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RIM’s New Clueless CEO Says that Android Devices are “All the Same”

Not that any of you should care, but RIM’s co-CEOs stepped down on Sunday leaving the company in that hands of COO Thorsten Heins. What you should care about (or at least get a good laugh out of) is this new CEO – that sat down with the folks at CrackBerry this week – who believes that there is no room for differentiation in the Android platform because the phones we enjoy each day, are “all the same.” Now that is interesting.

We posted up the 3 options that Blackberry owners have to choose from should they go to any of the major carriers here in the U.S. today. Wildly different, right? No? Oh. And remember, that this is coming from the company that lost 75% of their stock value in 2011 alone and hasn’t had a meaningful innovation to the tech realm in years. But damn, I keep digressing!

Maybe Mr. Heins should hang out with Mr. Elop to talk Android fragmentation and differentiation, two things that are destroying the world of Android. Seriously Android, get it together. /sarcasm.

Via:  CrackBerry

  • Idioten

    What’s that? Android fans will be biased against competing platforms? Who knew?

    This is a ridiculous article. He never said all Blackberries weren’t the same, he merely said all Androids are. Stop adding false exclusions, you morons.

  • If RIM were smart, they’d stop making hardware and offer their email service/BBM to Android based phones.  

  • babadush

    That’s funny coming from a company who’s market share is dropping by 4% a year. Have fun talking sh*t RIM

  • Jer85008

    I use a BB Bold for work and a Rezound as my personal phone. I carry them both with me every day, and have used both Android and BB OS for years. To me, the BB platform is a joke and only hanging on because a lot of IT managers still cling to them for perceived security and ease of integration with MS Outlook. What they don’t realize is even these folks are coming around, and moving to iOS and Android to break free of the fees associated with the BB servers and limited functionality. The worst phone I have used in the last five years was hands-down the BB Torch, which I had for about two weeks before demanding my old BB Bold back. RIM is an industry dinosaur that needs to become extinct. 

    • Dmzman

      Only 4% a year?  I thought it was much more than that.  Make no mistake about it, the world IS going iOS and Android.  Crackberry’s days are numbered. 

    • Anonymous

      Funny you say this……I could easily see windows phone getting this share of the market because of this reason. I do think android is missing the boat with business clients.

  • Theandyplan

    Whatever happened to TAT Home? Is RIM just letting it rot in the back? I can’t believe they haven’t done anything with it to give them an edge.

  • Anonymous

    RIM missed the boat with the whole CEO thing. Look who left HP today. Jon Rubinstein. This is a guy who worked for none other than Steve Jobs himself and was one of main guys behind both the iMac and iPod. Sure, his ventures at the head of Palm and HP weren’t so rosy, but by all accounts, WebOS was a good operating system that just hit one too many stumbling blocks and the public rejected it. RIM could have went out and at least tried to hire him (who knows, maybe they did). With Rubinstein, RIM would have had a leader with the vision and talent to possibly right the company, but instead they chose an ignorant RIM insider that caused stocks to plummet even more. I’ve never been a huge Blackberry fan, but its always sad when a once great company continues to stumble farther and farther into irrelevancy.

    • lostsync

      After Palm and HP, I doubt he’d be keen to grab the reigns at a company as far-gone as RIM. Agree though, if your company is failing, and your CEOs step down, and the new CEO says, basically, “Well, everything we are doing now is fine, so we’re just going to go ahead with our current plans,” you have made a terrible mistake. 

      • Anonymous

        The problem at Palm was no money. The problem at HP was a reckless CEO. If he took the CEO position at RIM, that latter one wouldn’t be a problem and money RIM certainly has. It’s competence they don’t have and I think Jon could have brought that to the table.


    The pictures you show of Blackberry devices speak volumes.

  • Anonymous

    Coming from a company that hasn’t changed crap about their phones looks in almost 10 YEARS, that is just rich.  Next time though, they should share whatever it is they are on…

  • Michael Thorne09

    I think a verticle slide/physical keyboard type android device could be interesting if the touch screen realestate was generous and build quality top notch:-) Of course Android ICS would need to be part of the package!

    • lostsync

      Yeah, I really wouldn’t mind owning a slider built in a similar way to the Pre. I love my GN, but I miss my OG’s keyboard a ton.

  • Death to Blackberry and all its thumbelinas!

  • It sounds like a lot of sour grapes. RIM can’t get anyone to buy them up/save them, their market share is in the shitter, their hardware and OS stink on ice and this guy who is the new co-CEO (really?) wants to call Android on the carpet? 

    My advice to this douchesip: Make better products, get your market share back up to where it was two years ago and do it in say, 18 months… if you can manage to do all that, then maybe you can make statements like that one. Quit being a bitch, put your big boy pants on and make it happen!

