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Motorola XYBOARD WiFi Tablets Available Today Starting at $399

Why Motorola went with the term “XYBOARD” here in the U.S. is beyond me, but if you want a tablet with such a unique (to put it nicely) name that isn’t tied to a carrier and connects via WiFi only, then you can pick one up today. Both the 10.1″ and 8.2″ models are available in two sizes:  16GB or 32GB. The 16GB 8.2″ model runs $399, with the 10.1″ starting at $499. Personally at that price, I would recommend the Transformer Prime since it already has Ice Cream Sandwich (XYBOARDs do not), runs a quad-core Tegra 3 processor (XYBOARDs only dual-core OMAP), has an advanced display that is crazy sensitive to touch, and has one of the best cameras a tablet will ever see.

Moto, time to rethink your strategy.


  • Lauretta Kerr

    The only thing i like about my 8.2xyboard is the size. Otherwise it freezes up constantly and the battery life is not long, It’s as bad as my Droid phone and I can’t wait to switch to ipad

  • steve wandrie

    sadly this is not a failure i have sold up to 50 of them since the release…. and i love how you dont acctually go into the features that this tablet has, which if you did you would realize how much better it is then a transformer…. sure theres no quad core but do you really need that… no you dont your not going to see any difference in speed i know from experiance i have both tablets i have the 8.2 xyboard and i have the transformer prime, and honestly is ICS really that big of a deal… you do the same things on all of them tabs…

  • QtDL

    All of those XYBOARDs should at priced at least $100 lower than what they are asking.

  • Anonymous

    From the commercials, I thought Moto was in the business of making robots these days.

    • dropsault

      are we watching the same ads? Moto makes the Bionic out of robot parts…and they make a more powerful phone that hates light poles, and if you’re in canada then your Razr hates foods. Pay attention man, damn!

  • Mikel61101

    I got my wife a Xoom for 199 on black friday and its 32gb stock and expandable to 64gb and they want me to pay what??? I think I’ll wait till black friday again for mine and see whats out there. My son has a 16gb Playbook that I got for 150 and although the app support isnt nearly as good he loves it and I like the size of it better than the larger tablet. So if google does release a 199 tablet around a 7inch I’ll be on it well before ever considering one of these xyboards…

    • JohnPA2006

      A XOOM FOR $199 you LUCKY DAWG… man that’s an awesome price.
      Very nice indeed. I know there are lots of newer more powerful tablets out there, but I genuinely like the Xoom, (wifi version) if I find it for that price I will pick one up.
      Google navigation on the xoom, cached maps, wifi model. Sweetness… I am genuinely jealous of your killer xoom deal. 

      • Mikel61101

        My wife loves her old envy 2 so i used her upgrade to get it for that price then they took her ne2 30 credit off so actually just over 169.00 but my 10 yr old got his playbook for 150 which i thought was a decent price as well… the playbook was our display model that never got put on display…

    • turbohype

      Key words black friday

  • JohnPA2006

    XYBoard, its sounds like a bunch of overpaid morons in suits at motorola marketing who didnt know what to name it, so they gave it a generic variable name, and somehow they rolled forward with that name.
    They should have had the guys who did the DROID, BIONIC and Droid X commercials come up with a name from their awesome commercials. 

  • Benfiner

    It’s called XYBoard to sound like Cyborg

    • Anonymous

      I thought it sounded like “(sigh) bored”

  • I yet have to see a tablet with the responsiveness of the iPad. I switched phones from iOS to Android, but on the tablet market I have yet to be converted to a believer…

    And yes, to second some of you, the price doesn’t help.

  • xen

    Kellex recommends a Prime over this, but I didn’t think you could get a wireless only version of a prime?

    • The prime is only available in wireless right now. 3g/4g to come later.

  • Stating El Obvious

    Why in the world would anyone buy this when you can get a Transformer Prime for $100 more and double the storage space?

  • GCurry

    I’ll consider these, for build quality and “finish”.

    Bought into the Prime, returned mine.   Too bleeding edge, alpha product for my taste.   I’ll evaluate again after they’ve been shipping ICS for a month.   But Mot shouldn’t operate that way, so we’ll see.

  • EC8CH

    Tell me what you really think 🙂

    • It just makes you wonder who is running this company…oh wait we know.

  • Great. I’ll be sure to run out and buy another Motorola tablet that they won’t support and will be made obsolete in a few months by a slightly upgraded version.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but these are almost identical to last year’s xoom.  except they took away features.  and it comes with a name that’s surely to get you laughed at by your friends

      • DBK

        But…but…it’s a new, fresh design…..


