charger like the kindle Fire?  Or an  after-market 2.0 amp charger?

  • This Rezound can’t sell fast enough!

    • Anonymous

      Why would you want to sell a Rezound?  How much?  🙂

      • Brand new Rezound starts at 0.99 new or existing contract!


        Wanna sell it basically because I’m not a huge fan of Snapdragon processors and since its retail bought, it has never been activated, or even has the plastic taken off. 😛

        • puting it at 485 buy it now is a mistake.

          • Phones on eBay are not sold around upgrade prices. Otherwise, upgrades can be done on eBay. lol.  They are sold at retail prices, and if I bought this phone retail, I would be losing money. So really, I cut off around 250 bucks, and starting bidding at 0.99 cents. Thats an insane price deduction 😛

        • Anonymous

          The dumbasses that bid are retarded. Its at 305 and the Rezound is 199 retail. And why would you not like the Rezound…. Slap a custom rom and its fast as hell. It’s sense that bogs it down, because I’ve kept it stock since the update Ans I know it. The razr displays kinda sucked and it feels horrible in hand. My opinion and im not defending my purchase I actually bought a razr before this and returned it and got rezound

          • You look like the dumbass right now, and I’m tempted to not correct you, but I guess I will.

            1. Google what retail means, then correct your post.
            2. The people that bid are not dumbass’s. Even if they had an upgrade they would be paying less if the phone sells at 70 bucks which it is right now!  Did you skip a few years of math in highschool? Wait, scratch that. Did you skip the whole math curriculum?
            2. No ROM can fix a terrible processor.
            3. You don’t like the RAZR? Ok, cool, I like it. +1 FOR INTERNET OPINIONS.

          • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

            What math curriculum teaches you 1. 2. 2. 3.?


          • Ment to edit that, needed one more detail, LOL.


  • Anonymous

    Come on Kellex I appreciate the battery update bit starting at 60%? You should have just ignored today and do day 3 when you did have a full charge.

  • Dude

    Kellex, why don’t you just charge the phone overnight next to your bed. I can’t figure out why some people don’t do that. Also, I should mention my DX lasts me all day but im sure you knew that already.

    • Anonymous


      I charge my phone every night beside my bed.

      • Nick

        Isn’t it bad to keep your phone charged all night because it charges then discharges?

        • Anonymous

          No.  Maybe 10 years ago with the lithium tech then, but now they have a stop charge in place once it hits 100%.

          • Jason Purp

            That’s not what the Motoblur Help app told me on my DROIDX several months ago when I was reading it when I was bored when I was home and stuff.

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            The thing is that most phones charge in an hour to two and charging overnight would be like 9 to 10 hours or so, and that means it reaches 100 and then goes to 99 or 98 and it will recharge to 100. and it would loop. That servery hurts the battery cycle. The good thing about HTC devices is that it reaches 100 and stop charging. And then it allows the phone to fall to 98 or so and if it goes lower, which normally it wont it will charge back to 100, at least that’s what I’m seeing. And I’m pretty sure kellex and 95% of people charge their phones besides their bed every night. I’m sure he’s not charging it just for the sake of the test

          • Mii

            Realistically though, while the overnight charge may cause long term “shortening” of the battery cycle, you will probably be ready to trade your phone in before you ever notice the difference, that you can’t make it until your nightly charging and have to start charging mid day or something. 

          • For moto phones now, it will say, “Disconnect charger to save electricity”, no warning about overcharging, but just saying you shouldn’t waste electricity, LOL

          • Moto’s statement is in reference to the charger being removed from the wall, not your phone being removed from the charger. But yea, it is still to “save electricity” because god knows, leaving our phone chargers in the wall while not in use will be the bane of us all.

        • because this really isn’t good to do. it shortens the life of your battery if you charge prematurely.

          • Ahsan

            Crap, no wonder my Droid 2 Global’s battery life is terrible now.

        • Anonymous

          My Gnex charges to 100% then stops, even if the charge drops a couple percent. I usually find the battery at 97-98 charge in the morning. Not sure how low it would have to get to start charging again but I’m definitely only doing a single charge cycle every night.

          By the way. Charging to 100% doesn’t harm the battery. It’s leaving the battery in storage at a very high or very low charge that can harm a battery.

      • SomeGuy

        I charge my phone whenever I am able to which includes every night. With lithium ion and polymer batteries, it’s better to do partial charges than full charges. Full charges decrease the lifespan of the battery (ie. lowers the full capacity) while partial charges have significantly less effect on the full capacity. It’s also not good to charge the battery to 100% all the time so some manufacturers show 100% charge but the battery is actually just below that.

        With non-user replaceable batteries it’s really good to do partial charges so the battery will maintain it’s full capacity longer (at least until you upgrade).

        • George

          Don’t forget you have to do a full charge every now and then to recalibrate the sensor that detects how full the battery is. Partial charges and occasional recalibration is what’s recommended for laptop lithium ion/polymer batteries. I assume it’s the same for cell phones since they use the same type of batteries.

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t because he was doing a battery life test to see how much it would drain with a days use and overnight sit.  That was my impression at least.

    • Sinbad128

      your droid x  probably last all day, as you claim mostly because your Phone is using 3g. If your DX was using 4g, i’m sure you already know that it would NOT last all day, Nor would it have the same results…

    • Pwright063

      I checked my DX today, at 9% battery it had gone for 1 day and 7 hours. I love how long it lasts. However, I have the extended battery, although it isn’t much bigger than the standard battery.

    • I’m sure everybody and their damn 3 year old charges their phone at night. but the problem with that is your just ruining your phone and killing it faster. and there’s the fact the your saving a little more electricity then you think point being 3 days*

  • Anonymous

    I’m jelly bro.