    • Anonymous

      So just pull a HP on them?  Buy em and pull the life support.

  • Anonymous

    In my best Sheldon Cooper voice, “Dear Lord…”

  • Anonymous

    He reminds me of Gabe on “The Office”. It doesn’t sound like he knows what blackberries look like cause they all look the same. Maybe he shouldn’t be in charge. 

  • ddevito

    What does it matter? RIM won’t exist past 2014.

  • Anonymous

    That’s to be expected when you hire Doogie Howser as your CEO.

  • Elchocino

    Sounds a little racist to me!

  • Anonymous

    OK so Android I’d fragmented and makes it bad for the consumer but also is the same all over and does not allow any company to look different from each other but at the same time is till fragmented because manufacturers choose skins and hardware and other things. I think they just cancel out so we have a little fragmented yet different for manufacturers to stand out with. Check mate 😉

    Also don’t mention the nokiasoft CEO riding on an OS that allows little hardware and software differences and calling all Android the same. Saying to other vendors that the Google Motorola deal will give moto a preference while NOKIA windows phone has the strongest campaign Nokia is allowed to do other things others can’t do Nokia gets paid by Microsoft as an incentive and they have an agreement to work together. Everything they said about what will Google do its exactly what they are doing. He is a joke and shouldn’t talk I. Public

    • lostsync

      Blackberries are fairly fragmented, too. Before Android, my wife and I bought BBs during a BOGO ofer at VZW. This was right before the Droid came out. I had a Storm 2 and she had um…a Tour, I think. We bought them at the same store, on the same day, and there were all kinds of little differences between the two of them. Hers was a fairly major point release behind mine on the OS, and even when they upgraded hers months later, most of the differences remained. Not to mention, lots of BB apps hated the Storm’s modern aspect ratio, especially older ones that had been sort of abandoned. Those phones did messaging very well but that was the only thing they did well…rebooting one took around 10 minutes and turning on one whose battery had died could take closer to 20. It’s honestly not even the slightest bit surprising that anyone who tried an iOS, WP7, or Android device had a very, very hard time ever looking at their BB the same way again. 

  • Anonymous

    Yea this new bonehead is going to help RIM, pffft. Sounds like he doesn’t know crap about crap.  Hell if anything all BB’s are the same, boring old junk.

  • if anything, android the most diverse. no sun tzu, but the more ignorant the competition the better 😉 

  • Anonymous

    It is really amazing to see how awful this company has become. If I was BB I would use Android or Web OS over BB hardware. I would keep it mostly stock but would change the email client to BB email client and I would add the ability to BBM through messaging. I think they could really sell units if they went this route and possibly be relevant again. 

  • other than hardware because there are a lot of variations, android itself should have a “similiar” experience. Not all of this fragmentation. 

  • Blackberry’s are crap and useless unless you like crap in your hands, have been for a LONG time…they’re days are done…and this new CEO will literally end this company. Bye….

  • RIM just reminds me of a poor boy who invented something cool, and then stopped innovating. “Oh, I’ll just make a slimmer ,wider, or faster phone and run the same crappy OS on them all!”.

  • GCurry

    Maybe that’s cause they’re all WINNING.

  • Anonymous

    Investors are understandably not pleased with RIM’s choice of CEO, and RIM’s stock got hammered the day Heins was announced.

  • Anonymous

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh man, Kellex, I needed a good laugh tonight. Thanks for this.

  • In the U.S., Blackberries are never in season.

    • Anonymous

      Unless you work in a corporate environment where RIM still has a firm hold….for now.  Especially in the finical world, its all RIM all day.

      Business doesn’t care about consumer wants. They want a phone that is secure, long battery life and can deal with corporate mail servers, and on those fronts, RIM delivers.  

  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Sk102704

    Hahaha that picture says it all! I love it!

  • Anonymous

    Nokia believes there is too much fragmentation, Blackberry believes they are all the same, bth companies are in Android’s rare view mirror (at the moment), I sense a trend here, these CEO’s are millionaires and can’t even collaborate on how they want to diss Android

    No wonder they are in the rare view mirror….

    • Broanius


      • Anonymous

        Thanks, fixed

  • Anonymous

    In related news, RIM’s clueless Board of Directors hired an new CEO instead of a bankruptcy firm. When this guy fails, they’ll claim that all RIM CEOs are the same.

  • Gunther

    This is beginning to sound like Obama derangement syndrome, only applied to Android.

    Obama’s Opponents usually say:

    He’s a do-nothing empty suit who has done too much damage to our country with all his evil policies.

    Android competitors:

    It’s a fragmented and differentiated system in which all devices look the same!

    How do you identify it?

    Look at the comments and see if they contain two opposing ideas tied as one complete thought.