      • I’m sure it’ll get upgraded to ICS right away, too, since Motorolla proved with the original XOOM that they’re serious about keeping the promises they make with a product launch.

  • Anonymous

    My Xoom has ICS and they release this with Gingerbread? Motorola please explain?

  • Muddy B00ts

    Could not agree more about the Prime.  Got one with a dock and I haven’t used my laptop in 2 weeks.  Playing shadowgun with a dual stick usb controller=priceless.

    Also emulators work right out of the box with the controller… I’m in love with it.

  • Kris Brandt

    I hope Google really forces some change on Motorola.  $400 for this tablet?  They aren’t Apple and Asus’s offerings at CES has already made up the minds of many Android enthusiasts.  This is another fail for Motorola and I hope that they will give up on this market…unless Google has them manufacture a Nexus Tablet.

    • Brian Thomas

      give it time next moth they will release a XYBOARD MAXX w/ICS

  • Anonymous

    Well, have to adit that I like the improved LCDs and build quality over the OG Xoom.  The ability to charge via microUSB is also WAY past due and should be standard on every tablet (at least optionally) IMHO.  And 8.2″ (or Sammy’s 7.7″) could very well be the perfect one-handed tablet FF that splits the difference between 7″ and 10.1″. 

    However, the decision to go with last year’s SoC, non-stock Honeycomb, and the removal of the microSDHC slot immediately removes them from contention, especially at these prices. I’ll stick to my 32GB $250 Evo View for the time being. 

    • Anonymous

      Im really loving my evo view too! For 235 its a great little thing. I havent touched my xoom in weeks.

      • Want to sell me your xoom? what model is it?

        • Anonymous

          It’s a wifi-only.  And nah, probably not.  The View was supposed to be the little tablet for the coffee table and anyone to use so that no one else was on my xoom, but it’s quickly becoming another one of my own toys.  But if I reconsider, I know where to find you!

        • Anonymous

          The best thing about the release of the Xyboards is it makes the Xoom look even more attractive in comparison. 

          For $400 everywhere (maybe $350ish if you get lucky), you can get a new Xoom 32GB with the full array of sensors and microSDHC slot and have ICS on it right NOW!   And the Tegra-exclusive games if you care about those too.

          Or for $399 you can get a Xyboard with half the storage, no expandability, and stuck with Honeycomb for the forseeable future.

          • Anonymous

            and it’s on lockdown

          • Anonymous

            Couple things.
            The XYboards are confirmed(along with the razr and bionic) to get ICS.
            Are the wifi versions running non-stock HC? I’ve yet to see one in stores to find out. I know the Verizon versions aren’t.
            Also these have a waaaaaay better display, an “IR blaster”, a more powerful chip, and I hear the speakers are much improved.
            The decision to remove sd card support, but leave the port(probably to reintroduce in another update?) does baffle me though…

    • Anonymous

      >>However, the decision to go with last year’s SoC

      You do realize that the OMAP4 series is the best TI has to offer right now.  While it is “last years” SoC, it’s the most current TI chip.  Companies go with certain manufacturers for certain reasons.

      Considering the Xyboard originally was released with LTE, Moto knows that the TI chips work well with the current LTE radios while Tegra3 – who knows.  While Moto could just throw in a Tegra3 (the ONLY quad-core SoC on the market) for the wifi model, it’s just easier to manufactuer the wifi model without the cell radio.

      Everything else you touched upon regarding the Xyboard, I agree with.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly this will be another complete failure.  Mainly because the price is ridiculous.

    Maybe they are just trying to see how much cash they can burn through before Google takes over. At this rate I bet they can get the entire company down to a small warehouse with some locked down chips and some thin sheets of kevlar.

  • Still waiting for tabs to hit the under $200 mark, iPad set a lame precedent at $5-800 bucks and I can’t wait for tabs to come down in price. Sorry they just aren’t compelling @ $500+ IMO. Later this year or early next year touch ultrabooks will be around $500, much better value  IMO

    • DBK

      Then you’ll be waiting for a long time. Considering all the stuff packed into these tablets, I doubt we will ever see 10 inch tabs for less than 400, 8-9 inch tabs for less than 300, and 7 inch tabs for less than 200 when released. If you want them cheap then wait a few months and get them when they go on sale.

    • Edwin M

      I’m psyched about the $250 Tegra3 tab that was shown off at CES.

  • Should have launched with ICS