    • Ron

      What you mistake for contradiction is actually the blending of two groups. Conservatives think he has performed negative actions, moderates look at the recent congressional stalemate and say (semi-accurately) he isn’t doing anything.

      Good work, trying to score political potshots on a tech blog.

  • Weird, I thought all Blackberry devices were all the same too – not selling.

  • Karma

    You could post pictures of Samsung and HTC devices and have the same effect. Heck Samsung is the worst by far. ALL Samsung devices look the same. That includes the Galaxy Nexus. Someone said something bad about Android. Get over it.

    • cantcurecancer

      The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t even have any buttons, which is a first for any Android phone…how exactly could it look the same as another device? You must be dumb.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung wants to be like Apple. Proprietary ports, all devices look the same, fruity icon sets and UI.

      • Anonymous

         The micro USB port on my phone is pretty proprietary…

    • Gunther

      Um, yeah sure Mr. RIM CEO the OG Droid with its slide out keyboard looks exactly the same as the Droid Pro with its Qwerty keyboard, the Sony Xperia Play and the Galaxy Nexus without any physical keyboard or buttons. Never mind the completely different form factors. Yeah, they all look the same. Even in term of software they are not the same, as they all have skin that distinguish one from another. Moto phones generally have Blur, HTC has Sense, Samsung has TouchWiz, Sony has Liveview or whatever they call their skin. Each one gives you a different flavor of Android, including the OG Droid and Galaxy Nexus which are full stock devices. The beauty of that differentiation is that despite it, most can generally run all the apps in the Android market, and when they can’t the dev community steps in to remedy the situation. Just look at how quickly the Netflix app was modded to allow non-allowed devices to use it. Same happened with the Hulu Plus app, forcing these devs to expand support alot faster than would have otherwise been the case.

  • Zero.

    Yes all the same, we got dual screen phones, 3d screen phones, keyboard phones (like blackberry), phones for Marcus Fenix like Casio Commando even shell phones, 4.3 inchs phones, the galaxy note…do you want more? 

  • Boblank84

    RIM?  whats RIM? i vaguely recall hearing that name many many years ago.

  • Hmm I wonder what he thinks of iPhones if he thinks that all Android devices are all the same lol

    • Anonymous

      With RIM having their own OS, he may have a legitimate argument, but it always cracks me up when Elop talks about how it’s impossible to differentiate on Android. Has he even bothered to take a look at Windows Phone 7? IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME ON EVERY PHONE. Sure, that can be a good thing (I know I despise skins), but don’t say you can’t differentiate on Android when Windows Phone offers even less differentiation.

      • Anonymous

        The only ones complaining about differentiation in Android are the ones with failing platforms of their own (and then there’s Jha, living in his own world and sinking Moto).

        • Mustang5Oh

          Exactly. CEOs are just grasping at anything they can come up with to make themselves and their lackluster products look better. Being the CEO of RIM is like being a Wal-Mart door greeter lol.

          • Twitterguy2

            And yet RIM is still doing substantially better than Motorola.

        • Anonymous

           Sounds a lot similar to the Republican party nomination process.

  • Ma Ellefson

    rim will not last blackberries have come and gone android is by far the best platform out today!!

  • cantcurecancer

    >All the same

    Pick only one ridiculous position please

  • Anonymous

    Someone does not like RIM. Can’t blame you though.

  • Antdwg67

    Yeah he tweeted that earlier from his galaxy nexus…..

  • Yomama

    All blackberries are the same……. boring

  • Jason Purp

    Apple & RIM: 2 companies that should stop breathing

    • Dan

      nah I like apple actually, apple and google should be able to co-exist

      • Jason Purp

        They already co-exist, and it isn’t working out so well. So death to Apple.

        • Reality

          Google’s stock has been flat since 2007 and Apple’s is on a steady climb since 2005. Death to Apple isn’t coming anytime soon. 

      • Banggugyangu

        As a man who owns a macbook pro, I can honestly say I despise apple as a business. At the same time, I can’t fault them for the reason. They price their products as though they will cure cancer and erectile dysfunction simply because the uneducated will pay it. Those of us who get pigeonholed into the Mac OS because of our careers suffer because of this. What is sad is that it’s a catch 22 for me. Avid spends more time and resources on the Mac version of Pro Tools because there is a larger mac userbase than windows. Audio Pros gravitate to Mac for Pro Tools because Avid spends more time and resources on it… In the long run, apple wins and my wallet loses…

        • lostsync

          They’ve got the web industry nailed down, too. It’s hard to pass on a full suite of GNU tools combined with the ability to run Creative Suite. I can either have a Mac, or swap between Windows and Linux to have the tools that I need. I love OS X but yes, Apple are complete dicks in most ways.

        • Buzzchilly

          Apple makes good products but I won’t buy one for the same reason I don’t do business with AT&T . . . they’re both corporate pigs.